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Documentation of Coursework

Language Oriented Instruction

ASL 1010 - Introduction to the basics of American Sign Language and
its history and culture. Introduced me to the ASL alphabet and some
basic signs and sentences.
ASL 1020 – Continuation of ASL 1010 and culture to develop further
communicative competencies. Introduced me to further ASL vocabulary
and the various numerical structures.
ASL 2010 – Continuation of ASL 1020. Covers additional vocabulary,
sentences, and grammar structures. Focused on conversational and
receptive skills as well as a basic understanding of Deaf culture.
Introduced me to ASL narratives.
ASL 2020 – Continuation of ASL 2010, concentrating on intermediate
conversational and discourse skills using ASL, more complex ASL
grammar, reading comprehension, and composition of short stories,
narratives, and dialogues with an emphasis on topics related to the
Deaf community. Introduced me to the use of classifiers.
ASL 3010 – Focuses on ASL fluency, vocabulary development,
grammatical structures of ASL, use of classifiers, conversational skills,
translating written texts into ASL and vice versa. Greatly improved my
use of classifiers.
ASL 3020 – Continuation of ASL 3010. Focuses on ASL fluency,
vocabulary development, grammatical structures of ASL, use of
classifiers, and conversational skills. Greatly improved my
transliteration skills.
Other Major Classes
ASL 3050 – In-depth look into language, culture, and daily lives of
approximately one million people who use ASL as their primary
language. Traces the roots of ASL from pre-revolutionary times to
current science and knowledge and how it applies to professional fields.
Taught me the history of ASL as well as a basic introduction to Deaf
ASL 3150 – Overview of the ASL/English interpreting profession in
public schools. Includes discussions about the role, function, and
aptitudes of educational interpreters, the bilingual and bicultural
context, history of interpreting, principles of professional practice, laws
that affect educational interpreting, and analysis of the impact of the
classroom variables on accessibility and interpretability. Introduced me
to the basics of educational interpreting, and helped me determine
what my future career would be.
ASL 4010 – Primary goal is to further develop students’ understanding
and knowledge of ASL by incorporating in-depth analysis of ASL’s
historical development, linguistic structures, syntax, grammar, and
pragmatics. Introduced me to the concept of linguistics as a whole,
helped my receptive skills progress.
ASL 4020 – Continuation of ASL 4010. Primary goal is to further develop
students’ understanding and knowledge of ASL by incorporating
analysis of time concepts, variations due to region and ethnicity,
pluralization, classifiers, locatives, temporal aspects, and pronoun
usage in ASL. Furthered my understanding of sociolinguistics and
ASL 4050 – Advanced study of deaf culture and history in the United
States, including history, folklore, anthropology and sociology. Taught
me about the intersectionality that members of multiple minority
groups face.
ASL 4600 – Primary goal is to further develop students’ knowledge and
understanding of Deaf literature, folklore, and the community at large.
Introduced me to deaf authors, literary works, plays, poetry, painting,
and sculpture. Greatly improved my receptive skills.
Literature and Cultural Classes
REL 3120 – A study of the history, practices, ideas, and social
institutions associated with the variety of Indian religious traditions
commonly called “Hinduism” from their origins to the present. Gave me
a deep understanding of Hinduism and the Ramayana.
REL 3150 – A study of the origins, development, and history of the
religion of Islam and Islamic cultures from the time of the Prophet to
the present. Gave me a deep understanding of Islam and the Quran.
LANG 3000 – Introduction to the field of linguistics, including the study
of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Includes
discussion of issues pertaining to foreign language acquisition. Much of
this class was review, due to the fact that I took ASL 4010 prior to this
HIST 3670 – Examines Irish history over the past four centuries, with
particular attention to the 19th and 20th centuries. Irish political, social,
economic, and cultural history. Gave me a deep understanding of the
factors that contributed to the Irish Potato Famine and the many Irish
PHIL 1030 – Philosophical consideration of the nature of ethics, basic
ethical issues, and problems and modes of ethical reasoning.
Introduced me to the basic concepts in philosophy, and prepared me
for further philosophical instruction.
ENGL 2150 – Introduction to major contemporary cultural movements
via selected authors in the 20th- and 21st- century literature, primarily
American and British, with attention to poetry, fiction, and drama since
World War II. Greatly improved my critical reading and writing ability.
SOC 2010 - Sociological perspective: the study of contemporary
groups, organizations, and societies in terms of human social behavior,
social change, social structure, and social institutions. Gave me a basic
understanding of sociology and sociological vocabulary.

Minor Classes
EDF 3010 – Study of the legal basis, historical development,
characteristics, and functions of educational institutions in the United
States. Introduced me to numerous important court cases in relation
to education and the classroom.
EDF 3020 – Introduction to classroom use of objectives, motivation
theories, learning theories, tests and measurements, classroom
management, and knowledge of exceptional learners. Gave me a better
understanding of how to teach children.
EDF 3340 – Introduction to lifespan development. Heavy emphasis is
placed on the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive characteristics.
Includes a minimum of 5 one-hour observation-participation visits to an
elementary school. Gave me a better understanding of the
development of children and the inner workings of a classroom.
EDSP 3700 - Survey of students with disabilities and with gifts/talents.
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is emphasized, including
general educator’s role in serving students with special needs.
Characteristics, assessment, and effective instructional procedures for
students of varying exceptionalities are addressed. Gave me a better
understanding of how to instruct exceptional students.
PHIL 3040 – Study of moral problems, their origin in conflicts between
duty and desire, and alternative solutions proposed by classical and
contemporary writers. Introduced me to the concept of metaethics and
critical philosophical thinking.