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Brogden Middle School

ERG Summary Notes

Diane Hill
April 10, 2018

Ms. Smith
6th grade Math
During much of the observation, the activity was a student-centered group worksheet activity. Students
informed me that Ms. Smith gave them permission to help each other, not copy, and many students
were sincerely working as peer helpers. Ms. Smith circulated and facilitated the groups as they worked.
About 10 minutes into the observation, the lesson transitioned to a teacher led review of the worksheet,
and student engagement declined as off task behavior increased. Ms. Smith did not address the
behavior issues as effectively as she has in past visits.
 We discussed the classroom management issues noted this time and Ms. Smith explained why
she did not apply the same management plan previously utilized.
 I suggested that she review her written expectations for behavior with all students within the
next week, and re-teach procedures as needed.
 We discussed an activity I will co-teach when I visit on April 20 that will allow Ms. Smith to
provide hands-on lab type activity for students with careful monitoring and opportunity for
Goals (same as previous visit):
 I encouraged Ms. Smith to continue to work on gradual release of responsibility for learning
 I suggested that Ms. Smith use ‘energizers’ or some other type of ‘Brain Break’ to give students
a mental break at regular intervals during class.

Ms. Morel
6th grade Math
I observed the end of the warm up activity and the start of a challenging creative surface area activity
during this visit. Time on task and student engagement were high throughout the lesson. Ms. Morel
rewarded students and praised them for both on task behavior and the correctness of their work. She
recognized, praised, and rewarded students using different approaches to solving the surface area
 I praised Ms. Morel for the high level of time on task and for her efforts to praise and reward on
task behavior and student success with the math work.
 I noted that there was a high level of both student engagement and time-on-task throughout the
Goals (same as previous visit):
 Share her procedures for beginning class and transitioning with other teachers (Matthews).
 Continue to work on having students doing most of the work in class.

Ms. Matthews
7th grade Math
As with my previous visit, Ms. Matthews’ students were very challenging and there was limited
engagement or time on task for most students. While all students were seated for most of the time I
observed, and there were no phones out/in use, some students were not on task the entire time, and this
was not addressed by Ms. Matthews. The noise level was high, and students disregarded warnings from
Ms. Matthews. The first activity I observed was the ‘do now’ (warm up) and it lasted 15 minutes.
 I acknowledged that students remained seated (for the most part) through out the observation.
 I encouraged Ms. Matthews to limit the time she allocates to the warm up activity, as less than
half of this class attempted the work, and the same students did not take notes when she
reviewed the problems/correct answers.
 I again encouraged Ms. Matthews to use the lists on board (silent lunch, parent call) as part of a
classroom management plan.
Goals (same as previous visit) :
 From previous visit: Get students seated, still, and quiet before beginning learning activities.
 From previous visit: Have a written classroom management plan and send to me by email for
feedback. Come up with strategies for dealing with inappropriate behaviors consistently. Make
parent contact; use support staff to assist with this if necessary.
Ms. Goodman
8th Grade Math
Once again, it is evident that Ms. Goodman is working to implement the strategies we’ve discussed.
The warm up activity I observed last most of the time I was there. She rewarded and praised on task
behavior, and she addressed inappropriate behaviors often (especially excessive off topic and loud
talking) but student response was temporary and minimal. She addressed one student 3 or 4 times. It is
obvious she has a very positive rapport and cares deeply for the students.
The co-teacher was not present at all during the time I observed today.
Due to Ms. Goodman’s schedule, we were not able to debrief face to face. I am going to request a
call or follow up emails after she reviews the notes I’m sending.
 Work on a written classroom management plan so students know exactly what consequences
are for inappropriate behavior, and consistently apply the consequences.
 Same as previous visit: I encouraged Ms. Goodman to plan something for us to co-teach on April 20. I’ll
serve as co-teacher and will be prepared to work with a small group while she works with rest of class or
another small group (with the remaining students—those who’ve demonstrated mastery—work
independently on something else).

It was a very good day and I enjoyed visiting with the students and teachers. Thanks for allowing me to
work in your school.