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rain Name: P Date: April 11, 2018 SKIN IDENTIFY IT Write an “E” next to statements that describe the epidermis, a “D" next to statements that describe the dermis, and an next to statements that describe the hypodermis. Reptiles aren't the only creatures to shed their skin - humans get a whole new set of cells in this layer every 3-5 weeks. During a game of basketball on the playground, the glands in this layer go to work to cool your body. That tan you're sporting must be from staying out in the sun for too long, which causes the cells in this layer to go into overdrive. Prom is just a few days away and a pimple just popped up here! Don't slap yourself on the forehead, you don't have this kind of skin there! Thanks to this layer, you can walk around barefoot on the hot concrete of your driveway. Brrr! Good thing you've got plenty of fat stored up here for the winter. Plucking out a hair might cause some pain in the cells found here. ‘Who needs hair conditioner when we've got sebum being produced here? THINK ABOUT IT In your opinion, what's the worst skin problem kids have to deal with, and why? 7959-2018 BrainPOP, Al nants reserved Is us a Rp] /wn bralnpep.ca