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Notes :-
(i) The wages given below have been adopted for analysing the rates of various items of works.

(ii) The payment to the labour on daily wages will be paid as per rate fixed by the Labour Department
as per Minimum Wages Act from time to time.

(iii) The Chief Engineer of a branch, shall have full powers to authorise any increase in the labour
wages for departmental work for any length of time in any particular locality.

(iv) These rates are exclusive of contractor's profit and overheads expenses but inclusive of weekly

(v) The labour rates taken in this chapter are on the basis of minimum wages in Punjab fixed by Labour
Department, Government of Punjab as per notification of labour deptt. Punjab No. 11645 dt. 30-4-

(vi) The rates of skilled & semi-skilled labour are inclusive of all necessary tools which are normally
carried by them according to trade practice in the locality.

Sr. No. Description Unit Rates

1 2 3 4
L-1 Air-Conditioner/Refrigerator Mechanic per day 223.36

L-2 Bajri Spreader (Tarring Work) per day 151.44

L-3 Bar Bender per day 190.00

L-4 Bhisti with Mushak per day 173.76

L-5 Blacksmith (Ist Class) per day 223.36

L-6 Blacksmith (2nd Class) per day 190.00

L-7 Blaster per day 151.44

L-8 Boatman per day 168.08

L-9 Breaker (Hole driller) per day 151.44

L-10 Mason (Ist Class) per day 223.36

L-11 Mason (2nd Class) per day 190.00

L-12 Bucket man (Tarring work) per day 151.44

L-13 Carpenter (Ist Class) per day 223.36

L-14 Carpenter (2nd Class) per day 190.00

L-15 Driver (L.M.V) per day 200.00

L-16 Driver (H.M.V) per day 223.36

L-17 Diver per day 335.06

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Sr. No. Description Unit Rates

1 2 3 4

L-18 Electrician per day 164.69

L-19 Electrical/Mechanical Charge man per day 164.69

L-20 Fitter, Turner and Pipe Fitter (Ist Class) per day 223.36

L-21 Fitter, Turner and Pipe Fitter (2nd Class) per day 190.00

L-22 Fitter Helper per day 136.69

L-23 Floor Polisher per day 173.76

L-24 Glazier (Glassman)/Grinder (for rubbing)/Guttiman per day 164.69

L-25 Hammer Man per day 151.44

L-26 Handle Man (Tarring work) per day 151.44

L-27 Lineman (Ist Class) per day 181.86

L-28 Lineman (2nd Class) per day 174.53

L-29 Mate/Supervisor per day 151.44

L-30 Mason for plaster of paris work (Ist Class) per day 223.36

L-31 Mazdoor (Skilled) (Upper) per day 164.69

L-32 Mazdoor (Skilled) (Lower)/Mali per day 153.56

L-33 Mazdoor (Semi Skilled) (Upper) per day 149.97

L-34 Mazdoor (Semi Skilled) (Lower)/Dresser per day 143.81

L-35 Mazdoor (Un-Skilled)/Chowkidar/Cleaner per day 136.69

L-36 Skilled Worker ( Upper) per day 181.86

L-37 Skilled Worker ( Lower)/Welder per day 174.53

L-38 Mazdoor (Woman) per day 136.69

L-39 Operator per day 223.36

L-40 Painter (Ist Class) per day 223.36

L-41 Painter (2nd Class) per day 190.00

L-42 Para Medical Personal per day 225.00

L-43 Plumber (Ist Class) per day 223.36

L-44 Plumber (2nd Class) per day 190.00

L-45 Sprayer (for Tar, Bitumen, etc.) per day 151.44

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Sr. No. Description Unit Rates

1 2 3 4

L-46 Stone Chiseller with Cutter (Ist Class) per day 223.36

L-47 Sewerman per day 160.96

L-48 Well Sinker per day 335.06

L-49 White Washer (Ist Class) per day 173.76

L-50 White Washer (2nd Class) per day 151.44

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