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FIRST DAY (August 21, 2011)

I was a little flutter to enroll in the SekolahKebangsaanSeribong although this is

my fourth time doing school-based experience (PBS). The onset of seconds to step into
the school, feeling palpitations began spreading in my heart and this seemed to like to
drop out of the chest. I'm trying to cool off. Once enrolled in the school office, I along
with three other friends MuhammadZulhairi from IPGKampusPulau Pinang,
NajihahMohdZahidi from IPG KampusTunkuBainun and another friend Wan Ahmad
Dani, who is also from the IPG KTB has been given a timetable of OUR respective
mentors Senior Assistant Teachers 1 .

My mentor, Mrs. Normahbt Ibrahim is a specialist English teacher. I am so lucky

to have her guiding me. I have collaborated with her on the need of assignment in
which each of us who take a minor English is required for observation at least two
teachers of English to identify her teaching methods. In addition, we also required to
collect enrichment and reinforcement activities from the
teacher we observed. Instead of that, we are required to
get the Daily Lesson Plan (RPH) for the whole
week. Then we joined the morning assembly at the
hall. Teachers introduced us to our mentor and other
teachers. However, I am wondering myself, most
student does not greet me probably because I did not
look like a teacher. At the end of the school, we are
informed by the clerk to "punch card" upon arriving at
school early in the morning and before going home.
SECOND DAY (August 23, 2011)

I am very excited and grateful heart to carry out the School Based Experience
(PBS) here. This is because teachers here are very kind and accept our presence
happily. Every morning, upon arrival at school,
after the punch card I will go to schoolmusalla to
participate along with Year 6 pupils to read
Surah Yasin. At the main hall, an Ustazah carry
out tazkirah sessions as well as religious
activities for Ramadan holy month. Spiritual
event carried out here makes me very happy
because during Ramadhan, no such school
carry out these such spiritual sessions . It wasa so funny when, most teachers are
admonished me think that I take Religious Studies, and some considered me as an
English teacher despite the fact that I take the Math major courses. Maybe I did not look
like mathematics teacher.

In addition, I also feel very lucky to have had a good mentor, Mrs. Normahbinti
Ibrahim. Her age was about around half century. From when I was announced as her
mentee ,she was always asking my assignment task progress. He gave all of my
assignment requirements, for example, reinforcement and enrichment activities. In
addition, he also volunteers to help me doing the photocopy of her daily lesson plan for
this whole week for me. Perhaps some of my friends wasdifficult to complete the task
because obtaining mentor less cooperative but I am grateful because my mentor was
very cooperative and she was very helpful in completing this task.
THIRD DAY (August 23, 2011)

Today, as the appointment was made by two English teachers who I would
incorporate the observationof two English classes in the class 4 Cekal (at 7:15 to 7:45)
and then class 1 Cekal (8.15 to 8.45). At about 11:15, I helped my friend Najihah from
IPGKTB to record his interview with one of the ustazah SK Seribong,
MrsRoslina. Although the interview he was about Religious Studies, but I get a lot of
important input from the experiences told by MrsRoslina about teaching pedagogy for
children, which will be useful soon.

According to him, children at this age do not like direct learning in the long
period of time. This is so because they get bored easily. Perhaps in the first 30 minutes
they got effective learning input, but the next 30 minutes they tend to do so. We know
that students at this age experience active growth
where they do not like to listen to lecture from the
teacher for an hour. I can conclude that students
in the SKSeribong experienced growth of normal
children . According to MrsRoslina,she also are
not able control the classroom in the first month
she start teaching. The problem is a normal
problem for new teachers .But, she gained much
experience of senior teachers and now she can
handle the classroom very well.
FOURTH DAY (August 24, 2011)

On this day a bit special compared to other days because the MajlisKhatam Al-
qur'an was held in the open halls of the school appreciate the success of the students
had finished reading the whole Qur'an during this blessed month of Ramadan. This
event started with recitation of Yasin by students who were last headed by Ustaz ... ...
.. Then the ceremony continued with
Ramadan by CikguNazritazkirah a practical
teacher of the Institute of Teacher Education
Campus of Kota Bharu. Consequently, all
students read verses flowed quran start from
Surah Al-Lail until Surah An-Nas the
ceremony continues with a gift given by the
headmaster, MrsHjhMek Mas binti Hamid of
the last pupils.

At the end of the ceremony, students presented the film "Upin and Ipin". Students
seemed very excited and thrilled that some of the boys got up and stood in front of the
wide screen to watch more closely the character Upin and Ipin are cute.Since I am less
interested in cartoons.At exactly 12:45p.m, the students began to disperse and return to
their homes. However, teachers are only allowed to return at 1:15 in the afternoon. I feel
the wait is too long to return. At 1:12 pm, the four of us moved to the school office to
"punch card". To my amazement, the number 1:12 typed in red font and not black as
usual. Only then will we understand that any teacher who returned earlier than they
should be easily identifiable as red paper printed in their card. so, in my view, the use of
"punch card" for all civil servants to determine the presence are very systematic. Written
notes that would normally be written in the record book is less effective than the
presence of "punch card" for public employees can cheat time and attendance and the
time they returned have a device that can record their actual time.
FIFTH DAY (August 25, 2011)

Today is my last day to attend SekolahKebangsaanSeribong. Since this was my

fourth time carry out the PBS, the nervousness, or palpitations are no longer present. I
did the daily routine of students participating in
six reading Yasinafter "punch card" at the
office. Then, I joined the assembly for the last
time. I also observe a mathematics class to
fulfill the tasks that have been given by my
mentor, Mrs. Salina Ibrahim. She ordered us to
perform microteaching on topic taught by
mathematics teachers we have observe.

I also observe Mrs. NorHayati. On the day in, he taught the topic of time. He
started his induction set by introducing the needle at clock. I take full advantage of his
opportunity to observe because soon I will also teach mathematics, so it is important for
me to know the flow of how mathematics teachers to make students understand what is
being taught. According to my observations, she met the approach is to encourage
students to think. For example, Mrs. NorHayati has instructed all students to stand up
and only students who answered correctly are allowed to sit. Among the questions he is
proposing is the spelling of the time (eg spell at four and a half), then mention the time
indicated by her and many others.While teaching tool he's just a wall clock, she uses
the ABM well because I found the majority of pupils understand the topic she teach a
while ago and of course she was teaching in achieving its objectives.