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A projectile is launched upward from level ground at

PHILIPPINES an angle of 60° with the horizontal. It has an initial
PHYSICS COMPETENCY EXAM velocity of 45 m/s. How long will it take before the
projectile hits the ground?
NAME_____________________STUDENT A. 7.94 s C. 10.3 s
NO._________ B. 5.36 s D. NOTG
DIRECTIONS: PROVIDE THE COMPLETE 12. A man standing at a window 5 meters tall watches a
SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS. falling ball pass by the window in 0.3 seconds. From
how high above the top of the window was the ball
1. A car travels 100 miles to city A in 2 hours, and then released?
travels 200 miles to city B in 3 hours. What is the A. 11.8 m C. 30.36 m
average speed of the car for the trip? B. 20.6 m D. NOTG
A. 45 mph C. 60 mph 13. A car starting from rest moves with a constant
acceleration of 10 mi/hr2 for 1 hour, then decelerates
B. 80 mph D. NOTG at a constant 5 mi/hr2 until it comes to a stop. How far
2. The position of a particle moving along the x-axis is has it travelled?
given by x(t) = t2-t+8, where x is in units of feet, and A. 20 mi C. 15 mi
t is in seconds. Find the velocity of the particle when B. 30 mi D. NOTG
t is 5 seconds. 14. A stream flows at 3 mph. At what angle upstream
A. 9 ft/sec C. 5 ft/sec should a boat travelling at 8 mph be launched in
B. 11 ft/sec D. NOTG order to reach the shore directly opposite to the
3. If a particle’s position is given by the expression x(t) launch point?
= 3.4t3-5.4t meters, what is the acceleration of the A. 4° C. 10°
particle after 5 second? B. 22° D. NOTG
A. 65 m/s2 C. 60 m/s2 15. A 3 kg block is moving at a speed of 5m/s. What is
B. 102 m/s 2
D. NOTG the force required to bring the block to a stop in
4. A car starts from rest and moves with a constant 0.0008 seconds?
acceleration of 6 m/s2. What is the speed of the car A. 54 kN C. 18.8 kN
after 4 seconds? B. 4.4 kN D. NOTG
A. 24 m/s C. 35 m/s 16. An object is launched at 45 to the horizontal on level
B. 30 m/s D. NOTG ground. What is the range of the projectile if its initial
5. A car starts from rest and has a constant acceleration velocity is 180 ft/sec?
of 3ft/s2. What is the average velocity during the first A. 1000 ft C. 117.35 ft
10 seconds of motion? B. 45.60 ft D. NOTG
A. 30 ft/s C. 15 ft/s 17. A projectile leaves a velocity of 50 m/s at an angle of
B. 20 ft/s D. NOTG 30° with the horizontal. Find the maximum height
6. A truck increases its speed uniformly from 13km/hr that it could reach?
to 50 km/hr in 25 seconds. What is the acceleration of A. 31.86 m C. 17.26 m
the truck? B. 25.90 m D. NOTG
A. 0.536 m/s2 C. 0.156 m/s2 18. A plane dropped a bomb at an elevation of 1000
B. 0.411 m/s 2
D. NOTG meters from the ground intended to hit the target at an
7. A bicycle moves with a constant deceleration of elevation of 200 meters from the ground. if the plane
2ft/s2. If the initial velocity of the bike was 10 ft/s, was flying at a velocity of 300 km/hr, at what
how far does it travel in 3 seconds? distance from the target must the bomb be dropped to
A. 35 ft C. 53 ft it the target?
B. 21 ft D. NOTG A. 2100.5 m C. 3153.8 m
8. A ball is dropped from a height of 60 meters above B. 1064.2 m D. NOTG
the ground. How long does it take to hit the ground? 19. A car of mass 1000 slugs accelerates in 10 seconds
A. 2.5 sec C. 3.5 sec from rest at a constant rate to a speed of 20 ft/sec.
B. 1.5 sec D. NOTG What is the resultant force on the car due to this
9. A man driving a car at 45 mph suddenly sees an acceleration?
object in the road 60 feet ahead. What constant A. 1000 lbf C. 3000 lbf
deceleration is required to stop the car in this B. 2000 lbf D. NOTG
distance? 20. A ball is dropped onto a solid floor from an initial
A. 43.3 ft/s2 C. 36.3 ft/s2 height, h0. If the coefficient of restitution is 0.90, how
B. 23.2 ft/s 2
D. NOTG high will the ball rebound?
10. A ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial A. 0.81h0 C. 0.45h0
speed of 80 ft/sec. How long will it take for the ball B. 1.80h0 D. NOTG
to return to the thrower? 21. A 16 grams mass is moving at 30cm/s while a 4 gram
A. 4.97 sec C. 1.36 sec mass is moving in an opposite direction at 50 cm/s.
B. 10.56 sec D. NOTG they collide head on and stick together. their velocity
after collision is
A. 0.14 cm/s C. 0.45 cm/s 32. A stationary observer hears a siren approaching. the
B. 0.28 cm/s D. NOTG siren has a sound frequency of 700 Hz, and is
22. A 60 ton rail car moving at 1 mi/hr is instantaneously approaching the observer at 50 mph. what is the
coupled to a stationary 40 ton rail car. What is the frequency heard by the observer? assume the velocity
speed of the coupled car? of sound of air is 1087 ft/sec.
A. 0.9 mph C. 0.6 mph A. 120 Hz C. 512 Hz
B. 0.1 mph D. NOTG B. 750 Hz D. NOTG
33. Three forces 20, 30, 40 N respectively are in
equilibrium. Find the largest angle they make with
each other?
A. 104.48° C. 234.48°
B. 14.48° D. NOTG
23. A 10 g block slides with a velocity of 20 cm/s on a 34. Two forces of 20 unit and 30 units act at right angle.
smooth level surface and makes a collision with a What is the magnitude of the resultant force?
30g block moving in the opposite direction with a A. 20 units C. 36 units
velocity of 10 cm/s. if the collision is perfectly B. 15 units D. NOTG
elastic, what is the velocity of the 30 g block after the 35. What is the magnitude of the resultant force of the
collision? two forces 200 N at 20° and 400 at 144°?
A. 10 cm/s C. 30 cm/s A. 350 N C. 332.5 N
B. 5 cm/s D. NOTG B. 201 N D. NOTG
24. A 60 ton rail car moving at 1 mi/hr is coupled to a 36. A 100 kg weight rest on a 30° incline plane.
second stationary car. if the velocity of the two cars Neglecting friction, how much pull must one exert to
after coupling is 1 ft/s and the coupling is completed bring the weight up the plane?
A. 50 kg C. 75 kg
in 0.5 second, what is the average impulsive force on
B. 100 kg D. NOTG
the 60 ton rail car? 37. A block weighing 500 kN rest on a ramp inclined at
A. 3478.51 lbf C. 2648.35 lbf 25° with the horizontal. The force tending to move
B. 9863.32 lbf D. NOTG the block down the ramp is
25. The voltage drop across a device is 50 volts, and the A. 235 kN C. 105 kN
current drawn is 30 A. The power rating of this B. 211 kN D. NOTG
device is? 38. A man exerts a maximum pull of 1000 N but wishes
A. 1 h C. 5.02 hp to lift a new stone door his cave weighing 20000 N.
B. 2.01 hp D. NOTG If he uses a lever, how much closer must the fulcrum
26. A charge of 0.75 coulombs passes through a wire be to the stone than to his hand?
every 15 seconds. What is the current in the wire? A. 10 times nearer C. 15 times
A. 0.05 A C. 11.25 A nearer
B. 0.03 A D. NOTG B. 20 times nearer D. NOTG
27. What is the speed of light through a glass whose 39. A beam rests on a fulcrum, 1.2m from one end. A
index of refraction is 1.33? weight of 350 kg is suspended from this end causing
A. 3.11x108 m/s C. 2.26x108 m/s the beam to balance. If the weight of 350 kg is
B. 1.29x10 m/s D. NOTG suspended on the opposite end of the beam, it is
28. What is the index of refraction of a material if the necessary to suspend 1000 kg weight on the first end
speed of light through the material is 2.37x108 m/s? in order to balance. Find the length of the beam.
A. 1.35 C. 1.27 A. 2.48 m C. 3.43 m
B. 1.56 D. NOTG B. 2.45 m D. NOTG
29. An object 6 centimeters high is placed 12 centimeters 40. A 40 kg block is resting on an inclined plane making
away from a concave mirror whose focal length is 36 an angle of 20° from the horizontal. if the coefficient
centimeters. What is the height of the image? of friction is 0.60, determine the force parallel to the
A. 5 cm C. 9 cm incline that must be applied to cause impending
B. 3 cm D. NOTG motion down the plane.
30. A magnifying glass has a plastic lens with an index of A. 87 N C. 54 N
refraction of 5.4 and radii of curvature of 2.95 feet B. 23 N D. NOTG
and 4.27 feet for the two faces. What is the 41. A 250 lb block is initially at rest on a flat surface that
is inclined at 30°. if the coefficient of kinetic friction
magnification of the lens when it is held 2.36 inches
is 0.30 and the coefficient of static friction is 0.40,
from an object being viewed? find the force required to start the block moving up
A. 1.98 C. 1.12 the plane.
B. 1.53 D. NOTG A. 120 lb C. 351 lb
31. What is the photon energy associated with green-blue B. 212 lb D. NOTG
light of wavelength 500 nanometers?
A. 2x10-19 J C. 4x10-19 J
B. 6x10 J D. NOTG
c. 1.74 d. 1.84
8. A man standing on a roof of a building 30 m high
throws a ball vertically downward with an initial
velocity of 5m/s. What is the velocity of the ball as it
strikes the ground?
a. 20.76 m/s b. 22/76 m/s
c. 24.76 m/s d. 26.76 m/s
40 
9. A shell is fired at an angle above the horizontal
at a velocity of 300 m/s. What is the time of flight?
a. 39 s b. 41 s
c. 43 s d. 45 s
10. A rifle with a muzzle velocity of 200m/s is fired with
its barrel horizontal at a height of 1.5 m above the
ground. How far away from the rifle does the bullet
strike the ground?
a. 100 m b. 110 m
COMPETENCY EXAM c. 120 m d. 130 m
PHYSICS 11. A 60-g tennis ball approaches a racket at 15m/s,is in
contact with the racket for 0.005 s, and rebounds at
1. A 200 lb man hangs from the middle of a tightly 20m/s.Find the average force that the racket exerted
stretched rope so that the angle between the rope and on the ball?
5 a. –420 N b. –450 N
the horizontal direction is . Calculate the tension c. –480 N d. –510N
of the rope? 12. An empty truck whose mass is 2000 kg has a
a. 1104 lb b. 1147 lb maximum acceleration of 1m/s2. What is the
c. 1205 lb d. 1250 lb maximum acceleration be when it carries load of
2. Two men lift the ends of a 20ft beam weighing 200 lb 1000 kg?
onto their shoulder. Both men are of the same height a. 0.5m/s2 b. 0.67 m/s
so that the beam is carried horizontally, but one is c. 0.75 m/s d. 1m/s2
much stronger and wishes to bear 50% more of the 13. A weight of 50 lb and another of 30lb are suspended
weight than his mate. How far from the end of the by a rope on either side of a frictionless pulley. What
beam should he put his shoulder? is the acceleration of each weight?
a. 1.5 ft b. 2 ft a.8 ft/s b. 9 ft/s2
c. 2.75 ft d. 3.33 ft c.10 ft/s d. 12 ft/ s2
3. A 20 kg child and 30 g child sit at the opposite ends 14. A 3200lb car is slowed down uniformly from
od4-m seesaw that is pivoted at its center. How many 60mphto 15 mph along a level road by a force
meters from the 20 kg child should another 20-kg of1100lb. How far does it travel while being slowed
child sit in order to balance the seesaw? down?
a. 0.5 m b. 0.75 m a. 330 ft b. 440 ft
c. 1.0 m d. 1.25 m c. 50 ft d. 660 ft
4. A door 7 ft high and 3 ft wide has hinges at the top 15. A 500 kg bucket is raised and lowered in a vertical
and bottom of one edge. Each hinge supports half of mine shaft using a cable. Determine the upward force
the 40-lb weight of the door. Find the horizontal exerted by the cable when the upward acceleration is
components of the door exerted on each hinge. 4 m/2.
a. 8.6 lb b. 9.6 lb a. 4900N b. 5900 N
c. 10.6 lb d. 11.6 lb c. 6900 N d. 790N
5. An automobile traveling at a speed of 30 mph 16. What is the acceleration at a point on a rim of a
accelerates uniformly to a speed of 60 mph 10 flywheel0.90 m in diameter, turning at a rate 120 mph
seconds. How far does the automobile travel during a. 5700 m/s b. 6200 m/s
the time of acceleration? c. 6600 m/ d. 7100 m/s
a. 330 ft b. 440 ft 17. A train whose speed is60 mph rounds a curve whose
c. 550 ft d. 660 ft radius of curvature is 484 ft. What is the acceleration
6. During a takeoff roll, a jumbo jet is accelerating at in ft/s?
4m/s2. If it requires 40 s to reach takeoff speed, a. 12 b. 13.5
determine the takeoff speed? c. 15 d. 16
a. 160 m/s b. 180 m/s 18. What is the minimum coefficient of static friction
c. 200 m/s d. 220m/s required of a curvature car traveling at 60 kph to
7. The turntable of a record player is accelerated from make a level turn 40m in radius?
rest to a speed of 33.3 rpm in 2 seconds. What is the a. 0.65 b. 0.68
angular acceleration in radian per second square? c. 0.71 d. 0.75
a. 1.54 b. 1.64
19. The coefficient of static friction between s car’ s fire 18 C 28 C
and a certain concrete road is 0.99 when the road is a. b.
dry and 0.7 when the road is wet. If the car can safely 32 C 35 C
make a certain turn at 50kph an dry day, what is the c. d.
maximum velocity on a rainy day? 40 
a. 35 kph b. 37.5khh 29. 5 kg of water at is poured on a block of ice at
c. 40 kph d. 42 kph 0C
20. A 10-g bullet has a velocity of 600m/swhen it leaves . How much ice melts?
the barrel of a riffle. If the barrel is 60 m long, find a. 1 kg b. 1.5 kg
the average force on the shell while it is no barrel? c. 2 kg d. 2.5 kg
a. 3000 N b. 3500 N 20 C
c. 4000 N d. 4500 N
30. A total of 0.8 kg of water at is placed in 1 kW
21. A rubber ball is dropped on a floor from a height of 5
electric kettle. How long a time is needed to raise the
m. If the coefficient of restitutions is 0.7, find the
100 C
height of the which ball rebounds?
a. 2.45 m b. 2.75 m temperature of water to .
c. 3.25 m d. 3.5 m a. 3.5 min b. 4.5 min
22. A 40 kg skater traveling at 4 m/s overtakes a 60 kg c. 5.5 min d. 6.5 min
skater traveling at 2 m/s in the same direction and 90 C
collides with him. If the two skaters remain in 31. In preparing a tea, 600 g of water at is poured
contact, what is their final velocity? into 200 g china pot whose specific heat capacity is
a. 2.4 m/s b. 2.65 m/s C 20 C
c. 2.8 m/s d. 3 m/s 840J/kg and temperature of . What is the
23. A 5 kg rifle fires a 15 g bullet at a muzzle velocity of final temperature of water?
600 m/s. Find the recoil velocity of the rifle. 81 .6C 83 .6C
a. –1.8 m/s b. –2.25 m/s a. b.
c. –2.5 m/s d. –3 m/s 85 .6C 87 .6C
24. A 200 g of water is mixed to 300 g of alcohol whose c. d.
density is 790kg/ m3. Calculate the specific gravity of 0.5C
the total mixture. 32. Two charges, one of + and the other of
a. 0.675 b. 0.862 0 .2  C
c. 0.912 d. 1.0
25. A 72 kg man jumps off a raft whose base area is 4 m 2 , attract each other with a force of 100 N.
floating in a freshwater lake. By how much does the How far apart are they?
raft rise? a. 3 mm b. 4 mm
a. 1.8 cm b. 2.0 cm c. 30 mm d. 40 mm
c. 2.25cm d. 2.5 cm 33. A 12 V storage battery is being charged at a rate of
26. The density of ice is 920 kg/m 3 and that of seawater 15C/s. how much power is being used to charge the
is 1030 kg/m3. What percentage of the volume of an battery?
iceberg is submerged? a. 150 W b. 180 W
a. 11% b. 15 % c. 210 W d. 240 W
c. 85 % d. 89 % 34. A 100 ohm and 200 ohm resistor are connected in
27. A steel beam in a bridge extends 25 m across a small series with a 40 V power source. How much power is
stream. What is the change in length from the winter, dissipated by the 100 ohm resistor?
20  a. 1.78W b. 2.25W
c. 3.28W d. 3.55W
when the temperature is C, to the summer when
20 
37 
35. A wire has a resistance of 30 ohm at C. What is
it is C. The coefficient of linear expansion of
80 
-6 the resistance at C assuming that the temperature
steel is 12x10 / .
20 
a. 17mm b. 19 mm
c. 21mm d. 23 mm coefficient of resistance is 0.00385 at C?
20 C a. 33.93 ohms b. 34.93 ohms
c. 35.93 ohms d. 36.93 ohms
28. At , an aluminum rod and a copper rod have
36. A wire has a resistance of 5 ohms. What will be the
the same lengths f 1.85m. To what temperature must
resistance of another wire of the same material three
they be heated to differ in length by 0.02 cm? The
times as long and half the cross sectional area?
coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum and
a. 30 ohms b. 25 ohms
C C
c. 28 ohms d. 60 ohms
copper are is 16.8 x10-6 / and 24x10-6 , 25 
37. A 10-ohm resistor, 2 H conductor and F
capacitor are connected in series. What current will
be drawn if the circuit is connected across a 200 V, 60 45. The index of refraction of diamond is 2.42. What is
Hz supply? the velocity of light in the diamond in m/s?
a. 0.15 A b. 0.23 A a. 1.24 x 108 b. 1.24 x 108
c. 0.31 A d. 0.47 A c. 3 x 108 d. 7.28 x 108
38. Five 1.5 V cells are connected in series. If the internal 46. A beam of light in air falls on a glass surface of an
resistance of each cell is 0.25 ohm, what external 20 
resistance will produce a current of 2 A through the angle of incidence of .If the angle of refraction in
cells? 12 .4
a. 1.75 ohms b. 2.25 ohms the glass is , what is the index of refraction of
c. 2.5 ohms d. 3 ohms the glass?
39. Find the length in meters of a simple pendulum a. 1.5 b. 1.59
whose period is 2 seconds? c. 1.66 d. 1.72
a. 0.8 b. 1.0 47. The water in the swimming pool is 2m deep. How
c. 1.2 d. 1.5 deep does it appear to be someone looking down it if
40. A 100 g object is suspended from a spring whose the index of refraction of water is 1.33?
force constant is 50N/m. What is its frequency? a. 1.33 m b. 1.5 m
a. 3.56Hz b. 4.56 Hz c. 1.75 m d. 2 m
c. 5.56 Hz d. 6.56 Hz 48. A doughnut 3 inches in diameter is places 24 inches
41. How many times more intense is a 50 dB sound than from a converging lens whose focal length is 16
a 40 dB sound? inches. What is the size of the image?
a. 1.25 b. 10 a. –4 in b. –6 in
c. 100 d. 1000 c. 3 in d. 5 in
42. Calculate the fundamental frequency of vibration of 49. A planoconcave lens has one plane surface and one
the A-string of a violin, whose mass is 0.30 g and concave surface. If the planoconcave lens of focal
length is 33 cm and is stretched under a tension of length of –10cmis to be ground from optical glass of
77N? index of reaction, find the radius of curvature of the
a. 220 Hz b. 310 Hz surface.
c. 390 Hz d. 440 Hz a. –5 cm b. –10 cm
43. The siren of a fire engine has a frequency of 500 Hz. c. 5cm d. 10 cm
If the fire engine approaches a stationary car at 50. Glycerin has an index of reaction of 1.47. Find the
20m/s, what frequency does a person in a car hear? focal length in glycerin of a lens made of flint
a. 471 Hz b. 500 Hz glass(n= 1.63) whose focal length in air is 10 cm.
c. 531 Hz d. 565 Hz a. 11 cm b. 23cm
44. The siren of a stationary fire engine has frequency of c. 39 cm d. 58
50o Hz. If a car drives away from it at 20m/s, what
frequency does a person in the car hear?
a. 471 Hz b. 500 Hz
c. 531 Hz d. 565 Hz