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Subject: Marketing Managament

Student: Ana Milena Porras

Group: B

The Relational Marketing and Human Resources

Nowadays the companies must be able to anticipate themselves to the behavior of their
clients, but in a world in constant change, with new tendencies of consumptions where the
demanding and more and more expert clients of its product or service.

At the moment, the businesses are using analysis strategies in the first place to understand
the behavior of the clients and second in the data collection with the increasing technological
height. The tool which they use the companies to capture information of the clients is the
CRM, is necessary to need is management mechanisms that allow to fortify the relations with
the clients.

Within the area of Relational Marketing, CRM is a relatively new subject that it arises in the
middle of years 90 of the hand of the globalización, knowing already clearly the precedent,
it has been seen also since it has increased to dynamics of the consumption and the increasing
relation with the clients, where is given off the necessity to have a proximity with the clients.

The companies know clearly that its success is the long term relation that they have with the
clients, is reflected in the cost results benefit, that starts off from the objectives that consider
the organization for relational marketing will be thanks to the efficiency in the handling of
the CRM.

The time is an excellent factor in the chain of value of relational marketing, the emphasis to
know clearly processes, sinergia that it must begin from the technological surroundings, the
human capital, the approach to understand the necessities of the clients, to a great extent it
solves the problems that a CRM chain has, whereas an erroneous reading of which they need
the clients delayed in having opportune answer and the normal cycle of the companies retards
the suitable process of fidelización and
The companies nowadays to reach the objectives, from the strategy of relational Marketing
must more have a commitment in their totality on the part of all the high management, a
personnel with the labor and academic competitions, like a constant qualification on the part
of the organizations, first to manage to improve the fulfillment standards and to retain the
most valuable personnel creating the fidelity of the clients and workers.

This test wants to stand out that the success of a strategy or project of relational marketing in
a company leaves in the first place from the organizacional alignment that is reflected in the
appropriation of the objectives and the organizacional of board of directors and clear culture
of the workers of the business areas where more emphasis or development I criticize will
have all the strategy of relational marketing.

Finally, relational marketing like management strategy and the CRM like the tool are a
binomial that all the companies must constantly retroalimentar to the work parties to obtain
the first fidelización of the clients, with the quick answers to their restlessness or
requirements, the constants modernization in technological matter already all the
organizations accounts with software parametrizados for such aim, with updated procedures.
El enfoque final del CRM es materializar de manera eficaz y analítica la información
recopilada sobre el comportamiento del mercado como el comportamiento de los clientes
desde la realización de estrategias singulares para asegurar la fidelización del cliente con la
estrategia de marketing correcta y brindar la atención personalizada que requiere el cliente y
así mejorar la percepción del servicio y aumentar los estándares de calidad como de servicio
a favor del aumento de los indicadores financieros.