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Day 4 – Thursday, March 1st 2018

Lesson Management
Class routines
 Observe the flow of the lesson by documenting the beginnings, transitions, endings
and other aspects of lesson delivery
Lesson Children’s observed Teacher’s observed Other comments
management skills behavior behavior
Beginnings Children’s come to Greetings to Students come on
How does the lesson class and set in circle students and start time and sometime
start? On time, is a time on the carpet. ask them some teacher use clap
signal used, routine? question about them hand to make all of
self. them move to
Transitions When children listen The teacher uses Some of the children
How do children to teacher clap hand their hand clap for take more time to
move from one or class bell they students and move.
activity to another? move from one sometimes use the
activity to another. bell.
Endings Speak with their Ask them questions Some of the students
How is the lesson teacher and friends about the lesson. complete their work
concluded? about what they in the activity.
Monitoring Children’s try to Through assess them Teacher check
students’ progress answer the and ask them through ask students
How is the teacher questions. questions. different question
checking and check their work.
understanding and
Pace and flow of the Children’s work in The teacher prepares Diversity activities
lesson different interest different activities encourage students
Is a particular activity activities for a good for a different level to work and
going on for too period of time. of students. understand well.
long? Are activities
changed and
children’s interest
Pupil movement Move in their group Let them move to Some of the students
What movement or ask the teacher learn and watch learn when s/he
within the lesson is something. other. move or in other
expected of the word be hyperactive.
TP Task Booklet for EPC 1401 – Practicum 1a
Year One, Semester 1/2018/SWC
Pupil noise When the students Teacher listen to The teacher plays
What is the accepted work and have more them and watch rule in control of
level of noise and fun in what they their work. class noise.
how is this work.

TP Task Booklet for EPC 1401 – Practicum 1a

Year One, Semester 1/2018/SWC