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TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

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Video on TCS

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Mission & Values

 To help customers achieve their business
objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class
consulting, IT solutions and services.
 To make it a joy for all stakeholders to work with
Leading change, Integrity, Respect for the
individual, Excellence, Learning and sharing.

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Quick glance

Industry IT Services, IT Consulting

Founded 1968

Head Quarters Mumbai, India

CEO N. Chandrasekhran

Vice Chairman Subramaniam Ramadorai

Revenue US $ 10.17 billion

Profit US $ 2.2 billion

Employees 2,38,583

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 History
 Operations and Acquisitions
• Indian Branches
• Global Units
• Services Served
• List of Acquisitions
 Innovations and R&D
• Tata Research Development and Development Centre
• Innovations
• Sector Wise Revenue %
 Recent news and Developments in TCS
 Recognition

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 Founded in 1968, by Sir J.R.D. Tata, as Tata

Computer Center, for Tata Group.
 Punched Cards for Tata Steel(then Tisco), as their
first assignment.
 Inter Bank Reconciliation Project for Central Bank of
India, the first software project of India
 First international order from Burroughs, the first
offshore client of TCS in 1974
 First software development and research center in
 E- Commerce related solution begun in 1991
 By 2004, half billion US $ were contributed by E- Business
 Recognized as public listed company by 9th Aug 2004
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 Entry into Bio- Informatics, in 2005
 In 2011, the company entered the Small and Medium
Enterprises (SME) Market with Cloud based offerings

Video on Cloud Based Practices by TCS

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Offices In India

 Ahemdabad
 Kolkata
 Baroda  Lucknow
 Bengaluru  Mumbai
 Bhubaneswar  Noida
 Chennai  Nagpur
 Pune
 Coimbatore
 Trivandrum
 Goa  Jamshedpur
 Gurgaon  Etc.
 Guwahati
 Hyderabad
 Kochi
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Global Units

Countries Cities

Asia (Outside India) Singapore, Thailand, Japan,

Malaysia ,etc.
Africa South Africa, Morocco

Australia Australia

Europe Germany, Belgium, France, etc.

North America Canada, Mexico, USA

South America Brazil, Chile, etc.

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Services Rendered

 Banking and Financial Services

 Energy, Resources and Utilities
 Government
 Healthcare
 High Tech Insight on Allianz
 Insurance Client Experience
 Life Sciences
 Manufacturing
 Media & Information Services
 Retail & Consumer Products
 Telecom
 Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

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So, far TCS acquired many companies. The following are

the various business areas in which TCS acquisition took place

 Banking (TKS- Tecknosoft & FNS)

 IT Services (Tata Infotech, TCS Management, Swedish Indian

IT Resources AB (SITAR), Aviation Software Development
Consultancy India (ASDC), CMC Limited)

 BPO (Comicrom, Phoenix Global Solutions, Airline Financial

Support Services India (AFS)

 Insurance (Pearl Group)

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Tata Research Development and
Development Centre
 TCS established the first software research centre in India, the
Tata Research Development and Design Centre in Pune , India
in 1981.

 TRDDC also developed Master-Craft (now called TCS Code

Generator Framework)

 TRDDC has also resulted in the development of Sujal, a

low-cost water purifier that can be manufactured using locally
available resources.

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 In 2007, TCS launched its Co-Innovation Network, a network

of TCS Innovation Labs, start-up alliances, University Research
Departments, and venture capitalists.

 In 2008, the TCS Innovation Lab-developed product, mKrishi

Launches integrated, pay-per-use, cloud-based business solution

 First of its kind, pre-configured solution that covers the entire
spectrum of business processes for SMBs
 Next-Generation Service Delivery Model using Cloud
 Pan India coverage with 85 Cloud service partners
 Over 135 customers for iON
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Sector Wise Revenues %

Fiscal 2011 % of Revenues

23.17% BFSI
44.28% Telecom

7.37% Retail and CPG



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Recent News And Developments

 Tata Consultancy Services signed a Rs 94-crore deal with the

Karnataka government for six-year period to automate its
treasury and finance department operations
 TCS planning to hire 60,000 employees for the year
 The MNC received projects from Credits Union of
Australia, and Application Support, Development Services for
US- Based Liquade
 A book titled The TCS Story... and Beyond published by the
Penguin Group, was authored by Subramaniam Ramadorai
 On the Last Trading Day of Year 2011, TCS overtook RIL to be
anointed as the country's most valued firm

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 Recognized as “Big Four” IT Services brand by Brand Finance in


 76th Most Trusted Brand according to The Brand Trust

Report 2011

 The highest ranked Asia-based company

 Second highest ranked globally in the Information

Technology & Services company category.

 Second largest employer after Indian Railways

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