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Strategy Requirements type for independent Requirements type for customer

requirements requirements

10 LSF Make-to-stock KSL Sale from stock without

production independent
requirement reduction

11 BSF Gross planned KSL Sale from stock without

independent independent
requirements requirement reduction

20 KE Individual sales order

without consumption

25 KEK Make-to-order with

configurable material

26 KEL Make-to-order for

material variants

30 LSF Make-to-stock KL Sales order

production manufactured by lot size

40 VSF Planning with final KSV Sales order with

assembly consumption

50 VSE Planning without final KEV Make-to-order with

assembly consumption

52 VSE Planning without final KSVS Make-to-stock with

assembly consumption without
final assembly

54 VSE Planning without final KEKT Make-to-order with

assembly consumption of variant

55 VSE Planning without final KELV Make-to-order variant

assembly with consumption

56 VSE Planning without final KEKS Make-to-order with

assembly consumption of
characteristics planning

59 VSEB Planning; phantom


60 VSEV Planning the planning KEVV Individual customer with

material planning material
63 VSEV Planning the planning KSVV Make-to-stock with
material consumption of planning

65 VSEV Planning the planning ELVV Make-to-order variant

material with planning material

70 VSFB Planning for


74 VSEM Planning for

assemblies w/o final