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Temple Ohabei Shalom - Judaism in Motion

May 2009/Iyar-Sivan 5769
What’s Inside: 100 Blessings a Day the annual meeting is your
Page 2 Rabbi John Franken chance to stand with your
• Leadership Messages This year’s Confirmation class has selected its theme fellow congregants to set
from Pirkei Avot (a tractate of wisdom literature): “Do priorities, elect officers and
Page 3 - 4 trustees, and honor the
Worship not separate yourselves from the community.” It is a
wise choice, one that bespeaks the value our students service of outgoing ones.
• Shabbat Rishon
attach to their synagogue. TOS is theirs. They value the The annual meeting may be
• Shabbat Mishpacha
likened to Election Day -
• Rabbi Franken Installation friendships they have made, the Jewish education they
only for the synagogue
• Confirmation have acquired, and the support they have received in
their intellectual, spiritual and moral development. rather than the government.
Page 5 Attending it, in my view, is therefore one’s other
Equally, they recognize that to be in community is to be
Project For Our Future Update civic duty.
Friday Night Lights Photos in covenant with one another. They have learned how
each one of us, by our sheer presence, contributes to Finally, I would be most honored by your presence
Page 6 - 8 the well-being of our community and each other. on June 5 at my service of installation as the Rabbi
Community of Temple Ohabei Shalom. While I feel no personal
• May B’nei Mitzvah Because community is central to the ethos of TOS, in
this message I want to urge you to participate in three need to be fêted (and, in all candor, would demur if
• Todah Rabah I could), I recognize that an installation is a
• Mitzvah Day 09 important community events - our service of
significant event in the life of a congregation. It
• Congregational Trip to Israel Confirmation on May 29 (see pg, 4) our annual
meeting on June 2 (see below), and my service of affords the community the chance to come
• Community Photos
installation on June 5 (see pg. 4). together, frequently after a period of uncertainty
Page 9 and stress, to heave a collective sigh of relief,
Auxiliaries Our service of Confirmation is one of our most celebrate, and express confidence in its collective
important services of the year. It is when our young future.
Page 10 - 11 adults affirm their lifelong commitment to Judaism and
Lifelong Learning & A service of confirmation, an annual meeting, a
Ansin Religious School News the Jewish people. Is it not right and proper, then, for
the rest of us to accept their affirmation, applaud their service of installation. All are ceremonies essential
• Shari Churwin’s Message to synagogue life. I therefore hope you will join me
• End of the Year Brunch commitment, to listen to their musings, and to honor
the hard work and dedication? in affirming the maxim of Pirkei Avot and not
Page 12 separate yourself from our community. Please join
Tributes Our annual meeting bears a similar degree of communal us on May 29, June 2 and June 5!
importance. It is, after all, when we come together to
Page 13 - 14 do the business of running this storied and proud
Yizkor Elohim congregation. TOS belongs to you, its members, and

Temple Ohabei Shalom Annual Meeting

Please join the Ohabei Shalom Community on
Tuesday, June 2 at 7:00pm
for our Annual Meeting.
Celebrate another wonderful year of innovative programming, Tikkun Olam, meaningful worship
and lifelong learning. The 2009-2010 budget will be presented, new officers will be elected
and Presidential and Rabbinic reports will be given.
Light refreshments will be served.
We hope you will be able to join us for this celebratory night!
Kahal Kodesh Ohabei President’s Message
Shalom: Our Sacred Jesse Cochin
Community I don’t think it is overstating to say we have
Cantor Randall Schloss been going through the toughest economic
A temple has many names. Perhaps the time any of us have ever lived through. We
most common, in English but of Greek at TOS, like all Jewish religious centers,
origin, is synagogue. And in Hebrew, the have been hit hard and need to learn to live
synagogue is called beit k’nesset. Both with less. Nationally, the Union for Reform
synagogue and beit k’nesset have similar Judaism had to lay off nearly eighty staff
meanings, which taken literally have nothing to do with religion, members in order to survive. This caused
spirituality, holiness, prayer, or any other concepts of worship in the shut down of its regional offices. Across America, synagogues
particular. Rather, both terms mean: a place of gathering or assembly. have been struggling with unmet revenue expectations and, as
budgeting time approaches, we have to adjust our living standards to
Similarly, the roles of cantor and rabbi are not restricted to prayer or meet the new reality.
sermonizing. The term rabbi comes from the Hebrew word rav,
meaning “great.” Thus the title refers to a “great or exalted teacher or What makes us different is that we are more than just a building
sage.” Historically, a cantor’s role may have been limited to that of where we meet to pray. We are family. As a family, no one is willing
Shaliach Tzibur, meaning “emissary of the congregation.” For a to sit idly by and see any member of the family, or the family as a
modern, Reform cantor, however, the role of Shaliach Tzibur during whole, fall through the cracks and suffer harm. We care for each
worship services is only a small part of the job. other and we help each other. We are an amazing, caring group and
I am proud to be the lay head of this family.
Ultimately, we as Jews do not necessarily focus on faith and prayer as
the central elements of our Judaism. How many among us have heard In my family, if my brother is struggling, I take care of him. If I
the viewpoint, or espouse it ourselves, that “I am not religious. I am struggle, he takes care of me. At TOS we have brothers and sisters
more of a cultural Jew.” Regardless of one’s personal relationship with who are struggling. Some are having great difficulty figuring out how
prayer and God, we share a common commitment to Jewish they will pay their dues. Some are undoubtedly having trouble
community. And here at TOS, we share a specific commitment to the finding the next mortgage or rent payment.
TOS community. We can do many things to help. Here are three suggestions. First,
I want to highlight a few upcoming events that, although they coincide check in with your friends and family. Show you care by finding out
with Shabbat services, have as much to do with the strength and who needs help, and connecting those folks with the right help, be it
health of our community as they do with prayer: financial, psychosocial, or just plain neighborly. Second, if you have
been so fortunate as to be relatively unscathed by our record
• On May 1, at 7 PM the TOS Adult Choir will be joined by the
economic downturn, take care of the rest of your TOS family. That
Boston Community Choir for a festive and exciting Gospel
might mean donating above and beyond what you normally do, so
that others less fortunate can continue to be fully participating family
• On May 8, at 6 PM we honor our students and teachers at the
members. Please give more generously than ever to the Temple so
Ansin Religious School as we join together for Shabbat
that we can continue to be the fully functional family which is looked
Mishpacha: Family Shabbat.
up to by all others. Finally, assure your friends and neighbors that
• On May 29, at 7:30 PM we will celebrate the achievements of like all other hard times, these times shall pass and we will emerge
our Grade 10 students at Confirmation. vibrant and healthy, strong and secure, having done all that any
• On June 5, at 7:30 PM we officially install and welcome Rabbi family would do, to get through the hard times together.
Franken as the Rabbi and community leader of Temple
Ohabei Shalom. I want it to be understood that so long as I am president of TOS we
will NEVER turn a member away in hard times. We are all struggling
Many of these events include not just services, but dinners, onegs, to some degree. Please ask for help. We are family. We are here
receptions, etc. Please mark your calendars and call the Temple office for you.
if you have questions. So whether or not you appreciate or are
enticed by a more literal concept of a worship service, please join
your clergy, your community leaders and your community at this
house of gathering for these celebrations of our community. May Special Birthdays
Ava Berinstein Teresa Betit
William Price Andrea Haber
Heidi Zimmerman Seiger E. Albert Levine

May Special Anniversaries

Dr. Alan Fine and Dr. Carol Rosenberg
Robert & Cherise Bransfield
May Shabbat Rishon
Friday, May 1, 7:00 PM, Oneg to follow

Friday, May 1
5:45 pm
Join us as we welcome The Boston Community Activities & Service
Choir (a.k.a. The Boston Pops Gospel Choir) Montague Chapel
back to Temple Ohabei Shalom for Gospel 6:30 pm
Shabbat. Shabbat Dinner
$10, Adult
Come hear 40 voices united in song as our guest $6, Child
choir participates in this special service. Invite RSVP to Amanda, asinger@ohabei.org.
your friends and neighbors to join TOS and our
guests for this exciting Shabbat service and oneg Daily Worship Service
to follow. Please note the earlier start time for
our monthly Shabbat Rishon service, as we wish Every evening at 6:00 pm and morning at 8:00 am
(9:00am Sundays and legal holidays), a member of the
to make the evening more accommodating for all.
congregation leads a short service. There are openings
This is a service not to be missed! Please for new leaders. If this interests you, contact Ita N.
contact the TOS office, 617-277-6610 with any Wiener at 617-734-7137 or Spencer Gould at 781-
questions you may have. 329-7439.

Shabbat Mishpacha
ARS Teacher Appreciation Shabbat
May 8, 2009
5:45 pm
Join us for our end of the year Snacks and Meet & Greet
teacher appreciation Shabbat Chapel Foyer
featuring the Ansin Religious
School Students. The students 6:00 pm
are excited to show off Erev Shabbat Service
everything they’ve learned this Montague Chapel
year. This is a great opportunity
to thank your child(ren)’s 7:15 pm
teachers for all the hard work Shabbat Dinner
they do. We look forward to $15 per adult & $10 per child
seeing everyone there! RSVP required by Tuesday, May 5 to Amanda,
asinger@ohabei.org or 617-739-9200.

Please join the Ohabei Shalom Community
as we honor the Confirmation Class of 5769
Friday, May 29 at 7:30 pm, oneg to follow
Sara Atkins Daniel Hurwit
Rebekah Benjamin-Pollak Sarah Plovnick
Amelia Cochin Hannah Rimm
Elizabeth Cooley Miranda Rosenberg
Matthew D’artista Isabel Schegolev
Max Grossman Miriam Seldin-Stein
Romey Shishko Sklar

Hillel taught: Do not separate yourself from the community. (P.A. 2:4)

It is with great pleasure


that we invite you to join us

for the Installation of
John A. Franken
as Rabbi of our Congregation
at 7:30 p.m. during
Shabbat Rishon Services
on Friday, June 5, 2009,
in the Sanctuary
Festive oneg to follow
6:00 p.m.
Join us for Shabbat Dinner
Adults $20.00 Children 12 and under $15.00
RSVP by May 20
617.277.6610 or office@ohabei.org

The Project For Our Future Update
We are excited to report that construction on the Project For Our Future has finally begun! The parking lot has been
reconfigured to make room for the construction vehicles and a new curb cut has been made to allow for the continued use of
the parking lot during the construction process. The work will begin with digging a foundation for the elevator machine room
and new entryway to the chapel. This is only the first part of the work. Special foundation piles for the addition will be
drilled in a manner so as not to disturb our building’s foundation.
Our TOS staff, as well as many volunteers, have been busy cleaning the second floor of the Ansin Religious School to make
way for the classroom renovations. The work on the second floor will involve reconfiguring the classrooms, installing new
windows, and upgrading the heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The renovations will require some flexibility during the
construction phase, as we will not be able to use the second floor classrooms while we are making these improvements. We
expect to finish in plenty of time for the beginning of the school year in September.
Our fundraising efforts have gone well, although we still have a gap to close in order to complete the Project in its entirety. If
necessary, we will do the work in stages, although the most cost-effective manner of construction would be to complete the
project in one phase. If you have not gotten involved yet, now would be the optimal time!
Special thanks go to Alan Litchman, co-chair of the construction phase of the Project; to Larry Green, Ellen Harder, and
Mark Lipof for their work in chairing the fundraising portion of the Project; and to Laura Trust, for chairing the preschool
committee. We are pleased to report that interest in the new Diane K. Trust Center for Early Education has been strong and
that we have a number of eager young students already registered.

Respectfully submitted,
Len Davidson, Project Chair

Friday Night Lights: This is NOT your Bubbe’s Manischewitz

Congregants enjoyed a special pre-Passover treat at the end of March when Cantor Schloss and Eric
Rimm were the featured speakers for Friday Night Lights. Cantor Schloss spoke about the role of wine
in Judaism and Eric spoke about the latest health research regarding alcohol. As wine enthusiasts, they
led a deliciously "spirited" wine tasting after services. Thanks go to the Schloss and Rimm families for
all their preparation to ensure they brought only the very best wines for our enjoyment, as well as their
very generous donation of special wines for the evening.

Shelley Schwartz & David Seldin Amy Hozid tasting some wines

Eric Rimm & Dorothy

Lebach sampling the
selection of wines available.
Cantor Schloss & Eric Rimm, the Cantor Schloss speaking to the group.
featured speakers for the evening. 5

Mazel Tov to our B’nei Mitzvah! Todah Rabah

Joshua Bilchik, May 2, 2009
Son of Brian Bilchik & Karen Shmukler
We express our deep appreciation
Josh’s Mitzvah Project supports the Starfish
to the following individuals who
Organization in South Africa. Starfish aims have recently enriched the life of
to bring life, hope and opportunity to
children who have been orphaned or made our community:
vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.
On a recent trip to South Africa, he Shirley Spero for her exceptional
experienced first hand the magnitude of the generosity in difficult economic times.
AIDS epidemic and decided he wanted to
do something about it.
Shelley Schwartz for all of her
Noa Shishko Sklar, May 16, 2009 marketing assistance, including her
Daughter of Joel Sklar & Adrienne Shishko
recent donation of sandwich boards
Noa is working with the Room to Dream and signs.
Foundation for her Mitzvah Project. This
foundation strives to improve a sick child’s
quality of life by “improving” some part of Jewish Family and Children’s
his/her environment. Noa will be involved
in all aspects of a project, from design Service Greater Boston’s
conception to the actual room renovation. Jewish Food Pantry
Emily Kern, May 23, 2009 Temple Ohabei Shalom’s
Daughter of Steve Kern & Margie Kern
monthly contribution is
For her Mitzvah Project, Emily designed
and then commissioned ”comfort” dolls
for children in orphanages in China.
Canned Tuna, Salmon
Once the dolls were assembled and sent
back, she finished them by needle-
and Graham Crackers
barbing the eyes. All of the dolls had Donations can be brought to the synagogue and
different styles, including hairstyles and placed in the baskets by the Chapel or near the
color coordination. During April elevator. You can also write a check to the
vacation, Emily and her mom visited Sisterhood of Ohabei Shalom with “Family Table”
China to personally deliver the dolls to in the memo line or volunteer to drive our
her village’s orphanage, in Yunmeng,
contributions to the collection center in Waltham
Hubei China.
just one Sunday a year,
9:30am - 11:30am.

Mitzvah Committee If you are interested in

helping, Contact Dottie
Berman at
Your caring brings joy to those 617-277-6610 or
you visit! Thank you to the dberman@ohabei.org.
following Pesach Mitzvah visitors: New Family Table bins have been placed in
Margie Kahn, Diane Rosen, Marcia Levine, both the Rosenfield Office Building and Chapel
Rhonda & Harvey Solomon, Lois Nathan, Esther Foyers. Please help us fill them with Tuna,
Rubinovitz and Spencer Gould. Salmon & Graham Crackers!

Brookline Area Networking Group
Tuesday, May 19, 7 - 9 pm
Temple Ohabei Shalom
Join the Brookline Area Networking Group for their first monthly meeting at TOS. Under the auspices
of the Brookline Clergy Association, the goals of the group are to provide a forum for people to
network in order to advance their careers, from job seeking to gaining valuable feedback and advice on
business ideas to sales and strategy.

The guest speaker will be Recruiter and Master Networker Ken Chin. He will talk about
the essential and powerful uses of online social networking sites.
There will be two roundtable discussion opportunities during each meeting to afford
participants a chance to meet many other people and solicit/share advice. Meetings
will occur monthly at TOS and all are welcome.

Come Sing with our Choir!

From novices to experienced singers, all are welcome! Save the Date
Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in
the Chapel. Mitzvah Day 09
If you would like to participate, contact Karen Landman at Sunday, November 8
klandman@ohabei.org. For more information, contact
Cantor Schloss at rschloss@ohabei.org. Have you been wondering what happened
to Mitzvah Day?
There are so many ways to get involved at
Volunteer @ TOS

Temple Ohabei Shalom...here an opportunity We will be holding our 4th Annual

to volunteer that will help our community: Mitzvah Day on November 8, 2009. Be
Front Desk Assistance sure to mark your calendar to join the
A friendly face and warm phone manner help
make our congregation welcoming to
entire congregation in a day of mitzvot!
members, new and old! If you have time to Many of the projects from the past years will be
volunteer in the front office and assist with
greeting, answering the phone and light filing,
available, as well as some new and exciting
we would welcome your help. opportunities. As always, we can’t do this
without your help. If you are interested in being
If you can volunteer, please contact the main
office at 617-277-6610.
a Project Captain this year or helping out with
Thank you for your help! Mitzvah Day, please contact Amanda,
Congregational Trip to Israel
Led by Rabbi John Franken & Cantor Randall Schloss
December 20, 2009 - January 3, 2010
Tour Highlights:
Haifa Camel Riding Dead Sea Spa
Tel Aviv Rappelling adventure Golan Heights
Masada Desert jeep ride Jerusalem’s Old City
Bedouin Dinner Ein Gedi Meet IDF Soldiers

Trip includes roundtrip airfare, transportation, hotel accommodations, many meals, tour guide and security.

Trip guided by Keshet: The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel, www.keshetisrael.co.il. Please join us for a meeting
with Kayla Ship of Keshet on Thursday, May 7 at 6:30 pm. She will be visiting from Israel and is available to answer
questions and provide more information. Please contact TOS, 617-277-6610 for more information.

Annual Brotherhood Breakfast

Sisterhood Shabbat
Honoring Dottie Berman

Lou Goldman, Jonathan Atkins,

Torah & Haftarah readers Margie Kahn, Diane Rosen,
Mayor Cohen & Dottie Berman
Ita N. Weiner & Rhonda Solomon.

Dottie Berman & TOS

President Jesse Cochin

Harold Koritz, Sheila Cline

Honorees Betsy Gould, Ita N. Weinter & Ellen Mosner. & Dottie Berman

Brotherhood News Sisterhood News
Jonathan Atkins & Louis Goldman Betsy Gould
Our April event was the Annual Brotherhood Shabbat Service on
Saturday, April 18, 2009. The brothers who participated in the Our Sisterhood Shabbat, created by Hilda Lopez, was a spiritual
service were treated to a light continental breakfast as they reviewed masterpiece. Ellen Mosner, Ita N. Wiener and I felt very honored to
their assigned roles in the service. Immediately following the Service be given aliyaot, ark openings and beautiful bracelets due to our past
there was a Kiddush luncheon sponsored by the Brotherhood in leadership roles. Zita Samuels was eloquent as spokesperson for this
Lissner Hall. Everybody in attendance loved the service and the service. Ita N. Wiener, Margie Kahn and Diane Rosen were superb as
luncheon that followed. Torah readers, as was Rhonda Solomon chanting Haftarah. Hilda’s
D’var Torah was equally great. Yasher Koach to all the sisters, and
There will be no official Brotherhood meeting in May. There are so many thanks to Karen Landman for all her hard work.
many things going on between April and May that the Brotherhood
Executive Board has decided to forgo the May meeting. Our next event will be on Wednesday, May 6 at 7 p.m. were we will
be treated to a presentation by the first female President of Ohabei
Save the Date: Tuesday, June 9 will double as our Annual Meeting/ Shalom and three-year Sisterhood President, Sonia Ravech. In the
Dinner with election of new officers. Special speaker to follow past several years, Sonia has become a serious writer. She has written
dinner, concluding with a dessert bar. The speaker and dessert and published numerous essays and is a three year Sylvia Wolens
reception is open to the entire synagogue community. An RSVP is Jewish Heritage award-winning author. Her prize-winning stories
required for those Brotherhood members attending the dinner have been published in an anthology of Judaica. Sonia will be sharing
segment of the evening’s program. A separate RSVP is needed for with us some of her Jewish heritage stories. This event is open to the
the speaker and dessert reception to Jerry, brotherhood@ohabei.org entire synagogue. Please join us! Call Estelle Katz (617) 566-3457 if
or 617-731-5736. you need a ride.
The schedule is as follows: Save the Date: Sunday, June 14 at 3 p.m. we will have pianists
6:30 pm to 7:15 pm - Meeting will be called to order and we will Cheryl Berard and our own Julie Boris, along with special guests
hold the Annual Election of Officers during dinner. Cantor Schloss and David Sparr. Together they will orchestrate a
concert of the highest caliber. This program will include music of
7:15 pm to 7:30 pm - We will spend 15 minutes remembering our Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms and Poulenc. All are welcome!
dear friend, Ben Adler, as we transition to our speaker for the Julie’s last concert two years ago was wonderful and we are looking
evening. forward to this year’s concert. For more information, please call
7:30pm to 8:15pm - First Ben Adler Men’s Health Program, with (617) 566-0738.
special guest Dr. David Dodson.
The Book Club, led by Amy Hozid, will meet once a month on
8:15pm to 9:00pm - Dessert Reception
Sundays, from 11:30 to 1:00. For more info, look in future issues of
Dr. Dodson will speak about The Y Chromosome – Carry at Your Tidings or contact Amy Hozid at Ahozid@gmail.com, or
Own Risk. This is a pertinent and important topic for several (617) 566-1939.
reasons. Everyone needs to know what to expect in terms of men’s
It is not too early to think about Rosh Hashanah. The Sisterhood is
health issues and how they can prevent illness and disease, including
giving you an opportunity to sweeten the holiday for family and
their spouses, family and friends. This topic was also on the top of
friends, by placing your honey order early. Look for a flyer in June
Ben Adler’s wish list and he would have been happy to see this
program. Dr. Dodson graduated from the University of Ottawa
School of Medicine with Honors and did his residency in internal On a personal note, I want to thank all my synagogue friends for their
medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He did a fellowship in caring and support during my recent family tragedy of losing my
clinical nutrition at Boston Medical Center with a focus in preventive nephew, Daniel. Your kindness has helped so much.
He currently practices at the Marino Center for Integrative Health in
Wellesley. Dr. Dodson is a past president of the Charles River
District of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) and is Illness?
chairman of the Men’s Health Committee of the MMS. He also
serves on the scientific advisory panel for the Sixth World Congress Hospitalization?
on Men’s Health. This program is open to public and we urge our
members to invite their friends, families, neighbors and colleagues to Birth? Simcha?
join us for this informative and educational event!
Once again, we thank all congregants for remembering to either mail
Please let us know...
or bring in their stamped cash register receipts from the Butcherie to
the Brotherhood.
Lifelong Learning
“A Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious?”
Thursday evenings: April 30, May 7 & 14, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Rabbi John Franken will be teaching "A Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious?" at Temple
Ohabei Shalom. This program is all about showing people what is delicious about Judaism; our faith, our customs
and our community. As members of our synagogue, you are welcome to attend and we encourage you to spread the
word to friends and family members. Please see registration information below.
"A Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious?" is a free, three session program being offered for adults who would like to
explore Reform Judaism's relevance in today's world. Students are invited to learn about Jewish perspectives on
topics of spirituality, ethics and community.
These classes are designed for “beginners” with all religious backgrounds welcomed. Course content is not
dependent upon any previous knowledge about Judaism. In the class, free and lively discussion of Judaism’s
approach to living in our rapidly changing society is encouraged. Unaffiliated Jews, interfaith couples, in-laws of Jews
or anyone seeking more knowledge about Judaism, including individuals from other religious backgrounds, will find
this course a good beginning.
There is no enrollment fee, however, pre-registration is requested and space is limited. Contact Joyce Schwartz for
more information at the Union for Reform Judaism office: 781-449-0404 or jschwartz@urj.org
For more information, please visit the Reform Jewish Outreach website: www.reformjewishoutreachboston.org

ARS End of the Year Brunch!

Sunday, May 17, 9:30 am
Parents and Students should join us as we...
Celebrate the end of the school year
Present annual awards
Honor our graduating seniors
Enjoy end of the year presentations
Thank our teachers and staff

We hope to see all of our students & parents for a

festive and fun end of the year.

Ansin Religious School News
Last Days of School
Mark Your Calendars! High School: Monday, May 11
Grades K - 7: Sunday, May 17
For the Whole Family
Shabbat Mishpacha – ARS Teacher Appreciation Shabbat Friday, May 8, 6:00 pm
Come celebrate the end of the school year and the many accomplishments of our students and faculty. Join us as we
say goodbye for the summer and thank our teachers, staff and graduating seniors. Dinner following services. RSVP
required to Amanda for dinner, asinger@ohabei.org by Tuesday, May 5.
End of the Year Brunch Sunday, May 17, 9:30 am
Parents and students should join us to celebrate the end of the school year, present annual awards, honor our
graduating seniors, enjoy or end of the year student presentations and thank our teachers and staff.
Confirmation Friday, May 29, 7:30 pm
Join us for Erev Shabbat Services to honor this year’s Confirmation students.

Tot Shabbat
First Friday of the month Friday, May 1, 2009, 5:45 pm
Join Rabbi Franken and Cantor Schloss as they bring the Shabbat experience alive for the youngest participants in our
community. The evening will include activities, music, dancing and optional dinner for all participants.
For Students
Grade 7 Step-up Night Monday, May 4, 6:00 - 8:30 pm
Visit High School and see what it is all about for next year! Students who attend are excused from school that Tues.

Shari Churwin
Director of Education
Your ARS registration materials for
It is difficult to believe that another school year is the 2009 - 2010 school year were
coming to a close. This is an exciting time for the mailed in April. Forms are due back
ARS as many of our classrooms are currently
to the school office by Monday,
being refurbished thanks to the Project For Our
Future. As I look back on the accomplishments May 4. If you have any questions or need new
and challenges of the past year, a smile comes to forms, please contact the school office.
my face as I remember all that has happened and all that we have
done together. Our Shabbat Mishpacha series was better than ever Do you have unaffiliated friends that are interested in
this year, showcasing the many talents of our students. Who knew enrolling at the Ansin Religious School? There are Pre-K
that early winter snow storms would have such an impact on the through grade 10 class openings for the fall. Please
entire shul-in season?
have interested families contact Shari Churwin for more
I want to thank our full time staff, Amanda Singer and Kate Mikesh, information: schurwin@ohabei.org or 617-739-9200.
who have, time and time again, gone above and beyond the call of
duty to help make the ARS such an warm and friendly place for each
and every one of our students and families. I would also like to say On Sunday, May 3 the Ansin Religious School students
thanks to our madrichim (teaching assistants) and teachers, who work
will participate in various hunger & homelessness social
hard everyday to fulfill the commandment of passing Judaism on to
our children. Please come and thank our teachers and staff at our
action projects. Kindergarten - Grade 2 will be doing
annual Teacher Appreciation Shabbat on Friday, May 8, 6:00 pm. social action projects at TOS for The Women’s Lunch
Place. Grades 3 & 4 will be doing the Walk for Hunger
I also want to thank the School Committee, led by Dina Brownstein, from St. Mary’s St. to Cleveland Circle and back
for their ongoing leadership and guidance, our parents for the deep (Parents required to walk with their child(ren), students
commitment they have made to their children's Jewish education and
without parents will stay at TOS). Grades 5 - High
our amazing students who march up the many stairs to their
classrooms ready to learn with smiles on their faces! On our last day School will be participating in the Walk for Hunger.
of school, Sunday, May 17, you are invited to join us as we rejoice
All parents are encouraged to join
and commemorate another fantastic year with a special brunch and
presentations by all of the classes. I hope to see you there. their child(ren) on this morning!
General Fund In Memory of Minyan Fund (cont.) In Memory of
R.K. (Shelley) Schwartz Rachel Klain George Oshry Minnie Oshry
Rachel Klain Larry Green Morris Berson
Enid P. Talambrias Stella Levi Samuel Cole &
Shirley Spero Anita Stone
Sara Gopen Weintraub S. Philip Gopen
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund In Appreciation of Milly Krakow & Martin Plovnick Simon Krakow
Lila and Joann Sesholtz Rabbi Franken
Emil Kraner & Estra Chikh Rabbi Franken Prayer Book Fund In Memory of
In Memory of Esther Strachman Morris Dresner
Emil Kraner & Estra Chikh Alla Kraner
Brenda H. & David E. Rosengard
Kiddush Sponsorship Memorial Lecture Fund In Memory of
Beth & John Gamel Robert S. Rosengard Carol Rosengard
Samuel Hazan
Minyan Fund In Memory of
Sylvia Koritz Marvin Meyer Mitchel Koritz Honor your friends and loved
David Pearlman
James Steinberg
Morns Pearlman
Harry Fishman
ones with a TOS Tribute!
Ernest Weinterman Joseph H. Weinerman
Sue Copeland Mary Feldman & Jacob Feldman For more information, call the
Ita N. Wiener Sarah V. Keller
Corinne E. Gilbert Sidney Ellis TOS office at 617-277-6610.
Steve Kern Sally Miller
Robert Levine Fannie & Hyman Levine
Edith Pollack Samuel White & Harry Eli White DID YOU KNOW?
Catherine E. Glass Shepard R. Glass In 2009, taxpayers
Kyra Berson Saul Kaplan
Aaron Shinberg Jacob W. Shinberg age 70.5 and older can
Doris Zich Josephine Wilinsky Zich give away up to
Shelia Shulkin & Louis Isenberg Marilyn Rosenthal
Shurdut Family Rita C. Shurdut
$100,000 from their
Nathan R. Levine Samuel Shapiro IRA's directly to charities, TAX FREE!
Palma Spunt Emil Zordan Please consult your financial advisor.
Elaine Cohen Esther M. Ruthfield
Bruce A. Beal & Robert L. Beal Julius Beal
Marlene Lebow Jean Lebow
Rita Cohen Alice E. Ginsberg
Louis Burke Dorothy Julia Burke
Rosita & Aaron Shinberg Rose Ruth Shinberg
Anita Leibowtiz Beatrice Borteck Due to construction, the Abitibi Paper dumpster
Mak Biondi Paul Benjamin Beal has been removed from the parking lot. Thank
Richard Wennett Charles Wennett you to everyone for bringing in your paper for
Dan & Eva Deykin David Yona the last year to support TOS and doing your part
Alexandra Gissin Shaya Tsytsarko & Naomi Kodysh to protect the environment.
Phoebe Langenthal Nathan Smith “Do not spoil or destroy My world.”
Zita M. Samuels Daniel Martin Lefman (Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13)
James & Norma Steinberg Abraham David Steinberg
Yizkor Elohim - We lovingly remember
Joseph Helfgot, wife of Susan Whitman-Helfgot, father of Emily, Jonathan, Benjamin and Jacob
Daniel F. Lehman, nephew of Betsy and Spencer Gould
Nettie Moskowitz, mother of Laura Moskowitz
Eufegenio Soto, uncle of Hilda Lopez-Soto
We extend our deepest sympathy to their families. Those listed below are recorded in our Book of Remembrance, windows or on memorial
plaques. An asterisk indicates that the plaque will be illuminated during the week of yahrzeit.
May 1-7 Connie Goldstein Esther Levinsky Bessie Hoffman *
Solomon Basch * Edward Goldstein * Joseph Rosenfield * Morris Levin
Isaac Bornstein Alfred Harris Charlotte Rosnick Abraham Levy *
Florence Feinberg Max H. Levy Barnett Samuels * Joseph Libby
Louis Horwitz Harry L. Lipkind * Bessie Samuels * Blanche L. Marks
Hyman Hurwitz Simon Marlin Marie Stern * Esther Merriman
Maria Kandiner Helen Rosenthal Rabbi Menaheim M. Tichler Martin Orenberg
Beatrice Keizer * Jacob Scheinfeldt Solomon Caro Jacob Perlis
Frances Klatzkin Norman B. Tobias * Max Gerstein * Florence Plovnick
Paul Markson Hattie Wilson * Anna Lou Gracia Michael Reece
Sofiya Podvalny Henry Wyner * George Kaplan Lillian L. Rolde *
David Presson Louis J. Adler Julius Lebach Max Shapiro *
William Rubin * Milton Grossman Celia Leibowitz Beatrice Spector
Rose Serkess William Newman Rae Needleman Rabbi Dudley Weinberg
Ira Smith * Hyman L. Schloss * Edward E. Ginsburg Cantor Erwin Wolkowich
Jennie Beal * Ethel Shapiro * Barney Hurwitz Ben Adler
Harold Chatis Robert Charles Tirk * Morris Ralby * Clara Libby Beal *
Elinore Green Fine * Ellen Lotte Urbach C. Sidney Shapiro Harry Geisinger
Suzanne Gardel Jennie Wingersky Irving Adler Abraham Gershon *
Harry Janock Joseph Keezer * Mary Greenhood
Harry Levine May 8-14 Elinore Hootstein
Beth Z. Lurier Isaac Cohen * May 15-21 Harry Katz
Louis Markwett Bertha Marget Krinsky Solomon Ascher Sarah Cohen Menachem
Mark Radlo * Rose Belitsky Ostrower Ada Dorfman Sadie L. Rosenthal *
Sarah Sorkin Alice Samsen Esther Gilder Yetta Schmelzer
Emma E. Frank Sigmund Solomon Pearl Kirstein Leon I. Shapiro *
Joseph Kanter * Joyce Sumberg Morris Landman Charolotte G. Wyzanski
Mose Mechaber August Caro Sabet Y. Mangoubi * Celia R. Cherry *
Lester Mintz Hubert DeLynn Shaul Mashal Louis Cohen
Arlene Oppenheimer * Kolman Fleisher * Jane Morningstar Stanley Gaynor
Gertrude Stanger Joseph Gersh Janice Olins * William Hurwitch *
David H. Winnick * Solomon Goldfarb * Augusta R. Spector * Alfred Jacobson
Anne Cogan Solomon Goldkrand * Marilyn Belz Louise Jacobson
Esther G. Goldenberg Mildred Greenberg Richard Caplan Gordon B. Lassow
Pauline S. Goldenberg * Irene Grund * Sarah Herman Sidney Newman *
Anna Koufman * Louis Isenberg * Samuel J. Katz Rena Riess
Samuel Rodman Abraham Kirstein Sarah Martha Nathan * William Egon Schrage
Herman Schultz Louis A. Macey * Flora Resnick * Herbert Siegal
Solomon Shapiro Ida Olansky * Margaret Beal *
Robert A. Sherman Bertha Obst Simons * Karl Burack * May 22-31
Basia Voltson Nellie Bernstein * Moses Gunsenhiser Henrietta Hyman Adler
Taten'ka Vorobyeva Rosa Levi Cohen * Ira Margolis * Meyer Brodsky *
Samuel Alman David Goldberg William Roginsky Barney Fagelman
Mona P. Beal * Grete Lebach Bertha Sheinwald Marjorie Golov
Goldie Chernus Abraham Levy Isabella Sheinwald Muriel Smith Hurwitz
Clara Goldfarb * Hanna Niditch Wolfe James Smith * Florence J. Kimball
Louis M. Gropman * Leo James Schildhaus Abraham P. Spitz Eliza Levy
Maurice H. Hambro Ralph Sobell * George Zakon * Philip Miller
Carrie A. Janock Walter Vanderwal Abraham B. Beal * Jacob Newman
Marjorie Kapsten Paul Bloom Jefferson S. Favermann Mannah N. Shrago *
Joseph Leifer Sara G. Cohen * Baruch Fox William Sulkin
Dora Marzynski * Margery Effenson * Alla M. Khlyap * Sumner Trombly
Janet F. Small Rabbi Menahem M. Eichler Mildred Leifer Millie Wolkowich *
Henry Wyzanski Max Hoffman * Julius Lowenstein Anna Zimet
Samuel Anthony Louis Kamin Esther R. Rosenberg * Lena Belis *
Ida Aronson * Saul Kaplan * Abraham Schlesinger Samuel Freiberg
Harry Flamenbaum Leonard Kudisch Benjamin Somer Samuel Goldman
Charles W. Ginesky * Florence Levine * Sarah Rose Epstein Annette Gordon *
Yahrzeits, continued
Marshall Kates Paul Steinhauer
Roman Krigsgaber Donald N. Urdang
Mildred Levin Martin Zanger
E. Geoffrey Nathan * William Ambuter *
Max Shlanger Dr. H. Arthur Berson
Sidney T. Small Ida Marvin Braun
Kunia Zelfond Bella Fisher
Leo J. Altman Max W. Goldman *
Louis H. Epstein * Frances Hausman
Max Frank Fannie Miller
Zelda Greenhood Lillian Myers *
Henry G. Segal * Edward Wingersky *
Anna Sobell * Jennie Berk
Major L. Stern * Harold Harmon
Ralph Bloom Marilyn Howard
Max Krauskopf * Harris Joffe
Simon Pearl * Phillip Winnick *
Rachel Hayman Berg William A. Feinberg *
Annabelle Berson Sumner David Goldberg *
David Friedman Charles H. Hertz
Harold Goldstein Toby Kaufman
Aron Kocherovskiy Allan Meyers
Mary Winnick Rome * Evelyn Posner
Israel Sagoff * Annie Touro
Marisha Sindolovskiy Leo Chavis
Henrietta Cobe Isaac Endlar *
Selma Gordon * Henrietta J. Fishel
Harry Greenfield * Samuel Greenhood *
Abraham Katz Phillip Halpern
Leslie Loeb Leon Laserson
Harris Peyser Myron Sherman *
Ida Rosen *


May at Temple Ohabei Shalom

May 17 9:15am ARS: Kindergarten - Grade 7 (Last Day of School)
1 5:45pm Tot Shabbat 9:30am ARS End of the Year Brunch
6:30pm Tot Shabbat Dinner, RSVP required 9:30am Adult B’nei Mitzvah
7:00pm Shabbat Rishon: Gospel Shabbat 12:15pm Final Youth Even (Grades 3 - 12)
2 10:30am Shabbat Service: Bar Mitzvah of Josh Bilchik 19 7:00pm Brookline Area Networking Group - all are welcome!
3 ARS Walk for Hunger 22 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Service
9:15am ARS: Pre-K - Grade 7 23 10:30am Shabbat Service: Bat Mitzvah of Emily Kern
9:30am Adult B’nei Mitzvah 25 Memorial Day: TOS office closed
4 6:00pm ARS: High School & Grade 7 Step-up Night 29 7:30pm Confirmation and Erev Shabbat Service
5 3:30pm ARS: Grades 3-7 30 10:30am Shabbat Service
6 7:00pm Sisterhood Event with Sonia Ravech
7 6:30pm Israel Trip Meeting with Keshet Israel Tours June
7:30pm A Taste of Judaism: Are you Curious? 2 7:00pm Temple Ohabei Shalom Annual Meeting
8 6:00pm Shabbat Mishpacha: 5 5:45pm Tot Shabbat
ARS Teacher Appreciation Shabbat, 6:00pm Congregational Shabbat Dinner, RSVP required
Dinner to follow, RSVP required 7:30pm Shabbat Rishon: Installation of Rabbi Franken
9 10:30am Shabbat Service 6 10:30am Shabbat Service: Bat Mitzvah of Sylvie Florman
10 9:15am ARS: Pre-K - Grade 7 9 6:30pm Brotherhood Annual Meeting
9:30am Adult B’nei Mitzvah Class 7:30pm Brotherhood Speaker & Dessert Reception
11 6:00pm ARS: High School (Last Night of School) 14 3:00pm Sisterhood Piano Concert
12 3:30pm ARS: Grades 3-7
14 7:30pm A Taste of Judaism: Are you Curious?
15 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Service
16 10:30am Shabbat Service: Bat Mitzvah of Noa Shishko Sklar

Leadership Staff and Executive Board Mon. - Thurs. 8:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
John A. Franken, Rabbi Jesse Cochin, President Friday 8:00 a.m..
Randall M. Schloss, Cantor Arnie Greenfield, Vice President
Emily G. Lipof, Rabbi Emerita Edward Jacobs, Vice President Saturday 6:00 p.m.
Steven Davis, Executive Director Kathy Jonas, Vice President Sun./Holidays 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
Daily Worship

Shari A. Churwin, Education Director Cathryn Stein, Vice President

Kim Singer, B’nei Mitzvah Educator Bob Loeb, Treasurer
Kate Mikesh, Dir. Informal Education Martin Shore, Assistant Treasurer Temple Ohabei Shalom is the area’s
David Sparr, Music Director only Reform synagogue providing
daily prayer for those in need of
solace or a quiet moment of
May Candle Lighting Times Each daily worship leader commits
1 - 7:25 p.m. 22 - 7:47 p.m. to one 20-minute weekly service.
8 - 7:33 p.m. 29 - 7:53 p.m. To become a leader, please call the
15 - 7:40 p.m.
synagogue office (617) 277-6610.