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Teddy is ready for a Golden Heroes game on

Saturday 25th May at Dragonmeet. With all the
Trade Stands and figures t o look at we'd besur-
prised if he has time for a game!

If you can't make it t o Dragonmeet don't despair,

just look at the selection below of the vast
amount of game, figures and accessories avail-
able anytimefrom Games Workshop Mail Order.
(Teddy appears b y courtesy o f Black Sun -

Overseas Airmail-f33


COMBATGAME Trek RPG . . . . . £9.95
Trek Supplements

Merchant Princes . . £ 6.95

Advanced Dun
Rules Update . . . . £ 6.95
Star Trek Scenarios
Demand of Honour . . £ 6.95
Denial of Destiny . . . £ 6.95
Margin of Profit . . . . £ 6.95
The Orion Ruse . . . . f 6.95
Shelobs Lair ...... £5.95 The Vanished . . . . . . f6.95
Witness for the Defence £ 6.95
Termination 1456. . . £6.95
The Outcasts . . . . . . £ 6.95
Guide and Map . . . £8.95 Star Trek Play Aids
Rangers of the North . £9.95 Enterprise Ship Plans f 16.95
Angmar . . . . . . . . . £9.95 Klingon Deck Plans . £ 15.95
Umbar . . . . . . . . . . £9.95 GAMES WORKSHOP Tricorder . . . . . . . . £ 7.95
Ardor . . . . . . . . . . . £9.95 M A I L ORDER Star Trek Mini Games
Northern Mirkwood . f9.95 In Search of Spock . . £ 6.95
Southern Mirkwood . f9.95 Struggle for the Throne £ 6.95
Isengard . . . . . . . . . £9.95 * NEW * NEW * NEW * Monster Colliseum . £16.95 Slar Trek Duels l . . . £6.95
Moria I . . . . . . . . . . £9.95 TSR Thrilling Locations . . £9.50 Star Trek Duels ll . . . £6.95
X8 Drums on Fire Man with the
GAMES WORKSHOP Mountain . . . . . . . £4.95 GoldenGun . . . . . f7.80 GAMES WORKSHOP
GAMES 88 Journey to Goldfinger II . . . . . . £7.80 FANTASY ROLE PLAYING
Golden Heroes . . . . . £9.95 the Rock . . . . . . . £4.95 GAMESWORKSHOP ACCESSORIES
Starter Traveller . . . . f7.95 DL4 Dragons of Legacy of Eagles. . . . . . f ? Dungeon Planner ll . . £4.95
Call of Cthulhu . . . . £9.95 Desolation . . . . . . f4.95 PENGUIN Dungeon Floor Plans 1 £2.99
Judge Dredd . . . . . . £7.95 CM3 Sabre River . . . £4.95 Freeway Fighter . . . . f 1.75 Dungeon Floor Plans ll . £2.99
Battlecars . . . . . . . . f4.95 Temple of Terror . . . £ 1.75 Dungeon ~l~~~
Battle Bikes . . . . . . . £4.95 AVALON HILL OTHERS Plans Ill . . . . . . . £2.99
Doctor Who . . . . . . . £7.95 Spice Harvest . . . . . £ 10.95 Wraith with Dungeon Floor
Star Trek RPG . . . . . £9.95 The Duel . . . . . . . . £ 14.95 Sickle (Nova) . . . . f 1.95 Plans lv . . . . . . . £2.99
MERP . . . . . . . . . . £9.95 Stellar Conquest . . . £24.95 The Dune Adventure . £ 13.95

Send your orders to: Games Workshop Mail Order, Telephone orders using credit cards, or enquiries, phone
27/29 Sunbeam Road, London NWlO 6JP 01-965 3713 Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.00pm.
Please make all cheques/POs payable to Orders under f6.00 add 60p post and packing.
Games Workshop Ltd. NO CASH PLEASE! Europe: add 33%carriagelother overseas: add 55% carriage

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Peering through the coarse bracken we view the only bridge across the river. Alas, how do
we deal with that encampment of fearsome creatures squatting & snarling their curses to
unknown ears! A fight breaks out, giving our wam'ors an opportunity to charge forward!
Too late, the creatures rally themselves for the ensuing awesome fight, but being over-
whelmed they flee in confusion-the bridge is ours! Time for something to eat.
This may have been an episode.in any tabletop role-playing game in the safety of your own
home. Imagine the personal glory of defeating those fearsome creatures during your real
time role-playing experience under the personal guidance of our professional team here
This unique holiday experience will comprise such activities as:-
Medieval Adventure-Bar Room Brawls
Gothic Horror Adventure-Pyramids of Power
Futuristic Adventure-Outing to an Historic Location
Monstering-Extra Adventures
Hunter-Theatrical Fighting Techniques
Banquet-and much, much more ...........
For a FREE copy of our brochure, please send a large SAE to

Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements. 4

Issue 65 May 1985 FEATURES
EDITOR: Ian Livingstone
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Jon Sutherland The Good, the Bad and the Downright Odd by Phil Masters .6
ART EDITOR: Mary Common
EDITORIAL ASSISTANT:Ian Marsh Villainous additions for Superheroes
PASTE-UPARTIST: Shelagh Dwyer The Distressing Damsel by Dave Langford 14
COVER: Chris Achilleos
ILLUSTRATION: Gary Mayes, Emmanuel, Kevin A tale the unexpected
Bulmer, Declan Considine, John Blanche, Bill
Houston, Andi Reed, Jon Davis Smile Please by Graham Miller 23
TYPESETTING: Anne Kiernan A adventure with personality
McWilliams, Albie Fiore, Gary Chalk, Joe Dever,
BalancingAct by Mike Lewis 26
ADVERTISING: Jon Sutherland Juggling with rules and role-playing
PUBLISHER: Games Workshop Ltd
Printed in England
AII correspondence should be addressed t o The Sahuagin Heel by Graeme Drysdale 28
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espite there being a slight

decline in fantasy gaming
i n the USA, the rest of the
is busy getting into it' lAnd!!?$Plements reviewed for Traveller and Star Trek, plus Paranoia!
it's only the fickle mass market in
the USA that are tired of it; the Critical Mass by Dave Langford 10
hobby is still strong). There are Science fiction and fantasy book review column
now German, French and Spanish Letters edited by Ian Marsh 20
editions of D&D, 15 foreign Readers'views, questions and comments
language editions of the Fighting
Fantasy Gamebooks in the Thrud the Barbarian by Carl Critchlow 21
pipeline, a German edition of The Destroyer continues.. .
Talisman soon to be released, starbase edited by Bob McWilliams 36
French of Cthulhu and lots Civilian organisations for Traveller
more activity around the world.
Why does fantasy gaming The Travellers by Mark Harrison 37
have worldwide appeal? There Intermission ...
are such different mythologies RuneRites edited by Dave Morris 39
existing in the various countries RuneQuest looks to the future?
and yet a common gaming
fantasy prevails. Fiend Factory edited by Jon Sutherland 39
I wonder if white ~ ~ ~ ~ Monstersf ~ i thatl willl dwarf all others
ever be published i n Papua Treasure Chest
New Guinea? A selection of exotic weapons for AD&D

Tabletop Heroes by Gary Chalkand Joe Dever 44

Horsing around with figures

Newsboard by Jon Sutherland 47

All the latest news and gossip revealed, plus Gobbledigook

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of defeating the heroes; amusins
occasional stand-up, knock-down
per-battle can be there IS a whole

~ r t hthe
; problems frequently involve world need not be very different from
reats to whole cities, if not planets. our own. The difference that does exist
All of this makes matters sound is that everything is a little bit larger
' "'
delightfully uncomplicated, which could life-and that ( mean tt
be dangerous, because simple games
e frequently boring and unins ng.
are nastier (or - r,mins
)rtupatnl\t thic nand nnt hn thd
e lif a
.- J
1W'u ,ly
ayer character
-. --- -xist,then so, logically,
non-player 'goodies' (otherwise the
>L W I I I G U . players may feel they are fi hting a
ous if lonely and unbalanced wary Ennst .
s who can turn them interestingly, so can ambi
aracters, and this is ing, or confused suoer-be
iere the n ~ n - ~ l acharacter
~er comes
as the referee's tool to create situa-
Ins to worry and interest the players:
begin vl
out-and-out crimir
Ite that there is much more i n v o l ~ es, the
an simply deploying supervillains

MAD, EbB ~ E R O V S T O
KNOW term aims, 4 --.-.- --a
iDie to ao so
Non-PlayerCharacters in
One ovei fication that I find useful without usinc ~gs;however,
u!F oking at super-villains is to
ide them into two categories; 'leaders'
and 'thugs'. The difference is largely a
most 'leac
emnlnv L.,,Jersare
ve some agents in thei
not necessarily par
~owerfulindividuals; they do
Superhero RPG
by Phil Masters
matter of attitude, and the two groups r~ rtave to be, because they ge----"- -
often overlap, but the terms do d e s c r i b And to avoid fights. This is not I
two different and important ap they are all cowards, but becau:
leader is smart enough to know t is robots. Thes
fight could possibly
to possess ~ u p e ~ - - - ~=,. ~
a SO can and that being in i ~ ii I
commit bigger, rofitable, and long-term master
m o w enj crimes; a sub-group are cleverest leac'
fividuals who use their clues that cou
n pursuit of particular illegal ally to
,. c,h as revenge on hated tnndc
nemies, random slaughter, or theft of
spare parts for a damaged spacesb'-
Such individuals differ widely, but example of this supremely
re usually marked out by the fact tl
ley want anything important don
ley do it themselves. 1
Jionally hire underlings
jobs, and quite often tei
npromptu villa' , DUK uslng
ither the motiv example
)r major lor N ~ O
r r i n c arc, dn .. -J to the
ants in the
a ~ ~ dsought
ly to
:n opposing the
10defend mutants
manity and normal
enegade mutants). In
,,, ,es, Magneto has been
led of his own humanity,
-Men have faced growing
t prejudice, and the result has
make Magneto a more interest-
-. .- ambiguous figure. In such cases
real heroes may have to think mo

r-- --lsal; aV+-..a- ., i.-l-:* --
3 ~ suo!ie3!lduro:,
e a y i '! e s! s ! q i i n q 'Au!ell!n/ !hes Aq punom aql u ! I
7 !J ~ M leal6 O ~ ayl Uaq~ i 1 i 3 a ~ !apl e sauo pc anbasqns o y 'au!oJa~
a16 s a w o s k ! l ! q ! s u o d ! JaqM S J ~ M O l ! a~q l J ~ eA 40 Awaua dou!ur
e ' A i ! l ! q ! s u o d s alea16 sau 'aslno3 40 .uo os pu !3sa o l u!ell!AD pac
leal6 y i ! *iuapuod!nua
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( n p a ~ o 'di ey i i d a m e )u!eil!n asoqm s i s ! ~ ! j s a ~ n 6 !om1
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JM aqi :iy6!1 Aluo : @Inan!6 01 s a s n j a ~c )u saop I! se 6uol a
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? Aaqi aJo4aq yu!yi uaurau 'ln4asn se 11 laq Ai!sow!ue 40 ai
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pue h i i s n u r saolaq ,A 1a4a.1ou i n q 'ssauq 's~apueisAqjua301
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[ ! AAlq!ssod aqnb jr poo6 l a y l o Auc? 6uells e S J ~ A O ~ S , ,
16 a w o s ieajap o i 5 103 iselq A6.iau u ! pllom aqi J O - ,
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o pue s6u!ssalq o 3 U U ! Ue aAlOAU dn $as 01 pue '(
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1-~adns6 u ! i ! s ! ~ a q i aqurnu i e y i 40 U O SUOl1elJ o waqi
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a q i j o asoyi w ( ia3los 'siueinL Jil enqpa q~adns ~
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apeley3 awop ,,-n A e ~ ~ a q i o u e w s ooi I u r a u a ~ ! a q1 i
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le3!qdosol!1 sop i ! i e q i uayc Y l ! M ps i n q 'u6!edwe3
eni!s a y i y i qnoys ley1 aid1 )seal pue alq!ssod
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:~aise~eqs 41 .sJ!aL I M O ~
seq A ~ o i s eq o i ~ 1
ou se 'pal noqe a;
e - uolien LNO l 3SOHA

In Open Box, science fiction and the players respond t o the situation the (though by no means the same as)
fantasy games and accessories referee describes. There are mechanisms humans. A K'Kree player would ideally be
are reviewed by independent for skill improvement, advancement in a vegetarian living in an outdoor com-
secret societies, and sundry other mune, since meat-eaters and confined
authorities. aspects of life in the wonderful world of spaces are bad news to a K'Kree and the
The Computer. However, this informa- player has to cope with role-playing a
tion is all supposed to be a closely whole family and retinue who act in con-

guarded secret of the referee. Even the cert along fairly predictable and role-
exact cause of the holocaust is a secret, specialised lines. Playing K'Kree well
though the Computer claims that Com- would demand a lot from the player, and
munists were to blame. However, The I would recommend some experience
Computer is insane.. . (perhaps with Vargr or Aslan) is needed

BOX The game box contains three books

(one for players, t w o for the referee, a
total of 140 pages including a sample
adventure) plus two percentile dice and
an errata sheet. All are well presented,
before attempting to play one. Three
adventures are provided and together
they form a much better introduction
(than with Aslan). However, they take
place in different parts of the GDW uni-
and tables needed b y the referee and verse so continuity is a problem unless
players are duplicated where necessary. they are treated purely as a learning
PARANOIA Box and internal art are very funny, experience.
West End Games though some illustrations are repeated I've saved the best until last since, in m y
several times with different captions. opinion, Vargr(themost recent release) is
Most RPG's advise the the referee to be I like Paranoia, but I'm not surethat I'd the best all round play aid since the
an impartial arbiter, weighing the odds want to run it as a prolonged campaign. Traveller Adventure. Following the pat-
to ensure that player characters have a It's the sort of concept which works well tern set in Aslan and K'Kree, the physiol-
reasonable chance of survival and as light relief from a 'serious' RPG cam- ogy, sociology, politics, languages and

I assume that the players will probably

succeed most of the time. Paranoia is a
little different.
paign,and will definitely appeal to'hack
and slay' merchants. Dedicated rule
lawyers and wargamers will hate it.
career generation procedures constitute
most of thevolume. lnsidethe front cover
are the now usual anatomical studies,
Paranoia takes the basic back-stabbing Overall, a lot of fun for a minimum of which brings me to a slight criticism that
concepts of Killer and Illuminati, and three or four players. the studies, text, and cover illustrations
converts them into a role-playing game Presentation: 8 Rules: 7seem to disagree on details.
set against a post-holocaust society Playability: 8 Complexity: 5 Although the format is similar to the
ruled by an omnipotent (and hopelessly Enjoyment: 9 Overall: 7first two modules the likeness ends here.
insane) computer. The background is Marcus L Rowland The introductory adventure material is
loathsomely unpredictable, and 'allies' much superior to the earlier products not
can be far deadlier than enemies. only in content, which includes an excur-
Playerscan befound guilty of treason by sion into language translation and
thought, by deed, by omission, by ASLAN, ALIEN MODULE 1 f7.95 interpretation and data on the Gvurrdon
acquisition of illegal skills, by accident of K'KREE, ALIEN MODULE 2 f7.95 sector immediately to coreward of the
birth, or by the malice and actions of VARGR, ALIEN MODULE 3 f7.95 Spinward Marches, but also in its suitabil-
other players. Every character hasa secret Game Designers' Workshop ity as an introduction to the Vargr. In all,
mutant ability, belongs t o a secret soci- highly recommended especially to a
ety, and lives in dread of The Computer. These modules are part of a new colour- player group nearing the end of the plot
Game mechanics are simple, but ask subjects of these items have been raised in the Traveller Adventure or other
more of the referee than many RPG's. All before-mainly in the TAS Journal- but Spinward Marches campaigns.
player characters are troubleshooters never in so much detail. Veteran Traveller Aslan K'Kree Vargr
for The Computer, and must destroy its consumers need not fear that all they are Presentation: 7 7 8
enemies. However, almost any sort of getting isold material in new packaging. Enjoyment: 9 7 9
action can be construed as treason t o Each module may be used with any of Complexity: 8 8 8
The Computer. Good actions (killing the versions of the Traveller rules. Rules: 7 7 8
traitors, recovering the property of The I have a particular interest in Aslan, Overall: 9 7 9
Computer, and exposing spies) earn since they inhabit much of my own cam- Bob McWilliams
Commendation points. Bad actions (ask- paign area. For the most part I was not
ing too many questions, arguing with disappointed with Aslan ('Adventure
superiors, losing equipment, and virtu- and Intriguewith a Proud Warrior Race').
ally anything The Computer dislikes) Naturally I could have done with even THE ROMULANS f10.95
earn Treason points. Characters with at more social and historical background THE ORION RUSE f6.95
least ten more Treason points than Com- than is provided, butwhat you get inside MARGIN OF PROFIT f6.95
mendation points are liquidated and the folder-type cover is a 40-page booklet FASA
replaced by clones. The referee must jam-packed with detail. It covers Aslan
keep track of these points throughout character generation (not just standard Both Margin of Profit and The Orion
the campaign, but must never reveal Traveller but also Mercenary and High Ruse are designed to be used in conjunc-
them to the players. This makes it dif- Guard expanded procedures), physical tion with the supplement Trader Captains
ficult to run open games, or campaigns details, history, society and so on, and full and Merchant Princess. In Margin of Profit

I with more than one referee. NPC's,

especially superior officers, tend to
liauidate characters for arbitraw or
procedures for generating Aslan names
and worlds. There are extremely useful
sectionson playing and refereeing Aslan,
the merchant aspect of the game
remains in the background. The charac-
ters enter into a deal at the beginning
imagined offenses, as well as for plus some ships and equipment (mostly and the plot unfolds from that point. It
treason. The only rewards for success weapons) types. There are lots of tables could well be used asan introduction to a
are Commendation points, which earn and the cover includes a map of Aslan merchant campaign,sincealthough it is
improved security levels and give space plus excellent anatomical draw- based around a merchant deal, no real
access to better equipment and skills. ings. Lastly (and least in my opinion) there merchant orientated decisions have to be
Actions are resolved by percentile is an adventurewhich seems meandering taken by the players. Full details of a
-dice rolls against skills, though throws and overly ambitious given thattheaim is 9 man crew are provided and these can
against characteristics may be used to introduce players to the Aslan. either be used for the scenario or replaced
instead. Combats are resolved by the K'Kree ('Encounters with the Enigmatic with a player's own character; if nothing
referee, w h o is supposed t o make fights Centaurs') is in the same format to the elsethey are a guideto what FASAthink
as confusing and lethal as possible. The same level of detail, though adapted to a merchant crew should look like.
combat system ignores most normal different requirements. K'Kree are more The Orion Ruse is different in that
wargaming concepts, concentrating o n 'alien'than Aslan; that is, the Aslan are negotiating a trade agreement forms a
flamboyance and the speed with which closer in behaviour and outlook to fundamental part of the plot. Another
basic part isthat the players are split into correcttrail, and can't coverevery possi- them. The starship recognltlan file con-
2 teams, one of Star Fleet personnel and ble false trail the players might follow. sists of drawings of ships, includin
the other of merchants. Both teams Hint, if you look carefully at the shuttles, and a description of them.8his
essentially havedifferent objectives, but background and the designer's notes description, for example, would be
they need the help of the other team to before you start, this will usually get you about a ship's origin and use, but not
achieve it. Thus as the scenario unfolds out of trouble. Don't hesitate too long speed or armament. There is also a
not only are the players interacting with while you think up something, other- players' manual giving details of the
NPC's but they are also cajoling, wise the players will guess they are on Romulan Empire that Star Fleet Intelli-
threatening and dealing with each other. the wrong track because there are no gence has been deemed to have found
Ifound the idea very interesting and will details in the book about it. out. This details the Romulan personal-
definitely use it as the basis for a cam- The FASA supplement The Romulans ity and equipment, and surprisingly,
paign, with Star Fleet and merchant is the follow-up to the Ktingon supple- most but not all tbe details about the
characters working together. ment. Personally FASA have my sym- Romulan ships that would be needed to
The booklets themselves are pre- pathy; it must be really tricky to write a run them. This fragmentation of the
sented in the same sequence as previ- supplement when in the next movie the rules, with some details withheld from

- ous Star Trek scenarios, with the 2nd

: edition giving the main details of what
takes place. Perhaps the easiest way of
director might contradict the whole
thing. Take the Kiingons for instance,
there are now three different types and
players and some from the GM, follows
thesame formatasthe basic rule books.
For instance in the original books, eom-
describing this is if you imagine the they have been given the most advanced bat ranges and damage are in book 1,
scenario as a television episode with Romulan ship available complete with the descriptions are in book 2, and the
titled chapters describing each scene. As cloaking device. The Romulans, don't modifiers are in book 3. Incidentally if
play proceeds you simply skip to the forget, wereso fanatical about military you haven't found them yet, the wide
appropriate scene. secrets that no Romulan had ever been angle stun combat modifiers aren't in
At the beginning of the booklet is an seen, never mindcaptured, until Captain the combat section, they are under
overview of the plot, and at the back are Kirk achieved it. Then FASA has t o write Equipment Use, sub-section Sidearms.
the NPC stats, background information a supplement which allows for this The flicking between rule books isn't dif-
on worlds etc, followed by the maps and totally illogical occurrence, and they ficult to master, just irritating.
the designers notes to the GM. have done a pretty good job as well. All in all if you want to run Romulan
All in all it is pretty comprehensive, It includes all the details needed to charactersor a Romulan campaign, then
but nevertheless you will need to ad lib generate Romulan player characters or this is for you. My only reservation is
at various times. The scenarios are personality NPC's, follawing the same that forthe money Iwould expect a little
puzzles which are investigated, rather format as in the basic Star Trek rules, more in the way of details on subjects
than a seriesof fights and traps in keyed There is background history and a map such as ships, worlds, etc.
rooms. So if the players go wrong in of the Star Empire, details of Romulan Romutans Orion Margin
their investigations and, say, decide to life, government and religion, andastar- Ruse of Profit
raid the home of the foreman who last ship recognition file. The map includes Prwentation: 9 9 9
serviced the engines of some ship or the location of a fewworlds, and a world Value: 6 8 8
other, it is extremely unlikely the log for these are printed. However with Clarity: 7 8 8
scenario will have any details to cover the exception of one planet, all of the Overall: 8 9 8
this. After all, it covers the details of the others do not have any local races on R Jarnor

Critical Mass is a regular fantasy Another series I missed is David Canterbury worry about this?) Have fun
and science fiction book review Eddings' 'Belgariad' - didn't get any spotting the obligatory film cliches- as
review copies, did I? Until now: when someone's running, hotly pur-
column, written by Dave Enchanters' End Game [Corgi 372pp sued, down an empty road; stumbles
Langford. This month he £ 1.951. Spies tell me that despite corny and falls; finds himself staring at mere
contracts. . . passages and an excessively naive hero, inches' range at the boots (here hooves)
this is a fitting close to an OKseries. Not of a previously unnoticed stranger.. .
so OK is Dragons ofAutumn Twilight by But Vinge's clear, witty writing makes up

Spring Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman and a

cast of thousands [TSR 447pp £2.251,
inspired by an AD&D campaign full of
chunks ripped bleeding from Tolkien.
The blurb says it all: 'The first fantasy
for much.
Interzone: the 1st Anthology [Dent
206pp £3.951 is what it says: a first sam-
pler of fiction from the most exciting and
ambitious SF magazine in Britain, orthe

novel from the people who know fantasy world. Interzone can also make hugely
best - TSR, Inc'. Considering the exciting and ambitious mistakes, but
relationship of games to books, this is a they too arevital. About the most power-
bit likelThefirst country landscapefrom ful of these 13 stories (12 reprint, 1 new)
the people who know open-cast mining was the most hated in a readership poll.
Spring publications are spawning franti- best'. Deadly predictable questing, with If you haven't seen IZ, buy this-actwith-
cally, gaudy jackets peeping shyly stock D&Dcharacters in familiar out thinking -and use the subscription
through the ranksoil of W H Smith's. My encounters: nearly as bad as Valley o f form provided within.
heap of review books has put on terrify- the Four Winds.. . (Some of the poetry Piers Anthony strikes again: Refugee
ing spurts of growth, and as it topplesto isof McGonagall standard: 'Through his [Granada 333pp f 1.951 opens the penta-
crush me, every title seems in my fear- doomed veins the horizon burst', etc). logy 'Bio of a Space Tyrant'. Bio,
crazed eyes to be by Frank Herbert. . . Couldn't finish this one. Anthony explains, stands for biography,
NEL reissued Dune with the film, fol- biology, biopsy, 'all the ways to study a
lowed by uniform editions of Dune subject1-watch for small tissue samples
Messiah [222pp £2.251, Children ofDune sellotaped into future volumes. I
[380pp £2.501, God-Emperor o f Dune wouldn't put it past him: a sincere and
1454pp f2.951 and Heretics o f Dune talented author, he will overdo things.
[508pp £2.951. Not to be outdone, Gol- The hero is Hope Hubris (see what I
lancz offer Chapter House Dune [379pp mean?), doomed to rise through four
£8.951. I've just read the lot - Guinness agonizing sequels to be Tyrant of Jupi-
Book o f Records, please note. Dune ter: Refugee covers his early trials, con-
stands up well despite suety wodges of sisting of an interplanetary hop during
metaphysics: its mix of simple adven- which everything nice is hacked from his
ture with complex religion and ecology life by space pirates. Space pirates have
still appeals. Messiah (unusually for SF) it easy since airlocks don't lock: the
effectively tackles the sleazy aftermath pirate merely hauls alongside and
of victory; but Children seemed chaotic boards hisvictim for several chapters of
and silly, with Leto's superman transfor- rape, loot and pillage. So popular is
mation pulled rabbit-fashion from the space-piracy that our hero's craft is
author's hat. God-Emperorswung to the raped, looted and pillaged no fewer than
opposite extreme: very controlled, eight times in 333 pages. Crowded
thoughtful, boring, a long book whose place, space. . . There are exciting bits,
sparse action is entirely dictated by Three more fantasies offer their ten- but Anthony desperately needs editing:
omniscient God Emperor Leto (who's der throats to the reviewer's knife. his verbosity stretches scenes which
spent a fun 3500 years turning into a Tolkien's Book o f Lost Tales 7 [Unwin should be quickand brutal into reams of
sandworm). 297pp £2.951 is paperbacked at last: increasingly gratuitous violence, which
Heret~csshows Herbert back on form, addicts a"nd scholars will greet it with ultimately put me to sleep.
with power blocs manoeuvring and delight, and probably bought the Philosophy and SF[392pp £ I1.95, from
stabbing one another enthusiastically in hardback anyway. I personally am less Prometheus Books, 10 Crescent View,
the back: ruthless but worthy Reverend keen on these rough drafts than on the Loughton, Essex lGlO 4PZl offers
Mothers, despicable Tleilaxu with final, polished Silmarillion; casual read- 14 stories, one play (Capek's classic
obscene 'tanks' for growing gholas ers who found even that a bit rarefied R UR),two extracts, 30-odd slightly tur-
(clonesto you), megalomaniac Honoured will wonder what the fuss is about. gid pages of introductory philosophy,
Matres (a new, vicious lot) conditioning The Bishop's Heir is Katherine Kurtz's and Study Questions: 'What does Borges'
mere men to sexual addiction, lxians latest Deryni book [Century 345pp story suggest about the nature of truth
perfecting high-tech 'no-rooms' and £2.951, beginning a third trilogy of . . . Do you agree?' Too expensive for
'no-ships' invisible to the prophetic alternate-Welsh magic, romance and most; interesting if you contemplate a
power now owned by every third politics. The magic is low-key - philosophy course. Can editor and self-
character.. .TheoId excitement returns, pyrotechnics, first aid and occasional confessed philosopher Michael Philips
with cryptic, subtle conversations as long-distancephone calls, barely relevant really not spell hermeneutics? He gets it
deadly as duels, and some well-timed to the conventtonal mediaeval intrigue wrong ten times in two pages.
new revelations. A deus ex machina and rebellion. (What poetic forcethere is Bob Shaw's The Peace Machine [Gol-
saves the plot as with Children, but less centres not on magic but on mundane lancz 160pp £7.951 revises Ground Zero
egregiously. ecclesiastical ritual.) Overall: a straight Man (1976), the heart-stopping action-
Chapter House is a direct sequel - no historical novel in plastic fantasy dis- adventure of a man who invents a way
millennia1 gulfs as between Children, guise. Brutally inconclusive ending, two to explode every nuclear weapon in the
God-Emperor and Heretics. Dune itself sequels to follow. . . Interesting but world, and who struggles with the
has been wasted; likewise the worms patchy. responsibility. Its grim conclusion
(all but one), and Tleilaxu (all but one- Ladyhawke by Joan Vinge is a film shows precisely and prophetically
his irrelevant presence is a minor novelization in two editions: Piccolo (1976, remember) the flaw in today's
blemish, a major pointer to Book 7). It's [ I 69pp £ 1.501 and Pan (photo-cover; plans for 'star wars' energy-beam
a straight fight between Reverend probably higher price). A simple story, defences. One bit of science does creak:
Mothers (driven underground) and the told with a light touch: irrepressible the 'classical nuclear device with two
now omni-dominant Honoured Matres. young thief and dronken monk assist fissionable masses' was superseded
The hyper-acute characters are impres- doomed lovers (he turned to a wolf by decades ago. A minor point. Read this
sive, the resolution thoughtful and night, she to a hawk by day) against evil one, and tremble. Just as I tremble at the
humane. Though initially I gave up after bishop. (Kurtz has whole synods of evil size of the review-copystack, and grapple
Children, Heretics and Chapter House bishops, and TSRfeatured an evil High with the awesome responsibility of leav-
have partially Restored My Faith. Theocrat: should the Archbishop of ing some till next month. . .
In your local bookshop soon. ..

from Oxford University Press

11 Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements.
Coming in June from
Distributed exclusively in the United Kingdom and Europe by Games Workshop, 27-29 Sunbeam Road, Park Royal, London NWlO 6JP, Great Britain
Step through the misty haze into the greatest fantasy realm of all time.
Excitement awaits in the legendary land of Hobbits, Orcs, Elves,
Balrogs and Dragons. lourney through Mirkwood forest, encounter the
hideous monster Shelob, or engage in battle for the vast treasure hidden
deep within Lonely Mountain. Return to Middle-earth with:

13 Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements.

A Grimm Tale by Dave Langford
Once upon a time, in a far-off land,there lived Fiona's beauty would unconsciously ride Fiona, still struggling to lift her feet.
a princess who developed an unfortunate down the middle of the road, to victory. How The toad fixed herwith its glittering, golden
social problem. anyone who had not yet reached King Far- eyes.'Once upon atime Ifell foul ofawicked
The kingdom of Altrund extended over more
del's dilapidated palace could have known so
much about Fiona's beauty was not
wizard, who laid upon me the curse which
you see, and then caused me to be magically
square leagues of fertile land than the Court explained by the theory. The princess had flung tpthe most God-forsaken land in all the
Mathematician could compute. So its King never had the heart to point this out, nor to wyld.
would boast, delaying as long as possible the add that, personally, she would incline Where was that?' asked Fiona, curious.
admission that his Court Mathematician (a towards a prince who could be trusted to The toad gave a croaking cough. 'Let me
retarded youth of fourteen) had yetto fathom wipe his boots atthe door ratherthan walk in put this tactfully. Where did you find me?'
the intricacies of the numbers after VIII. preoccupied with beauty. Meanwhile the sur- 'Oh,'said the princess.
The Mathematician, who also bore the face of the golden road had suffered the 'But the incantation did include a custom-
titles of Palace Swineherd and Master of the depredations of brigands, jackdaws, itinerant ary reversion clause. Erk. A mafter of, as one
Buckhound,wastheonly child ofthe peasant taxcollectors and (Fionawas sure, though the mjght say, osculatory contract.
classes- both membersof which seemed dis- King refused to believe it) at least one incog- No,' said Fiona.
couraged by their first experiment in being nito prince. Tiny gleams of gold could still be 'A momentary and fleeting matter. None of
ancestors. King Fardel periodically worried seen amid the trampled earth and grass, your exotic requirements like being taken into
that his peasant classes might at any moment though only in brilliant sunshine liketoday's; a princess' bed all night. Merely the kiss of a
die out altogether; and likewise the king- fewer such gleams were visible in the King's good person whose moral worth stands in a
dom's upper middle class, consisting of a treasury,and Fardel was rumouredto be hav- cepain relation to one's own.'
decrepit imbiber called Grommet (Grand ing second thoughts about crassness and No.'
Vizier, Chancellor of the Palace Exchequer, worldliness. Fiona walked down the middle 'Think of it like this. Obviously you are a
Wizard Pro-Tem, Steward of the Royal Cel- of the formerly golden road and dreamed princess of high breeding.. .
lars, Scullion, Seeker of the King's Treasury, again of her own ambition, which did not "At least you can tell,' said Fiona, flattered.
etcetera). Even the King's own dynasty ~nvolveprinces. She rather wanted to be a 'The tiara is rather a giveaway.'
showed every sign of decay. Twenty years witch. 'A plague of frogs', she crooned hap- 'It's pewter. We're a very poor kingdom;
ago he had looked forward to the sedate pily. 'A plague of boils. A plagtle,of toads. my father has only fivescor~subjects even
begetting of three sons, two of whom would That would show them. Princes! wpen you count the sheep.
do tremendously well in the world while the There was almost no magic in Altrund, All the better,' said the toad. 'In poverty
youngest would somehow contrive to outdo apartfrom the heavily mortgaged magic mir- there istremendous moral worth. And as I was
them both and be extraordinarily virtuous in ror which wasthe palace's lastvaluable asset saying - since you are a princess I'II wager
addition. Alas, Queen Kate was a woman of . . . but a wisp or two of enchantment had five to one that your father has planned all
sadly independent mind and womb, and had been left behind, like forgotten tools, by the sorts of grotesque and ridiculous ways of test-
called a halt to the dynasty after the incon- obliging Graduate Sorcerer who had ing the princes whocome seeking your hand.'
venience of producing the Princess Fiona. polished up the golden road; and perhaps She sighed, and nodded.
Fardel could only resign himself to the pas- one of these wisps twined itself into Fiona's Precisely! But are youworthy? Should you
sive role of devising tests, ready to assess the girlish daydreams of epidemic frogs, boils too not be tested according to the ancient cus-
worthiness of the princess who (in threes) and toads. Certainly, without her noticing it, toms of the world? Have you given a crust of
must inevitably arrive to seek the hand of his her aimless walk swerved off the road, bread to a dwarf recently?'
daughter. The King's first thought had been through a clump oftrees,through astrand of Princess Fiona opened her mouth and
to avoid the formalities of quests and dragons nettles (which despite her long skirt she did closed it again. 'Look. If I take the curse off
by, quite simply, asking each suitor how old emphatically notice) and finally, to a you, can we simply leave it at that? I'm going
he was: the virtues of the youngest prince in m?lodorous pond she had not seen before. to the College of Sorcery myself - if my
any representative trio were well known. Be careful!' said a croaking voice from parentswill ever let me-and I'II learn to make
Later it occurred to Fardel that this was too almost underfoot. Princess Fiona recoiled my own living. Getting involved with princes
well known, and that all but the youngest slightly, and stared down at a singularly ca? wait, thank you very much.'
would undoubtedly lie about their age. obnoxious and wart-encrusted toad on the I shall make no furtherclaims on you,'said
His next experiment had been to station a damp grass at the pond's rim. It stared back the toad in the sincerest of croaks. And then,
hideous dwarf on the one road into thevalley ?t her for some moments, breathing heavily. asshestill hesitated: 'You could alwaysshut
of Altrund. Only the most morally sound prin- Stamping on toads,' it complained at la,st, 'is your eyes.'
cess would have a kind word forthis creature, nqt in accordance with Royal protocol. Looking the toad severely in the eye, the
and thus virtue would be revealed. It failed, Afig for Royal protocol,'said Fiona airily, princess knelt, bent forward and bestowed an
however, to be revealed in the dwarf, who though uncertain of precisely what a fig exceedingly chaste kiss somewhere in the
tookto supplementing his weekly pittance by might be. general region of its head. For an instant a
severely beating and robbing passers by - 'Well, get on with it,' said the toad. cloud seemed to pass overthe Sun, and there
including, the King was sure, at least one 'Pardon?' was that unmistakable tingle which comes
incognito prince.Thedwarf had had to be dis- 'Oh dear me, I can see your education has with enchantment or champagne.
charged, just as Fiona came to marriageable been neglected. Did they never tell you about She leant back,stiII kneeling. Sureenough,
agewith enough princess-like beautyto make certain, erk, traditions of enchantment?' where an ugly, warty toad had squatted, there
the King study his plump Queen with wonder Something was indeed beginning to dawn was now a sleek and handsome frog.
and suspicion. After considering and reject- ?n the princess, who drew still further away. 'I see,'the princess said after a long moment.
Ing aversion of theancient shell gamewhich Ah,'she said. 'The Acting Royal Governess is 'Ahh, it's good to be back to normal,'said
involved caskets of gold, of silver and of lead, a dear old fellow called Grommet, but I don't thefrog. 'Thankyou, your majesty. Ifeel asfit
King Fardel sighed and arranged for the con- think he knows very much except about vi?- as a .. . prince.' At this point it appeared to
struction of a traditional golden road. tages. Suppose I go and ask him, though.. . notice something. 'Oh. Conseryation law.
Fiona was walking along it now, brooding Sbe took another cautious step backwards. -Well, I must, be going. Awwk.
as usual on her horrid obligation to marry a Stop!'said the toad. 'And let me tell you a The last agonized croakwas because Fiona
prince of peculiar virtue. The theory of the tale.' Alarmingly, the princess found herself had notic,edthe same something, and had
golden road was that crasser and more rooted to the ground. seized the frog in a firm grip. Her previously
wordly princes would give too much thought The toad said, complacently, 'I have paleand lily-white handswere nowcovered in
to the road's market value, and would dis- strange power of speech; eve? though I can w?rts that crowded together like cobblestones.
creetely ride along the grassy verge tothe left onjy usually stop one of three. You knew this was going to happen!'she
or right; only a prince preoccupied with I rather think this is lese-majesty,'said shrieked.

'Well, it was a possibility,' said the frog. lenders and even the stones above their hal- in moral worth, and secondly, that the King
Fiona squeezed it vengefully, and with dis- lowed graves have fallen all to dust, my name would not countenance her betrothal to a
taste repeated the kiss. Nothing happened. shall linger on. To my Queen I bring no more prince invisible beneath layers of warts.
Now that is interesting,' said the frog. 'I than unquenchable love and immort'ality in After heartening himself with sev~rallong
suppose we are no longer equal in moral verse and song. I am a poet,' he explained. looks at the princess' unspoilt reflection, the
worthiness, as is necessaryfor such cursesto Outside, Fiona made a hideous face and first suitor stepped forward. He hesitated,
be transferred.' was sobered by the thought of how more though, on the very brink. 'You could always
Distracted, the princess dropped the slimy than hideous it must be. Inside, there was an shut your eyes,' she said. He snorted, and
creature. 'Equal? You're nottelling mea prin- ervbarrassed little pause. Fiona bent down to recieve a kiss of military
ceSs is morally the same as a toad?' Morewine, perhaps?'said the King at last. efficiency. Nothing happened. The prince
Ah. You are very virtuous, for a princess; 'Thanks,' said the three princes together: 'I made a strategicwithdrawal to the previously
and I was very virtuous, for a toad. As a frog don't mind if I do.' prepared position of his chair.
I'm far more despicable, since I'm gloating After a tentative query about the suitors' When the second prince had screwed his
terribly over having shifted m y curse to a ages (which shed a sad light on the tendency determination to the sticking-place, Fiona
poor innocent creature like yourself. Excuse of palace records to become lost, burnt or found that she had to lean forward over his
me,' it added, dodging the princess'foot as it consumed by rats), the King suggested that firkin of a stomach beforetheir Iipswere close
camedown.'l must go and seea man abouta some simple test of worthiness for the Prin- enough for an economical and businesslike
frog.' With a splash, it was gone. ceSs Fiona's hand would be appropriate. ki2s. Again, nothing happened.
Princess Fiona stared into the murky water; None ofthose meaningless, old-fashioned I am, after all, the youngest,'the third
the ripples died and her own reflection took tests,' he said with great fervour. 'No. Weare prince murmured; and Fiona turned up her
shape. It seemed an appropriate time to shut practical men, you and I. Let us straightaway face for a final kiss which was not so much
her eyes, but she forced them to stay open: agree that he who at the end of three days poetic as chinless. The only result was that
her fingers could feel the swarming warts on returns with the most colossally valuable the poet-prince turned green and lurched
herface,and she might aswell learn just how do,wryshall win the hand ofthe Princess Fiona.' backwards, gabbling about aesthetic values.
unprincesslike her complexion had become. Colossal?' the merchant prince said in a Fiona found this disheartening.
In the water, though, it looked the same as pained voice. With a resigned expression, the King rose
ever.Apparently magical warts had no reflec- Feeling it was nearly time to put a stop to ?nd clapped his hands to draw attention.
tions; possibly they did not even cast this, Fiona peered around the half-open door. Whosoever shall in three days return with a
shadows, though thiswould beslightly more Without showing herself, she could see all healing spell, charm, cantrip, physic, unguent,
difficult to test. four men reflected in the magic mirror on the balm, lotion, philtre, talisman, relic, totem,
Thesun was lower in the sky. The princess' far wall - a tall slab of pure, enchanted silver fetish, icon, periapt, incantation, rune,
vague thoughts of throwing herself with a which magically attracted dust and smears. amulet, panacea -' At this point his breath
despairing cry into the pool,or of becoming a The King sat on a portable throne with his failed him and he collapsed into uncontrolla-
hermit never again to beseen by mortal man, backto the mirror: facing him across the table ble coughing. But the suitors had gathered
were dispelled by the more practical consid- were the three princes,and Fiona squinted to the general drift; they bowed to the King and
erations of duckweed and dinner. study them. The first was short and looked (with averted gaze) to Fiona, and departed as
* bad-tempered; for some reason he kept one one prince.
She walked more and more slowly, though, hand tucked into his tunic. The second was .
'Oh . . rats,' said Princess Fiona.
as the palace came intoview-a quarter-mile sufficiently stout that he had to sit some way '. . .theurgy,thaumaturgy, sorcery, wizardry,
frontage of crumbling marble and alabaster. back from the table. The third, the poet, was necromancy, invocation, conjuration. . . '
It seemed uncountable ages old, though in tall and might have been almost handsome; continued the afflicted King, rallying slightly.
fact the former King of Altrund had caused it but at the time of his christening, someone His voice died away as he noticed an absence
to be erected in a single night by means of a had neglected to invite whichever fairy is of princes. There followed a stern lecture on
substandard wishing ring. Alas, the accumu- responsible for bestowing chins. the perfidy of faithless daughters who aban-
lated cost of servants and repairs was some- Happiness,'the King was sayiqg, 'is all doned themselvesto theembraces of strange
what further beyond the dreams of avarice very well, but it can't buy money. frogs on the very day when three superla-
than the wealth King Siwens had requested The merchant prince glanced at his com- tively eligible suitors presented themselves,
with his second wish; while the wasted third panions, asthough estimating the strength of or at anyrate two, or perhaps just one, but all
wish,said to have involved the former Queen the bidding. 'A moderate amount,' he began thesame.. . Still muttering, he lefttoconsult
and a sausage, was among the family's best -and his moist eyes met Fiona's in the mirror. the Court Physician, yet another post ineptly
kept secrets. 'Oh. Perhaps even a reasonably substantial filled by the man Grommet.
Taking a shortcutthrough thedisused por- amount,' he went on, and licked his lips. Fiona pulled up a footstool and sat staring
tions of the palace, Fiona passed in succes- Before Fiona could move, the wary gaze of into the magic mirror. 'Mirror, mirror,' she
sion through the Great Hall, the Great Ballroom the soldier also found her. He, too, licked his said briskly. There was a soft chime, and the
with its litter of shrivelled pumpkins, the lips. He, too, studied his rivals; absent- silyer clouded over.
Great Dungeon and the cobwebbed Great mindedly he dropped a hand to his sword. Good afternoon,' said the mirror. 'What
Cupboard before nearing the inhabited Meanwhile the poet also had seen Fiona's seems to be the trouble?' Fiona regarded the
rooms. There she paused, hearing voices reflected glory, and was mumbling what mirror suspiciously. 'You may have noticed
beyond the half-open door of the Great appeared to be an impromptu villanelle. this wart,' she said, touching one chosen at
SiFing-Room. With a certain inner glee, Princess Fiona raydom.
.. .exceedingly sorry aboutthis wine,' her strode into the room and let her suitors see That is not a problem. That is a solution.'
fatherthe King was saying. 'We have far finer her, warts and all. Bethrothal to any of these 'That's not exactly an answer,' said Fiona.
vintages, butthe Steward of the Royal Cellars three, sheconsidered, would undoubtedly be 'You did not exactly ask a question,'the
keeps,ah, misplacing them. But, to business! a f,ate worse than.. .well, warts. mirror said smugly. 'But consider. You have
Naturally you come seeking the hand of my Father,' she said sweetly, 'I seem to have always wished to be a witch. Now you look
daughter, the beauteous flower of a most this curse.' the part, if not more so. You have always
wealthy and kingly line. I must apologisethat King Fardel turned, gaped, closed his eyes wished half-heartedly to run away and enrol
so much of the palace is being redecorated an,d moaned softly. at the College of Sorcery. Now, with one of
just now,' he added inventively. Only making a preliminary tactical survey, three eminently unlovable princes likely to
There was an uneasy triple murmur. of,course -'said the first prince. cure your complexion and claim your hand in
Well, my good princes, what dowrywould Cannot be expected to enter into a bind,ing two days, twenty-three hours and thirty-
you bring to be worthy of such a bride?' commitment at this stage of negotiation, seven minutes, you have an excellent reason
The first prince's voice was loud: 'I am a sajd the second. for running away. What more could you ask?'
crafty conqueror whose blood-dripping Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures I was thinking more in terms of being a
sword will hack a ruinous path of carnage new,' muttered the poet. beautiful sorceress full of sinister glamour!
through battlefields steeped in gore. And my * Notawarty crone. Now isthere a way I can lift
consort will be no mere Queen but the The princess helped herself to a glass of the thft curse myself in the next day or two?'
Empress of an all-destroying Emperor!' wine-which was indeed only a locally pro- Indeed.. .there.. . is,'said the mirrorwith
Creditable,' said the King. duced Falernian-type - and told a discreetly what sounded like reluctance.
The voice of the second prince inclined edited version of her adventure. 'And so,'she 'What is it?'
towards oiliness.' Emperors may hold the concluded, 'only the kiss of a man of proper 'Unfortunately. . . I cannot tell you, for
world by the throat, but a merchant prince can moral worth ca: lift this dreadful enchant- reasons you would find absolutely inargu-
put a noose of purse-strings aboutthethroats ment from me! able if only I could tell you them.' The fog in
of Emperors. Already I possess an immense 'Meaningless, old-fashioned tests,'said the the mirror began to clear again. 'Your three
fortune, and ultimately my Queen will share King through his teeth. 'Very well. Whosoever minutes are nearly up.'
wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.' shall with a kiss lift the curse from my fair If you can't tell me that cure, suggest
'Very creditable,'said the K~ng.On the tip daughter, him shall shewed,and we'll havea anpther,' Fiona said furiously.
of his tongue, Fiona thought, was the urgent quiet chat about marriage settlements You might try throwing a party for all the
question: 'How far beyond the dreams of afterwards.' peasantry,' said the silvery voice,
avarice?' Inwardly Fiona was praying a twofold diminuendo. 'There is this party game called
The third voice was thin and reedy and set prayer: firstly, that one of these unlikely Postman's Knock.. .
her teeth on edge. 'When tyrants, money- princes would somehow prove equal to her Then the voice and the fog were gone, and

the omniscient magic mirror (which, as it hap- said t o the princess, leaping and capering The stench of brimstone was alarmingly
pened, could be consulted only once in any with repulsive agility. 'I'll riddle your warts strong. But the princess had discovered that
three days) was again no more than a mirror. away with riddling words, that I will, and ye when one is about to be forcibly cured of
Resisting her urgetogivethesilveravicious must riddle m y name. If ye riddle it not aright, warts i n mere minutes, it concentrates the
kick, Princess Fiona leftthe room forthe Great then ye must be mine forever. Will ye riddle mind wonderfully. She reached the end of her
Boudoir. There she found Queen Kate placidly me this riddle, fair princess?' train of thought, nodded, murmured
sewing hair shirts forthe peasantry, whogen- At this difficult juncture the King came into 'Narcissus,' under her breath -and leant for-
erally used these royal gifts t o repairthe roof the Great Reception Room to inspect th: vis- ward totouch lips with her own morally iden-
ofJheir hovel. Itqr. 'Why,Rumpelstiltskin, old chap . . . tical image i n the mirror.
Oh dear,' said the Queen when Fiona had Bah,'sa~dthe dwarf, and left i n considera- For an instant shadowsflitted i n the room,
told hertale. 'You'resuch a trial t o me, some- ble dudgeon. and Fionafelt an unmistakabletingle. Rapidly
times I think you must have been changed for Theafternoon woreon; thesun sankin the the mirror filled with fog; she had never
a goblin when you werea baby,that'sall I can sky; and the Court Mathematician, stationed be!ore seen warty fog.
say, well you brought it on you,rself, going out In the topmost tower of the palace, presently Oh fie,' said a silvery but exasperated
without your warm shawl . . . came running down t o announce the sighting voice. 'You guessed.'
Fiona was used to being called a changeling of four princes i n the distance. When sent When the fog cleared Fiona saw that her
i n the course of any and every scolding, aloft to count again, he corrected this estimate image was thoroughly encrusted with warts;
though in fact the local goblins were notori- to two. Sure enough,three princescame riding so, interestingly, werethe images of the King,
ously choosy. Several times, and with good up t o the Great Door and took their turns t o the princes, the walls and thefurniture. Rub-
reason, the peasantry had abandoned their blowthe Great Horn which had hung there bing her once again lily-white hands with
ill-favoured son Dribble (Court Mathemati- since the rusting of the Great Knocker. sa!isfaction, she moved towards the table.
cian) outside known goblin caves, and each Fiona's spirits sank lower as once again the Father,' she said ,sweetly, 'I have some
time he had been politely returned. King and princessat aboutthetable. Would it good news for you.
Well,'said her mother,coming t o the point be worse t o endure a husband steeped i n King Fardel turned, gawped, closed his
as she occasionally did: 'I can see I still have gore, like the first prince; or one glistening eyes and moaned faintly. The princes
t o clear u p your messes after you, just like with greasiness, like the second; or one w h o appeared momentarily speechless.
when you were a baby, let me sey, Iknow I put like the third was simply wet? Alackaday,' she cried, 'the royal word of
it somewhere, yes, here it is. . . She pulled Unwrapping his burden, the soldier prince m y fatherthe king must prevent m y marrying
an unsavoury-looking object from a cluttered slammed an iron bowl down on the table. any of you good and noble princes. Only the
drawer. 'There you are, you just put this i n Something slimy and dark-red bubbled curer of m y affliction may seek m y hand. Oh
your hair like agood girl,something m y step- within, and a fearful, mephitic stench woe!' Fiona was beginning to enjoy herself.
mother gave me, a poisoned c o m b . . .' expanded t o fill the room. 'I bring as m y gift 'Ido not rememberthose particular words,'
Fiona hastily retreated a pace or two. the hot blood from a dragon's heart, slain by\- A d the merchant.
' . . . Just you put it i n your hair and there m y own staunch sword thisvery morn! Let 'You left before he'd finished ,'she
you are, you stay asleep like the dead and for the princess sup deep ere it cools, and all her reminded him.
ten years or a hundred or whatever, until ill: shall be healed.' All's well that ends welI,'said the King tedi-
Prince Right comes along and takesthe comb Let the bowl be covered lest it cool too ously, 'andno doubt some simple quest on
out of your hair and kisses you and all the rest soon,'the King suggested, with all the dignity thpsound cash basis I originally suggested-'
of it, nothing like outliving your troubles, possible to a man firmly clutching his nose. Oh woe!'said Fiona, injecting as much
that'swhat m y mother always used to say.. . ' The second prince unveiled an exquisite agony into her tones as she could. 'The royal
But Fiona wasalready on herwayto askthe golden chalice studded with costly gems. wordof m y fatherthe king may not belightly
advice of Grommet. She found h i m in the Little blue flames flickered over it; there was set aside. It is m y doom t o travel n o w t o the
Great Pantry conscientiously testing the qual- a yet more choking and paralysing reek. 'Let College of Sorcery, there t o learn which
ity of the King's best wine. When he had notthefair princess's lips besullied with hor- mighty enchanter has lifted m y curse from
recorled from her appearance and llstened t o rid gore,' said this prince. 'Here is fiery a f f r - and thus earnt m y hand in marriage.'
her story, he recalled his position as Chief brimstone and quicksilver torn at colossal Now wait a minute,' the first prince said.
Palace Torturer and made a slurred sugges- expense from the heart of the Smoking 'But perhaps wiser counsels may be found
tion. 'Down in, urn, down i n one of the Great Mountain! Let itscleansing fire nqw burn this over good food and good wine,'said the prin-
Torture Chambers, urn, can't remember affliction from the maiden's skin. cessin softertones. 'I shall summon the Mas-
exactlywhich one, there'sa, mmm,very nice Excellent,'the King said manfully through ter of the Revels, the Palace Butler, the Ste-
Iron mask. Very nice indeed. Good, um, work- paroxysms of coughing. 'Now it merely ward of the Royal Cellars, the Court Jester,
menship. You might like t o wear i t . . . ?' remains -' the Chef t o the King's Court, the Royal -'
Thank you,' said Fiona coldly. 'Excuse me,' said the third prince, produc- 'All right,'said the King, brightening some-
* ing a thick roll of parchment. what. 'He's in the Great Pantry, I believe.
The next day, heart hardened by the bedtime Oh yes,' said the King. 'Sorry.' Wiser counsels, yes, over food and drink and
discovery that her affliction was by no means 'Let not these crude and crass remedies merriment. . . 'Again he studied the second
confined to hands and face, she set about a defile the sweet princess either within or prjnce and seemed to be inwardly calculating.
systematic programme of being kissed by the without. I bring the Master Cantrip of Purifica- And I could still read you m y lovely can-
entire reluctant population of Altrund - even tion, prepared by myself from the most trip,'the third prince was saying wistfully as
theall tooaptly named lad Dribble. Every one authentic sources. Let the princess but listen Fiona slipped out of the room.
of them, it seemed, was either despicably to its nineteen thousand stanzas - o f a Shesent Grommet to the men with quan-
lacking i n moral worth or unfairly endowed wondrous poetry withaI,fit to charm thevery tities of wine; she retreated to her room,
with it. In the afternoon, after a lack of success soul from the body - and doubtless the bane changed clothes and picked up a bundle of
with several sheep, she waylaid a wandering which lies upon her shall melt away a,nd be necessities she had had packed for some little
friar. The friar denounced her both before and gone like the snow of, ah, last winter. while; she made her stealthy way to the nor-
afterwards as a sinful temptation sent by the For some reason Fiona found this project mally disused Great Stables. There was no
devil; Fiona considered this to be undue the most depressing of the three. difficulty at all in choosing between the three
flattery. Atthetable therewas a hot altercation as t o steeds there. The huge fiery stallion which
On the second day she gathered, com- whether the dragon-blood or brimstone constantly rolled its eyes and foamed at the
pounded, infused and drank no less than sixty- should be tested first; even the poet agreed mouth looked more inclined to devour prin-
fourtraditional herbal remedies,whose taste half-heartedly that his nineteen thousand cesses than carry them; the asthmatic and
varied across a wide spectrum from unpleas- stanzas should be allowed to come as a broken-baced donkey reminded her too
ant t o unheard-of. An omen presented itself climax ratherthan besquandered too early i n much of its owner. She saddled the stout
when the word NARCISSUS was found writ- the proceedings. Fiona herself was stationed gelding with the richly bejewelled harness,
ten in frogspawn acrossthe palace forecourt, bythe mirror so that herwartlessand undeni- and set off. There was an inn not far outside
but no decoction of this plant had the slightest ably attractive reflection could maintain the thevalley,the Prancing Prince; Fiona thought
visible effect. The day's only success was princes'enthusiasm at a decent level.Admir- she could reach it before dark.
scored by a mysterious and forgotten elixir ing her profile out of the corner of one eye, Nyar the pond she reined in and dismounted.
found in the palace medicine cabinet: the she was struck by a sudden thought. Thanks for the hint,' she called. 'About
dose remaining i n the phial sufficed to Thanks more t o the resources of the Great Narcissus.'
remove one medium-sized wart from the Library than those ofthe Acting Royal Gover- A croak answered her. 'Don't menfion it; a
back of the princess' left hand. This was ness, the Princess Fiona had had an excellent mere afterthought. Noblesse oblige.
hailed as a great stride forward by almost cl?ssical education. 'I have a proposition for you,' said Fiona.
everyone, except Fiona. Very well,'the King was saying. 'Let blind 'I'm off to the College of Sorcery t o enrol as a
On the morning of the third day, a more Chance makethechoice between you; letthe student witch, and I'II be needing a familiar.
than usually appalling dwarf arrived atthe Fates guide m y unseeing finger.' He stood, Talking cats are ten a penny, but a talking
palace. He boasted a squint, a bulbous nose, clapped the fingers of his left hand over both frog, n o w . . .
a club foot, a humped back, a cauliflower ear eyes, and waved the other hand in mystic 'Pint of fresh milk every day and it's a
and all the other impedimentia so fashiona- arabesques. It came t o rest pointing uner- bargain.
ble among dwarves. Moreover, his complex- ringly and confidently at the second, or mer- And so the Princess and the frog rode out
ion bore a startling resemblance to Fiona's. chant, prince. 'So be it!' said the King. 'Now, of the tale together, and lived happily ever
'I'II riddle ye a riddle, m y maiden fair,' he as t o the method of application -' after.
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Den~alof Destrny £6.95 ea.

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Monster Flle No 1 (DT) E4.95
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Gr~mtooth'sTraps 1.2 E3.75 Prlvateers8 Gentlemen (FGU) E14.25
StarTrek Mlnl-GamesP6.95
In Search of Spock. Struggle forthe Throne. StarTrek
:~ & ~ ~ ~ j ~ e ~ ; ~ ~ b o o k*
(DT) E5,95
Book of Antfacts (Dl) £5.95
Heart of Oak £5.75
Decisionat Djerba 24.20
Psi-World (FGU) E9.95
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t (TriTac)£12.95
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Outworlds. Star Sector ~tlases,1,2.11,12 £5.45 ea. World of Greyhawk (TSR) E9.95 Superworld (ch) ~24.95.Module E5.95, Havoc Magazines
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Seldon'sStarcraff~ompendlumI 8 11 £4.95 ea.
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Fasolt ~nPerrl £3.35 Alcoves. Sylvan Setflngs. Fantastic ~ u r n l s h l n E4.95ea.
~s White DwarfEl.00
Flealles Sets 1-5 £1.95 ea. To Challenge Tomorrow (RagN) £6.95 Traveller'sJournal £2.95
Necrom~can £4.95 Trlad £3.95, London By Nlght £5.95 0 Heroes (AH), General (AW) £3.05 ea.
* Booty 8 the Beasts £6.95 Top Secret (TSR) £9.50
Revs Screen. Modules 2-6, Agents Dosslers
Mlntature Wargamung £1.05
Book of Swords £4.95 ~ d ~club ( ~H ~£2.50
~~ ~ t) ~ ~ ~ ~
* Palladium Books of Weapons 8 Armor, Weapons
Tunnels 8 Trolls (FBI) £8.95
The Beholder 60p
8 Castles, Weapons 8 Assasstns, weapons ofthe Torturer'sApprentice 75p
Orient. Contemporary Weapons E4.95 ea. Group Dgns. Solo Dgns £2.95ea. J Senseless Carn Soc55p
Spellcasten' Bible (TnTac) £5.95 Naked Doom. Deathtrap Equalizer, Sea of S.E W.A R.S 65p
Monster Squash £1.75 Mystery. Sllvered Pane, Gamesmenof Kasar. uedfox, palantlr mpea.
The Armoury 53.95 Captif d'Yvo~re£1.95 ea. Tempestuous Onface 60p
DeathmazeE3.95 V!clorian Adventure (SKS) £3.50 Shadowflre 6Op
* Mylhology £10.95
Role Playing Scenarios V~llams8 V~g~lantes (FGU) £9.95
Barbartan Kmgs (SPI) C5.95
Dragon Rlders of Pem £17.95
* Curse on Hareth (Comp) £9.95
Pb3ue Of Terror, Streets of Gems. Brotherhoodof
Tallsman £8.95
the Bolt C6.95 ea.
Elrtc (AH) £16.95
Harn C15.95. C~tyof Harn £9.95
Illad. Odyssey (IT) 53.95ea.
Encyclopaed~a Harnica 1-9 £5.50 ea.
Zargo's Lords (T) £13.95
Black Tower. Tulan of the Isles (MK) E4.25
Cltyof Sorcerers (SGP) £9.95
lllumtnati(SJG) £8.50 Exp Klts 1.2C7.50
Coty Of Carse, Jonnl (MK) £4.75 ea.
Arkham Evil. Death ~n'Ounwlch£7.95 ea.
' * Autoduel Quart
Towns Of the Outlands (MK) £5.25
Dragon Pass (AH) £16.95
Heart ofthe Sunken Lands (MK) E7.95
Magtc Realm, Dragon Hunt (AH) £16.95
Tttan £16.95 Wizards (AH) £20.95
* Starstone (NS) £3.50
Amazon MutualWants You (DT) E5.95
Fellowsh~p of the Rlng (ICE) £24.95
* Lonely Mountaln (ICE) £16.95
Tortured Souls £ 1.95
* Battle of the Flve Armies E16.95
NO Honour In Sathpone(CIP) E3.95
Glozel est Authentlque £7.95

19 Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements.


Dear WD, experience needs to be gained, so there- some extent with Michael Watkinson,
Not being sure as to how Eye o f Newt fore it will easierforthe 9th level charac- but at least it is now possible to send
would be received, I was interested to ter to build a keep, tower or whatever. adventurers out on errands to obtain
read Michael Watkinson's comments It's like having a master carpenter and an such tricky items as 1 pint of criosphinx
(WD63) and would like to take to take apprentice; the apprentice will eventu- urine! There is, of course, the added
this opportunity to reply to them. ally make a table to the same standard as delight of puzzling a party by item
One thing I've noticed about many of the master but in twice the time that the descriptions. As for the assorted curses
the AD&Dcampaigns I've been involved master would. bestowed upon Fiend Factory and
with is their tendency to turn into an Your faithfully, Treasure Chest, such articles are very
'arms race'. There is an inbuilt tendency Chris Maltman, Louth, Lincolnshire. useful as a basis for thwarting individu-
towards Monty Haulism unless the DM als who know official monsters and
isvery careful about magic items-even Dear WD, magic items inside out. Anyway, I enjoy
when the supply is limited to those As an inland waterways enthusiast I reading them!
found whilst adventuring. Allowing was pleased to see A Place ofDarnp and Yours,
characters to churn out Potion of Invul- Darkness by Garth Nix. However, Mr Nix Nigel Espley, Kingswinford.
nerability like homebrew can hardly is in error on a number of points.
improve matters and in Eye o f Newt I In the first place Garth seemsto believe Dear WD,
wanted to show how much time and that the difference between a barge and Having seen the vast improvement in
trouble can be involved. From the basic a narrow boat is that that latter has has the Fiend Factory of late (eg the marvel-
system in WD59, anyone can attempt to an engine while the former does not. lously detailed shapelings and 0 Caber)
make an item if they can marshal the The actual difference is clearly implied in why change it to minority games? New
necessary spells and ingredients. I've the term 'narrow boat': a barge is, by monsters are always of great interest to
nothing against MUs co-operating to definition at least eleven feet wide, usu- young D&D players wishing to include
make an item -perhaps I didn't make ally around fourteen feet and sometimes new monsters in their emerging worlds.
this clear enough - but the lower the even wider. A narrow boat on the other The appeal fades after a while, espe-
level, the greater the chance of failure. hand is no more than seven feet wide. cially now there are three hardbacked
Magic items have become devalued in The usual criterion for which were used books full of the things, but so long as
AD&D due to their availability and the by canal carriers was the minimum people are starting playing D&Dthere
will be a demand for well thought-out
creatures. Creatures for RQ, Cthulhu,
Travelleret a1 are not in anything like the
same demand. If the flow of good mate-
rial for the Factory is lessening, perhaps
it should be made bi-monthly rather
than opening its doors to creatures
which only a handful of people will
John Grandidge, Oxford.
Dear WD,
Although not wishing this letter to be
a cliched 'D&Dis best so don't print any-
thing else', I would like to point out that
a magazine featuring several gamessys-
tems has little chance of representing
any in a sufficiently useful format for the
committed gamer. Since the introduc-
tion of even the RuneQuest articles, the
standard of the D&D material has drop-
ped to being what seems a reluctant
Even though the RuneQuest articles
have proved useful I believe the intro-
object of Eye o f Newtwas to make dimensions of the locks through which duction of two new systems is merely a
people think about how rare and valu- the boat would have to pass. misguided attempt to attract new read-
able these items really are. Locks are not as simple as indicated erswhich will inevitably result in the loss
So what's the point of this vast and either. Unless the water levels on both of disillusioned, established readers. If
rambling series if no-one has powerful sides of the gate are equal the water the new systems must be included,then
enough characters to use it? Well, some pressure holds the gate firmly shut. It is there must be a serious attempt to
characters (although rarely) do achieve therefore necessary to let water in or out improve the existing articles by the
1 high levelsand if, as Michael says'by the (sometimes both!) through shutters editors or an increased contribution by
time anyone gets to about 14th level knows as paddles, which are generally the magazine's readers.
they should think about retiring', raised and lowered with a windlass. For Yours optimistically,
advanced magical researchwith thecre- this reason it usually takesaboutquarter David Eagles, Worthing.
ation of spells and items is the sort of of an hourto pass through a lock,some-
thing with which they might fill their thing characters pursued by aquatic Dear WD,
new-found leisure. ghouls should bear in mind. I'm sorry that my comments on
All the best, Actually, sewer locks would have to be Ringworld irritated Mark Walton
Graeme Davis, Durham. more complex still, more like river locks (WD62), but I don't apologise for the
than those of canals. There would have review. For the price asked, that game
Dear WD, to be a weir (which can be a dangerous would have to be far better thought
The point brought up by Michael hazard to navigate) at each lock. Other- through to earn my recommendation.
Watkinson (WD63) aboutthe building of wise flash floodswould sweep away the The low mark for presentation reflected
bases by characters quite annoyed me. gates and paddle gear leaving waterfalls the difficulty of pursuing facts through
If he had afuII understanding of the level in their place until the lockswere rebuilt. several po6rly-organise-d chapters of
system he would realise that the differ- Youl.s, several books. aood art notwithstandin~.-
I ence between an 8th and 9th level
character is not in equipment orfighting
~roficiencv but in the ex~erience aained
Peter Jefferv.
Dear WD.
- -
,, Leicester. lncidentally,T don't see why Peter
Murawski thought the Demonist to be
solitary by nature, I didn't say so!
by the chaiacter. or a fighter to gGfrom I was ihpressed by the Eye o f Newt you;s, .
8th to 9th level an immense amount of series - most informative. I agree to Phil Masters, Stevenage.
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Currently serving in the Merchant
service, Anderson is i n the pro-
cess of clinching a deal with a
planettwo jumps away. Ashrewd
businessman and quite unscru-
pulous i n his methods, he will try
to Dresent the imaae of an honest
1 , 1 bus~nessman.althzuah his
weasly appeaiance d2racts a little
from this deception. He'll deal
with any apparently sane person,
d"",. ."
are typical sights
tending to shun anyone making
accusations, creating a distur-
bance, etc. Anderson is formallv
. " ' - Idressed, although his suit looks'a
few years out of date.

the 60xsneaks
- ~ , - - itwill bevervcondescend~nga
untraceable. the entire human race, apart from one man whom it calls the creator.

Dav 2. This day will pass without any strange occurrences, giving the DieRoll 1-2 3 4 5 6
characters a chance to interview everyone about yesterday's events. Effect Smoke Noise Nothing Float Speak


Starbase is an alternate monthly Michael's 'lntercredit' would be found expense of establishing and maintain-
column for Traveller enthusiasts, on a world practising extreme com- ing them.
edited by Bob Mc Williams. munism or a barter system (other than Should the card be lost or stolen, a
at the starport). The Police Confedera- replacement can be obtained from any
tion would not be represented on worlds lntercredit facility within four weeks. In
with low population and low law level the interim, the facility will advance liv-
(since there would be no police force in ing expenses to the subscriber.

THE allprobability). Conversely a few worlds

may choose not to belong to an organi-
sation. Worlds controlled by a mega cor-
poration might be such a case, where
cor~orationstaff ~ o l i c e
look after their
(Refereesmay feel the Cr200 per annum
to be too small a charge for such a
deluxe service! They may wish to give
some thought to some othet reasonably
simple fee system, such as CrlO per
own affairs and ignore off-world records. transaction, that reflects the cost more
And so to Michael's selection. If in the realistically -Ed. )
next month or so any reader cares to
submit further organisations to Starbase, The lmperial Police Confederation
I will consider them along with mine for Most planets in the lmperium are sig-
the future issue on the subject. -BMcW. natories to the Treaty of Deneb, under
which the police of one planet will
In addition t o such well documented apprehend and extradite suspects
organisations as the Traveller's Aid wanted for major crimes on another
Society and the lmperial Megacorpora- planet. Given thevast number of planets
Civilian Organisations in tions, there are many other organisa- in the Imperium, only the most major
tions which are large enough to span criminals, wanted for such crimes as
Traveller interstellar space and operate through- mass mu'rder are hunted beyond nearby
out the Imperium. Some of the more planets. In game terms, for most major
interesting of these are described below. crimes roll 3+ (perhaps more in some
While the examples given are all cases) for the character who committed
restricted to the Imperium, most of them the crime to be wanted on nearby
have analoaues in other ~ o l i t i c aunits.
l planets, DM-1 per parsec from the
planet where the crime was committed.
If caught, the characterwill be extradited
The Starbase item in this issue reminded by the first available transport, escorted
me of thoughts 1 had some years ago, by two police officers. (The key point
early in the life of Starbase. On reflection here is 'major crimes'. Bear in mind the
things haven't changed that much. New cost of three starship passages out, and
organisations are a popular submission two back, to the extraditing planetary
to the Starbase desk, but with fewexcep- government -Ed).
tions they tend to be of a military nature
- 'special forces', divisions and depart- The Mercenary Monitoring Corps
ments (often secret) of the Army, Navy This is an lmperial organisation which is
or Scouts. Such organisations are useful responsible for ensuring that mercenary
in Traveller adventures, but what about units obey the lmperial rules of war and
the 'other', civilian Imperium? the conditions of their tickets, and also
All published adventures and magazine for administering repatriation bonds.
articles barely scratch the surface of The MMC is administered by the Sector
such a large polity as the Imperium. or Subsector Governor's office (iea Civil
There is enormous scope for every con- Service duty). Normally an MMC detach-
I ceivable human (not to mention alien)
institution, society and endeavour. The
imaainative Traveller enthusiast should
ment is assigned to both sides in a
mercenary conflict. In extreme cases
where the MMC is opposed by force,
try not to be channelled into the same they can call in major lmperial military
oldgrooves such as saving the universe units to back them up.
from Zhodani domination. Adventure
plots do not have to be of galacticsignifi- High Passage
cance in order to work. High Passage is an lmperial funded non-
In a future issue I will be returning to lntercredit profit making corporation which issues
the subject of civilian organisations, Due to the time taken to transmit infor- the universally recognised starship tickets
with a set of examples and their use in mation between stars, most of the described in the basic Traveller rules
adventures. As I see it there are two money carried between stars by indi- (despite the name, it issues high, mid and
large bodies ofpossible source material viduals is in the form of lmperial cur- low passages). While captains often sell
-science fiction literature, which often rency, which is convenient but highly passages on their own ships without the
provides ready-made or easily adapta- vulnerable t o theft. lntercredit offers an intercession of High Passage, it issuesthe
ble ideas, and the real world present and alternative. For a subscription of Cr200 only tickets recognised on all starships.
past, which of course suggests numbers per year, any reasonably reputable per- High Passage offices are found on all
of organisationsreauired or at leastpos- son can obtain an lntercredit account worlds with A or B class starports, and
sible in human society which can be and card. The card is the key t o the whole on worlds with a class C on 5+, class D
adapted to the future. Human nature system, as contained on it are all the on 7+ and class E on lo+. At these
may or may not change through the mil- details of the subscriber's account. For offices,starshipticketscan be bought at
lenia, but there is ample scope in the var- security, the information on the card is in the standard price or sold for 90% of
iety of worlds possible in Traveller to a supposedly unbreakablecode, and the standard price. Starship pursers who
incorporate virtually any idea - particu- card is keyed to the owner's genetic pat- can show that the ticket was received in
larly in such a campaign setting such as tern and cannot be used by anyone else. exchange for a passage can obtain the
GDW's lmperium with its 'loose'style of Using the card, the subscriber can full value of the ticket. Cut-price ticket
lmperial government (each world is left deposit or withdraw money at any Inter- shopscan often befound near High Pas-
to get on with its own affairs within cer- credit facility. These are found at all sage offices on populous worlds, typi-
tain restrictions). It is important to match A class starports, B class starports on cally buying tickets for 92% and selling
the type of organisation with the type of worlds with population 5+ or tech level for 98%. (But watch out for forgeries!
society, of course. There may be trading 12+ and C class starports on worlds with Also note that some worlds even with A
or government restrictions; ethical, population 8+ or tech level 15+. They or B class starports may not encourage
moral or doctrinal taboos may be in are not as widely available as most off-world travel, and offices would not
force. It is unlikely, for example, that customers might wish due t o the be found there -Ed. )
M e says:

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RuneRites is a bi-monthly column play a part in things to come. . The four parts of the soul are:
for RuneQuest enthusiasts, Plant: The future is tied u p with the The Crystal Knife, which is that aspect
edited by Dave Morris. character's profession or finances. of the self which deals with positive,
Investments may grow or wither. aggressive action and the outward chan-
Beast: Not just animals, but also nelling of energy.
natural forces in general, may play a part. The Morning Mist, which is the pas-
FORECAST (Combined with the Water rune, for
instance, it might suggest t o a general
that storms will hinder his troops- par-
sive, yielding principle-the individual's
ability to be acted upon or moved by
externals, to take what he experiences

THE ticularly if Stasis were next t o come up.)

Man : The character'sfellow men will
betheexecutors of hisfate. Will it be for
into himself and to learn.
The Obsidian Rock represents the
individual's capacity to negate actions
weal or woe? Consult the other runes! directed against him, to hold firm and
RUNES Spirit: Ideas and knowledge have a
significant effect on the future. The
character should examine his beliefs.
not to submit or fall in the face of adver-
sity. It is the concentration of 'self', the
boundary separating the individual from
by Dave Morris and More mundanely, there could be spirit
combat in the next few hours!
the world around him.
The Fleeting Shadow recognises the
Oliver Johnson Chaos: The entire casting is ill need to negate.even the Obsidian Rock,
aspected. Unpredictable and sorrowful the self, in some aspects of the indi-
trends are at work. This is not a time to vidual's life. It leads to awareness and
Prediction consider dangerous actions. the willingness to understand and to
Prediction is a su b-category of Perception Harmony: There will be no drastic grow. It represents the transcendent,
skills, open to any characterwith a POW alteration. mystic element in the individual's nature.
of at least 13. Rune Casting is a form of Disorder: Things will change radically These aspects are commonly ordered
Prediction common to all RuneQuest and it will be a long time before those into two sets of complementary charac-
universes; others exist (Pyromancy, affected resume their normal routine. teristics: ActiveIPassive and Outward1
Hieromancy, etc), and the referee can Fertility: There may be a birth, or the Inward:
develop these along similar lines. maturing of a worthwhile investment. At
The Rune Casting skill starts at 0 (plus harvest time, the crop will be good. Outwardly Inwardly
any modifiers due to INT or POW) and Death : Asingle major eventwill cause Directed Directed
can be trained u p to 15% if a teacher can permanent change. Fatality is not the Active Crystal Knife Obsidian Rock
be found. The sort of people who might sole instance of this; there may be a Passive Fleeting Shadow Morning Mist
be able to teach a character Rune Casting promotion.
often travel in minstrel troupes or oper- Stasis: Therewill be a period of inertia. The four parts of the soul are treated as
ate fairground booths. The problem with Movement: There is likely to bea long 'skills' which the character can master
training is not really cost - it takes only journey, or news may arrive from afar. through meditation. At the end of every
an hour or so t o instruct a character up Truth : Many secrets from the past two weeks in which the character'has
to 15% level, and the teacher will proba- will be unravelled. spent at leasttwo hours a day in medita-
bly askonly afewsilversforthis. But it is Illusion : Things are not what they tion, he rolls for each soul-discipline to
not always clear when one has found a seem. Do not take events at face value. see if he can increase it. The initial skill in
real Master (or Mistress) ofthe Runicart. Luck: Matters now under considera- each soul-discipline is derived as below:
When a character wishes to use his tion will come to a head. There will be a Perfecting the soul-disciplines enhances
Rune Casting skill,the appropriate roll is time to gamble. the character's relationsh~p w~th the
made by the referee. If the roll is suc- Fate: The prediction is sealed. What- world. One effect of this is to enable him
cessful, the referee selects the runes so ever is read is a Fate, possibly a Doom. to learn more readily from experience.
as to give an accurate (but always No man can change what is decreed. Any time that a character fails an
vague) prefigurement of game events As a final note, we recommend setting increase roll, he has a chance equal to
that he has planned. If the Rune Casting an upper limit of POWx5% o n Rune his skill in the relevant soul-discipline of
roll fails, the prediction is random. Casting. (Or make it POWx4%, or making a reroll. This only applies if the
Rune Casting takes the form of shak- POWx3OA. There is no reason for the character is at least 25% in the relevant
ing tiny pebbles marked with the runes, players t o know how accurate their pre- soul-discipline, however. Each soul-
then casting one down. This is done dictions can be.) After using the skill discipline thus assists the character in
three times for a full prediction. The first twice in one day, a character drops 10% developing certain skills:
casting is of an Elemental rune, and this in accuracy for each subsequent casting.
indicates the underlying forces which Discipline Associated skills
pertain t o the character's situation. The The Four Parts of the Soul Crvstal Knife Attack,Oratorv, all
second rune cast is of Form, and it indi- Aside-effect of active imperialism, of the Manipulation skills.
cates the principal way in which events sort practiced by the Lunar Empire, isthe Mornina " Mist Defence.all Perce~tion
will influence the character. The Power appearance of bizarre hybrid cults and and ~ n o w l e d skills.
rune, last to be cast, indicates the out- beliefs. These sometimes gain favour Obsidian Rock Parry,all Stealth skills.
come of the prediction. among thosewho have travelled widely Fleeting Shadow POW increase, the soul-
The interpretation of a Rune Casting is and been exposed t o a variety of cul- disciplines themselves.
up to the player. The referee merely tells tures - notably, soldiers, sailors and
him or her which runes come up: adventurers. The soul-disciplines are sometimes
Darkness: Secret or unclear forces The belief that a man's soul has four referred t o as 'the Cornerstones of the
are at work. There is a suggestion of evil parts began t o gain favour i n some dis- Self'. When all four are in balance, the
or hostility. tant Lunar outposts around the year 1617, character may go on to great things.
Water: Events and forces are set in a probably as a result of the unusual Developing one discipline to the
state of flux. teachings of some enslaved shamans. exclusion of the others tends to make for
Earth: A solid and definite change The idea appealed to well-educated an unstable and ill-balanced nature.
will occur. junior officers whose intellectually- When all four disciplines reach 90%, the
Air: Events n o w in the offing will be based faith sought some functional character automatically achieves Illumi-
without lasting significance. alternative t o pure Red Moon doctrine. nation (see Cults o f Terror).
Fire : Forces from above (earthly
superiors or divine agents) may be at Characteristic Characteristic roll
work. Violent emotions have been stirred Discipline 01-04 05- 08 9-12 13-16 17-20 Each +4
up.Achancefor great gain or great loss. All four: INT -10%-05% - +05% +lOOA +05%
Moon : Past deeds continue to oper- Crystal Knife: STR -05% - - - +05% +05%
ate in the character's life. A man who has Morning Mist: DEX -05% - - +05% +05%
committed evil acts may soon have to Obsidian Rock: CON -10% -05% - +05 + l o % +05%
pay. Sorcery and ancient spirits may Fleeting Shadow: POW -10% -05% - +05% +lOOA +05%

Fiend Factory is a regular depart- alignment tongue and the common

' ment featuring readers'monsters. tongue.

by Steven Prizeman
A new creature and an encounter
for the AD&D game from
J R R Tolkien's Silmarillion


No Appearing: 1- 8
Armour Class: 3
Movement: 10"
Hit Dice: 1-1 itself will be a fairlv non-descript corn-
Treasure: Individuals K, M; H,Q, plex of living rooms, store rooms,
R in lair kitchen and a communal room.
Attack: By weapon or 2-7 If the relations between the players
Alignment: Chaotic neutral and the noegyth nibin are cordial, they
Intelligence: Average to very will be quite-receptive to suggestions
such as assisting the players on their
The noegyth nibin, or petty-dwarfs, are quest, provided that sizeable amounts of
a dying race. Originally outcasts from treasure are promised. They will not
dwarfish cities these once normal countenance having to deal with their
dwarfs regressed and changed - both enemies.
physically and culturally. The noegyth nibin will always stick
When the elves first encountered this together; there are few of them left, and
strange new race they hunted and killed most will be related to each other. The
them until they learnt better. The petty- members of this community number
dwarfs care for no one but themselves nine souls.
.and have dealings with no others. They
gain the same attack and defence DRURM : male; age 305; S:17; 1:15;
bonuses as ordinary dwarfs when fight- W:16; D:16; C0N:lO; CH:12(14); CN;
ing orcs, trolls, etc, whom they hate, but Fighternhief; HTK38; ACI; 5thl6th level.
against elves, the race they hate the Personality: Proud, brave, determined.
most, they gain a bonus of +2 to hit. Physical Appearance : Wizened but
Although they will not attack elves on imposing.
sight, it requires only the slightest pro- Carries: Leather armour, shield, hand
vocation to cause conflict. axe, dagger with scabbard, 2 darts,
Petty-dwarfs are more dextrous and thieves' tools, 8gp, l0sp.
stealthy above ground than their under- Notes: +I +
to hit, 1 damage,
ground brethren and surprise enemies +I reactionlattackina adiustment.
one-third of the time. They are usually Drurm led hissmaigrdup offollowers
armed with short bows, axes and here many years ago. They have kept
spears. Having lost their mining skills, themselvesto themselves. and know little
petty-dwarfs cannot detect oldlnew, or nothing concerning the surroundings
dangerouslsafe stonework as true that could help the players. If the players
dwarfs do, but they retain infravision to talk to the noegyth nibin they will only
a distance of 60'. Similarly, their resis- learn of their origins. Drurm has the fol-
tance to magic and poison has decreased lowing thievish abilities:
to the extent that thev save aaainst such PP: 55%; OL: 52%; FIRT: 45%; MS:
attacks at only 2 levels high& than they 47%; HinS: 37%; HN: 20%; CW: 92%;
actually are. RL: 20%.
Noegyth nibin live in small family (Noegyth nibin thieves suffer a 10% pen-
groups or clans. Any given community alty on their ability to read languages.)
will never contain more than two-dozen
members. The leader of any such group RHlM: male,age 192; S:15; 1:13; W:15;
will be a fifth level fighter who will have D:10; CON:13; CH:1 l(13); CN; Fighter;
1-3 bodyguards of third or fourth level. HTK 21; AC2; 3rd level.
Noegyth nibin player characters may Personality: Loyal, arrogant,
become fighters, thieves or multi-classed foolhardy.
fighterlthievesand are unlimited in level Physical Appearance : Ordinary.
progression in any of these. They must, Carries: Studded leather armour,
however, subtract 1from their Constitu- shield, hammer, short bow, quiver of
tion and 2 from their Charisma (with 10 arrows, throwing dagger, 5gp, 9sp.
regard to other races). They may also Notes: Rhim is the eldest son of Drurm
add 1 to their Strength and Dexterity, and is the third in command in this par-
although they have a maximum Strength ticularclan. Hewill bevery suspicious of
of 18/50. Petty-dwarfs speak their own outsiders,fearing thatthey will take over
language, that of other dwarfs, their their territory.

9 arrows, 2 darts, thieves'tools, 4gp, 17sp.

Notes : +2 reactionlattacking adjust-
ment. PP:40%; OL:39%; F/RT:25%;
MS:26%; HinS:20°h; HN:10%; CW:86%;
Fjor is Drurm's second son. He is more

RORVEN : male, age 274; S:13; 1:13;

W:8; D:10; C 0 N : l l ; CH:15(17); LN;
Fighter; HTK36; ACI; 4th level.
Personality : Hasty, brave, honest.
Physical Appearance : Smart.
Carries: Chainmail armour, shield,
hammer, morning star, dagger and
scabbard, 7gp, 9sp.
Notes : Rorven is the brother of Drurm
and is second in command of this clan.
The other noegyth nibin have no spe-
cial skills otherthan those possessed by
all such creatures.
GROTEN : male, age 79; N; HTK3; AC3.
Personality: Introverted, calm, practical.
Physical Appearance : Good looking
(for a dwarf!)
Carries : Leather armour, spear, 5 darts,
hammer, 2gp, 8sp.
Notes: Groten is the son of Rorven. He
will have little t o do with strangers.

Notes : Traun is the brother of Vurn.

VURN : male, age 95; NE; HTK7; AC2.
Personality: Callous, vicious,
Physical Appearance : Ordinary.
Carries : Studded leather armour,
spear, hammer, Igp, 4sp.
Notes: Vurn is the brother of Traun. He
will be most hostile to strangers.

Carries : Dagger, spear, 5sp.

Notes : Gruthe is the husband of Yera.
YERA: female, age 89; CG; HTK3; AC3.
Personality: Honest, helpful,
Physical Appearance : Ordinary.
Carries : Dagger, 4sp.
Notes : Yera is the wife of Gruthe. She

The hoard of this clan consists of

1000 platinum pieces, 3000 gold pieces,
8000 silver pteces, and 15 pieces of
jewellery worth a total of 900gp. The
noegyth nibin will alwaysseekvengeance
on those who wrong them, unless this
A great adventure for the beginner, a challenge for the
experienced player.
Components - Cassette tape (60 min). Side A,
introduction to rule book and components. Side B, solo
adventure "A Matter of Honour". Full colour counters,
wizards, warriors and monsters. Four play sheets, 24
CharacterIMonster sheets, floor plan for party
adventure Kalonth Dive, set of 6 polyhedral dice and 1
mapping sheet. £12.95 post free. Richardson, ex& 75080. Telephone: 214 241 3425. Killer Penguin I

Tony's Hobby's
D&D Basic
£ 9.50 Walls of Dwarven
AD&D Players Kings . . . . . . . . f7.95
Handbook . . . . . f9.95 Aftermath . . . . . . £ 18.75
M.M. 1&2 . . . . . . . f9.95 Wizards Quest . . . f 14.95
Dungeon Masters Seige . . . . . . . . . . £9.95
Guide . . . . . . . £10.95 Bushido . . . . . . . . £7.95
Warhammer. . . . . . £9.95 Samurai Blades. . . . 359.95
F of F . . . . . . . . . £ 6.95 STD Dungeon
Dune . . . . . . . . . £14.95 Acc.1&2 . . . . . . £2.95
Send s.a.e. for list. P&P 60p. Phone 09285 72757

100 Queensmere
Slough, Berks.
Telephone: 753 0678
Open Mon-Sat 9.00-5.30
Large selection of D&D, RuneQuest,
Tunnels & Trolls, Traveller, Citadel
Miniatures, Boxed Fantasy &
Science Fiction Games

Please mention White Dwarfwhen reply~ngto advertisements. 42


Although an extensive range of weapons Treasure Chest is a regular depart- Soft-Soap

is provided in the Players Handbook, ment for readers'ideas on AD&D. Appears to have mostly been used in
some useful or colourful weapons are sea-fights where the soap was tipped on
left out. The following can be used t o the decks of ships t o prevent enemy
give more character t o your game.

A misericorde is a dagger with a very
ARMED sailors keeping on their feet. Effect is
very much at the DM's discretion, and
also the nature ofthe surface. Perhaps a
saving throw against dragon's breath t o
thin blade, designed specifically to slip
through joints or other chinks in thick
armour. With the blade being thinner,
TO THE avoid slipping, for all passing through
the affected area, with the following
additions and subtractions.
and therefore needing t o be stronger,
misericordes are technically more dif- +I-Dexterity bonus -1 if rough cut
ficult to make than normal daggers, and stone
consequently more expensive. Also, the +I perflask above -2 if natural stone
thin blade limits the disruption of the the first formation
+I ifverysmooth -3 if especially
internal organs. The bonus against by M J Bourne surface jagged
heavy armour should only be applied if
the user is grappling or has surprised his Pavise
opponent. A pavise is a shield-like cover propped
up by a pole and used by archers
Poniard assaulting castles. However it can have
A poniard issimply a small misericorde. other uses too. Pavises are large and
Its only advantages over its larger bulky, but provide good cover, counting
brother are that, being smaller, it is asa shield against missile fire if the user
lighter and easier to conceal. is firing, and as complete protection
against normal missiles if the user is hid-
Sword-breaker ing behind it.
A thick knife with a series of reversed
hooks opposite the cutting edge. Later, Weapon Cost Usable by
more sophisticated models had a type of Misericorde 3gp Any but Clerics
spring mechanism in the hooks t o trap Poniard 3gp Any but Clerics
the sword. Then,-with a quick flick of the Sword-breaker 20gp Any but Clerics
wrist, the blade could be broken or spun BeardedAxe 10gp Fighters*, Assassins
out of the opponent's hand. Because this Angon 30sp Fighters*, Assassins,
is a short, one-handed weapon, it is Druids
Staff-Sling Igp Fighters*, Assassins,
more difficult to do than with say, a Druids, Thieves,
ranseur. Disarming should be limited to Monks
single-handed swords. Boomerang 10sp Fighters*, Assassins,
Druids, Monks
Bearded Axe Blowpipe Ssp ~ n but
y ~agic-
This is a two-headed axe swung two- the flaskwas smashed would shoot outto UsersX*and Clerics
handed. It has immense penetrative form a heavy suspension, irritating the Flaskof
power, but requires a lot of room to be lungs and eyes. Creatures that can be Quicklime 2gp Any but Monks***
fully effective. affected must make a saving throw Flask of
against poison or be helpless with splut- Soft-Soap 2gp Any but Monks
tering and coughing for 2-5 rounds. Hit- Pavise 16gp Any but Magic-
Angon users**. Thieves.
A heavy Gallic throwing spear with a ting and flask-breaking probabilities are Monks
leaf-shaped point. Basically equivalent the same as for oil-flasks. Dungeoneers
t o the Roman pilum. will find it useful in slowing down pursu- * Including Paladins and Rangers
ing monsters, and that it is probably best ** Including illusionists
Staff-Sling to smash it against the roof. *** And Clerics at DM's discretion
Tying a sling t o a quarter-staff increases
the diameter of the swing circle and con- Weapon Weight DamageS/M Damage L Length Space Speed
Reauired Factor
sequently increases theforce behind the Misericorde 7 1-3 1-2 cI' 1' 2
missile, and therefore range and hitting Poniard 5 1-2 1 ~8" 1' 1
power. The snag is that it needs t w o Sword-breaker 20 1-4 1-4 ~15" 1' 3
hands and more space. Uses the same Bearded Axe 100 1-10 1-12 c4' 5' 9
ammunition as an ordinary sling. Angon 60 2-5 2-7 6-7' 1' 7
Staff-Sling 30 3-612-5* 3-812-5" 3-5' 5' 7
Boomerang Boomerang 20 1-6 1-4 ~2' 2' 3
Quicklime 10 Special Special 2' 2' 1**
The archetypal Aussie weapon! It actu- Soft-Soap 10 Special Special 2' 2' 1**
ally requires a fair amount of skill and Pavise 150 - - - 4' -
more importantly in a dungeon, space,
to get the thing t o return. Prevailing * Bullet/stone.
wind strength and direction are also ** Providing flask is pre-weakened.
important. It is effective against low ACs,
but has little else t o recommend it. Weapon AC 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0
Misericorde -4/+1 -41+1 -3/+1 -3/+1 -1/+10 0 0 +I
Blowpipe Poniard -41+1 -41+1 -3/+1 -3/+1 -I/+?0 0 0 +I
Sword-breaker* -3 -3 -2 -1 0 0 +I+I+3
In terms of effectiveness, see Angon** -2 .-2 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0
boomerang (above). Can be very Bearded Axe +1 +1 +1 +1 +I +1 +I 0 0
dangerous in the hands of people pre-
pared to use poison. Both blowpipe and * Disarms sword on score to hit AC6.
darts are relatively simple instruments, ** Double damage if fixed to meet charge.
and DMs may waive any cost. Otherwise
cost at 5cp each. Two hands are needed Missile Weapons Fire Range AC
t o fire a blowpipe accurately. Rate S M L 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0
Angon 1 1 2 3 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 1 0 0 0 0
SIS Bullet 1 8 12 22 -1 -1 0 0 0 +l+3 +I+4
Quicklime SIS Stone 1 7 11 18 -5 -3 -1 0 0 +I+3 +I+4
An early form of chemical warfare! The Boomerang 1 1 2 3 -6 -4 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 +I
lime was very finely powdered and when Blowpipe 1 1 2 4 -9 -7 -3 -1 0 0 +I+4 +4

Painting miniature horses to achieve a Tabletop Heroes is a regular are always less shiny than the back,
realistic effect is a relatively simple pro- department covering figures, haunches and neck, and a grey horse is
cess, but one that often eludes the modelling and painting tips by far less shiny than a black or brown.
beginner, and indeed the experienced
painter, owing to a lackof basic informa- Joe Dever and Gary Chalk. This Issue's Photos
tion about horses. This month, together Fig Ishows three of Citadel's new elven
with a basic guide to colours, we will horses which were painted using the
outline a few simple techniques that can wash techniques described in the text.
be used to good effect. All saddlery and trappings were com-
pleted after the body of the horse.

There are three basic colours of horses: Figs 2-6 illustrate the Cthulhu adven-
grey, blackand brown. Grey horsesvary turersfrom the Grenadier boxed set of the
from very light grey dappled through to samename (6501).They accompany the
almost black, with white horses (techni- Creatures Set that was featured in last
cally 'greys') an extreme rarity. Dark month's photo page, and are available
greys are often dappled with lighter from Games of Liverpoolat £8.95 per box.
In Fig 7we see Citadel's new burglar

tones and vice versa, and many have
cream-coloured manes and tails in con- complete with grapnel and rope, and an
trastto the usual blue-grey or black.The addition to their COI range of fighters.
undersides of greys are lighterthan their These particular figures are ideally
flanks or haunches, and sometimes suited to simple conversion; the grapnel
creamy (HumbrolMC4with a little MC25 can be cut away from the burglar to
is an effective mix).A pure black horse is leave a rope-carrying NPC, the scabbard
as rare as a pure white horse. The colour patience of a saint, the effects achieved of the fighter can be shortened to leave
should be very dark brown (Humbrol with the use of oil paints are very impres- a dagger rather than a sword.
M33 mixed 50150 with MC6) with high- sive, giving a richness of colour that is Fig 8shows an armoured knight from
lights of burnt sienna (try Humbrol difficult to obtain with any other type of the Essex range of Medievals, together
MC22 or HN5) and shading of a blue1 paint. Firstly, undercoat your model and with a Citadel longbowman from their
black mix (MC33 with a little MC8). then apply a base coat of matt tan, rust Fantasy MenAtArms range (C26). Many
Manes and tails should be black, with a red or orange (Humbrol MCI). After of the Essex mounted knights are also
thin wash of bluelblack shading mix leaving this to dry (minimum 24 hours), available as foot figures.
applied once the base coat has dried. apply your oil colour (slightly thinned) In Fig 9 we have Citadel's Undead
Brown is the most common colour of and blend any changes together while Rider. This model was completely dry-
horse, of which there are two main dis- they are still wet. Now, using a piece of brushed in a mix of suitably 'unnatural'
tinctions - chestnuts and bays. lint-free cloth or tissue, gently wipe the colours that befit this undead mount.
Chestnuts have a tail and mane that is raised areas of the figure (flanks, In Fig 70, a close-up lookat RalPatha's
often the same colour as their coat, haunches, fronts of legs, chest) to allow Elven Hero, designed by Tom Meier,
otherwise it is dark brown (but never the undercoat to show through. This shows the effect of dry-brushing in
black) or creamy fawn. Bays always creates a very subtle shading that com- detail. Generally, wash techniques pro-
have black manes and tails, and the bines with the warmth of the oil colour duce a more subtle rendering of light
dappled effect of a different shade of and the basic undercoat beneath. This and shade, but this distinction is simply
brown usually appears on their flanks technique is not easy and requires much a matter of personal taste.
and haunches. Horses' eyes are very trial and error in order that it may be HORSE PAINTING GUIDE
dark, with no whitevisible at all. A hint mastered. Oil paints dry slowly and this
of pinktgrey around the eye is all that is method is only really recommended for
needed. In most cases, this pinkigrey the patient!
mix can also be used for the hairless
areas of a horses' muzzle - around the Washing. This is perhaps the easiest
nose and lips. Greys often have pink and auickest wav of ~ a i n t i n ahorses.
patches of skin that cover the whole ~ i r s t ldilute
~ , your basic colGur and
nose, whereas bays have a much darker apply it to your undercoated model
pinkigrey skin (darker than chestnuts). using a fairly large brush (Size 4 is
This muzzle colour should always be recommended).Any variations of colour
blended into the body colour. Many should be blended together while the
horses have what are known as 'stock- paint is still wet. The wash will run into
ings' or 'socks1- areas of lighter colour the indentations of the model and create
that affect one or more of their legs. a realistic muscle tone, forming the
There are no rules governing these basis to which extra shading can be
socks and stockings; they can spread at applied. Manes and tails are completed
differing lengthsfrom the hoof upwards once the body has dried, followed by
and affect any or all of the legs. However, saddlery.
the horny part of the hoof will be light
coloured if there is a light sock and vice When painting 'greys', it is advisable to
versa (although hooves are never black). give your model two undercoats of matt
white. Once dry, shade all the recessed
Horse Painting Techniques areas with pale grey try (Humbrol MC4)
Dry-Brushing. After undercoating in and then thin down thiscolour and work
matt white, paint your horse either black it into the lower legs, flanks and rump,
or dark brown. Once dry, apply a lighter taking care to leave no discernible line
shade of brown (or grey if you wish to between the lighter and darker tones.
depict a grey horse) by dry-brushing When this has dried, take a little matt
(see TTH WD61, for technique). Manes white and dot the flanks and rump to
and tails are tackled after the body has give them the distinctive dappled effect.
dried, but the process is identical. For a The more dramatic the effect you
guide to which colours to use consult the require, the darker your grey shading
chart below. All bridles, reins and should be. ces. Legs dark brown,
saddlery are added once the 'horse-flesh'
is finished., Dry-brushing is a fast method When you come to varnish your figure,
of painting horses, ideally suited to a silky finish is best (HumbrolSatin * All horses marked thus are liable to have white
'mass-production'. It does, however, Varnish 135), but it should be borne in markings on face and legs below ankle. The face
marking,called a 'blaze', can be largeor small. Very
give a dark appearance to the horse. mind that the sheen of a horses' coat is few horses have no blaze, likewise few have no
Oils. For those of you who have the not uniform in nature. The underparts 'socks'.
**--.,, . ;*.A
--. -
I ha I

Fin 2 Fia 3 Fin 4

I Fin 9 !=in 0
:Unit 37, West Court

ew Street Shopping Centre


Open Mon :Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm

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CLASSIFIED For Sale. Call o f Cthulhu and modules, €13, AmstradCP0264. War Machine mass combat Want To Be Assassinated? Plavers of around
Privateers & Gentlemen an0 modules, f12, handlerforAD&Dtypesystems. Use todeter- 15 yrswanted for K ~ l l e r ~ lrv~e l & ~ l a ygame
Allclassifiedads must be prepaidat the rate Game o f Nations, €6. 'R Wells 73212. mine results of large battles or as a separate In and arouno Benllech, Anglesey Contact
o f l o p p e r word, display i d s f3.00per scc. game. Cassette: f2.50to: Michael Davis,9 Sil- Jeremy 'Godfather' Gross. Cartrefle, Llan
Please sendcopy andpayment to White The Fiery Cross. Fantasy role-playing fanzine verbirch Glen, Bangor, NI BT19 2EP. bedrgoch. Anglesey. Gwyneoo ZS Pentraeth
Dwarf27-29Sunbeam Rd, ParkRoyal, London n o w reaches issue four. Annual subs for six 270 PS No letterbomos (yet11
NWIO, making cheques/POspayable to 40-page, A5 issues, €3; four issues, £2. Copy White Dwarf 24-26 inclusive wanted com-
Games Workshop Ltd. of issue 4 only, just 60p. All prices include plete. Rex, B Dartford 330444 (after 9pm). Wanted. Another group of D&D level 12-18
White Dwarf renrets - = - - that
- it cannot
-- - -he- held
- - P&P. Write to: Tom Stacev. The Mill House. PCs for scenario swapping. Contact Lee: ES
r e s p o n i ~ b ~ e iftnanc~al
or transacttons Hawr~oge,Nr Chesham. Bucks AI p r e v t o ~ s l y
\Commodore 64ers. Do you want your (0757) 703870 (5.30-6.00. except Wednesdays).
re~ulfrngfromsmalladsReadersareadv~sed unpubllsheo artlc es an0 artwork welcome0 finished BASIC oroorams unbreakable? Send
t o take appropriate precautions before SAE, program 6 n &pel and postal order for Wanted. PH, DMG, M M a n d FF. willing to pay
parting with any money. 25mm Miniature Wargame, 7-page rule book- €1 50 to. M R~ley.61 Doverluge Roao. Hall u p to €6, including postage. h C Freic, Oude
let, including magic, melee, missile combat, Green, Birmingham 828 OLT. Delft 2102611 h J Delft. Hollano.
DRAGONMEET etc. (Any number of figures). Send €1.50 and
Competition & Demonstration IargeSAE to: Steven Black, 12 Mayburn Loan, Ninja! Excellent solo for serious soloists. Lord Rowan Redblade Duval announces the
"~ - - - Wanted!
- ~ - -
w e urgentlyneeo peop e, cluosano helpers
Loanhead. Midlothian EH209EN. Steve, =
(01) 363 0536. beginning of his crusade against the dark
lieutenant and his horde of foul devils.
at our Dragonmeet convcnf'on.to be hcld at RuneQuest NPC generator, €3 each,for 48K For Sale. WD31,38, 52, Dungeon. Mystic
Central hall. Westminster on Saturoay 25th Spectrum. Also White Dwarf27-34.36-58 for Wood, Subbufeo Cricket, Gl.3, Ll, S2, Boots Anybody There? 19 yr old wargamer needs
May 1985. If you. or your c.ub, w o u o oe sale and large figure collection with classic Tele 110 camera
.- . . The Character Gencrator club! Some basic experience. Fantasy, incl
Interested i n staging a oemonstration or Minifigs fantasy tribes as in MM. =Cam- (spectrum 48kl. E E Doc S m ~ t h
Lensmen D&Doranything. Enjoysgood laugh. Sutton,
1 competition game at Dragonmeet please I bridge 68960. nooks Wanted WD3, 8-12, 19 Mlchael, 'ZS Surrey or area near. Contact Steve,
Iwrite, giving i u l l details d v o u r proposed I 1011 670 3584 (6-10pm) 'ZS (01) 644 1350.
event iplusany special requirements) to:
Dragonmeet Events, Games Workshop Ltd, original SF or fantasy, D&D, illustration. PBM.AnewSFPBM.There has been nothing Keen FRPer (17) seeks other playersigroup i n
27129 Sunbeam Road, London NW10. Subjects include, Robots, Droids, Space like it ever before. For information, send SAE mid-Surrey (Leatherhead1Dorking)area. Con-
Hardware, Dragons, Demons, Warriors, to: Blackthorne, 96 Rydal Drive, Bexleyheath, tact Anthony Brewer, 'ZS (0372156421 (after
GAMES DAY '85 Creatures, etc. Also limited edition prints Kent. 5pm, weekdays). Will learn any game.
Horticultural Hall, Sept 28-29 and stationery sets. Design and artwork
Clubs, Groups, Players, etc. If you have a service available for fanzines and board Beska lives. Prepare t o die.
fantasy, war, computer, board or even games.Tofind out more aboutthese unique
outrageous games that you would l ~ k e to designs send a large SAE for information Clubs, contacts a n d events can be advertised Wanted. GC RQ boxed set. I'll swap Starter
run at Games Day, p!zase write n o w with pack to: Roger Waring, Robots & Rayguns, once at n o charge u p t o a maximum of 25 Traveller Ivgcl ano 23 Traveller f~guresfor it.
details of your proposed event and any 48 Woodbreda Drive, Saintfield Road, words. Further~nsertionsatthe rateof5pper Nick. S- Salisoury (0722125453 (aftcr 5.30pml.
special requirements for early allocation of word.
space. We also need gophers t o help on the Peterborough Games Club. Club starting in
admin side (London residents only please). For Sale. RQ boxed set, Companion and Wanted. DMG, PHB, M M as set. Steve, Peterborough. M you are interested i n your
Please write to: Games Day, Games Questworld, brand new. Offers for around 363 0536.
%3 hobby and have nobody t o play, -8237666.
Workshop Ltd, €17 to: David Hazel, 31 Beverley Road, Lon- No matter if you're a beginner or expert, no
don E6 3LH. (01) 552 691 1. matter what system, you're welcome t o join.

HTK. Fanzine for all RPGs. Price 40p. From: For Sale. The Traveller Book, Books 4,5, RuneQuest Supplements Wanted. Especially
HTK, 20 Hamble Road, Merryh~ll, Twilights Peak, Ordeal o n Eshaar, Azhanti COP CO T, RQ Companion. Trollpak, out a
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ReynoldsCourt, Kingsway Brandhall, Warley, reasonable. Mark, 'ZS (031)443 5260.
SANlO - The Fantasy PBM. This game has W Mids 868 ORE. Competition City Design. Contact: 81 Hal-
now oeen r u n n ~ n gsuccessfully for over flve beath Road. Dunfermline, Fife KY12 7QZ. Wanted. Any RQ material, especially Pavis,
monthsand 1s busy trylng toflnd new players Griffin Mountain, Borderlands. Good condi-
to populate 11snow expanoeo map Over 100 The Butchers have moved. Filthchewer now tion not essential. John Woods, 49 Pinevale
creaturesand 30 herbs have beencreated and resides at 455 Loughborough Road, Birstall. Crescent, Bournemouth BH1O 6BG.
many towns and ruins. Any person stating Lelcs. B 10533)674501. Dave Webster w shes
that hesawthisad in WhiteDwarfwill receive you all a good tlme. Die scum' EastCleveland.Anyonewillingtoset u p RPG
t w o free returns and the first four will receive club in area? Also t o instruct learner about
six free. Apply for free ru e boor, and start u p PBM - Kings of Steel. Fantasy campaign. Wanted. Artists for growing fanzine. Free RPGs. Ian Pearson (151. 5 Darlington Terrace,
to: Lorewarden Games, 23 Breckhill Roao. Includes armies. wizards. neutrals. Dower advertising an0 free copies for artists'efforts. Staithes, Saltburn, Cleveland TS13 5DJ.
Woodtnorpe, Non ngham. cards and much'more. or
details write to: Write to. Andrew F'sher. 2Tne Limes. Hitchin.
PBMGames, 1 University Close, Parrys Lane, Herts SG5 2AY. Wanted. Urgent. A complete copy of Food
Metal t o Monster. Lead figures painted very Bristol BS9 IAR. Fightfrom December 1980 Dragon. Contact
cheap. 'ZS 061 724 9048.
Discovered Draken Games newsletter yet?
Help! Keeper of CoC in Leeds area needs
p ayers (no experience needed), ages 11 to
Tim, = Pembury 2915.

Quality Painting Sewice for fantasy figures. News, reviews, special offers and a full mail 14. to play with. Peter. B Leeds 670552. Penpal Wanted. Iwould like t o correspond
Send SAEandfigureforfreesample painting orderservice. Send SAEforfree copy. Draken Quickly, before I'm thrown into an asylum! with any young ladies who share an interest
and price list. M Lyons, 75 Belvedere Road, Games, 132Ramnoth Road,Wisbech, Cambs i n fantasy fiction. I am aged 19. Graham, c/o
Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan WN4 8RX. PE13 2JD. Darlington Dungeons. I have just moved t o K'lan, Tigreth's Rider, 11 Hawk Close, Stub-
Darlington and am looking for players for a bington, Hants.
For Sale. DMG, PH, DDG, MM, M M 2 - €5 each. Tudor Armoury. Your personal dagger, continuing campaign. Aged 18+, any sexi
AD&D modules, U1, A3, A4, S2.53, €1 each. sword, axe, helmet, coat of arms. Send racelalignment. I also want t o play Traveller/ MiddlesboroughlCleveland.23 y r o l d looking
Grimtooths Traps, €1. t3 (0532) 406057. design for quote. Tudor Armoury, 90 Christ- CoC/Space Opera, any campaigns out there? for FRP campaign in area, anything consi-

Starquester 2. Want t o know about FRP 4620.

church Road, Ringwood, Hants. (042541 Call around or write to: Martin Hair, 38 Fife
Road, Darlington, Co Durham.
dered, familiar with most games. Also look-
ing for players for Magic Realm, Down With
werewolves, Traveller entertainments, 1985 The King, Gunslinger. Call at: 42 Palm Street
CoC, Bushido Yakuza, and have RQ, Laser- Porth YMCA Games Day. Demonstration and Chester. Barbarian (13) seeks male, female (off Borough Road), Middlesbrough (after
burn and Star Trek adventures for 60p? SAE participation games, wargames, RPGs and thieves in Chester. Plays D&D, Traveller, RQ, 5pm) or at weekends.
to: Mark Oswin, 103 Church Lane, Backwell, more. All proceeds t o YMCA refugee work in Car Wars and CoC. Mike, =Z?Chester 377006.
Third World countries. Adult 40p, child 25p. Paladin seeks olavers and DMs for oamino
Bristol, Avon.
DEATH 1s a fantasy postal campaign includ-
Contact: David Breen.
=Porth 682262. for Help1 Very experlenceo AD&Dplayer 118)
seeks esrabllsheo campalgn ~nSE Kent Very
Any age, sex, kxp'erience. Possibly i o f o r m
local club. Contact: Shaun, 11 Mooreno Cres-
Ing over 100 tribesof lodifferent races. If you w~ll~n togtravel Contact Dave F8nn,139 cent. Cheltenham. Glos GL53 OEJ.
would like t o panlcipate an0 rule over a trioe
and galn power, contact the fol,owing for
DeeoOnes abduct Daaon 6. Successful inves-
t ~ ~ a k n s - i a vresulte2
e In the recapture of
Crabble HIII. Dover =
Travelling Garners. Anyone in Eire (prefera-
details and free Death rules: S Jones,64 Dagon fanz~ne6, recently stolen oy the mln- Announcement. The Assoc~at~on for Role bly Eastern1 interesteo ~na 2-way exchange
Hoole Lane, Chester, Cheshire CH2 3DS. ~ o n s oCthulhu
f Thetomesareal egco tocon Play~ngFanz~neshas opened to all fanzlne (7) with UKgamers? Contact: Jonathan
tain esoteric writings, scenarios, new eo~torsFor further nformatlon wrlte ro Fowler, 4 Garratt Close, Heighington, Lincoln
For Sale. White Dwarf 1-30. Good condition. monsters, NPCs, magics and other eldritch 53 Parolles Road Archway. London N193RE LN4 IRN, England.
Offers. Allan, 'ZS (0632) 543654. horrors for CoC. Costs 85p (incl P&P) from:
Carl Ford. IIWarwick Road. Twickenham. Penoal. Australian male. refereesAD&D. PlayersWanted. For established, mainly seri-
Flornandor. A land where chaos is the ~iddlese'x. ~ra;eller. seeks ~nolish'oenoalfor the ous campaign. N o experience necessary.
accepted norm, creatures of evil roam the exchange of tricks,i~psand irivia, preferably enner sex.25 lishl or over preferred. Bromley
earth. A land which is lawless where only Outpost Muliphen: is a member of Starfleet. AD&D DM. Write to: Bradley Tate. 85A area. Steve. S- Farnborough (Kent, 59798.
brave men and women can help prevent any Command, an international Star Trekorganl- A r t h ~ e Street,
r Woody Point. OLD 4019,
furtherdecline.ThisistheaqeoftheWarrior, sation.Allmembersreceiverank,IDcard, Australia WhitchurchlNorth Shrops. Mark (Bran-
Wizard, Priest and Robber. Whereonlythefit- assignment, etc. This outpost needs local Owen1 & Dave IGothranl.AD&Dplayers DMs
test will survive. For further information on recruits. Send SSAE to: David Burton, Out- Cardiff group seeks mature malelfemale 1just capable), age 15. seek others In group
this PBM write to: D M Cooksey, 2 Pemerton post Commander, 37 Green Way, players. RQ3, Traveller, Stormbringer, Star club. W ~ l l i n gto learn any RPG. Contact us at:
Road, Basingstoke, Hants RG21 2LW. Eastbourne, East Sussex. Trek, T&T, MSPE, CoC, TMP. Contact: Diane Alkington house. Whitcnurch, Shropshire
and R~chard John, GFF 146Corporatlon Road, ST13 IST.
ForSale.DMG, FF, MM, PHB, many modules. Spiceup yobrD&Dgameswith a 12-page,A4- Grangetown, Cardiff.
City ofsorcerers, vgc. €90 ono (worth €1401. sized booklet containing information on five Mumbling Mildew invites all players from
W ~ lsplit.
l Good as new. SPl's Middle Earth new character classes: Witch-hunter, Basingstoke. Fellow adventurers wanted t o Apeave t o the annual celebrations of Hark the
€12. Warhammerf5, Bush 6290 stereo Seigetrooper, Entertainer, Exorcist and join startAD&Dclub. Experience not essen- Loud One's death. Send addresses. Baggy
cassettelradio €40. Patrick, B (0279) 731277. Corsair. For your copy send an SAE and an tial, any age considered. Probably a weekly and m e in CW. Mumble 1 RTR, BFP0102.
uncrossed PO for just €2 to: Alan Garner, 35 meeting. Contact: Dave, 'ZS Basingstoke
Sale. Warhammer I,€4.30, T&Tboxed, €7, Tregorrick Road, Exhall, Coventry, West 473654. Wanted. WD51,52. David, B (01) 701 8981
Pro-tennis, SpeedCircuit, € 11 each (excond), Midlands CV7 9FF. (after 7pml.
Judge Dredd, €6.20 (as opened). Selection of Help! Articles, illustrations and advice are
Spectrum software originals. SAE for list. R needed for RPG fanzine. Please send to: Game Development. Mellowed student
Lewis, 32 Sullivan Circle, Newport, Gwent 59 Copthorne Road. Croxley Green, FRPer seeks toconstruct subtleRPG with Tre-
NP9 9RG. Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3 4AH. asure Trap rules as oasis. W r ~ t eto: Guy
Robinson. YMCA, Peartree Lane, WGC, Herts.
Have Wyrms Footnotes 9 and 10, will ...
For Strategic Minds Diplomacy articles and
exchange for others. Also wanteo Different players wanteo for new zine. Write to: Wantage. AD&D D M seeks players aged 18+
Worlds. Chris 'IS (0264151543 (after 7pml. For Sale. Powers & Perils, € 10, Tower of the Stephen Jilks, 12 Station Road, Braunton. i n Wantage area. Contact Colin: 'ZS Abingdon
Dead, €4. Heroes Magazine 1,2, Psi World, € 5, horth Devon EX33 2AQ. 21288 extn 363 (daytime) or at 30 Fawley
Castle Plan. Send €1 for this detailed plan of Pirates & Plunder, €4. R Brown, 2 Cavendish Close, Wantage, Oxon.
The Castle Dresmir. Suitable for many adven- Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Help! DesperateAD&D player seeks decent
tures t o be designed around it. Andrew Race, PBM to play in. Send information to: Martln Wanted. Pavis, Griffin Mountain, Cults of Ter-
21 Lansdowne Crescent, Darton, Barnsley, Dragonlore. The think~ngreptile's fanzine for Neville, 12 Shanklin Drlve. Fllton. Bristol. ror. Tristan, 'ZS Hebden Bridge (0422) 843158.
South Yorkshire S75 5PW. AD&Denthusiasts. 60p 135ptA4 SSAEI to: Avon. Penpals also welcome.
Alexander hildyard. 7 The Avenue. Lewes, DriffieldlBridlington Area. G M seeks Travel-
For Sale. RQ Companion, €5. Broken Tree Inn, Sussex. Wanted. Bunnies & Burrows, T& Trulebook lers for campaign in the Spinward Marches.
€2. Foes, €8. B i g Rubble, € 10. Borderlands, and AD&D modules. Only cneap please (I'm Contact Ian: B (0253) 821360, and leave your
€10, ono. All In very good condition. Rod, 'ZS s k ~ n t l )Martin.
. S- Bristol (0272) 698742 (bet- nameand phone number& I willcontact you.
(0502) 518340. ween 5 and 9pm, except Wednesdays).
. BELLINGHAM.SE6 2SD . CTlnrLW COHPANION ....................... 6 . 9 5
........................4 . 5 0
SHADOWS OF YOC-SOTHOTH .................. 8 . 9 5 GROMS GOBLIN GUARD ......................4 . 5 0
FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH ...................... 8 . 9 5 MULLAH A'S COMMANDOS .............
ARABS.. 4.50
EUROPE: ADD 33%CARRIAGE DEATH IN DLMWICH ........................ 6.95 BOWMEN OF OREON .....WOOD ELVES .......... 4 . 5 0
OTHER 0VERSEAS:ADD 55% CARRIAGE THE ASYLUM .............................. 8 . 9 5 GOLCFAGS'S MERCENARY OGRES ..............4.50
HALF-ORCS... 4.50
WARH-R BATCLE ....r e v i s e d rules .......9 . 9 5 STARTER SET.MONSTER5 ....................3.95
FORCES OF FANTASY ....................... 6 . 9 5 CHAOS MARAURDERS ........................3 . 9 5
CITADEL DICE SET ........................ 1.25 HEROIC ADVENTURERS ......................3 . 9 5
BASIC SET ............................... 9.50 DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE.................. I 0.95 INDIANA JONES RPG LIZARD WARRIORS ......................... 3 . 9 5
EXPERT SET .............................. 99 .. 55 00 PLAYERS HANDBOOK........................ 9 . 9 5
.......................... 9.95
INDIANA JONES ........................... 9 . 5 0
............. 3 . 9 5
DWARF CANNON ............................4 . 5 0
................... 4 . 5 0
D6D CHARACTER SHEETS .................... 2 . 9 5 MONSTER MANUAL 11....................... 9.95 I J 2 TEMPLE OF DOOn......................X 9 5 CRAW YARD SCENE ........................ 4 . 5 0
SHADY DRAGON INN ........................
................. 4.50
FIEND FOLIO.............................
DUNGEON MASTERS SCREEN.................. 94.95
....................... 3 . 9 5
........................ 3 . 9 5
................... 3.95
A D & DCHARACTER SHEETS GOLDEN HEROS ............................8.9! GOBLIN RAIDING PARTY ....................3 . 9 5
2MM MINIATURES ............5 . 5 0 WARRIOR KNIGHTS OF LAW ..................3 . 9 5
81 IN SEARCH OF THE UNKNOUN .............
4.50 SUPER VILLA INS...^^^ MINIATURES......... 5 . 5 0 WHITE DWARF CH*RACTERS ..................3 . 9 5
8 2 KLEP OF THE BORDERLANDS .............. 4.50 ADVANCED DLD MODULES GIAK ATTACK ............................. 5 . 5 0
84 THE LOST CITY ........................ 4.50 ..............4 . 5 0
I 2 TOWB OF THE LIZARD KING TIIBES OF CRANE ......................... 9 . 9 5 HOBGOBLIN WARRIORS ......................5 . 9 5
8 5 HORROR ON THE HILL ................... 4.50 .............................. 4 . 5 0
I 3 PHAROAH STAR MASTER ............................. 9.95
6 6 THE VXILU) SOCIETY ................... 4.50 .............. 4 . 5 0
8 7 RAHASHIA............................. 4.50 ..............4 . 9 5
BS GHOST OF LION CASTLE ............SOLO. 4 . 5 0 ............................ 4 . 9 5
I 6 RAVENLOFT BASIC RULEBOOK .......................... 8 . 9 5 CITADEL COL0UR:PAINT SET 2 .............. 4.95
lonl....... 4.50 UZ DANGER AT DUWATER.................... 4 . 5 0 Q MANUAL ................................ 7.95
XI THL. ISLE OF DREAD .................... 3.00 U3 THE FINAL ENEMY......................4 . 5 0 OCTOPUSSY ............................... 5 . 9 5 BOXED MINIATURES BY CENADIER
X2 CASTLE APIBER......................... 4.50 NI AGAINST THE CULT OF THE REPTILE GOD ..4 . 5 0 GOLDFINGER .............................. 5 . 9 5 SKELETONS RAIDERS OF THE UNDEAD .........8.50
X3 CURSE OF XANTHON ..................... 4.50 .................. 3.00
......................... 4 . 5 0
.............................. 9 . 5 0
............................ 9 . 5 0
DEMONS.................................. 8 . 5 0
DWARVES TRWP ........................... 5 . 9 5
XS LANTHANS COLD ................... SOLO. 4 . 5 0 EX2 LAND BEYOND THE MAGIC MIRROR ........4 . 5 0 HIRELING CREW........................... 5 . 9 5
XLI WEST FOR TIE HEARTSTONE ............ 4.50 UKI BEYOND THE CRYSTAL CAVE.............4 . 5 0 TRAVELLER FIGHTING MEN............................ 5 . 9 5
CMI TEST OF THE WARLORDS ................ 4.50 UKZ THE SENTINEL........................4 . 5 0 STARTER EDITION TRAVELLER ...............7.95 SPECIALISTS.............................5 . 9 5
CMZ DEATtlS RIDE......................... 4.50 UK3 THE GAUNTLET........................ 4 . 5 0 MODULE ].TARSUS ......................... 9 . 9 5 THIEVES DEN............................. 5 . 9 5
CM3 SA& RIVER ......................... 4.50 ................... 4 . 5 0
UK4 liHEN A STAR FALLS MODULE 2.BELTSTRIKt ..................... 9 . 9 5 WIZARD'S CHAMBER ........................ 5.95
PI1 BLIZZARD PASS................... SOLO. 4.50 UK5 EYE OF SERPENT......................4 . 5 0 ALIEN MODULE I.ASLAN .................... 5 . 9 5 HORRORS OF THE MARSH ....................5 . 9 5
SOL0.4.)0 UK6 ALL THAT GLITTEFS...................4 . 5 0 ALIEN MODULE 2.K'KREE ...................5 . 9 5 ORCS OF THE SEVERED HAND ................5 . 9 5
............ .50
SUBTERRANEAN TERRORS .................... 55 .. 99 55
MARVEL SUPERHEROS ...................... 10 . 5 0 DL1 DRAGONS OF DESPAIR.................. 4.50 DELUXE SET ............................. 39 . 9 5 FOLKLORE CREATURES ...................... 5 . 9 5
HHI BREEDER BOMBS ....................... 2.95 DL2 DRAGONS OF FLAME.................... 4 . 5 0 GAMEMASTERS SET ........................ 2 4 . 9 5 DRAGON KILLERS .......................... 5 . 9 5
HH2 TIHE TRAP ........................... 2.95 DL3 DRAGONS OF HOPE..................... 4.50 PLAYERS SET ............................ 19.95
HH3 MURDER WORLD ........................ 2.95 CBI CONAN UNMAINED ..................... 4.10 TRAVELLER 2 5 MINIATURES
~ ~
MHACl AWNGERS ASSEMBLED ................ 2.95 OTHER ROLE PLAYING GAMES IMPERIAL MARINES........................ 8 . 5 0
NHAC2 JUDGES SCREEN ..................... 2.95 SPECTRIM SOFTWARE (48K) TOON.................................... 7. 9 5 ADVENTURERS............................. 8 . 5 0
BATTLECARS.............................. 7.95
................................... 7.95
DRAGONROAR ...........................
.............. 10.95 ALIEN ANIEWS ........................... 8.50
STAR TREK BOXED SET ..................... 9 . 9 5 ToWERS OF DESPAIR....................... 7.95
INE ..............6.95
................. 6 . 5 0

TEL: (301) 964 0262
plus all the best from the UK
Please write for full details

Orders under525 add $1.50 post and handling.

Maryland state residents. please add 5% sales tax .




Please mention White Dwarfwhen replylng to a d v e r t i s e m e n t s . 50

L' Croydon Indoor

(0277) 227043

Late Night Fridays 7.30

,& y+.

Complete range of FRP's war -.: &@%

?fy;< - ,
: .:*& ..

Chasm of Doom
games. Citadel Miniatures,
magazines and friendly advice.
Come along and see the

A missing convov a lost patrolsssl

,the an4
start of a ten ---?
for control of the Last ands. md
- -

Tbe Cbasm of Doorn

lb thesouth of our homelandof
Sommerlund I% the rich nines
Ruanon. A convoyof gold, on its

to investigate...th6- n e w r a m .

1 baionchart.
- comba
No dice needed. The unique
1 systemallowsyou to become lone Wolf
wherever and whenever you like1

THE LAND OF FANTASY Software,metal miniatures.Fshirts
F o K ALL YOUR c a \ n N G NEEDS and lonewolf Club membershf~h 4
1 now available.

Dungeons & Dragons, RuneQuest and

, Other Lone Wolf Adw!Mm
The first three adventuresin
; h-

- most RPGs plus aids and supplements ,

Lone Wolf series are: 1.Mpht fro
I tlnDark.2.Flreontln~.
. ., Avalon Hill-Citadel-Grenadier 3.~heCavems0fKaIte-alI
Prince August-Paints and magazines. \ available in Sparrow Pawbac

A :
. - - Mail Order accevted
Upper Level, 16 merEia Square,
off Frodsham Street, Chester.
- Tel: Chester 28802 i-?lZi , $



To:Arrow publication^ Dept. MA, I t - 2 l
Please send me f u r t h o i ~ W m m
SEreet. London W1
-Special offers always available-

citadel, Essex, Denizen, Grenadier Miniatures

-thousands ir~stock, Prince August Moulds, IlslC .. . .
. .
Playing Aids & Accessories etc. . .-
;'II Address . , u.e$F-e


Newark Road, Brarebridge, Lincoln.

Tel: 0522 42566
2: -
51 Please mention White Dwarf when replylng to advert~sements.
denizen 25mm fantasy
Games Centre F A 11
Female Assassin
. . . . . . 35p
S M A L L GAMES Dwarf with axe
..... .. 42p
Post & Packlng
OPEN 9.30am-5.30pm Over f2.50
add 10%
ALSO A T illustrated list

Entrance from Smith Street 21 HALES STREET, DENIZEN MINIATURES

<or Public car park at rear. COVENTRY 4a Powis Square, Brighton, Sussex B N I 3HH


10 Skerry Hill TELEPHONE: (0482) 24910
Mansfield, Notts
Open Monday Ipm-6pm
D A I L Y OPENING HOURS: loam till 5pm
Wednesday 2pm-7pm
Remainder loam-6pm FANTASY GAMES
Stockist of Citadel, Asgard, BOARD GAMES, CITADEL MINIATURES,
and Gallia products and more

Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements.


The gamers games shop.

m y all major and most minor role-playing systems with a full supporting cast of scenarios
and back-up material.
We stock almost every conflict boardgame currently available in the UK.
Our 2nd hand games section offers out of print games.

We offer an extensive choice of historical and fantasy figures by:

SKYTREX 11300 MODERN. ROS and HEROICS 11300 figures.

- of acrylic and enamel paints, 50 plus different rules sets,

All this with a full logistic support
25 plus different magazin e titles, dice; Galllia buildings, Prince August cast your own,

Integral 1remain, 'rorchliglht, Dungeons and ..............

L I.-. TIM
5 Welling~onI t-mace, Bayswater Road, Notting Hill Gate, London W2.
Telephone: 01-727 9275
Open 11.00-5.30. Late Night Thursday 7.30.
hb MtUI M

Q S * -1
u t d d Dvanur
I I . l a . l I . I ~ . W. 614 em
- y 10.00-6.00. Closed Sundays.

7, Waverley P l a c e
W o r k s o p , Notts.
S T 0 R ES

SKI Stark~llsrCaptam
Starkotter Female Bodyguard
Starshvp Crewmember
Starohlp Crewwoman
Multt Combat Drold
13 Forrest Road, 536 Great Western Road,
Starksller Combat Orold
Starklller Warnor
Edinburgh E H I 2QH Glasgow G12 8E2
SK8 Trooper an Body Armour Tel : 031 226 3354 Tel: 041 334 1583
Foes and V#lllanstor any R P G or game
Al Giant bon headed demon 130
A2 Leathermen 0 50
A3 Evil Overlord 0 70
A4 Evil b e e n 050
A5 Spawn of Evol 0 70
A6 Mercenary 0 70
A7 Champion 050
A8 Evil Guard 0 50
A9 E l m Evll Gurrd 0 50
A10 Evll Wnzard 0 50

A4 L


' X8 Drums on Fire Mountain
D L 4 Dragons of Desolation-Monster Colliseum
for RuneQuest Ill-Middle Earth Role Playing
MMHl Barbarla" las M G l l o n War Horse
suppbed with weapons and equipment


30p Mm
(UK Edition)-Freeway Fighter--Templeof Terror
Post b Packlng
HMSl Barbanan Adventure over 10%
~ncludesM G l M M H l plus arpeclal Barbarm
fngure that 8s only avallabla 3" thlr set along
wtth 10 weapons and equipment Sir Isaac's Walk l a Back of the Inns


Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements.

~m I
Essex Fantasy

Females of Amazonian proportions, big and buxom,

mean and nasty!
F 84 Semi-naked with whip & daggered gauntlet
F 85 Large naked females with Scimitar and shield
F 86 Queen's Bodyguard in breastplate(s) and helmet
F 87 Semi-naked "Gladiator" with sword and dagger
F 88 Semi-naked wolfskin clad huntresslarcher
G 89 Hooded Executioner with gnome victim
holding two-handed sword
G 90 Sorceress with sacred mace and shield
G 91 Barbarian Queen

A fantastic range of evil knights. Humanoids with

grotesque sub-human and reptilian heads.
K 92 Evil Baron mounted on charger
N 93 Standard bearer mounted on charger
K 94 Evil Sorcerer on Stallion
L 95 Dismounted evil knights (3 var. per pack)
L 96 Dismounted evil knights (3 var. per pack)
K 97 Evil knight with huge axe with charger No. 8 5
K 98 Evil knight with two-handed sword with charger PRICE CODE F = 45p
K 99 Evil knight with mace, with charger G = 55p
K 100 Evil knight holding barbed lance, with charger K = 92p
K 101 Evil knight holding barbed lance, with charger N = 21.30
K 102 Evil knight holding barbed lance, with charger L = f 1.05


Essex Miniatures, Unit 1, Shannon Centre, Shannor Square, Thames Estuary Estate,
Canvey Island, Essex.

rl Euston

283 Pentonville Road. tock an excellent range of wargames,
w laying games and figures.
Introducing GRAN CHACO - unique
personalised figure manufacturing service.
We make the figures you want but can't get.
1I Opening Hours:
i Monday 1.00pm 7.00pm - T.S.R. Standard
I Tuesday-Saturday 1O.OOam 7.00pm - Avalon Hill Integral Terrain

I Dixons
Games Workshop
Platoon 20 Heroics/Ros

lease mentron W h ~ t eDwarfwhen replyrng lo advert~s~~,,,,,,,.



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