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Target Audience Research

Age: 14- 19
Gender: both
Class: all
Ethnicity: all
Graphic: all
Genre: Realist

Primary audience(main target)14 - 19→ student

Secondary audience parents 30 -50
Mature student 20 -25

The age range I’m aiming for is 14- 19 and mature student 20- 25. These
people main target. In this advert there are lots of teenagers and mature

Gender :
This advert will be show all types of gender there is no specific gender should
watch this advert.

Social Class:
All types of class will be in this advert so its equality for everyone. It targets all
audience and students.

Everyone will be like to come Access to music because in this advert different
raises and ethnicity will be there.

Is based in manchester, so mostly the shooting will happen in manchester.

The advert will be realist, because in the questionnaire some peer mentioned
the want realistic and more facilities about college.