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Canberra Society of Editors Newsletter

Volume 11 • Number 2 • February 2002

An iterative process: the new print

N ext meeting
20 February

I have clear memories of my first included. ‘A hand-written letter is

Treasures from the encounter with the Canberra nicer, I always think’, said Leonore,
Society of Editors; the feeling of and she offered to write some of
World’s Great dismay at the first meeting when, them. Niceness gave way to a mail
Libraries—the after drinks and introductions, merge letter to them all. A final
curator’s tour members repaired dutifully to the check of these before despatch
rows of seats to listen to an produced a nagging memory of a
As advertised in January, the account of the development of the funeral notice for one of them, and
first meeting of the society for Antarctic Dictionary. ‘How arcane’, a belated phone call to Pete
2002 is on 20 February (a I thought, ‘this will surely be really Martensz for a list of current
week earlier than usual), and dry and dull—etymology just isn’t financial members reduced the mail
is a curator’s tour of the my bag.’ Forty minutes later, merge list quite a bit, and so the
Treasures from the World’s following a succinct account of process continued.
Great Libraries exhibition. how new words develop in a
Responses began to trickle in,
Nibbles, drinks and chat will ‘closed’ society, a tough analysis of
including some polite letters from
be on offer as usual between group dynamics and a rollicking
older members saying they had
6 p.m and 6.30 p.m. Then, demonstration of some of the
retired now, so no longer wished
starting promptly at 6.30 p.m., problems posed by gender diff-
to be included. Quite a few people
Margaret Dent, exhibition erences, I joined in the enthusiastic
phoned asking what an entry
curator, will give an intro- applause for the speaker.
looked like; they had not seen the
ductory talk before the tour previous edition, now out of print,
A few years down the track, when
moves into the gallery. so I referred them to the society’s
asked to take over the task of
Places at this meeting are now compiling the next print version of web page and posted copies to
fully booked. If you are the freelance register, I thought, those without computers. One
attending, please note that the ‘Well, why not—it’s just a series of member with a very successful
National Library Bookshop is administrative tasks—yes, of course business told me that an entry in
staying open until 6.30 p.m. I’ll do it’. the register brought in much more
so you may buy the attractive work than an entry in the yellow
Consultation with the previous pages.
catalogue if you wish. Why
editor, Sylvia Marchant, elicited a
not arrive before 6 p.m. and
disc with the text of the previous Talking to members who phoned
browse? But remember—the
edition, and Leonore Hardy, who was interesting; some were
meeting will begin at 6.30
had distributed the past few amazingly diffident, modest about
sharp, to allow enough time
editions, provided advice about their achievements, not sure if they
both to hear Margaret and to
writing to everyone in the previous should really submit an entry.Then
tour the exhibition gallery.
edition to see if they wished to be came a hitch—another diffident

The Canberra Editor Volume 11 • Number 2 • February 2002

Canberra Society
An iterative process: the new print register......cont’d
of Editors
ABN 77 022 481 553
one, twenty years writing and The response of the treasurer,
PO Box 3222, Manuka ACT 2603 editing experience in the public whose task was to return the
service, now running his own small cheques, is not recorded.The
Committee members 2001–2002 editing business. ‘Well, one member deadline for entries was extended.
President Ed Highley
said an entry brought in much
So, as equity prevailed, letters were
6257 7811 (w) more work than an entry in the
now sent to those on the web page
6257 7808 (w fax) yellow pages; why don’t you
ed@arawang.com.au but not on the print register. Notes
consider it?’ I said encouragingly.
began to come in from people who
Vice-president ‘I’m not actually a full member
vacant had changed their address, or
though …’ ‘I think you should apply
phone number, or server. Other
Secretary Ann Parkinson for full membership, and make sure
6282 1993 (w/h) people asked crossly what had
you write up your experience
6282 1081 (fax) happened; when could we expect
properly,’ I admonished.
to see the register. I chased up
Treasurer Pete Martensz Reading the entries was a bit like people who had not responded to
6296 7244 (h) reading applicants’ résumés before letters, and started thinking about
6231 6373 (w fax)
pnmedit@atrax.net.au job interviews. Often, the older, the index. A few senior members of
more experienced editors were the society had been very specific
Newsletter editors
Ann Milligan brief and to the point, their entries about their index requirements.
6259 3080 (w/h/fax) quite short. A few entries were as Others had been rather greedy,
scientex@netspeed.com.au if their writers had just left school, wanting far more, but this was
Alexa McLaughlin and included information like ‘Head because I had forgotten to set a
6260 7722 (w/h/fax) limit when writing to them.Things
Prefect and Captain of Boats at St
0419 431 941 (mobile)
alexa@pcug.org.au Efrida’s, 1999’. But overall, there began to drift a bit, and so the
was an amazing wealth of president declared an absolute
Newsletter production editor
Lindy Shultz experience and talent. Quite a few deadline of 31 August.
6125 0595 (w) linguists, a lot of scientists, an
6282 6487 (h) By early September there were 61
amazing range of work experience,
lindy.shultz@anu.edu.au entries. Surprisingly, a couple of
a very high level of academic
Web minder, newsletter dispatch and people who had been very active in
achievement, and extensive
membership database controller the society had not put in an entry.
Peter Judge
computer skills, although one
More emails. A few last minute
6296 6211 (w/h/fax) person, with brutal honesty,
phone calls. I started doing the
peter.judge@alianet.alia. described his computer skills as
org.au index—back of book, because
‘Miniscule, but trying hard’.
Meetings coordinator and membership
some people had such specific
applications Kerry MacDermott By April, we had only 29 entries— requirements.This took longer than
0407 956 799 (mobile) not enough to make publication expected. Finally, everything was
kerry.macdermott@ag. worthwhile. A number of members just about ready to go to the new
said there did not seem much president, Ed Highley, for layout.
Training coordinators point in an entry in a print version Then came a phone call from a
Claudia Marchesi
6248 5997 (h/fax) as they had done quite nicely relatively new member asking to be
cmarchesi@hotmail.com through the web, thank you. included. I thought despondently
019 994 585 (mobile) Although unstated, it seemed that about the pagination for the index,
Cathy Nicoll some people might not wish to pay but said yes.Then a phone call from
6259 2984 (w/h)
$40 for a print entry when they the man I had encouraged to apply
could have a web entry for free. for full membership, saying was it
Publicity Helen Topor
The president, Lee Kirwan, seeking too late to be included in the
coordinator 6292 8017 (h)
helen.topor@cit.act.edu.au to end this anomaly, took an register—he had just been made a
executive decision and declared full member. Now it was October.
Catering Jenny Cook
6295 0035 (w/h/fax) that the print register would Another phone call … and this
penultimate@atrax.net.au include all those on the web as time I said no, the deadline was the
Freelance Margaret Pender well as those who had submitted end of August and I could not take
register 6231 3383 entries for the print version, and any more entries.
mcpender@ozemail.com.au the $40 fee would be abolished.
Committee Anne Greiner
member 6288 2810 (h)

The Canberra Editor Volume 11 • Number 2 • February 2002

An iterative process: the The President’s column

new print register....cont’d

I sent the text to the new As we drove by the front of the knows and agrees to a set of
president, and copies went to the National Library at 7.30 a.m. on guidelines for ethical practice.
web minder, Peter Judge. Surely the holiday Monday 28 January, on our
The fairly-long-awaited seventh
end was in sight and we were way to take our incredibly
edition of the freelance register is
nearly finished.The formatted personable and intelligent poodle
ready for printing.The new edition
version came back to me, and I Jack (his real name is Jacques, but
reflects yet again the galaxy of
started sending off individual we do not wish to appear
editorial talent to be found in our
copies to everyone for proofing. pretentious) for a walk around the
society—and keep in mind that it
Emails came from Peter—these enchanting Lake Burley Griffin, we
lists only the freelance members,
people no longer wished to be were astonished to see that there
and not all of them.The index is
included; this person was no was already a long queue of people
interesting too.The big entries in
longer a financial member and waiting to get into ‘Treasures from
terms of type of publication are for
should be deleted.Three people the World’s Great Libraries’.What
reports and annual reports. Hardly
whose entries were on the web a blockbuster this has been for the
surprising I suppose, for a city that
had not been included. Emails sent Library … and how lucky are we
could justifiably be renamed
out to some entrants were to be having our own special
Reportopolis.The big subject
returned, unable to be delivered, viewing on 20 February? Every now
entries in the index include
because their email address had and then, some misguided
environment, plain English, health
changed. Other editors had had a futurologist predicts the imminent
and welfare, communication and
change of heart and wanted demise of the book.The evidence
communications, and really do
substantive revisions. I became against this seems plain for all to
seem to reflect contemporary
very despondent.The new see, but perhaps just to be sure we
economic and social issues.These
president became impatient. should think about workshopping
things we hope to promote
something along the lines of ‘signs
Finally, all the corrections were through some activities associated
of moribundity of the book’.
made, and the marked-up with the publication of the seventh
formatted version went back to I am pleased to report that it edition.
the president. He was remarkably seems likely that the letter on
For a couple of reasons, we’ve
civil and made all the changes, thesis editing (see January 2002
decided to change the title of the
sending it back for a final proof newsletter) sent by the Council of
new edition. Previous editions were
read.We sent it to another Australian Societies of Editors
called Freelance Editors in Canberra.
member, Louise Oliver, for an (CASE) to the Australian Vice-
The new edition is entitled
independent proof read. Chancellors’ Committee (AVCC)
Canberra Society of Editors’ Register
will be considered by the AVCC at
The new edition of the freelance of Freelance Editors.We’ve done this
its meeting in March.We await,
register will go to the printer very for two reasons. First, when we
with enlightened self-interest, the
soon. Its preparation has been a talk about the document, we
Committee’s response.
long process but an interesting invariably refer to it as the
Coincidentally, at least some
one. It has helped me to appreciate ‘freelance register’, so that term
members of the society will have
the work that Peter Judge does should surely be in the title.
received a long email message from
almost every day on the web site. Second, 9 (i.e. 15 per cent) of the
an agency called HDRhorizons,
58 editors in the register are not
Margaret Pender offering to broker work for them
‘in Canberra’.
in thesis editing. I imagine that
Packet warnings CASE might develop some opinion Also imminent is publication of the
Noted on a packet of Strepsils: on the proposed service in due new edition of the Australian
‘Do not use if foil seal is course but, in the interim, Government’s Style Manual, which
broken’. Likewise, on a packet of individual members will, if they has been being laboured on by
Panadol tablets: ‘Use only if all wish, respond to it as they see fit. Loma Snooks and her team for
seals are intact’. The important thing to keep in some years.The word is that it will
But you have to break these
mind is that CASE is not against be appearing towards the end of
seals to use the contents. Could
thesis editing, but rather is seeking
to ensure that everyone involved cont’d on page 4
the warnings be better worded?

The Canberra Editor Volume 11 • Number 2 • February 2002

President’s column National notes the job. In the conference survey,

66% of responders had taken
specialist professional courses, and
this month.The Canberra Chapter At least three surveys of interest to all but one responder had at least a
of the Australian Graphic Design editors were run during 2001: the first degree in something.
Association has asked if our Society of Editors (NSW), Inc.,
surveyed its members; there was a Hourly rates vary but appear fairly
members would like to join its
survey at the joint national comparable. In NSW, proofreading
members at a dinner to celebrate
conference of editors and indexers cost $20 to $80 at the time of
the great event, at which Loma
in April; and in July, our own society survey, with 83% of responders
(editor extraordinaire) and David
surveyed our members’ attitudes to charging $20 to $49, while in the
Whitbread (graphic designer
several issues to be discussed by conference survey, proofreading
extraordinaire, and a member of
CASE.The NSW survey results were cost $33 per hour on average. In
the Snooks team) would speak.We
published in that society’s newsletter, NSW, the range of rates for copy-
said ‘Yes, of course’.The dinner will
Blue Pencil, in November 2001; the editing was $12.50 to $80, with
be held on 29 May, the date of our
conference survey results can be 77% of responders charging $30 to
normal May meeting. More details
read on our web site, $59, and for substantive editing the
as they come to hand.
<www.editorscanberra.org>, and our range was $12.50 to $200, with
I mentioned in January that the Canberra society survey results 74% of responders charging $30 to
accreditation working group of were published in the August 2001 $69.The conference survey average
CASE would be beginning its issue of the newsletter. for all editing tasks was $49 per
labours this year and that we hour, ranging from $15 to $130.
should try to help it overcome the The NSW survey results come from For project management, the NSW
high barriers it faces. Maybe one approximately one-third (92) of the survey responders charged $40 to
thing we could do is point up the society’s members. According to the $200 per hour, while the conference
high real or potential cost of newsletter report, the responders survey average was $58 per hour.
errors, as against the much smaller ‘provide a reasonably good
representative sample of the Should editors develop an
cost of preventing them. As an
membership’.The conference survey accreditation program? NSW
example of this, I mention that on
received 49 responses from editors, responders appear to say ‘No’—
Adelaide Avenue there are two
and they were from all the states fewer than 10% of responders give
humungous road signs containing,
and territories.The Canberra survey this matter high priority and 17%
among other things, directions to
collected 23 responses from about rank it as ‘unacceptable’, although it
‘Calthorpes’ House’. Let’s assume
160 members. also seems that 78 of the 92
for the moment that I am correct
responders are not opposed to
in thinking that this should more
Comparing work characteristics, in accreditation.The Canberra survey
correctly be ‘Calthorpe’s House’.
the NSW survey 92% of responders response was 78% in favour of a
A friend of mine in the business
work as editors and 72% work system of accreditation. In the
tells me that such signs cost about
freelance (slightly more than in the conference survey, 14% (7/49)
$5000 each to make and install,
society as a whole). Of the commented on the importance of
surely reason enough to check that
responders, 53% work in book editors’ societies developing
they say things correctly.
publishing. For the conference accreditation.
I’m glad that the silly season is just survey, all responders were editors
and 66% were freelance. Participation on CASE is also
about over and that the stand-in
poorly supported by NSW survey
(surely they must be) headline
In training and experience, according respondents: fewer than 10% give it
writers for the local organ will
to its 2001 database, 48% of the high priority for their society, and
return to their normal duties. A
NSW Society editors have over 10 there is ‘a small but significant core
recent motoring column had a
years of experience, and 21% have 6 of opposition’.The Canberra
headline about a ‘salivating sports
to 10 years of experience.Very survey, on the other hand, took it
car’ [sic]. Good grief! Oil leaks we
similar results were found in the as read that our society would
can deal with, but a car that
conference survey: 48% and 23%, participate in CASE, and 86% of
respectively.Training for NSW our responders agreed that CASE
editors has been in-house (64%) and needs continuity of ‘memory’, in
Ed Highley otherwise (64%), according to their the form of either a paid
survey results. Also, 29% of them coordinator or long-standing
have a degree or diploma in editing membership.
and publishing, and 32% trained on
Ann Milligan

The Canberra Editor Volume 11 • Number 2 • February 2002

By the way... New members

‘Oh, for an editor! There are many (remember George Maher and
This month the society welcomes
times when I read my newspaper, John Wild and their wonderful
Denise Talent as a new associate
or the instructions on a form, or a double act at the July 2000
member, and the following six
textbook, or even a pamphlet from meeting?) for permission to quote
people as new full members.
my bank or insurance company, and this, which came originally from the
wish someone had bothered to Letters to the Editor page of The Jodi Hughes is an in-house editor
edit what I read. Mind you, if they Times, London: who has worked on reports,
had, I wouldn’t have had as many Having recently considered Internet content and guidelines,
giggles as I get out of trying to applying for a new credit card, I particularly about health and aged
make sense of public documents. felt I should do the right thing care.
Here are just a few examples. and reacquaint myself with the
Terms and Conditions under the Susan Hampton is a freelance
First, an old one adapted from an Credit Act 1974. Where better writer and literary editor who has
advertisement in The Canberra to start than with the General written seven books, taught
Times, and quoted in my book Notes? university writing courses, been
Effective Writing: Plain English at writer-in-residence at universities
‘18.1 Even if you have no right
Work: in Canberra,Wagga, Darwin and
to cancel this Agreement under
‘Account Statement’ means a the Consumer Credit Act 1974, Armidale, and edited several books
printed statement setting out you will have the same right to including Stravinsky's Lunch by
the essential details of those cancel this Agreement, and the Drusilla Modjeska.
transactions effected on a same responsibilities if you
cardholder’s account during the cancel this agreement, as if you Aedeen Cremin is a freelance
period to which the statement is have a right to cancel this heritage consultant who has been
expressed to refer and of which Agreement under the Act.’ the coordinating editor of, and a
transactions the Company is contributor to, eight books on
aware, together with such The comment from the writer of aspects of Australian history and
adjustments (if any) as the the letter is ‘Is it just me?’ and well pre-history.
Company believes are necessary might he ask!
to properly reflect transactions Ronald Hohenhaus is self-
effected during a period prior to Finally, in my capacity as a JP, I was employed, but has previously edited
that to which the statement is asked to witness a statutory Wildlife Australia magazine among
expressed to refer and which declaration the other day by a other publications, and a web site.
were omitted or improperly young couple from one of the
recorded on the statement for embassies in Canberra.They Liz Crowley is a freelance editor
that prior period and such arrived with the document already and former public servant who has
further entries as the Company signed and I had to ask them to edited numerous government
may pursuant to these Rules be sign it again because the instruction publications.
authorised to make. in the document is ‘Sign here Lindy Shultz is a full-time editor
One sentence—99 words— before a Justice of the Peace’.Well, and designer at ANU where she
grammatically correct—totally that’s what they thought they had produces an academic journal,
unreadable.Why? It’s too long for done—signed it ‘before’ turning up information bulletins and annual
one sentence, it uses too many at my house to have it witnessed. reports and looks after a web site.
passive verbs, there are many But ‘before’ also means ‘in the
qualifications of the initial presence of’, doesn’t it! Nasty trap
statement, and it uses unfamiliar for people with English as a second Answers to quiz
words. Not very helpful as an language. (see page 8)
‘explanation’ to credit-card Moral: Write or edit down to 5. Republic of China. Formosa.
holders. shorter, understandable 4. (a) 10–12. (b) 1012.
Another example came to light just sentences that use un- 3. eXtensible Markup Language.
recently in the emailed Weekly ambiguous words.
2. 90 cm.
update from the Plain English Elizabeth Murphy
Campaign (UK) Brewer.
<pecampaign@aol.com> and I am Fable compiled by E.C.
1. A Dictionary of Phrase and
indebted to the folk there

The Canberra Editor Volume 11 • Number 2 •February 2002

Nautical niceties stored in a small space. Shakes had

very little value.
News and notes
A list of words and phrases with their Reproduced, with permission, from
Catchword, the newsletter of the
Newsletter matters
origins, that Shauna Ellis (of the
Tasmanian society) found in the Society of Editors (Tasmania) Inc., We are grateful to new member
Tasmanian Fishing News. December 2001–January 2002. Lindy Shultz for taking on the
Thank you also to Shauna Ellis, and layout and production of the
Slush fund to Mike Stevens of Tasmanian newsletter, starting with this issue.
Fishing News. Many thanks to Pete Martensz who
A slushy slurry of fat was obtained
has stepped out of the production
by boiling or scraping the empty
salted meat storage barrels.This A job editor’s shoes after two years.The
newsletter’s former editor, Ed
stuff was often sold ashore by the
Highley, and its current editors are
ship’s cook for the benefit of An editor is needed to produce a indebted to Pete for his patience,
himself or the crew.The money so newsletter, an annual report, care, persistence and good humour.
derived became known as a slush brochures and other publications
fund. for Australian Women in Style news
Footloose Agriculture Ltd (AWiA).
Many of our members receive the
The bottom portion of a sail is The job commences 1 April 2002, free newsletters Australian Style
called the foot. If it is not secure, it and applications close 28 February. (from Dictionary Research Centre)
is footloose and dances randomly For complete position description, and Stylewise (‘communicating
in the wind. terms of contract and selection Commonwealth style and best
criteria, contact Lou Rankin, practice’). However, new members
No room to swing a cat Administration Manager don’t automatically go on the
The entire ship’s company was rankins@winshop.com.au, phone mailing lists to receive them.
required to witness flogging at (07) 5533 3537. This position is
based in Queensland but the To add your name (or the name of
close hand.The crew might crowd a friend) to the mailing list for both
around so that the Bosun’s Mate successful applicant can work
remotely. Australian Style and Stylewise (hard
might not have enough room to copy), send your request and
swing his cat-o’-nine-tails. mailing address to:
Garbled Time to smile Australian Style,
Garbling was the prohibited c/- The Editor, Stylewise,
practice of mixing rubbish with the Voice recognition or Department of Communication,
cargo. A distorted, mixed up otherwise Information Technology and the
message was said to be garbled. Arts,
Michael Cook, his eagle eye ever GPO Box 1920, Canberra ACT
At loggerheads on the press, sent in the following 2601; OR
An iron ball attached to a long item from The Weekend Australian email the mailing address to:
handle was a loggerhead.When (4–5 August): ‘Yesterday The <subscribe.stylewise@finance.gov.au>.
heated it was used to seal the pitch Canberra Times ran this self-
explanatory apology for a phrase in The electronic version of Stylewise
in deck seams. It was sometimes a
its Tuesday editorial. ‘‘Most One is not available at present, because
handy weapon for quarrelling
Nation supporters are ‘average the group that produce it are in
Australians’, not ‘average astray the middle of changing
Gone by the board aliens’ as the editorial on Tuesday departments.They hope it will be
quoted the Prime Minister as up on the web again relatively
Anything seen to have gone soon. As yet there is no electronic
overboard or spotted floating past saying.The error began with voice-
recognition technology and was version of Australian Style.
the ship (by the board) was
considered lost at sea. missed by the author and the sub- Maureen Wright
No great shakes
Reproduced, with permission, from
When casks became empty they Catchword, the newsletter of the
were ‘shaken’ (taken apart) so the Society of Editors (Tasmania) Inc.,
pieces, called shakes, could be December 2001–January 2002.

The Canberra Editor Volume 11 • Number 2 • February 2002

Literary events Training news publishers, overseeing the

production of hundreds of books.
from the ACT Writers She is currently managing projects
Centre Project Management for the National Archives of
course reminder
A project management course, to The course will run from 9.30 a.m.
Publishing Literary Lunch to 1.00 p.m. at the Canberra
be run by Karen Deighton-Smith
13 February, 1–2 p.m., on Saturday 23 March, will give Business Centre, Bradfield St,
Self-Publishing Literary Lunch with members and others a great Downer. Please fill out and post
Stephen Matthews of Ginninderra opportunity to improve or update the form (on this page) promptly if
Press. Join Stephen for a one-hour their project management skills at you want to attend. Karen
lunchtime talk about his an exceptionally good price. Karen welcomes questions about
experiences and find out more has worked for a number of problems you have encountered. ❑
about why people self-publish, and
the distribution, storage and costs
involved. Bookings are essential for Project Management course
catering purposes. Call 6262 9191. Saturday 23 March, 9.30 a.m.–1.00 p.m.
Cost: $6 for members or $10 for
I wish to attend this course.
non-members, for the talk plus
gourmet sandwiches and tea or Name ..............................................
Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Email ......................
Publishing Talk and Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Printery Tour
23 February, 1–5 p.m.,
Self-Publishing Talk and Tour at Fee enclosed (tick box):
Copytalk Printery, 34 Yass Rd, Member of the Canberra Society of Editors $50 ❑
Queanbeyan. Are you thinking Non-member $90 ❑
about self-publishing your Make cheques payable to: The Canberra Society of Editors
autobiography, your family history Mail this form and your cheque to: Ms Cathy Nicoll (Training),
or your collection of poetry? Canberra Society of Editors, PO Box 3222, Manuka ACT 2603.
Knowing some basic information
before you begin will save you
many hours and dollars. Many
examples will be shown and there
will be time to ask questions of
Society history
Copytalk’s Ted and Lana, and the
opportunity to look at both digital In May 1992, the Canberra Society each for ‘Capital Letter’, ‘Capital
printing and off-set printing of Editors had its inaugural Editor’, ‘Edact’ and ‘Superscript’.
processes. Handout sheets will be meeting. Its first annual general
meeting was held on 30 September For 1992–93, the committee
given to participants, about
1992 and reported in newsletter consisted of Loma Snooks,
International Standard Book
volume 2, number 1, October president, Nigel Harding, vice-
Numbers (ISBN) and how to
1992. By then, the society had president, Sandy Paine, treasurer,
obtain barcodes. Cost: $33
more than 80 members, and 24 Maureen Wright, secretary, Roger
members and concessions; $77
members had expressed interest in Green, newsletter editor, Gregg
non-members. Bookings essential
being in the first freelance register. Berry and Peter Judge, committee
on 6262 9191.
❑ The newsletter name The Canberra
Editor was chosen at that Peter Judge compiled the first
September meeting, scoring 31 freelance register, 300 copies of
votes compared to 16 votes for which were being distributed by
‘Canberra Editor’, and nine votes April–May 1993.

The Canberra Editor Volume 11 • Number 2• February 2002

Quick quiz
1. Which reference book was first
published in 1870 by Cassell?
2. How long are the petals of the
world’s largest orchid flower: (a)
30 cm, (b) 90 cm, or (c) 10 cm?
3.What does XML stand for, in the
context of the Internet?
4.What magnitudes are represented
by these prefixes: (a) pico,
(b) tera?
5.What is the official name of
Taiwan? What was it formerly

Dates for your diary 29 May 2002 New members 5

Dinner to celebrate the new style Answers to quiz 5
13 February 2002
Self-publishing literary lunch Nautical niceties 6
(see p. 7) Contents A job 6
20 February 2002 Treasures from the World’s Great Time to smile 6
The Society’s February meeting Libraries 1
News and notes 6
23 February 2002 An iterative process: the new print
Literary events 7
Self-publishing printery tour register 1
(see p. 7) Training news 7
Packet warnings 3
23 March 2002 Society history 7
The President’s column 3
Project management course Quick quiz 8
National notes 4
27 March 2002
The Society’s March meeting By the way... 5

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1 March 2002

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