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Notes in pink circles are Included An 'o' above a string
when scale notes lower than the root means the open
note are conveniently placed without (unfretted) note
the need to change hand position. should be played.

A number one
in a circle
refers to the
first (index)
The fret finger. A
position for a number two
scale is given represents the
by a number second finger.
at the top left.

A number three
in a circle
refers to the
third (ring)
finger. A
Notes in black
number four
circles indicate
represents the
root notes
little finger.
for each.
given scale

Vertical lines represents the Horizontal lines

strings - the nut end of the guitar
is at the top of the diagram.
represent the frets.
sharps version

F retboxes are commonly used to

represent chord shapes, but can also
be used to display scales. They work on
W hen a scale does not
include open
strings, it can be moved
a simple grid system - the strings run up or down the neck. The
vertically and the frets horizontally. diagrams above show the
The headstock and nut of the guitar sharp and flat versions of
would be at the top of this diagram note names on the two
Each finger on the fretboard hand (the bass strings - every
left if you're right handed) has a fretted scale in this book
number, the index finger being has a root on the fifth or
number one. sixth string. To find a
Scales are not necessarily played at scale, move its root note
the nut end of the guitar, so to save (shown in black on the
space there is a number to the left of fretbox) to the position on
each fret box which represents the the neck that corresponds
lowest fret played in each example. with the key you need.