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Claim or main idea and Claim or main idea and introduce the text and clearly introduce the text clearly introduce the text
reasons reasons demonstrate a the claim or main idea in and the claim or main and the claim or main
lack of comprehension of a manner that does not idea in a manner that idea in a manner that is
the text(s) or task logically follow from the follows from the task and compelling and follows
task and purpose purpose logically from the task
claim or main idea and claim or main idea and and purpose
reasons demonstrate reasons demonstrate claim or main idea and
little understanding of grade-appropriate reasons demonstrate
the text(s) analysis of the text(s) insightful analysis of the

Evidence/Elaboration demonstrate an attempt partially develop the develop the claim or develop the claim or
to use evidence, but only claim or main idea of the main idea with relevant main idea with relevant,
develop ideas with essay with the use of facts, definitions, details, well-chosen facts,
minimal, occasional some textual evidence, quotations, or other definitions, concrete
evidence that is generally some of which may be information and details, quotations, or
invalid or irrelevant irrelevant examples from the text(s) other information and
attempt to explain how use relevant evidence sustain the use of examples from the text(s)
evidence supports ideas inconsistently relevant evidence, with sustain the use of varied,
sometimes logically some lack of variety relevant evidence
explain how evidence logically explain how skillfully and logically
supports ideas evidence supports ideas explain how evidence
supports ideas
Organization exhibit little attempt at exhibit some attempt at exhibit mostly clear exhibit clear
organization, or attempts organization, with organization, with some organization, with the
to organize are irrelevant inconsistent use of inconsistent use of use of appropriate
to the task transitions transitions transitions to create a
lack a formal style, using establish but fail to establish but does not unified whole
language that is maintain a formal style, always maintain a formal establish and maintain a
imprecise or with inconsistent use of style, with some formal style using precise
inappropriate for the language and domain- inconsistent use of language and domain-
text(s) and task specific vocabulary language and domain- specific vocabulary
provide a concluding provide a concluding specific vocabulary provide a concluding
statement or section that statement or section that provide a concluding statement or section that
is illogical or unrelated to follows generally the statement or section that follows from the claim
the claim and reasons claim and reasons follows generally the and reasons presented
presented presented claim and reasons