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Zenventory Unveils QuickBooks Integration

Sync Your Way to More Features, More Flexibility, and Auto Onboarding.

Phoenix, AZ, April 16, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Zenventory, a cloud-based inventory management software
built by Ubiquia, announces the unveiling of its long-awaited QuickBooks integration. Originally
scheduled to roll out last month, Ubiquia extended the development cycle in order to complete a more
robust integration to the accounting software giant. QuickBooks and Zenventory are now tightly
integrated, delighting Zenventory/Quickbooks users with an array of timesaving features for the
warehouse workflow.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for QuickBooks users is the ease of connecting the two platforms,
compliments of Zenventory's easy integration setup. Upon the initial connection, Quickbooks relevant
data will sync to Zenventory and includes the following: sales orders, purchase orders, suppliers,
customer data, product data, and starting inventory levels. For inventory levels, Zenventory will become
the new master record and will synchronize all future updates back to Quickbooks on inventory changes.
Most other data will synchronize both ways between QuickBooks and Zenventory, providing a number of
benefits to users. Ben Peryea, Zenventory's product manager had this to say: “We spent a little more time
than we planned on development, but the end result is a deeper and more useful integration. I think
everyone will be pleased with the results.”

Two-way synchronization for most data in the Zenventory + Quickbooks integration gives users the
flexibility to maintain their workflow in either program. For example, existing QuickBooks users can still
choose to create purchase orders and sales orders from within QuickBooks if they prefer. Via an effortless
auto-sync, the information will flow into Zenventory at any interval chosen by the user. The same is true
in reverse: For example, users can create a purchase order in Zenventory and have that information sync
to QuickBooks.

In addition to supplementing the accounting features of QuickBooks, Zenventory brings new, powerful
warehouse-specific capabilities such as cycle counting, mobile picking, and tracking of advanced product
information. Interested in a demo of Zenventory? For questions about the integration, contact Zenventory
at 602-470-1706.

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