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Software for the calculation and optimization of glass
batches and glass properties
In view of constantly rising raw material and bottles or float glass. With BatchMaker™ Suite,
energy prices, batch calculation has great a standard solution for easy and reliable cal-
economic importance for the production of culation of batch recipes and glass proper-
glass. This applies especially for the pro- ties is available for the glass industry.
duction of mass-produced products such as

Your Benefits
Fast and easy calculation of batch recipes

Reliable prediction of important glass


Quality improvement by stabilization of the

glass chemistry

Minimization of batch and energy costs

Modern and convenient user interface

Easy data exchange with laboratory and

batch plant
BatchMaker ™


Features and modules
> Definition of an arbitrary number of raw materials, cullet types and chemical components
> Administration and assignment of factories, furnaces and glass types
> Definition of nominal and limiting values for chemical analyses
> Entry of humidity, price and chemical composition for each ingredient
> Reports in HTML format with customizable templates
> Data storage in the open XML format
> Online help and comprehensive example files

Glass recipe calculation

> Definition of nominal values for chemical components
> Multiple carrier raw materials per component with definition of the mixing ratio
> Definition of evaporation factors and saturation limits for chemical components
> Fixed and variable ingredients (e.g. for cullet and refining or reducing agents)
> Automatic calculation of the raw material weights based on an amount of glass, mixer
capacity or main ingredient

Batch recipe calculation

> Manual entry and adjustment of raw material weights
> Calculation of the theoretical glass composition (synthesis)
> Calculation of the batch redox number
> Calculation of batch costs and glass price
> Recalculation based on updated analyses (correction test)
> Configurable report and export function

Batch recipe comparison

> Direct comparison of all data from an arbitrary number of batch recipes
> Configurable report function
> Data export to clipboard

Glass property prediction

> Calculation of the viscosity curve and viscosity fixed points as well as derived parameters
(working range index, processing range, devitrification index, relative machine speed)
> Calculation of thermal expansion, thermoshock resistance, density, refractive index, disper-
sion, Abbe number, chemical resistance, Young’s, shear and bulk modulus, Poisson’s ratio,
molar and specific heat, surface tension, liquidus temperature
> Calculation of the electrical conductivity of the glass melt
> Calculation and output of validity limits and error intervals
> Convenient glass property calculator for direct comparison of multiple glass types

Raw material usage calculator

> Definition of daily tonnage and period for an arbitrary number of batch recipes
> Calculation of the resulting demand for raw materials and cullet
> Data export to clipboard

Integrated file manager

> Convenient organization of all glass and batch recipes in a tree view
> Simple file loading via double-click and drag & drop
> Window manager for fast switching between program windows

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