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Instruction Manual

Form 1863 Type 122R

March 2004

Type 122R Switching Valve


Scope of Manual
This instruction manual includes installation, adjustment,
maintenance, and parts information for the Type 122R
switching valve.

The Type 122R valve (figure 1) is switching valve used for
on-off applications. The Type 122R valve has push-down-
to-open action.


Specifications for the Type 122R valve are shown in table 1.

Figure 1. Type 122R Switching Valve

2. Apply pipe compound to male pipeline threads.
Connect piping to the body connections. Flow through
the valve must be the same as indicated by the flow
arrow on the body.
To avoid personal injury or equipment
damage caused by bursting of pressure- 3. Connect the control pressure line to the 1/4-inch NPT
retaining parts or explosion of accumulated connection in the lower diaphragm case.
gas, do not exceed the pressure or
temperature limits in table 1.
1. The switching valve may be installed in any position. Refer to the nameplate (key 25, figure 2) to determine the
Position the vent (key 29, figure 2) so that the vent opening spring range. To change the spring setting, loosen the
is facing downward. Protect the vent opening against the locknut (key 30, figure 2), and rotate the adjusting screw
entrance of moisture or any other material that could plug (key 7, figure 2). Rotating the adjusting screw clockwise
the vent. into the spring case (key 1, figure 2) increases the setting.
Rotating the adjusting screw counterclockwise decreases
the setting.

Type 122R
Specifications Table 1. Specifications

Maximum Inlet Pressure Maximum Temperature Capabilities

150 psig (10,34 bar) –20 to +150º F (–29 to +66ºC)
Spring Ranges Control Connection
See table 2 1/4-inch NPT female
Maximum Control Pressure To Diaphragm Spring Case Vent
150 psig (10,34 bar) 1/4-inch NPT female with screen
Action Approximate Weight
Increasing control pressure closes valve 5 pounds (2,27 kg)

Table 2. Spring Ranges Disassembly

SPRING RANGE SPRING PART SPRING COLOR 1. Loosen the locknut (key 30). Rotate the adjusting
Psig Bar NUMBER CODE screw (key 7) counterclockwise until all compression has
3-15 0,2-1,0 1D892327022 Red been relieved from the spring (key 3).
5-20 0,3-1,4 1D751527022 Cadmium
5-35 0,3-2,4 1D665927022 Blue 2. For Type 122R valves, unscrew the body cap (key
30-60 2,1-4,1 1D745527142 Green 33), and remove the body cap and included parts from
40-100 2,8-6,9 1E543627142 Yellow
60-150 4,1-10,3 1R901327022 Brown the body (key 23). Drive out the pin (key 27), and remove
the disc holder assembly (key 22) from the valve stem
guide (key 32). Remove the machine screw (key 35)
Maintenance and spring (key 34).
Parts are subject to normal wear and must be inspected 3. Disconnect the control line connection from the
and replaced periodically. The frequency of parts diaphragm case (key 2). Unscrew the union nut (key 19),
inspection and replacement depends upon the severity and remove the spring case (key 1) and attached parts
of service conditions. from the valve body.
Instructions are given below for complete disassembly 4. Use a thin-wall socket wrench to remove the seat
and assembly. Disassemble the valve only as far as ring (key 24).
needed; then, begin the “Assembly” procedure at the
appropriate step. 5. Unscrew and remove the spring case cap screws
and nuts (keys 26 and 4). Remove the spring case, upper
spring seat, and spring (keys 1, 31 and 3).
Key numbers used in these procedures are shown in figure
2 for Type 122R valves. 6. Pull the diaphragm (key 9) and attached parts out of
the diaphragm case.

7. Unscrew the hex nuts (key 4) from the stem (key 5).
Remove the spring guide, diaphragm head, diaphragm,
O-ring, back-up ring, and washer (keys 6, 8, 9, 12, 13,
and 10).
To avoid personal injury and equipment 8. Unscrew the self-tapping screws (key 16) from each
damage caused by sudden release of end of the diaphragm base. Remove the washers and
pressure or uncontrolled process fluid, isolate guide bushings (keys 14 and 15).
the valve from all pressure, and release all
9. Remove the O-ring and back-up rings (keys 12 and
pressure from the valve body and diaphragm 13) from the diaphragm end of the diaphragm case,
casing before attempting maintenance. and remove the felt washers, flat washer, O-ring, and
back-up rings (keys 18, 17, 12 and 13) from the valve
end of the diaphragm casing.

Type 122R


Figure 2. Type 122R Switching Valve

Assembly 6. Replace the body gasket and snap ring (keys 21

and 20). Secure the diaphragm case to the body with
the union nut (key 19).
1. Install the locknuts, washer, back-up ring, O-ring,
7. Set the spring and spring seat (keys 3 and 31) onto
diaphragm, diaphragm head, and spring guide (keys 4,
the spring guide. Attach the spring case with cap screws
10, 13, 12, 9, 8 and 6) on the stem (key 5).
and nuts (keys 26 and 4). Evenly tighten the cap screws
2. Install the back-up rings and O-rings (keys 13 and in a criss-cross pattern.
12) into each end of the diaphragm case (key 2).
8. For Type 122R valves, install the valve disc assembly
3. Install the washer (key 17) and three felt washers (key 22) on the valve stem guide (key 32). Secure with
(key 18) into the valve end of the diaphragm case. the pin (key 27). Install the machine screw (key 35) into
Replace the guide bushing (key 15) in each end of the the valve disc assembly. Assemble the spring (key 34),
diaphragm case. valve stem guide, and valve disc assembly into the body
cap (key 33). Install the body cap into the body (key 23).
4. Carefully insert the stem into the diaphragm case.
Attach the washers (key 14) with self-tapping screws 9. Re-connect control piping to the control connection
(key 16). in the diaphragm case.
5. Install the seat ring (key 24) with a thin-wall 10. Adjust the spring by following the “Adjustment”
socket wrench. instructions.

Type 122R
Parts Ordering Key Description Part Number

19 Union Nut, malleable

When corresponding with the sales representative about iron 1E471119062
this valve, mention the serial number and all other data 20 Snap Ring,
plate steel 1A832648722
stamped on the nameplate. When ordering replacement 21* Body Gasket,
parts, also state the complete 11-character part number asbestos 1A832504032
22* Disc Holder Assembly
of each part required as found in the following parts list. Brass/nitrile 1A8470000A2
SST/nitrile 1A8470000C2
23 Valve Body, cast iron
Parts List 3/4 inch (DN 20) NPT 1D312419012
1 inch (DN 25) NPT 1D312519012
Key Description Part Number 1-1/4 inch (DN 32) NPT 1D312619012
24* Seat Ring See table below
1 Spring Case, 25 Nameplate, aluminum 1E240111992
aluminum 2P901508012 26 Cap Screw, plate steel
2 Diaphragm Case, (8 required) 1B720924052
cast iron 2L918419012 27 Groove Pin
3 Spring See table 2 plate steel 1J156024522
4 Hex Nut, plate steel 28 Drive Screw, plate steel
(12 required) 1A3915X0022 (4 required) 1E501728982
5 Stem, 316 SST 29 Vent Assembly EMY602X1-A12
Type 122R 1N234735162 30 Locknut, Zinc plate steel 1D667728982
6 Spring Guide, 31 Upper Spring Seat,
plate steel 1D666625072 plate steel 1D667125072
7 Adjusting Screw, 32 Valve Guide Stem, SST 0K077035032
plate steel 1D995448702 33 Body Cap Assembly, cast iron/SST 0K0771000A2
8 Diaphragm Plate, 34 Valve Spring, SST 1A866137022
plate steel 1D666428982 35 Machine Screw, SST 1A866235042
9* Diaphragm, neoprene 1D666302102
10 Washer, plate steel 1D716228982
12* O-Ring, nitrile
(3 required) 1E472706992
13* Back-up Ring, leather Key 24 Seat Ring
(5 required) 1K786806992
14 Retaining Washer, PORT
SST 1K786935022 MATERIAL
15 Guide Bushing, iron
(2 required) 1K787021052 Inch mm Aluminum SST Brass
16 Self-Tapping Screw, plate steel 122R 7/16 11,2 0L083209012 0L083235032 0L083214012
(4 required) 1J336928982
17 Washer, SST 1K787135022
18* Washer, neoprene/felt
(3 required) 1K787206992

* Recommended spare part.

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