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Persuasive Essay Graphic

Attention Getter:

Position Statement/Claim:

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3

Opponents Viewpoint & Counter Statement to Opponents Viewpoint

Conclusion/Call to action

Persuasive Essay
As I read your persuasive essay, I will circle areas from the below list that you need to work on
for next time.

Persuasive Structure and Content

· Attention getter is needed in introduction
· Clearer topic introduction is needed
· State stance on issue more clearly
· Clearly identify three logical supporting reasons
· Consistently use varying transitions between your ideas
· Develop your explanations further
· State the other side of the argument clearly
· Stronger counter to the opposing view is needed
· Work on a stronger conclusion…move your audience to think or act
Writing Technique/Style
· Sentence structure needs improving (run-ons or fragments are present)
· Work on more specific word choice in your writing
· Spelling and punctuation need closer attention
· Work on using a formal writing voice, not casual or conversational

I - Introduction: gets the audience’s attention

R - Reason #1: explain it!!
R - Reason #2: explain it!!
R - Reason #3: explain it!!
O - Opposition: then provide the counter point of view
C - Conclusion: restate the big picture and make your audience want to act!

The Gun Control Issue

In the wake of recent acts of mass violence using guns, law makers are facing calls to action. Some call for
stricter regulations on gun control, while others argue that our 2nd Ammendment guarantess our right to bare
arms and that weapons are not the problem. We will spend some time discussion this issue, and you will be
conducting private research to further your understanding of the problem. Once you have completed your
research, you will brainstorm an outline of your argumentative essay. Lastly, you will write a well-developed
argumentative essay in answer to the question below.

Your Job: You are to create a persuasive essay that addresses this concern:

Should local, state and federal government inact gun control legislation?

Suggested Agenda:

_____ 30 minutes to research initial idea, data, facts and other sources

_____ Complete graphic organizer

_____ Create Google Doc and name it YourNameGunControl Essay’

_____ Use rest of class to write paper

_____ Be sure to write at least 5 sentences for each paragraph

_____ Work in a space where you will NOT be distracted

_____ See teacher for help (if needed)