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Volume 5, Issue 5 “Progress through Leadership” Sep / Oct 2007

Brig. Gen. Amy Courter

Interim National Commander

Vice Commander Brig. Gen. Amy S. Courter, who has

served as acting national commander since Maj. Gen. Pineda
was suspended, now takes leadership of CAP as Interim
Commander, as prescribed in the organization's Constitution and
Inside this issue:
Interim Wing 2
She will hold the position until the August 2008 board Commander’s Desk
meeting, where members will vote to select a new
commander. Courter is eligible to run for the position. Chaplain’s Corner 3

“The members of the Civil Air Patrol are patriotic and IG’S Tips 4
highly dedicated volunteers of this great nation who routinely
place duty before self to serve their communities,” Courter said.
“Their contributions during the search for aviation legend Steve Payson Cadet SSgt 5
Fossett, during Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 and thousands of other Jesse Snively
noteworthy missions throughout our 66 years of service have Santa Cruz Co. 6
made a profound difference in the lives of thousands of Composite 101
Americans of all ages. I am honored to serve as interim national Color Guard
commander of Civil Air Patrol,” stated the General. IACE Cadets 7

Source: CAPNews Online

3 October 2007 Sky Harbor Cadet 8
Squadron 301

Office of Public Affairs

1Lt Rob Davidson Capt J. Brandon Masangcay
Director Assistant Director /
WingTips Editor-in-Chief
Page 2 Volume 5, Issue 5

Interim Wing Commander’s Desk

Major John W. Kruger
Arizona Wing

I am not one that likes to write lengthy columns, so I will endeavor to keep this short. In
the wake of the decision of the Region Commander on 11 Sep, I was asked if I would
step forward to serve as your Interim Wing Commander. I would ask that we all take a
moment to pause and reflect on the great contributions and quality of leadership that Col
Lynch provided and exhibited during his tenure, as we continue to set our course for the
future. I was humbled and honored in accepting the position and I wish to thank each one
of you for your continued dedication, support, patience and well wishes. Your hard work
and accomplishments through this difficult period have been a stabilizing force. I would
like to remind everyone that there is still work to be done, and we will swiftly capitalize on
the forward momentum created by you, the members of this wing.

Our next challenge as we move forward is to pass our annual SAR Evaluation and survey
audit in November. There is still much work that needs to be accomplished in preparation
for the SAR Evaluation and audit. I respectfully request that all commanders do their part
in getting all the required reports to wing headquarters so that we are able to account for
all CAP assets. If we do not have these reports on file and can not account for our
assets, we could potentially be placed on a freeze which will affect everyone in this wing.
Essentially, this means that we would lose any new equipment, specifically, aircraft or
vehicles that have been allocated to this wing for an undetermined amount of time. One
of the great attributes of this wing is that the members have always rallied together to
accomplish the mission. I know this will be no different.

On a final note, I feel that this bears mentioning. This Wing has seen an increase in
mishaps involving the handling of aircraft transitioning from the ramp to the hangar or tie
down area. It is important that we all pay attention to detail and be aware of our
surroundings during this phase. Your mission is not complete until the aircraft is parked
and secured. Lt Col Brian Ready just recently sent out an email discussing the new video
that can be seen on the National website entitled “Ground Handling Training”. It can be
viewed in e-services under “CAP Multimedia Downloads” This training is for both
aircrew members and ground team members. Let’s get back on focus and prevent any
further mishaps in the ground handling of our aircraft.

Finally, I would like to finish by saying that I am certain that as we move forward during
the next few weeks of uncertainty and transition, that you will remain steadfast in your
determination to support this wing in becoming the premier wing in southwest region if not
the nation. I am extremely humbled by this experience and proud to have had this
opportunity to serve you as your Interim Wing Commander. Thanks again for your
support and allowing me to participate in this journey with you.

Semper Vigilans!
Volume 5, Issue 5 Page 3

Encourage your people

“These, then, are the things you should teach. Encourage and rebuke with all authority.”
Titus 2:15 NIV

Leadership, a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common
goal. These items will help you develop your skills as a leader. Being a leader is very different than
being the boss. Especially for members new to CAP, a good leader must also be a good teacher. A
good leader will teach his followers how to do what he wants them do so they will be able to accom-
plish tasks when encouraged to do so. Wally Bock teaches there are 5 Ps to being a good leader:
Pay Attention to What’s Important
Praise What You Want to Continue
Punish What You Want to Stop
Pay for the Results You Want
Promote the People Who Deliver Those Results

Exemplary leadership: It’s hard to lead others further than you’ve gone yourself, especially when
you’re more concerned about their reaction than keeping the team on course.

Does that mean setting yourself up as “the be-all and end-all?” No, but as a leader it’s impossible to
please everybody. If you constantly need approval you’ll end up being controlled by those you’re
supposed to lead. Paul recognized this, that’s why he told Timothy: “Teach…and encourage your
people…correcting them when necessary. You have the authority to do this, so don’t let anyone…
disregard what you say” (Titus 2:15 NLT).

Insecure, inexperienced leaders agonize over decisions they suspect will cause unhappiness in the
ranks. They feel responsible for other people’s emotional reaction. They fail to realize that when
you’re doing what you should be doing and others don’t agree, that’s their problem, unless you allow
it to become yours. A mature leader deals with disappointment and keeps a good attitude; he faces
the music even when he doesn’t like the tune. Think, as a parent when you warn your children about
putting their hand on a hot stove, it’s not your responsibility to make them enjoy hearing it, right?
Hopefully, as they mature they’ll understand. But the truth is, some people won’t like hearing “no”
regardless of how old they get! However, we all need to hear it from time to time, otherwise we’ll
never be happy with anything other than getting our own way. All of which means – getting nowhere,
or getting into trouble! God Bless!
Page 4 Volume 5, Issue 5

Inspector General’s
Maj John E. Lindsey, AZWG IG

Do you empower your staff?

One of the reasons for having a staff is that you can’t be everywhere
and do everything yourself. Another reason is to multiply your own

The best way to maximize your efforts is to train your staff to repre-
sent you. Part of effective training includes delegating responsibility
and empowering your staff officers to make decisions. A well-trained
staff will extend your expertise and influence into every are of the
Wing, Group, and Squadron, and will achieve the kinds of results you

Commanders are often unwilling or unable to pass the ball to others,

but you will never grow as a commander or staff officer until you
learn how to train up staff to be as effective as you are. Master the
art of developing a great staff and your group and squadron will grow
like gangbusters.
Volume 5, Issue 5 Page 5

Payson Cadet
featured in
Local Newspaper
Article & Photos by Shannon Howard, Payson Roundup
Submitted by Capt Mike Snively, PCS 209 DCC

…”Many Payson teens can juggle sports practices, homework, part-time jobs, and social
activities with the finesse of a professional event planner.

Sixteen-year-old Jesse Snively displays serious devotion in pursuing his favorite extra-
curricular activity, which is actually more than a hobby -- it's his passion. Jesse often
spends four hours per day practicing the piano and estimates that he will spend 500
hours memorizing and perfecting his latest piece, Beethoven's "Sonata 8 in C minor."
Jesse admits that since he is home schooled, he has more flexibility when it comes to
his daily practice routine. …

Despite his commitment to piano, Jesse has other interests. He works part-time at the
airport for Bravo Partners, where he assists the mechanics, and he is an active member
of the Civil Air Patrol's Color Guard.
He enjoys learning about airplanes and feels the guard builds his leadership skills.
Jesse's musical and academic accomplishments should allow him to reach his future
educational goal to major in music at a four-year university. ….”
Page 6 Volume 5, Issue 5

Santa Cruz Composite Squadron 101

present Colors at
County Fair
Photo submitted by
Lt Col Bob Anderson, SSCS 101

Squadron 101 was asked to present the Colors at the Santa Cruz
County Fair last week; the attached photo was of that event. From
left to right in the photo: C/TSgt Jaime Moraila (barely visible behind
the flag), C/AIC Russell Noon, C/A1C Adriana Armenta, and C/SrA
Crystal Noon. Additionally, cadets from Squadron 101 participated
in the annual Nogales High School AFJROTC Dining Out on 28
September; C/CMSgt Laura Beck, the Chairperson of the Group 1
Cadet Advisory Council, also attended.
Volume 5, Issue 5 Page 7

IACE Cadets
Enjoy tour in Arizona
Photos submitted by
Lt Col Paul Rehman,
AZWG Deputy Chief of Staff , Strategic Missions

British Air Cadets (blue) Canadian Air Cadets (red)

Squadron Leader Joe Ayre (Escort) Signe Jean Mortensen
Rosemary Dean Enobong Mbula
Claire Brown
Volume 5, Issue 5 Page 8

Promotions, Awards, and

Change of Command take evening
at Sky Harbor Cadet Squadron 301
Photos by Capt J. Brandon Masangcay

C/Maj Jonathan Yang C/1st Sgt Shauna Casey C/MSgt Sheridan Benard
receives C/Operations is promoted to C/CMSgt is promoted to C/SMSgt
Officer Achievement

Capt Masangcay passes the

Squadron Guidon to Lt Col
C/MSgt Auguste Smith is promoted C/AB Garrett Stallings is
Art Bornstein
to C/SMSgt promoted to C/Amn