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Army Reforms in India

 D.B. Shekatkar Committee was formed for Army Reforms which

was headed by Lt.Gen.D.B.Shekatkar (Retd), constituted by
defence minister.
 It was formed in 2015 to recommend measures to enhance combat
capability and rebalance defence expenditure of armed forces.

 There are about 1 million soldiers in Indian Army whose
retirement age should be increased by 2 years, which will help
army save a significant amount of pensions and training of
personnel. The minimum serving age for a jawan should be 17
years which will solve problem of reemployment and reduce cost
of training. Almost 60,000 jawans retire every year.
 Military Farms should be abolished. This recommendation is
already been implemented, under which 39 military farms are to be
 The role of DRDO, Defence Estates, Defence Accounts and
Ordnance Factory Board are to be reorganized.
 Committee has also suggested ‘optimizing’ non-combat arms in
the army such as supply corps, ordnance and electrical and
mechanical engineers who service cars and heavy vehicles.
 NCC is suggested to be restructured under Ministry of Human
Resource rather than under MoD.
 There should be a joint services war college which will conduct
course of 1 year for all the forces and also a tri-service Intelligence
should be made.
 There should be a 4 star Chief of Defence Staff who will be a
single point advisor to the defence minister on military matters.


 If the recommendations are implemented within next 5 years, the

govt can save upto 25000 crore from current expenditure.


 65 out of 99 recommendations are given approval by Defence

Minister Arun Jaitley which are to be implemented by 2019


 Agencies are to be hired for EME.

 Military farms and army postal establishment are benn closed.
 Efficiency of NCC