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It has been practiced since antiquity; meditation is these techniques

and practices practiced by ancients through many religions and spiritual
beliefs and till that day. By practicing meditation a person can achieve
calmness, physical relaxation, psychological balance, and enhance wellness

There are many types meditation such as; Mntra meditation,

mindfulness meditation, Zen Buddhist meditation, relaxation response and
Merkaba meditation.

To practice meditation you have to choose a quite location,

comfortable posture, focus of attention, and you must have an open
attitude (do not judge the ideas coming into your mind while meditating).

Many meditation practitioners practice meditation for its healing

effects as it can heal anxiety, pain, depression, stress, insomnia, heart
diseases, AIDS and cancer. This is because meditation affects the autonomic
nervous system which controls muscles, heartbeat, sweating, and
breathing. Meditation can also decrease the mind activity or increase it
according to the meditation techniques practiced as it controls the
sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system1


 Merkaba meditation also known as Merkava

meditation it͛s that meditation activaiting your merkaba
letting you travel through dimensions to gain knowledge
and spirituality. So what does the word Merkaba refer to?
Mer refers to light, Ka refers to spirit while Ba refers to
vehicle; it͛ the vehicle of your spirit which can let you
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explore the interdimensional universes. (,&%-  ,,! . /01,20/1.3440567c,  

Merkaba is a three dimensional two interlocking tetrahedrons while

represented as the Star of David in the two dimensional projection. The
upper side of the star is the male tetrahedron while the down side is the
female tetrahedron. A person lies inside the Merkaba while it extends to a
hand length over his head and a hand length below his feet. When the
Merkaba is activated the two tetrahedrons spin forming the shape of a
spinning galaxy or a typical flying saucer while extending to 55 feets in

To activate the Merkaba (let it spin) you have to follow specific

breathing patterns while having your fingers and eyes moved in a specific
way. 2

2 8 

Philosophers and scientists were always

fascinated by human auras through human
history. Psychics and parapsychology
practitioners always have claimed to see these
human auras. Finally it was scientifically proved
by a machine called RFI provided by ITEM.
Source: www.visionarygodess.com/images/AuricLayers.gif

Auras are electromagnetic spectrum surrounding humans which vary

in frequency though in color. These electromagnetic fields are sensitive to
the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of humans; this is
because neurons are affected by electromagnetic waves causing changes in
the mental activity.

There is no certain color for the human aura as it͛s composed of

frequencies of electromagnetic fields however psychics claim to have seen
the auras in the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colors.

Human auras are four layers surrounding humans and carrying

information; the first is called the health aura which shows the health
disturbances and illness and it͛s located 0 to 4 inches away from the
physical body. The second human aura is the emotional aura which carries

the emotional and psychological information; it͛s located 4 to 18 inches
from the physical body. The third human aura is the Ethereal body which is
responsible for contacting with people; it͛s used in mind reading and it͛s
located 18 to 24 inches from the physical body. Finally the casual body
which is the spiritual body or the higher self also called the soul; this level
contains the conciseness


 Human chakras are these spatial regions corresponding to points

along the spine. Chakras belong to the emotional human aura and they are
considered to be the nervous system of the metaphysical body. Life
energies are received, processed and transmitted from them. The human
chakras link the body, mind, and spirit into a holistic system.

There is an infinite number of charkas with infinite colors as chakras

are frequencies of energy, however there are seven primary chakras

  9  (   % 

Base Chakra Genital area red Ovaries and testes Sexuality and self
Sacral Chakra Below the navel Orange Adrenal glands Healing, physical
(adrenal medulla) vitality, and
generation of life
Solar Plexus Around the navel yellow Islet cells of the Calmness, emotional
Chakra pancreas glands and stability
nervous system
Heart chakra Heart area green Adrenal cortex, Love, deep emotions
thyroid, anterior and trauma
pituitary glands,
hormone secretion
Throat chakra Centre of the blue Thyroid and Communication,
throat parathyroid glands expression, listening
Third eye chakra Centre of the purple Pineal gland and Sensitivity, intuition,
forehead cerebellum intellectual activity

Crown chakra Above the head Very light purple Pituitary glands, Spirit, divine
cerebral cortex and conciseness, and
cerebellum metaphysical self
Source: http://www.item-bioenergy.com/infocenter/UnderstandingAuras.pdf
Subtle energy is received and transmitted in the subconscious psychological
level; that means if a person is acting as if he is happy and he is feeling
jealous, negative energy will be transmitted from him affecting other
people within his energy field range. The left side of a person acts as the
receiver of energy; it receives energy, the energy is processed at the
chakras, the auras are affected, then it͛s transmitted from the right side.
Although the right side acts as the transmitter, negative energy can be
received from the right side however it can͛t be retransmitted from the left
side when being received from the right side.3

Source: http://www.item-bioenergy.com/infocenter/UnderstandingAuras.pdf

Source: http://www.item-bioenergy.com/infocenter/UnderstandingAuras.pdf

Source: http://www.item-bioenergy.com/infocenter/UnderstandingAuras.pdf
Source: http://www.item-bioenergy.com/infocenter/UnderstandingAuras.pdf