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No 569
DVDs From The Racing Pigeon
Legends of Long Distance Legends of Pigeon Racing –
Pigeon Racing –
Mark Gilbert
Mr & Mrs Geoff Although only a young man Mark
Kirkland Gilbert has already established
himself as one of Britain's top
One of England’s top ambassadors international flyers. His many
in the sport of pigeon racing is successes include winning an
Geoff Kirkland. With 11 National outstanding 1st NFC and 1st
wins to his credit to date his International Dax against the
performances are outstanding. very best European pigeon
Today together with his wife fanciers.
Barbara these modest fanciers In this film Mark talks frankly of
continue to win at all distances at the highest level. his life with racing pigeons. He explains his family of pigeons,
In this 2 hour film Geoff talks about his:- Background, his methods and ideas which help his winning team.
Widowhood – hen and cock lofts, Feeding and medication,
Young Bird Lofts, Stock Birds. Legends of Pigeon Racing –
In this informative and educational film Geoff shares his Roger J Lowe
methods and thoughts that can only help others who wish to
succeed in pigeon racing. Roger Lowe started his racing
pigeon career in 1971 in Reading a
Legends of Pigeon Racing – hot bed of the best flyers.
Recognised today as Orbital Lofts
Frank & George he is well known all over Europe
Bristow having won numerous Classic and
National races.
With a lifetimes experience of In this film Roger explains his
pigeon racing Frank Bristow is systems and methods which has
one of Britain's outstanding flyers. taken him to the top of this sport
Winning from every race point on including breeding, feeding, training, loft management, flying
the North Road including old birds on the Widowhood system and visiting NFC marking
Lerwick. In 2007 Frank also station with his birds. Also included is Young Bird
started flying South Road and Management involving the Darkness and Loft System.
has swept all before him with
outstanding success in the Midland National Legends of Long Distance
and local Federations. Pigeon Racing –
To crown 2012, Frank won the John Tranter loft nomination in
Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee races run
The Padfield Family
The Padfield family are one of the
nationally – winning a superb Tranter Loft.
most successful long distance pigeon
In this DVD Frank tells Richard Green his methods and racing enthusiasts from the heart of
thoughts on how he manages to win from the first race to the the Welsh mining country at
longest race during the racing season. Cwmtillery in South Wales
Frank is one of this sports gentlemen who has set the standard Following the success of their father
for every fancier to try and achieve. Dave & Vince Padfield have
Subjects covered in this film are: established a family of outstanding
Breeding, Racing Methods, Training, Sexing Young Birds in the quality racing pigeons. Flying to one
Nest, Loft Management, Feeding Methods plus much more. of the most difficult areas in Great Britain. These fanciers
rank amongst the most consistent fliers in Europe.
In this film Dave Padfield explains the history of his family’s
UK £22.50 EACH involvement from their early days in the mining community up to
including p&p present day as one of the top lofts in the country.
For Europe and Rest of the World applicable postage Dave also discusses his Feeding, Breeding, Training, Racing of Old
charges added Birds and Young Birds and his Internal Loft Design.

To order phone 01206 843456 with your credit/debit card details or post cheque/PO made payable to
‘The Racing Pigeon’, Unit G5, The Seedbed Centre, Wyncolls Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 9HT or visit our
website www.racingpigeon.co.uk
David Impett is described by Keith Mott
Racing Pigeon Pictorial as having one of the best long distance
set ups in the UK. This article takes a look
International at some of the many champions that he
has housed.
January 2018 No 569

Brook Cottage, Huxtables Lane Mr & Mrs Shaw are the subjects of Mike
Fordham Heath Lakin’s article this month. Mike’s article
Colchester CO3 9TJ includes the recent National win from Vire
phone 01206 242121 and a look at the impressive results from
(international + 44 1206 242121) this ambitious and motivated couple.

Email address:

racingpigeon@btconnect.com This month’s article by our regular
Website: www.racingpigeon.co.uk writer Greg McKnight is titled
‘Pick ’Em Apart’, where he
ISSN 0033 7404
explains the many different
selection techniques and theories
Editor: Lee Fribbins used by fanciers over the years.
Production: Stephen Rickett
Carly Huggins

John Gilmour this season
realised a lifelong ambition
Front Page Picture winning the Scottish
National FC Blue Riband
Alencon race. Billy Wortley
takes up the story.

Gervaert-Lannoo of Meigem in
Belgium are described as ‘a tiny
pigeon family with big
achievements’. This Pipa article
looks at these middle distance
fanciers that still race as a hobby.

Tony Harte continues
his tour of Holland and
‘THOMAS’ Belgium with a trip to
PHOTO BY PETER BENNETT pigeon fanciers
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liability for all statements. Material, whether
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©The Racing Pigeon Co Ltd 2018 11th Section F, 44th Open North Road Championship Club Lerwick
527 miles, 913 birds, vel 783.8ypm, 2015
4th Section F, 16th Open North Road Championship Club Lerwick
Come and join us on Facebook and Twitter 819 birds, vel 912.6ypm 2016
2nd Section F, 2nd Open North Road Championship Club Lerwick
630 birds, vel 1344.5ypm 2017
North Road Championship Club Lerwick Diploma of Merit 2017
Bred by Chris Leek, Dereham. Raced by G Smith, New Cottessy.

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David Impett’s
loft set up.

of Blackpool
Text & Photos by Keith Mott
4 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569
hile in Blackpool 10th & 19th Section L Angers, bird in 2005, ‘North Star’

for the ‘Show of 12th Section L Bordeaux, 13th recorded 184th Open NFC
the Year’, I had Section L Herstal. Many premier Fougeres, being clocked at
the good fortune trophies have won over the nearly 400 miles on the day of
to visit the long years including Lancashire Rose liberation and later won 16th
distance loft of Trophy for best average Section Section L NFC Angers. What a
David Impett, who I have L, Roy Gough Trophy best fantastic performance, being
known for some 20 years, individual pigeon Section L, The clocked from nearly 400 miles
originally through our mutual Burton Trophy first bird in to on the day as a young bird and
friendship with Eric Cannon. Lancashire and Merseyside (won then to go on and being
Dave is a dedicated long twice), Best Average in Section L clocked on the day of liberation
distance fancier and in recent from Tarbes and several RPRA from Tarbes (748 miles). This
seasons has put up some and Meritorious Awards have wonderful hen is now breeding

wonderful performances, with been won. A fantastic her like in the stock loft and is
his Jan Aarden based, achievement in long distance the grand dam of Frank &
Brugeman Brothers of Holland pigeon racing! George Bristow’s 2014 1st Open
pigeons. MNFC ‘Blue Riband’ Bordeaux
The Blackpool loft has housed race winner, ‘Brigitte Bordeaux’.
Dave has put up some brilliant many champion long distance The champion racing and
performances in the National racers in recent years and one breeding hen.
Flying Club in recent seasons of Dave’s best was ‘North Star’
and since 2005 he has won 1st, his fantastic blue pied hen, Other premier pigeons in Dave’s
3rd, 5th, 6th, 6th, 8th, 8th, 9th, winner of 6th Section L, 62nd loft are: ‘Katie’s Star’ winner of
10th, 11th, 11th, 12th, 15th, Open NFC Tarbes, flying 748 1st Section L, 12th Open NFC
16th, 18th Section L, 12th, 13th, miles into Blackpool and being Tarbes (4,066 birds) flying 748
19th, 59th, 62nd, 66th, 97th, clocked on the day of miles to the loft in Blackpool.
118th, 149th, 174th, 177th, liberation. She was beaten by ‘Paula’s Star’ 14th Section L NFC
267th, 273rd,373rd Open Tarbes Brian Denney’s great champion, Saintes, clocked at 571 miles on
(748 miles), 1st Section L ‘Brian’s Blue’, that day from the day of liberation, 18th
Alencon, 8th, 14th, 16th & 20th Tarbes and both pigeons were Section L NFC Tarbes (748 miles).
Section L Saintes (571 miles), flying 748 miles. As a young Daughter of ‘The Golden Hen’.

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 5

20 years pigeon racing, however
he says this time was not
wasted, because it made him a
wiser person. He restarted with
the Pedley & Impett partnership
in 1998 and the two fanciers
raced with two lofts, one sprint
and the other long distance. In
1999 they joined the North
West Classic and were successful
from the outset, winning 2nd
Section, 8th Open (£508), 1st
Section, 7th Open, 1st Section
Yearling Derby and 5th & 6th
Section, 35th & 36th Open. The
partners did well in the NFC
races, including 20th Section,
268th Open Saintes (571 miles)
in a north west wind.

Dave decided to start racing

long distance on his own and
‘Christine’s Star’ winner of 6th & Combine Marrenes, 2nd Section, started up his present loft at
11th North Ashton Open Saintes 30th Open Pau, also winner of Trapp Farm in 2001. He told me
(571 miles), 5th Section L, 13th the Osman Memorial Cup, and it was a good move, as the
Open NFC Tarbes (748 miles). ‘Vale Princess’, winner of 1st pigeons are in a natural
‘Linzi’s Star’ winner of 3rd Section Pau. Another good line environment, which he thinks is
North Ashton CC Niort, 4th was Roy Mundy’s, ‘Rossall King’, a must for successful long
North Ashton CC Saintes (571 winner of 1st Section, 49th distance racing. Due to the foot
miles). Winner of over £1,000 in Open Pau. With these and mouth, Dave only had one
long distance racing. ‘Lee’s Star’ outstanding bloodlines, success Channel race in 2001 and
winner of 8th Section L, 19th came straight away for the recorded, 13th Section L from
Open NFC Tarbes (748 miles), Impett loft, but this was short Herstal with the NFC. The
11th Section L NFC Bordeaux lived, as the young Dave retired following season he recorded
(630 miles), 15th Section L NFC from the sport over ‘pigeon 21st, 27th & 29th Section L
Tarbes. politics’. This action cost Dave, Saintes (571 miles) NFC. In the

Dave started racing pigeons

with his father in the 1960’s and
at that time met up with
premier National long distance
flyer, the late Roy Mundy of
Bolton. Dave says, Roy was a
brilliant fancier and taught him
every thing he needed to know
about racing pigeons on the
long distance. He spent a lot of
time with Roy Mundy, serving
his pigeon racing apprenticeship
with him and maintains he
owes his present day success to
this very gifted fancier and dear
friend. In the 1970’s, Dave
resigned from the NWHU and
joined the RPRA so he could
compete at National level, but
unfortunately was only
accepted as a guest member
because his loft was five miles
north of the boundaries. The
base pigeons in the early days
were bred down from, ‘Vale Dave Impett and Keith Mott.
Lady’, winner of 1st Open Lancs.

6 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

2003 season he joined the North 747 miles. The first pigeon on trapping and he has never used
Ashton 2-Bird Championship the clock from Tarbes was his deep litter. Dave told me he had
Club, racing against the very good three year old blue visited many premier lofts that
best fanciers in the north west chequer natural hen, ‘Katie’s use deep litter, including
of England and quite often if Star’ and she was sent to the Brugeman Brothers in Holland,
you don’t time in on the day race sitting 12 day old eggs. but it’s not his cup of tea and
from the long races, you don’t This game hen was bred from a likes to scrap out regularly. He
get on the result sheet. In his direct Brugeman Brothers cock, maintains the most important
first season in the North which is a half-brother to the factor in good loft design is
Ashton, Dave, recorded 3rd famous ‘Sutra’ and her dam is a good ventilation and the lofts
Niort, 6th, 9th Saintes (571 stock hen bred down from ‘De must be dry. The old birds are
miles), winning the best 2-Bird 16’ of Albert Simmons. In NFC paired up in mid-March and get
Average from Saintes. 2004 saw he won several trophies, very little training, as they are
him win 20th Niort, 4th Saintes, including The Lancashire Rose given an open loft a lot of the
lifting the best average Trophy, for the best average time. Dave normally gives them
Niort/Saintes in the North Section L all NFC races and won three 50 mile training tosses

Ashton and 8th & 14th Section L an RPRA Award. Dave had an prior to the race he is setting
(only 14 birds on the day in the outstanding pigeon from the them up for. His feeding system
Section), 155th & 288th Open 2005 Young Bird National, when consists of a good balanced
NFC Saintes, flown in to a very his game blue pied hen, ‘North mixture, with an additional fat
hard north west wind. Star’, recorded 184th Open, mixture being added for the
flying just under 400 miles on long distance events. The old
The 2005 season was one of his the day. A brilliant season! birds have raced outstandingly
best and saw Dave put up some up to Saintes, 571 miles, but
really outstanding performances David Impett keeps his pigeons Dave tells me, the 2005 season
in the National Flying Club, the in a wonderful natural will see him have go at Pau
best being from the Tarbes environment, at Trapp Farm and which is well over 700 miles to
Grand National, when he races 36 pairs on the natural his loft in the north west of
recorded 1st Section L, 12th system, with 500 mile plus England. The 50 young birds are
Open (4,066 birds), plus 15th & racing in mind. The main racing housed in a 20ft loft and they
18th Section L, flying a fantastic loft is 40ft long, with open door are given about eight training

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 7

tosses, up to 30 miles before mixture and when feeding their Barcelona and 45th National
their first race. There is no young are given 80% maple Barcelona. Dave Impett’s best
Darkness system, with the peas. Dave rates Brugeman stock pigeon is, ‘The Golden
youngsters being raced Brothers of Holland one the Hen’, and she is the dam of the
naturally to the perch and they best lofts in Europe and says loft, being a champion
are only given four races to their record in long distance producer. This wonderful dark
train them. They are fed a good International racing is second to chequer hen is direct from
mixture similar to the old birds, none. He visits the Dutch loft Brugeman Brothers and is a
but with a higher proportion of once a year and most of his granddaughter of ‘Orhan’ and
Maple peas. Dave doesn’t race stock team are direct from the ‘Myra’.
his old birds or youngsters brothers. The Brugeman
inland, they are only sent to the pigeons are an inbred family Dave maintains that sadly our
short events, every now and and are Jan Aarden based, sport has declined in the past 20
then, for training. being medium long cast in the years, because we live in a lazy
hand, with wonderful feather society and pigeon racing needs
Dave says, long distance pigeon quality. Dave maintains, that hard work and dedication to
racing is for him, because he when you bring in new stock make it thrive. Very few young
likes a challenge and sprint birds they must conform with people are coming in to the
racing is not a challenge. what you have already, sport, as we live in a computer
age they are more interested in
electronics than the old
fashioned hobbies, like fishing
and pigeon racing. He thinks
the management at top of our
sport should channel their
energies in to trying to get the
fancy back to what it was year
ago, when clubs and birdage
were big. Dave says, if it was in
his power he would introduce a
rule, that clubs would not have
radius’ and all decent fancier
had to be accepted in to the
membership, and not rejected
because they are good flyers.

The best advice that Dave can

give a new starter in the sport is
try and serve a ‘pigeon
apprenticeship’, by spending as
much time as they can with an
outstanding fancier and learn. It
Anyone with a good loft especially if you have a good was what he did all those years
position can win sprint races. inbred family. For example, ago and it is the quickest way
Dave recently purchased two to the top. Line and inbreeding
His family of Brugeman Brothers pigeons from premier National is practiced at the Blackpool loft
and Eric De-Meulmeester flyers, Padfield Family of Wales, and Dave says you must do it to
pigeons only perform well over off their famous ’63’ pigeon, maintain quality in any live
500 miles and Dave is very which is Jan Aarden based, from stock. An occasional cross is
proud that his loft houses seven the best of Wim Muller. required to spice up an inbred
different pigeons that have Brugeman Brothers famous family, but you have to be very
scored at 571 mile races. Dave pigeon, ‘Orhan’, winner of 8th careful when bringing it in, as
told me, his most thrilling International Barcelona, is bred the wrong one can ruin every
experience in pigeon racing was down from Muller/Aardens on thing. He also thinks the moult
meeting the late, great Eric one side. Every pigeon in the is very important and good
Cannon, who he says, is possibly Brugeman loft contains the food and rest bring the pigeons
our greatest fancier. ‘Orhan’ bloodline and Dave’s through this period of the year.
top breeders are grandchildren Well that’s it for this month! I
The 16 pairs of stock birds are of this champion pigeon. hope you’ve enjoyed this insight
housed in two 8ft lofts, with Another Brugeman bloodline in to David Impett’s loft in
flights and the breeders are which is very strong in the Blackpool. In my opinion, one
paired up in mid-February. Impett loft is that of, ‘Myra’, of the best long distance set ups
These birds are fed on a heavy winner of 8th National in the UK.

8 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Mr & Mrs
of Wombourne

Peter explaining his feeding method in the aviary.

‘Inspired by Ambition’
by Mike Lakin
10 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569
have known Peter for a

few years now and have
seen both he and his
wife Sandra climb the
ladder of success with
some very impressive
results with their team
of pigeons. That said it
wasn’t until I took a trip
down to Wombourne
Park where the couple live, after
their National win from Vire
recently that I realised just how
ambitious and motivated Peter
and Sandra were to achieve
their maiden National win. So
with this in mind I promised to
go back and put a report
together on this very deserving
partnership. This piece is the
result of that return visit.

When I called Peter to arrange a ‘Bonnie’ and ‘Clyde’ the parents of ‘Blue 74’ the double RPRA Award winner.
visit Peter told me, “Mike you
are in for a surprise when you we went into the garden all was with a broad grin he added,
come down’’. Being rather a revealed with a shiny white “and the extra bonus is that it
nosey character which I suppose extension running at right covers a multitude of sins as I
comes with territory of angles with the original lofts. aren’t a skilled joiner mate’’.
journalism at all levels, I was When I commented how good
both impatient and intrigued to the lofts looked resplendent Soon I was ushered inside the
find out exactly what the with its white plastic cladding new construction and Peter
surprise was that Peter was Peter nodded and said, “Yes it explained his plans. At the far
referring too. Well as soon as looks smart doesn’t it?’’. Then end was a closed off section

Peter entering the new widow hens lofts.

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 11

Peter and Sandra flanked by ‘Jonjo’ and ‘Jackpot’ two of the loft’s base racer breeders.
where the breeding cocks are new loft via a small entrance important part of the loft
housed, at the moment on vee into their new loft. management as it is used as the
perches which when the season ‘dining room’ for the young
starts will be replaced by This suspended aviary is a very birds and widowers. By this I
nestboxes. At right angles to the
cocks quarters there are two
sections where the racing hens
are to be housed. It was
explained that it was essential
to have two sections so that any
hens that show signs of coupling
together can be kept apart. All
along the front of the loft the
top half is open behind wire
grills which open up to allow
the ‘ladies’ to take their daily
exercise. All of this gives a very
light and airy accommodation
for both the racing hens and the
breeding cocks that they will be
mated to after the cocks have
helped to rear a round of babies
earlier in the year. I was a tad
puzzled as to how the hens
gained access back into the loft
and Peter said they trap to the
same aviary that is on the front
of the young bird loft which
they had homed to as young
birds but now they simply go
along the front and enter the Inside one of the hens sections.

12 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Four of the lofts finest racing hens.

mean that the birds are fed here When it comes to pigeons the know that Peter and Sandra
before being ushered back into couple are workaholics and tend to ‘buck the trend’ but few
their resting quarters with the Peter explained how he can argue that it works out fine
aid of a cut down plastic lawn managed to race no less than for them and I shall be
rake. While I was there I four different teams of pigeons. discussing how these yearlings
witnessed three sections being With two teams of hens racing are prepared before the season
fed in next to no time without back to the same cocks and the starts.
the need to enter the main loft, yearling cocks used to take care
all very simple and ingenious. of the early club races. Here I Let’s now talk about the Shaw’s

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 13

The breeding cocks that will be coupled later to the racing hens.
‘Blue 74’ the double West Midlands
pigeons and the basis of this was the fact that ‘Blue 74’ won RPRA Award winner.
present day, highly successful two West Midlands RPRA Sprint
racing loft. Their Janssen Van Awards in 2013 and again in doors’ to obtain children off
den Bosche old lines are still 2014. If you look at the attached umpteen National big winning
present and more importantly photo you will be able to pigeons. This tactic hasn’t always
still producing the goods. Over understand why ‘74’ is a real bore fruit he freely admitted but
the last few years several new Champion. I have handled when it does…Bingo. One thing
families have been introduced brothers and sister along with that I soon realised from my
but only those that do ‘what it children from ‘74’ and they are time in the Shaw’s loft is that all
says on the tin’ are still in their absolute ‘Quality Street’. of their birds conform to a very
lofts. The families that have important thing and this
proved their worth include Kees Peter explained to me that he is…type. All of the several lines
Boshua, Van den Brande, had been and ‘knocked on different families have one
Syndicate Lofts lines that have
acquired both directly and
indirectly, along the German
Mandelartz that were obtained
via John Gerard who has
provided Peter and Sandra with
some good birds previously and
Peter has high hopes of these
Gus Janssen based Mandelartz
I think that it is significant that
Peter and Sandra both prefer to
introduce lines from specific,
highly successful pigeons
regardless of their strain name.
For instance Peter got his
fantastic ‘Blue 74’ from his
namesake John Shaw of
Netherton along with his
parents ‘Bonnie’ and ‘Clyde’
after his friend presented them
to Peter shortly before he sadly
passed away. The fact that they
were Van den Brande didn’t The partners collecting their awards at the MNFC 2017 presentation off Libbie
particularly matter to the Harrison with the help of their grandson who appears to be wanting to keep
partners but what did matter the Vire winner's trophy.

14 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

about can cost far more than the
financial expense because the
greater mistake would be to
wait years to find out exactly
what you suspected all along
that their introduction was a
massive error.

Sticking to these beliefs have

made the partners serious
competitors in both the MCC
where they have won both races
and several Averages and the
MNFC where I believe their
recent victory from Vire could
just be the tip of the iceberg
quite simply because Peter is not
one to rest on his laurels and his
appetite has merely been
whetted by his past successes.

Observant readers will notice

The widowers loft.
that the Shaw’s loft is mainly
built from middle distance birds.
massive thing in common and had recently paid a good deal of
this that they all handle very money on new introductions but
similarly. So it is clear that the in the ‘cold light of day’ he was
partners believe very strongly disappointed in the body type of
that the best birds by and large his purchases when compared to
conform to this shape. I must his own birds and doubted that
admit that from the many they would have a long term
superb birds that I have had the future in the Shaw loft. This is
pleasure to have held in both one of the ruthless strengths
England and Belgium that 95% that the best fanciers have in
of them were of this similar common in as much as ‘when in
shape. To prove just how much doubt throw them out’. You see
importance Peter places on his continuing to breed from birds
belief he confided to me that he that you have grave concerns

Sandra with one of the best


This is because Peter believes

that to win in the Midlands
National races in particular that
you must have fast pigeons,
birds that can sprint for 7 or 8
hours otherwise in all but the
hardest races you will be left
behind with the also rans! That
said they do cross into these fast
pigeons various long distance
lines one example being a hen
that had won from Saintes three
years in succession and a
Deweerdt cock from the couple’s
Peter shows off one of his superb birds. Please note the quotation to the good friends Clive & Donna
right, how apt! Yates that flew in the two very

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 15

hard NFC and MNFC from The method used here is to train motivated by either eggs or a
Fougeres and Ancenis them well in the late autumn small baby in the nest.
respectively and this cock proved and winter. Peter has found that
his ability by winning a when treated in this way these Widowers
combined total of nearly £3,000 birds will give a good account of The cocks I believe are raced in
for his owners. Armed with a themselves in the early club a more conventional manner
blend of pigeons of this calibre races the following season but they aren’t rushed and
the future certainly looks very because they have been well brought on gradually to allow
bright for the Shaws. educated and are as fit as the the all important form to be
proverbial ‘fiddle’ which gives built up. One important fact is
Now I would like to give readers them a big advantage against that the cocks are never
a little insight into some of the the opposition whose birds have disappointed on their return as
thoughts and methods employed been rearing youngsters just a their mate is always awaiting
by the partners. few weeks earlier. them.

Young Birds Racing Hens I sincerely hope that readers have

The policy here is one of The partners don’t normally enjoyed reading this piece on
patience and having made the breed off their racing hens, one of the Midlands current star
decision that they are of the though eggs from the very best lofts and if you look closely at the
right quality the birds are performers may be reared by photographs of some of their
trained carefully without taking ‘feeders’. In this way the stay at pigeons that accompany this
large risks because these birds home cocks can be coupled to piece and study their fine
are the Loft’s future and to two hens separately and with performances that you will agree
prosper one doesn’t want to lose careful management they can that Mr & Mrs Peter Shaw have
them by making stupid mistakes. both be raced without either reaped a rich reward by being
Another thing worthy of note is becoming demoralised. This ‘inspired by ambition’ and I firmly
that Peter is quite partial to a method allows for any star believe that if they continue with
few late youngsters that are performers to be coupled and this mindset their results will
bred from their best pigeons. sent to the final races highly mirror these ambitions.

16 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

racing p

pictorial racing pigeon



pictorial International
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No 565 PHOTO
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California, USA

over the years have foundation is set with the thick this when inspecting birds, now
had many visitors bone and short legs too hold up many in the old days when the
come and select birds the rest of the body. Some have speeds for the season was in the
to purchase and I’ve come here and wanted a thick keel 1100 yards may have been a
learned much from bone and their thoughts were winning bird, but now with the
these fanciers by their again on the building blocks of the faster races the birds have evolved
handling and animal. with much more outer wing
statements of likes ventilation. The step in the wing at
and dislikes of this or Toe nails of birds were mentioned times was a topic from the
that bird, and some with white toe nails colors being secondary to the primaries and the
have no idea what makes up a best and I would say many of the step from 6th to the 7th but many
good candidate, as so many are white birds have white toe nails, now don’t inspect for that sign
stuck on one issue and my and the fancier moved on to when visiting here. Many never
response is a simple nod of the another subject. Under the wing in mention the shoulder of the wing
head or a OK response. Some I some racers have a three square if thin or thick which is important
have learned from, with flights and they think that’s a clue for the power that brings to the
thoughtful common sense time for a good one and I could show bird, also check when stretching
proven methods of selections. I them 50 in a row and you and I the birds wing out the tension and
listen and validate with my own know all are not good. Eleven the raised elbow for that raised
birds to see if they have merit and flighted birds were a topic and knuckling effect. The length of the
many do have a high percentage some never send a bird to a One wing when some are inspecting
of correctness. Let’s face it that’s Loft Race with eleven on one want it to go back to the black line
what we try to gain is that wing and ten on the other for it of the tail, maybe half way for
percentage edge like playing may fly lop sided. The secondary balance. Tail length most never
poker. “Nothing is a hard rule in wing if too deep may be too much comment on that, but a good
racing pigeons” drag when in flight, good to keep rudder is important and maybe so
in the air for multiple hours, but a on a head wind course than others.
In thinking back over 50 years hindrance in speed. Some believe a single pin tail
ago, one fellow was about the leg feather is best while others don’t
bone thickness, the bigger the Wings should be ventilated out at watch this, but mate a right
better made the whole bird a super the 7th – 10th flight with good handed tail bird to a left handed
strong bird, because his grouping and many don’t realize one, I guess for balance. The cup

18 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

of the wing when holding look at and the more wedge shaped and no doubt a good quality to have
the edge of the wing and you see a more muscled the better, well for the best birds, the closer to the
curvature affect like a cup to it, remember muscle is weight and end of the keel and up high is
with this the birds can pull back they can have too much expected, and with hens just tight
the air, for ease of flight; most sometimes, so many fanciers are like only one bone is a great sign.
don’t look at that when here. Wing in awe of the body and forget You have these back/rump masters
tips some like them sharp and I about the buoyancy needed, so that want that wide back and when
thing you have to consider the age beware. Some birds are what I call holding move the bird up and
of the bird also when holding a heavy boned and need work or the down in a motion to show how
sharp pointed winged older bird races too put them into condition the tail goes up or down or stays
and think of how was this wing as and most of the time its at the last still, saying this or that as they do
a young bird, could be too sharp of the races, so beware of that it. Tail attachment to the rump is
and out of balance. Remember fact. Depth of body cavity and important and many don’t check
some fanciers give all the credit to length for some are demanded and for it or don’t think about it, for
the wing and may forget about the I guess with that you will be fine the old timers know by just the
motor it takes to power it, even for that must be the type of bird feel of the bird.
sometimes it’s too much wing for that conditions for you, so stay
the body and you get a plugger with it, for many fanciers have Most of the fanciers don’t look
type can’t speed it up when it has different approaches to down the throat of the bird when
too. conditioning and the amount of inspecting, but all of them check
training required to perform. out the eyes, for depth and colors
Body for some is where its all at Many check out the vent bone and and ask questions or make

Bred and owned by Larry Tomlin of Lamppost Lofts flying in the La Puente Club and East Course
Combine winning this young birds Master Flyer and 2nd Combine Overall Avg Spd losing by 47 seconds
to my friends Tim Brandon & Juan Cerda, congrats to you both for a great season. This hen is of the
Meuleman Hofken breeding and one of his top breeders and my favourite hen in his loft.

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 19

Bred and owned by Larry Tomlin (Lamppost Loft) flying in the La Puente Club & East Course Combine
this male another top breeder for Larry bred from the Meuleman/Hofken lineage and offspring
responsible for winning Master Flyer and 2nd Overall Avg Spd in the Combine this 2017 Young Birds.

comments. Some fanciers ask to birds is important, so do your two overalls with 2000 per birds
see the birds when standing in the homework and keep an open mind competing and finishing the
aviary for that gives them another when selecting, Be strict with season winning Master Flyer and
view of the bird as they watch it your birds and always pick them 2nd Avg Spd in the East Course
moving and the overall balance apart, don’t settle for less, Combine. He has a close up
and how the wings cover in the remember what I read years ago it family of birds maintained for
back and overall stance. Some are said “when you enter your loft many years now who is an
beak pullers and some are not, look for something too cull” keep example of when you get a hold
some are good at it and some have moving forward and remember of the right birds and they work to
no clue how to do it. Expression is racing pigeons is a continued your management system; watch
a learnt method so many haven’t learning curve as I have witnessed out, for he performs on a high
seen enough great ones to for over 50 years in our great level routinely with a small
recognize the outstanding ones sport. Thank you all for your number of birds. His base families
and many can’t see it anyway. continued kind comments. “Happy are Meuleman and Hofkens and
Intelligence radiates in the good New Year” Sincerely, Greg pictured are two of my favorite
ones and some birds have that duh McKnight breeders in his loft. I have lunch
look to them. Some fanciers are with Larry about 3 days a week
gifted to have this ability and Salute to my friend and between pigeons and
transfers to many other animals The pictures I’ve attached in this checking out the ladies we laugh a
such as dogs and horses. article are from my long time lot. Congratulation my friend and
friend Larry Tomlin and salute wish you continued success in the
Having a plan when purchasing him for a great season winning future.

20 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Motivation Volume 3:
The Masters of
the Middle
This DVD contains never
before seen footage of the
methods of two of
Belgium’s premium one
day racing fanciers.
It contains all of the tips
and tricks that make
both fanciers so very
successful on the
0 continent. This includes
. 5
£21 K their feeding, training,
U ng medication, breeding
incl p
p& systems and much
The footage we have captured, will shock and amaze
even the best fanciers out there – two very different systems on
racing hens, but both with outstanding results.
Revealing some of both Benny Steveninck and Patrick Vervloesem’s
most closely guarded secrets and methods of winning consistently.
Running time (approx) 1 hour 45 minutes


£21.50 UK including Post & Packing
For Europe and the Rest of the World applicable postal charges apply

To order phone 01206 843456 with your credit/debit card details or

post cheque/PO made payable to ‘The Racing Pigeon’, Unit G5, The
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or visit our website www.racingpigeon.co.uk

John Gilmour photographed

outside his shed.

by Billy Wortley
22 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569
uring the season past, 7.10pm to head the result on Richard (2), Stafford, Wollaston,

John Gilmour from 1049ypm from 479 miles. The Cheltenham and Marlborough,
Ecclefechan realised a leading arrivals from the event which was flown on the same
lifelong ambition when were well dispersed with Colin day as the Inland National from
he won the Scottish Crees from Ladykirk in the Buckingham. He was paired in
National Flying Club. Borders gaining 2nd Open, early January and reared two
Blue Riband event from Sinclair Thomson & Son from youngsters and was thereafter

Ecclefechan is a small village

situated four miles south of
Lockerbie, within which there
has been a pigeon presence
from the early part of the last
century. The place name
Ecclefechan is abbreviated
locally to ‘Fechan and this can
be seen in the name of the first
National winner that actually
raced into the village, that
being Mr & Mrs Lew Horsburgh’s
great red pied hen ‘Fechan Lass’,
which won the Rennes Classic in
1963. She went back to the
equivalent event in 1964 and
was 3rd Open. Dam of ‘Fechan
Lass’ was a chequer pied hen
that was bred by Tom Little
from Creca and was out of a
Logan hen when coupled to a
grizzle cock from John
Kirkpatrick, which was in fact
the nestmate of ‘Galabank
Producer’. Sire of ‘Fechan Lass’
was the breeders great stock
cock ‘Fechan King’. In 1973 a
record entry of 7,953 pigeons
competed from Rennes with the
race being won by Joe Murray &
Son, who housed their pigeons
in a humble wee loft at The
Haggs at Ecclefechan, close to
the home of John Carmichael.
Joe Murray’s Classic winner was
a blue chequer hen ‘Murray’s
‘Gilly’ 1st Open SNFC Alencon 2017.
Delight’ and contained the lines
of T Gray from Lanark. John
Gilmour’s winner was therefore Port Seton, near Edinburgh, worked true Widowhood. He
the third pigeon to win the being 3rd Open and C Grieve was basketed for the Classic
Scottish National Blue Riband from Greengairs in Lanarkshire with his first flight three-
event into the village. timing a very good pigeon into quarters grown. Dam is a Theo
the West Section to be 4th Rutten, which was obtained
The 2017 Alencon Classic was Open. from friends Shaun and Linda
originally scheduled for Friday Trodden whilst the sire is a red
30th June but due to an John Gilmour’s National winner cock that was bred by Martin
unfavourable weather forecast, is two year old dark chequer Adair from Flimby in West
it was decided to delay cock ’Gilly’ that had five races as Cumbria.
basketing and target a Monday a youngster, raced from Lymm,
race. The convoy was released at Wollaston and Cheltenham as a Theo & Raymond Rutten reside
5.45am on Monday 3rd July into yearling and in 2017 prior going at Groesbeek, Netherlands, and
a light south west wind, which to the National, competed with are the owners of a superb
turned to a northerly direction the Solway Federation from family of pigeons based on the
en route with John timing at Charnock Richard (1), Charnock bloodlines of Janssen Brothers

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 23

Heatley and Alf Robinson.
Bobby also obtained Doctor
Anderson Bricioux from George
Lawson from Silloth and the
coupling of Vandevelde to the
Bricioux produced two
exceptional mealy cocks, which
were unrelated but through
which all subsequent winners

Racing a modest team of

pigeons on the Natural system,
Bobby and Martin won the
noted Big Cup in the Derwent
Valley Federation on ten
occasions for the best average
from all races through to the
longest channel race. The sire of
3rd Section Eastbourne 2015. the red cock, which John
obtained from Martin, was 8th
of Arendonk. They first visited competing against 2,424 Federation Nantes. He was bred
the brothers at Arendonk in pigeons and 1st National direct from Bobby & Martin
1958 and continued to visit Chantilly competing against Adair’s noted red hen, which
them on a regular basis, 23,193 pigeons. was the first Gold Award winner
obtaining stock on an annual in Cumbria. This hen scored in
basis. They also acquired Martin Adair is the son of the the Federation from the
pigeons from Jules Wouters of late Bobby Adair, who was one Channel on 12 occasions and
Keerbergen, who purchased the of the best fanciers in the North featured in the first 50 of the
very best of Janssen bloodlines of England and Southern Cumbria Combine result from
including grandchildren from Scotland, with his team being the channel on eight occasions.
the ‘Prins’; direct progeny from based on the Vandevelde lines The sire of the red cock that
the ‘Racket’ and from the Super of George Gorley from John Gilmour obtained from
Pair ‘Louis’ and ‘Irma’. He also Cockermouth and Gordon Martin was also the sire of the
acquired progeny from several Jenkinson from Clifton, which red cock that fellow Club
of the all-time greats including went back to the lines of Bill member, Jimmy Dalgliesh,
‘The 019’, ‘Oude obtained from Flimby,
Geeloger’, ‘Merckx’ and which bred the noted
the famous ‘Vos’. Theo & ‘Hoddom Dynamo’, that
Raymond Rutten was 7th Section SNFC
supplemented the Alencon and 2nd Section
Janssen line by 3rd Open Falaise 2008,
purchasing stock from and 1st Open SNFC
Gebr Janssen, Falaise in 2009.
concentrating on the line
of the ‘Chantilly’ and A sister of ‘Hoddom
‘Winterjongen’ and from Dynamo’ was 3rd Open
Henri van Venrooij of SNFC Maidstone 2007
Deurne, who obtained his and 8th Open SNFC
original stock direct from Newbury 2008. A brother
Janssen Brothers. was 70th Newbury, 15th
Section 47th Open
National wins achieved by Maidstone, 21st Section
Theo & Raymond Rutten 43rd Open Newbury and
include 1st National 296th Open Eastbourne,
Orleans competing all with the SNFC and a
against 17,211 pigeons, son of ‘Hoddom Dynamo’
1st National Montlucon was 4th Section 4th Open
competing against 7,000+ SNFC Newbury. Dam of
pigeons, 1st National St the red cock that John
Quentin competing obtained from Martin
against 6,611 pigeons, 1st Bobby Adair’s good red hen. Adair was a mealy, bred
National St Vincent by Tommy Nichol from

24 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Langholm from two direct
Bobby Adair pigeons. Tommy
passed progeny from the hen to
several fanciers across the
country, which performed on
the road and Martin made a
point getting the hen back
when Tommy left the sport.
When John Gilmour purchased
the sire of the National winner,
he travelled to Flimby with
friend Alistair Little, who is
actually Jimmy Dalgliesh’s son-
in-law and when the young cock
and his nestmate were ready to
be weaned, Martin brought
them part of the way to
Springfield, where John met

John has had an interest in

Front elevation of John Gilmour’s loft.
pigeons since he was a boy with
his father, Jackie, being a very
good fancier before him. In team of pigeons. In 1967, they incidentally, gifted to Jackie by
former years Jackie and his gained the first three positions his son-in-law, Brian Robertson,
brother, Eddie, competed under in the Section from SNFC who for a time also participated
the loft title Gilmour Brothers Avranches and in 1974 they in the fancy. The pigeon was a
and Martindale and gained a were 3rd Open SNFC Avranches. Janssen that Brian obtained
number of successes with the from the late Andy Wilson from
highlight being winning the The brothers eventually formed Locharbriggs. I should add that
Vaux Usher Young Bird National their own separate lofts and as during the season past, Jackie
in 1963 with a red cock that was the years passed they achieved was once more amongst the
bred by Hughie Falconer from individual successes. In 2005, winners, being 3rd Section from
Mid Calder. At that time they Jackie was 6th Section 29th the Ypres Commemorative Race
were advised by John Prott from Open Tours and in 2006 this with a hen that was bred from a
Longtown, who was a really same pigeon was 1st Section 3rd pair of pigeons that John bred
good fancier and as the years Open from the equivalent race. for his father.
passed they assembled a superb Dam of the 3rd Open Tours was
Having always been amongst
pigeons John entered the
competitive side of our hobby
whilst still at school, competing
in partnership with his cousin
Stewart, as S & J Gilmour. It
should be explained that they
were guided and assisted by
their uncle, Eddie, who is known
in the family as Ned and as
previously explained, formerly
competed under the loft title
Gilmour Brothers and
Martindale. Amongst the
positions gained by S & J
Gilmour were 1st Section 3rd
Open Avranches and 3rd Section
4th Open Nantes. At the time
Jim Renwick made comment in
his column in the Fancy Press
about the schoolboy fanciers
winning into Ecclefechan but
didn’t mention that we were
Dark hen that was 5th Section 6th Open SNFC Falaise. being guided and assisted by
their uncle, who was quite an

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 25

expert. I publish with this local club. Son Raymond
article a photograph that and his mother, Tilly, are
was taken at the 1974 also actively involved in
SNFC Prize Presentation, the management of the
which shows Stewart and pigeons. Having
John receiving silverware explained above that the
from Guy Barrett. Rutten loft is based on
the lines of the Janssen
The years marched Brothers from Arendonk,
forward and John it will interest our
married and set up home readers to know that
in the community of Theo is affectionately
Waterbeck, which is a known in the
picturesque village Netherlands as ‘Theo, the
situated between Dutch Louie Janssen’.
Ecclefechan and Sean and Linda first
Langholm. At the new purchased examples of
address, he built a 16ft x the Rutten family some
6ft three compartment 15 years ago, direct from
loft and joined Hoddom the breeders and through
Club. Pigeons were ongoing introductions
obtained from his father, have formed a superb
from friend Alistair Little team of Rutten pigeons.
and from fellow club John Gilmour also
member Jimmy Dalgliesh, John Gilmour (right) and his cousin Stewart, being learned that pigeons
which were worked on presented with trophies by Guy Barrett at the SNFC emanating from the
the Natural system. He is Prize Presentation in 1974. Rutten loft were winning
a joiner by profession across the pigeon world
and in time, assisted by Raymond Rutten, who are five in such diverse locations as
members of the family and times Dutch National winners Germany, Belgium, Poland,
friends, he built a bungalow at and have been Champions of Portugal, Taiwan, China and of
Ecclefechan, which has a large their club on more than forty course the UK. On viewing the
garden within which he erected occasions racing from 60 miles pigeons that day he further
the original loft. At that time his to 650 miles. learned that Sean and Linda
total concentration wasn’t on actually worked with several
pigeons as his sons Ryan and Theo Rutten developed an other families, including SVR’s
Adam played youth football interest in pigeons, whilst still at obtained from Steve Wheatley
with Annan Athletic. He took Primary School, initially from Middlesbrough and Jan
them to training and to matches competing in partnership with Aardens, which they obtained
and became so involved he his uncle. He formed his own from Dutch fancier Fritz
assisted to coach youths at the loft when he was thirteen years Ringenberg. It was explained to
club. This continued until the old and given time, showed his him that Fritz sold his primary
boys stopped playing and he class becoming Champion of the pigeons to a fancier in Ibiza and
was then able to focus once
more on the pigeons, which
included building a new loft.

Through his work, he met Sean

Trodden, who was the Health
and Safety Officer on a Building
Site where he was working. An
immediate friendship was
formed and he arranged to visit
Sean at his home at Egremont in
West Cumbria. He was truly
impressed with Sean’s pigeons
and importantly with his system.
Sean competes in partnership
with his good lady Linda and on
visiting their home at Egremont
he learned that the primary
family of pigeons, which they Sire of the Alencon National winner.
housed, was that of Theo and

26 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Sean and Linda obtained their they took all ten positions in the local and National competition.
first two Ringenberg Jan Federation, from Sedburgh (2) I In 2010, for example, he was 3rd
Aardens from that source. John wrote in my column in The RP, “I Section 15th Open from the
travelled to Egremont with his have been writing for the Inland National from Bovingdon
son Adam and on departure Pigeon Press since the 1970’s with a two year old mealy cock
Adam was gifted a pair of and never before have I written that went to the race on
pigeons, which John still has and about the same fancier taking Roundabout. His sire was a red
over the years, on an ongoing all ten Open positions in the cock that was bred from a
basis, he’s received further birds Solway Federation”. At the close Busschaert cock that was
obtained from Ron Strong from
Hexham when coupled to a
mealy Van Hee hen that was
obtained from Davie Robinson
from Lockerbie. Dam was a blue
w/f hen that was bred from a
Ron Strong Busschaert when
paired to a Janssen cock. In 2013
he was 5th Section 56th Open
from the SNFC Blue Riband
event from Alencon with a two
year old blue chequer cock, the
sire of which contained the
loft’s original bloodlines whilst
the dam was a SVR from Sean
and Linda Trodden. The chequer
cock had five races as a
youngster and went to the coast
as a yearling. In 2013 he was
paired in the middle of January
and reared two youngsters after
which he was split from his
mate and put on Roundabout.
He entered the race basket at
Appleby and thereafter had five
races with the Federation to
Cheltenham and then went to
Newbury with the National
when he made the clock and
One of the original Ruttens obtained from Sean & Linda Trodden. was 208th Open. He was worked
on Roundabout for his first four
from Sean and Linda, bred from of the season Sean and Linda races and was then re-paired,
and related to the best in the were presented with the trophy going to Alencon covering 10
loft. as Federation Fanciers of the day eggs.
At the time of his original visit The Annual Commemorative
Sean and Linda were winning When John Gilmour first visited race from Ypres is a regular part
out of turn right through to Sean & Linda Trodden he of the SNFC race programme but
Federation and Combine level. managed his team on the in 2015 it was cancelled due to
In 2015 they moved across the Natural method. Sean, by problems with the Ferry. The
Border to Springfield, near to comparison, worked his team on Ypres race was therefore
the famous Blacksmith’s Shop at Widowhood and John listened substituted with a race from
Gretna Green and are now to his every word when Sean Eastbourne and John timed with
members of Springfield Club. explained the rudiments of the the leaders into the area, to be
Competing in Springfield with system to him. On arriving home 3rd Section 196th Open. The
their youngsters in 2016 they he obtained books and DVD’s to winning pigeon on this occasion
gained a succession of sparkling learn more about the was a two year old blue chequer
results. Week after week they Widowhood method and made cock that was home bred from
had birds arrive in numbers; a commitment to change my Rutten stock obtained from Sean
they took the first ten positions system to a form of & Linda Trodden. He had four
in the Federation from Widowhood. races as a youngster and went to
Sedburgh (2) and had eight in a the coast as a yearling on
drop from the Federation Open John saw an immediate Widowhood. In 2015 he was
race, which they won. When improvement in performance in paired after the Blackpool Show

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 27

and having reared a pair of the Widowhood cocks is kitted National winner had five 20 mile
youngsters was then put on out with conventional training tosses. The squad was
Widowhood. He went through Widowhood nest boxes whilst worked on a form of
the Federation programme to the compartment for the Roundabout but as the hens
the Inland National from Widowhood hens is kitted out were at all times boxed whilst in
Billericay and was then re-paired with boxes with fronts, equal to the shed, John describes it as
with the intention of sending half the front of a conventional Widowhood for cocks and hens.
him to Ypres. He went to Widowhood front. The system worked was that the
Eastbourne covering five day old hens were released from their
youngsters. As the years have passed his boxes, driven into the corridor
management system has evolved and thereafter put out to
Our readers will have observed and improved. In 2017 he exercise. While the hens were
that the system that evolved was commenced the season with exercising, the cocks were
that John worked the moved though the
team on a Widowhood corridor into the hen end.
method from the earlier When the hens had
races and then re-paired completed their period of
them for the Channel. exercise they entered the
During the years that he cock compartment
worked the system, through a sputnik. The
however, he promised cocks were then moved
himself that “next year I’ll through the corridor and
continue racing cocks and put out to exercise after
hens on Widowhood, which the hens were
right out to the moved through the
Channel”. In 2017 that is corridor into their own
exactly what he did, compartment, being fed
which obviously paid and watered in their
dividends as he featured boxes. When the cocks
in the prize list in the completed their exercise
very competitive Hoddom they entered the loft
Club throughout the through the sputnik and
season and then won were fed on trays on the
Scottish National Blue floor.
Riband event from
Alencon. On one occasion, John
couldn’t get the hens
His current loft is ‘L’ into the loft in the
shaped and contains morning following
three compartments on exercise and he went to
the front elevation. On work and reluctantly left
looking onto the front of them to enter the shed
the shed, there is a 9ft John Gilmour photographed receiving the King through the sputnik.
long compartment for George V Cup and the famous Gold Cup from When he arrived home
cocks on the right hand President, John McCord at the SNFC Prize he discovered two of the
side of the structure and hens on the loft floor,
an 8ft long compartment toying on with each
for young birds on the left, with thirty plus old birds, which were other. He chose to leave them
the centre compartment being paired in early January, with and one of the pair layed, which
used as a corridor. The shed is each pair rearing at least one was a yearling dark hen. He
extended behind the young bird youngster. When the youngsters then decided to send the dark
compartment, to form the were weaned the cocks and hens hen to Falaise covering the eggs
second leg of the ‘L’. This leg is were separated from their mates and timed it at 2.47pm from a
6ft wide at the narrowest point and put on Widowhood. At the 6.15am liberation to be 5th
and is so constructed that it gateway to the season they had Section 6th Open. She went
marries into the corridor, two 20 mile training tosses and through the programme to
previously described. were thereafter worked around Charnock Richard as a
Immediately behind the young the loft only, exercising freely youngster. In 2017 it was paired
bird compartment is a for one hour, each time they during the first week in January
compartment for Widowhood were put out. It should be and reared two youngsters. It
hens and behind that are two understood, however, that over was then put on Widowhood
further compartments for stock the days leading up to basketing and went to Charnock Richard
pigeons. The compartment for for the Alencon Classic, the (2) when it was 8th Club, Lymm,

28 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Wollaston and Marlborough
when it was 2nd Club. It then
went to the Inland National
from Bedhampton before
competing from Falaise. Sire is a
Deweerdt from Andy Gregson
whilst the dam is a Grizzle
Koopman from Ernie Goodyear
with both parents being
purchased at Blackpool Show.

During the season past, John

bred fifty youngsters, thirty of
which were worked on Darkness.
It should be noted that this was
the first time he’d tried Darkness
and looks forward to comparing
those worked on Darkness
against those managed on the
conventional method next The wing of ‘Gilly’, 1st Open SNFC Alencon (photographed several days
season. after the race).

He manages the loft on a bare 200 miles, they were fed a Vitaminor. On completion of the
board system with the loft being conventional Widowhood moult, the entire team is
scraped each and every day. He mixture on build up, boosted inoculated as a preventative
applies a floor dressing of with a measured amount if high against PMV and treated for
coarse sand, which is riddled energy mixture provided over Canker and Coccidiosis before
daily, to keep the floor clean the days prior to basketing. It racing commences. Two weeks
and dry. was explained to me also that he prior to the first National they
uses Versele Laga and Bamfords are again treated for Canker
During the early part of the mixtures, carefully selecting the and Coccidiosis. He also uses
season the birds were broken mixture for the task in hand. Ropa B Flight Boost, which is a
down during the early part of natural herbal remedy for the
the week and built up for With regards additives, he adds respiratory system, immunity
competition using normal Apple Cider Vinegar to the and digestive system.
Widowhood mixture. When the drinking water all the year
flying distance extended beyond round and uses Natural Since he was a boy John Gilmour
has harboured an ambition to
win the Scottish National Blue
Riband event and was ever so
proud in 2017 when he realised
this ambition. At the SNFC Prize
Presentation in October, he
stepped proudly forward to
receive the famous Gold Cup,
The King George V Cup, the
British Homing World Trophy
and Section A Trophy from Club
President, John McCord and also
received The T Buck Trophy for
the best average from Alencon
and Falaise. This trophy was
incidentally donated to the
SNFC by Tommy Buck in memory
of Doctor and Mrs Anderson.

John Gilmour is a young man

who puts a great deal of
thought and effort into his
pigeons and I have absolutely
no doubt that we’ll be hearing a
Widowhood hen boxes. great deal more about him in
the months and years ahead.

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 29


32 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569
his team is few in prizes, including a Provincial win New ace pigeons

numbers but their prize from Orleans and a Zonal 1st Like we said, there are many
list is quite impressive. prize from Argenton. talented pigeons in this racing
They did really well in team, and Paul and Carlos
2017, despite having to Despite racing just a small team discovered some new ace
start out with an entirely of yearlings and young birds, pigeons as well, ‘Brother-3-
new racing team. They claimed Gevaert-Lannoo was able to win Platina’ and ‘Barones 60’. We
several 1st prizes at Provincial several championship titles this take a closer look:
and National level, as well as a season, which goes to show that
few Provincial Ace Pigeon titles they have a bright future ahead. ‘Brother-3-Platina’ BE16-
and KBDB Championship titles. Some new champions have 4070113
emerged, and the team is again 6th Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle
A Provincial and Zonal in full bloom. These are their Distance Olds & Yearlings 2017
victory for an inexperienced most important titles: KBDB East-Flanders
racing team 1st Fontenay 363 birds
The 2017 racing season would be 6th Provincial Ace Pigeon 1st Fontenay 334 birds
quite a challenge for Paul Middle Distance Olds & 2nd Blois 222 birds (5th
Gevaerts & Carlos Lannoo, who Yearlings KBDB Provincial 1,275 birds – on 29/07)
had auctioned their entire racing 6th Provincial Champion Olds 2nd Orleans 106 birds (8th
team (olds, yearlings an raced & Yearlings KBDB Provincial 612 birds – on 13/08)

youngsters of 2016) last winter. 1st Champion Longer Middle 3rd Orleans 194 birds (68th
The auction was a great success Distance Young Birds 2017 Provincial 1,749 birds – on 08/07)
financially but it also meant a Fondclub Eeklo 7th Blois 206 birds (34th
considerable loss in quality for 1st Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Provincial 873 birds – on 22/07)
the team. Distance Young Birds 2017 58th N Zone Argenton 660 birds
Fondclub Eeklo
The two fanciers started the 2nd Champion Long Distance He is a son of top pair ‘Willy’
2017 season with a brand new Young Birds 2017 Fondclub BE13-4035076 x ‘Perfecta’
and inexperienced team of Eeklo BE13/4035080. This makes him a
summer youngsters of 2016. 3rd General Champion Longer full brother of super class hen
These birds had only had a few Middle Distance 2017 ‘Platina’ BE15-4146027, winner
shorter middle distance races in Fondclub Eeklo of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon
their year of birth (2016). These Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2015,
youngsters all came from A group of 60 pigeons in winter 5th National Ace Pigeon Shorter
renowned breeding pairs but (16 breeding pairs and 12 pairs Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2015.
any fancier knows that is no of racing birds) has been the
guarantee for success. These winning formula for the fanciers One of the most promising
racing birds had hardly any from Meigem. They breed pigeons in the 2017 young bird
experience, so they were raced youngsters from proven racing team is without doubt ‘Barones
with the brakes on, to avoid any birds and prize winners. They 60’. She is another hen with an
mishaps in the early season. also get rid of many pigeons, excellent pedigree, coming from
and their loft is home only to a crossing of two highly
This team quickly turned out to nationally renowned birds. This renowned bloodlines.
have a lot potential, and as they is the key to success, not only for
gained some experience they this loft but for many other lofts ‘Barones 60’ BE17-4176060
also started winning prizes. The that have purchased pigeons 1st Ace Pigeon Longer Middle
team was able to win several 1st here as well. Distance YBs 2017 Fondclub Eeklo

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 33

1st Clermont 457 birds top breeder ‘Orlandor’
7th Arras 297 birds of Geert & Annick
8th Vierzon 325 birds Vanrenterghem-
(177th Provincial 2,341 Goeteyn).
10th Blois 1,114 birds These ace pigeons are
(104th Provincial 6,013 expected to do well
birds) again in 2018, along
11th Issoudun 601 birds with the Provincial and
(206th Provincial 3,874 Zonal winners of 2017.
birds) And that sums up some
25th Chateauroux 396 of the big favourites for
birds (152nd N Zone next season.
3,369 birds)
29th Orleans 888 birds Dolce, Ivanka and
(342nd Prov 6,380 birds) Twiggy put Gevaert-
40th Argenton 838 birds (274th CEO’ BE04-3230979 x stock dam Lannoo in the spotlight again
N Zone 7,382 birds) ‘Chateauke’ BE05-3202164), Here are three more champions
paired to ‘Renate’ BE15-3095344, of 2017. These pigeons have put
She is a daughter of top breeder winner of a 1st National the team of Gevaert-Lannoo in
‘Baron’ BE10-4275541 (she comes Argenton 11,215 birds for Dirk & the spotlight at National level,
from a son of ‘Bliksem’, ‘Bliksem Bart Delodder (granddaughter of winning a 1st National Zone A2

34 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

from Argenton, a 1st Provincial great form. ‘Twiggy’ put in a 14th Provincial Issoudun 518
Orleans and a 2nd National Zone great performance in Argenton, birds (1st Club 71 birds)
from Chateauroux. All three are and ‘Ivanka’ had already claimed 14th Provincial Blois 2,147 birds
direct descendants of stock dam a Provincial 1st prize from 17th National Zone Argenton (3)
‘Chateauke’. Orleans. ‘Dolce’ was close to 660 birds
another big win but had to settle
‘Twiggy’ BE16-4070106 for a 2nd Zonal instead. It would A fantastic racing hen. She is
1st National Zone Argenton (3) have been three in a row. inbred to ‘Chateauke’ BE05-
660 birds (32nd National 3,966 3202164, the stock dam of the
birds) ‘Ivanka’ BE16-4070112 Gevaert-Lannoo pigeon breed.
9th Argenton (1) 787 birds (150th 1st Prov Orleans 612 birds She comes from a son x
National Zone 6,628 birds) 6th Clermont 275 birds granddaughter of ‘Chateauke’,
55th Provincial Tours 2,718 birds 7th Fontenay 263 birds (on 13/05) ‘Crayonné Witpen Fideel’ BE08-
35th Chateauroux 1,091 birds 15th Fontenay 334 birds (on 20/05) 4280370 (from ‘Fideel Etienne’ x
(556th National 26,695 birds on 48th Tours 573 birds (191st ‘Chateauke’) x ‘Dicapria’ 84
10/06) Provincial 2,718 birds) BE15-4146084 (from ‘Son Di
35th Chaterauroux 757 birds Caprio’ Van Dyck – line
(292nd Provincial 4,740 birds on She is a daughter of ‘Master ‘Kannibaal’ x ‘Sister 100 Kaafje’,
17/06) King’ BE12-4175097, winner of a daughter of ‘Chateauke’).
202nd Provincial Blois 2,147 birds two 1st prizes, a 33rd National
La Souterraine 7,176 birds ’14 Great confidence for 2018
‘Twiggy’ is inbred to the and a 39th National La Paul explains that they are still
renowned stock pair ‘Dikke Souterraine 4,144 birds ’13, and hobby fanciers. Their goal is to
Antoon’ x ‘Chateauke’, which a full brother of a 1st Provincial enjoy pigeon racing as much as
appear in his pedigree not one and 2nd National Ace Pigeon they can with a small group of
but three times. Her sire is ‘Ensor’ Middle Distance KBB 2010 (a son pigeons. They want to do what
BE14-4032050,and he is bred of top breeder ‘King Gaby’, a is still well within their abilities
from the best racing cock x grandson of ‘Bliksem’ at their age. Team Gevaert-
racing hen of 2014, ‘Blikkaaf’ (a Vandenabeele x Lannoo is looking towards 2018
grandson of this stock pair) x ‘Chateaufideelke’). The dam is with great confidence, with a
‘Sister 42 Kakafje’ (a direct ‘Sister Caraat’ BE14-4032116 team of promising youngsters in
daughter of the stock pair). The (from ‘Bliksem Rik’, another their collection, specialised in
dam is ‘Amber’ BE12-4175014, grandson of ‘Bliksem’ x ‘Red the middle distance and the
winner of a 1st Provincial Nationaal’ hen). longer middle distance. They
Argenton 6,097 birds, a 6th became National stars in these
National Argenton 25,949 birds, Racing bird ‘Dolce’ was close to two competitions, and they want
a 1st Angerville 362 birds, a 1st a prestigious win as well but she to live up to their reputation in
Arras 119 birds, a 49th National had to settle for 2nd place at 2018. Their pigeon breed is
Zone Poitiers 3,342 birds etc. Zonal level. centered around a few core
‘Amber’ is a daughter of ‘Brother bloodlines, stock dam
14 Kaafje’, a son of the stock pair ‘Dolce’ BE16-4070098 ‘Chateauke’ and her daughter
x ‘Gabytje’ (a direct Gaby 2nd National Zone Chateauroux ‘Kaafke’, crossed with the line of
Vandenabeele and a daughter of (3) 842 birds (1st Club 98 birds) Gaby Vandenabeele’s ‘Bliksem’.
‘Tsaar’, winner of a 1st Provincial 6th National Chateauroux (3) This will be the road to success
Argenton 2,226 birds). 4,386 birds for this team in the next few
6th National Zone Bourges (2) seasons as well.
The racing team was clearly in 2,381 birds www.pipa.be

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 35

Selected Writings of

A Collection of Articles
Available from
UK £11.95 The Racing Pigeon
by well known scribe Rod Adams
A collection of Rod’s articles about his
early life, his travels, special people,
special pigeons and much more…
“Progressing through the ranks from his ‘pudding
club’ days Rod, who has kept pigeons all his life,
joined his first registered club, the Raglan HS, in
Sprint racing lost out to distance racing by 1971
when he became obsessed with winning the Up
North Combine from Bourges, its longest race.
Pursuing this goal, and only this goal, it took him a
mere 20 years to achieve it!
His chosen career was laboratory technology and
he spent 42 years working in this field retiring early
as Departmental Superintendent from the Physiology
Department of Newcastle University in 1966 which
gave him the time and money to see a bit of the world
travelling around Europe, South America, South
A5 364 pages • b/w photos Africa and briefly to Asia in pursuit of his twin
Paperback Book
hobbies of pigeon racing and bird – watching.
Writing about pigeons and his life in general began
in the early seventies in his pre-computer days for which he blames Dr Richard Asher, the father of Jane
Asher. A man much admired by Rod his advice to would-be writers was to write about what they knew
best, hence Rod has always written about himself and how pigeons have shaped his life and where they
have led him.
Now retired from the racing scene he maintains a loft of about 30 pairs of breeders the produce of
which go to others race, to one man in particular a close friend of over 60 years.
He lives where he has always lived in the North East of England. He likes it there!” –
Lee Fribbins, Editor
UK £11.95 including p&p
To order phone 01206 843456 with your credit/debit card details
or post cheque/PO made payable to ‘The Racing Pigeon’
to Unit G5, The Seedbed Centre, Wyncolls Road, Colchester, Essex CO4 9HT
or go to www.racingpigeon.co.uk and order online
This authoritative book by JOHN
CLEMENTS is aimed particularly at those
who participate in racing pigeons at
distances of over 500 miles but it will be
of enormous value to all fanciers.

In this remarkable book, which is

illustrated in full colour throughout,
John succeeds in making the reader
view the humble pigeon in a different
light and ensures that he, or she, gains
a deeper appreciation of the
enormous joy and satisfaction that
can be gained from long distance
pigeon racing.

● Contains detailed accounts of interviews REST OF ND
with the owners of nine top British and APPLICA RLD
Continental lofts involved in long-distance CHARGE TAL
pigeon racing.
● The interviews cover a wide range of
important issues including the acquisition of
stock, the treatment of young birds and
yearlings, feed, health and immunity.
● Other subjects covered include loft
management, cleaning, construction and
ventilation, the pairing and exercising of the
birds, the systems used (Widowhood, on the
nest, or both) race preparation and many
other subjects.
● Well illustrated with over 170 colour
photographs, pedigree charts and

Order online at www.racingpigeon.co.uk or

send cheque/PO to The Racing Pigeon,
Unit G5, The Seedbed Centre, Wyncolls
Road, Colchester, Essex CO4 9HT
or phone 01206 843456 with your credit/debit
card details.

Beverlo, Belgium

by Tony Harte
t was a real pleasure, to business. In 1982 Dirk got the name Bosmans-Geboers in

meet two ultra successful married and also started to race the long distance races. However,
pigeon fanciers, who pigeons from his new home. Marc’s partner had to finish the
have a long ‘track partnership, due to time
record’, in the pigeon Dirk raced in partnership with constraints on his restaurant
racing game. Dirk Jan Hermans (Editor of the De business. Whilst attending the
Leekens was born into a Duif) up until 2011 and were very Golden Duif presentation night,
pigeon family, as his successful, (1st National Dirk and Marc were talking and
father and brothers, kept Championship Young Birds 2010, agreed to form a new
racing pigeons. Then at 1st National Brive 2011, 3 partnership, at the loft of Marc.
only ten years of age, he had a European Cup Ace Pigeons, etc), Marc’s long distance pigeons
loft of his own and his love of but had a total auction, as he were replaced with the best of
the sport developed from there. was not able to race from this Dirk’s short/middle distance
In 1981 he moved to As, near Jos address anymore. Marc Bosmans bloodlines, as a round of eggs off
Thone and set up his hairdressing used to race in partnership under Dirk’s best pigeons had been

38 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 39
40 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569
keep around 200 young birds,
which are flown on the Darkness
system, starting on 1st April until
21st June. After this time the
young birds are given extra light
from 6 until 11pm. As soon as
the last race is flown the loft is
closed down and the extra
lighting stopped. The birds are
then rested, closed in the loft, to
allow them to moult unhindered
and all pigeons are locked up
until early the following
February, due to the problems
with birds of prey. In February
the hens are allowed out for
exercise and ‘loft flown’ with the
flag, once a day, beginning with
30 minutes and building up to
around 90 minutes to two hours
per day. The cocks are trained
separately, for one hour, once a
day. The old birds are given four
moved to Marc’s, prior to the 1,300 fanciers in China, watching or five training tosses, pre-
auction in 2011. The only pigeon everything live and all wanting to season, up to a maximum of
not sold was ‘Lucky Luke’, as he comment or ask questions, whilst 20km, the young birds a
was 15 years old. However, in Dirk and Marc, wanted to maximum of ten times up to
2012-2013 he sired about 25 concentrate on the return of the 20km and all birds have two
youngsters, which testifies to the race birds. The pros & cons of training tosses with the club, one
constitution of this family and digital technology! at 70km and then one at 90km.
many of these are now in the The pigeons are no longer taken
stock loft. The partnership have about 20 on, continuous, regular training
cocks and 70 hens, all flown on tosses, in the car, as if they are
‘Speedo’, 1st Euro Cup Ace Widowhood. Dirk tells me that training well, around the loft,
Pigeon, from Marc’s father, was the best results are achieved with then it is not necessary. During
added to the breeding loft, the hens and whose partners are the race season after the pigeons
together with ‘Triple Olympiad’ left on their own. They do have reach the 300km stage, they
of Etienne Stassen (sire to over one loft with cocks and hens, left have two nights in the basket,
seven different 1st prize winners). together, but these are not as being basketted on a Thursday
The partnership now concentrate successful as the others. They for a Saturday liberation.
on specific bloodlines, namely,
the ‘Lucky Luke’ line, Dirk Van
Dijk, ‘Kannibal’ line, Prosper
Roosen and the ‘Olympic Triple
Ace’. These pigeons have been
‘churning out’ winners, including
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle
Distance 2012, 2nd Pigeon,
Belgium Olympiad Yearlings,
2013, a daughter of ‘Triple
Olympiad’, ‘Olympic Triple Nena’,
was 1st Provincial Middle
Distance Belgium KBDB 2015 and
various other children and
grandchildren have consistently,
been achieving top results. Such
is the interest, in the Bosmans-
Leekens pigeons, that during a
visit from some Chinese fanciers,
that had also come to watch the
pigeons return from a race, the
Chinese were streaming the
action ‘Live’ and there were some

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 41

were given the opportunity to
see the young birds return from
the Chateauroux race 540km, and
it was interesting to see that the
young birds had been trained to
trap to the noise of an electric
doorbell. As Marc Bosman is
responsible for the day to day
care and maintenance of the
pigeons, if for some reason Dirk,
has to clock the race birds, then
instead of a different
voice/whistle, the consistent
sound of the electric doorbell,
gives the young birds extra
confidence. It was also pleasing
to see some of the very small,
Maltese Moroccean pigeons, used
as drop birds. However, on this
occasion, the first pigeon to drop,
came like an exorcet missile,
straight from the sky and trapped
in an instant. Amazing to watch
and reflected on the precise
management systems of these
two super fanciers. As it turned
out the first pigeon was 2nd
Provincial, another super result.

The results for 2017 have been

very impressive, including:
1st Provincial Chevrainvillers,
380km from 4,955 pigeons, with
1st Provincial Chevrainvillers,
380km from 3,353 pigeons, with
1st Provincial Argenton, 570km
from 2,554 pigeons, with
1st Provincial Chatearoux, 540km
from 2,039 pigeons, with ‘Lesbi‘.
The pigeons are fed Vanrobaeys 100% top condition, before the (This hen was paired to another
best racing, in the earlier part of racing starts and the pigeons are hen, but the partnership made
the week, then the last three given a full health check, prior to use of this, for extra motivation
days on Dynamic, plus energy the start of the season. They have and it succeeded, so hence the
corn, for the last two days before and use their own microscope so, name, “Lesbi’)
and for two days on return. only treat whenever there is a 1st Provincial Argenton, 570km
Depending upon the distance problem identified. Dirk states from 1,015 pigeons, with ‘Chalon’
flown and weather conditions, that if one uses antibiotics 1st Provincial Libourne, 800km
the pigeons are given extra fat, regularly, then you will not be from 464 pigeons, with ‘Luna’.
such as peanuts, small seeds, etc. able to keep your birds in top
The peanuts are always put in the form, for the full season. The In addition to these results, there
microwave for 30 seconds, to partnership use supplements have been 2nd place Provincials
ensure that any bacteria/toxins from Vanrobaeys, together with
are destroyed. The pigeons are products from the Vet, Ferdy So the success journey continues
also given ‘relax’, on return. No Vandersanden and Belgica de for this ultra successful
barley is given during the season, Weerd. The pigeons are given partnership, now there are many
but before the season starts, they Belgamagix, every three or four other fanciers winning with these
are given barley, for four weeks weeks, against pigeons, including fanciers, from
in February. During the moult the canker/trichomonas. the little island of Malta. As Dirk
pigeons are given vitamins and and Marc advise, to improve, we
oils, etc. The pigeons must be in During the visit to the lofts, we must look, listen and learn.

42 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 43

Text & Photos by Keith Mott

44 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569
everal birds in the 2008 NFC Tarbes checked and she said a fourth

generations of race, with over 4,000 birds pigeon had arrived from Tarbes
the Human competing, and got four home at 21.00hrs, and turned out to
family have raced on the day of liberation, be Champion ‘Any Distance’.
pigeons with clocking three of the birds The Human’s fifth bird arrived
outstanding within 18 minutes of his first home early next morning and
success in the arrival. Brilliant pigeon racing had been ripped up by a
Hampshire area by any one’s standards. The first Sparrowhawk. That was some
for many years. bird on the clock at 16.40hrs to billiant performance.
My ol’ friend, record 15th Open was Derek’s
Derek Human, must have one of good blue cock, ‘Jack’, who is a Derek Human and I go back
the best racing records in Classic very consistent racer in National many years, starting in the early
and National in the south of events and was sent to Tarbes 1980’s when he had his wins in
England, including 1st Open sitting 14 day old eggs. ‘Jack’ the Central Southern Classic
NFC Tarbes. His son, Adrian, has was mated to his mother, ‘Rose Flying Club and he came to my
had brilliant success racing 2’, and she was third birds home in Claygate to have his
pigeons at his own address and home, clocked at 16.58hrs to young bird champions
of course raced his famous record 38th Open in the photographed, and I covered his
champion, ‘Ransdean Reliance’, National. This wonderful hen is successes in the fancy press.
to his loft in Petersfield. sheer class, being a brilliant Derek is a very likable guy, who
racer and breeder. Second has always got a smile on his
After winning the 2007 NFC pigeon on the clock at 16.50 hrs face and along with his pigeon
Tarbes race in such good style, was the good blue chequer racing son, Adrian, is always up
Derek Human of Petersfield cock, ‘Kenny’, and he is a son of for a laugh. I for one was over
certainly had some thing to do the Tarbes National winner, the moon to hear the great
in 2008 to equal that wonderful ‘Any Distance’. ‘Kenny’ recorded news that he had won the
National win achieved by his 32nd Open and was also sent greatest prize in long distance
great Champion ‘Any Distance’. sitting two week old eggs. pigeon racing in the 2007
Well if he didn’t equal that Derek got a phone call from his season, 1st Open NFC Tarbes
2007 performance he certainly wife while at the clock station Grand National and did it in
came close! Derek entered five getting his National clock fantastic style. His wonderful

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 45

champion, ‘Any Distance’, won the first few in the open result, good exercise around the loft in
1st Open Tarbes (540 miles) with and then was repaired so she the evenings. The basic family
3,477 birds competing and won had a youngster for the Tarbes are Davenport/Cattryse, with
the strong Section B. by 133 National. some Newman/Cattrysse being
y.p.m. clear. A brilliant bought in some years ago and
performance at the highest Derek has lived at his present all Norman Bishop’s Cattrysse
level. This game five year old address in Petersfield about pigeons were purchased just
Cattrysse blue chequer hen was eight years and on moving in he before he passed away.
sent to Tarbes feeding a nine scaled down his pigeon set up
day old youngster and has won to a wooden 18ft x 6ft Barnsley Other premier racers at Derek’s
a NFC Certificate of Merit loft, which has three sections. Petersfield loft are: ‘Rose 2’ a
Award, previously winning 8th The loft has an aviary running a wonderful blue Cattrysse hen
and daughter of the Human’s
1996 BBC Nantes National
winner ‘Rose’. Derek is not
much good at keeping records
of his pigeons performances,
but told me ‘Rose 2’ was a
champion racer winning a list of
premier prizes in the Nationals,
including 10th Open BBC San
Sebastian, 10th Open BBC St
Nazaire and 1st Section B
Fougeres NFC, plus a special
ward presented by the BBC This
great hen races well in any nest
condition and has also score
being un-paired. ‘Jack’ a
Cattrysse blue cock and son of
‘Rose 2’. This game cock is only
three years old and has
recorded several premier
positions in British Barcelona
Club races.

Section, 70th Open NFC long the front and the birds are Derek and Adrian share the 20
Bordeaux and 11th Section, 71st trapped through the old fashion pairs of stock birds, which are
Open NFC Pau. Champion ‘Any ‘bob’ wires. Derek says his loft is kept at Adrian’s home and
Distance’ has had a brilliant very old fashioned, but it has these are nornally paired up at
racing career, winning other the push button belt to clean Christmas. The stock loft is 16ft
premier positions including 1st out the nest boxes every Sunday x 8ft, with a massive aviary and
Section, 16th Open NFC Chale, morning. The loft houses all his the main feeding is Brian Wall’s
15th Section, 251st Open NFC racers, as the stock birds are ‘Breeding’ mixture. Derek sells
Fougeres and 19th Section, kept at his son, Adrian’s house the first round of youngsters off
369th Open NFC Sennon Cove. and he only keeps eight pairs the stock birds each season and
A champion racer in the truest old bird racers, which are mated then breeds about 28 babies to
sence of the word, winning at up on 14th February. He races race. Derek loves young bird
at the very highest level and as the Natural system with the racing and has been very
her name surgesses, at any long distance Nationals in mind successful through the years,
distance. Derek says she was and when they have reared the best performances being
sent to Tarbes in her favourite their young, they are seperated twice 1st Open CSCFC with
nest condition, feeding a baby, to hold their moult, and then babies. He is trying out the
and the squeaker she was repaired to get them ready for ‘darkness’ system this season
feeding when she won the the race they are required for. and maintains, these days you
National was donated to the must be on the system to do
NFC Young Bird Auction and The birds are fed on Willsbridge well in young bird racing. The
raised £470 for the club. In the ‘Irish’ mixture and get very little young birds are given lots of
early part of the season she was training, only getting a few short training tosses and then
seperated from her mate to chucks from Fareham Sports five chucks from the New Forest
hold her moult and then was Centre, 15 miles from the loft. before going in to the first
sent to the very hard Central The birds are not given an open races. Derek is not in a Saturday
Southern Classic Flying Club loft because of the really bad Federation club and the
Cholet race, where she scored in local Hawk problem, but get youngsters go straight over the

46 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

channel with the NFC or BBC, public house in Alton and he National winner was his
with them some times getting tells me the clock station had Davenport x Cattrysse blue hen
five channel crossings, including five National winners there ‘Rose’, raced on the Natural
Guernsey and Lambelle. when it was running. Derek’s system. Derek had a bad hawk
son, Adrian, is an outstanding problem living in the Hampshire
Derek started up with pigeons pigeon racer in his own right countryside and losed many
at the age of 13 and his first loft and has won many premier pigeons each year to predators.
was an old chicken shed. His positions in the British Barcelona His champion hen ‘Rose’ was
first club was the old Alton club Club in recent seasons. picked up in the lane outside
and won his first race from the Humans’ home, being badly
Guernsey, which he thought was I visited Derek Human’s loft in injured by a hawk attack. It
a good performance because he 1996 with my YouTube film unit took her two years rest to get
beat the great Frank Jarvis of and at that time he lived in over it, then, she came out to
Selbourne. Derek has been in Alton. The Human family lived win 1st Open Nantes (BBC) in
the sport of pigeon racing over in a converted barn set in the 1996. Previously to winning
50 years and tells me his wonderful Hampshire Nantes ‘Rose’ won 6th Open
ambishion has always been to countryside and Derek had a CSCFC Bergerac and was named
win the NFC Grand National. great record in Classic and after his little grand daughter
Many years ago he was a great National racing, winning many who was pigeon mad, and was
friend of the NFC Pau winner, premier positions, including 1st constantly in the loft with him.
Les Davenport, and he got Open Central Southern Classic Derek lived in Cornwall for a
Derek going in pigeons with Flying Club twice in the early while, and said that with the
advice and six gift young birds. 1980’s. The 1996 season saw the number of birds of prey he saw
Those six birds are the base of Human loft win 1st & 2nd Open there, he would never race his
the Human loft today! In those Nantes British Barcelona Clclub birds out of the West Country.
days Derek ran the NFC clock National and several other good
station at the ‘King’s Head’ wins Channel racing. His BBC The Human pigeons were raced

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 47

on both Natural and classic sent 1,256 birds to of good help and has given him
Widowhood systems, and he Lamballe and Derek recorded a some first class stock, which are
trained the Naturals the most. real ‘banger’, winning the race now winning Classic and
His Widowhood method was well clear with his National races.
very unconventional and both Davenport/Cattrysse blue pied
sets of old bird racers were hen, ‘Double Up’. He fancied Adrian Human is from a very
hopper fed, on a first class this hen, as she had been successful pigeon racing family,
mixture, with Channel racing in coming well in training and with his father, Derek Human,
mind. Derek is a builder by slipped a pair of eggs under her being a NFC Tarbes winner and
trade and made his fantastic eight days prior to thr classic. his grandfather also being a
brick L-shaped loft, which had a Her nestmate was the blue pied very good fancier many years
pantile roof, with Ventaxia hen, ‘Jack’s Girl’, and she ago. Adrian was born in Alton,
windows for maximunn recorded 3rd Section, 18th Open Hampshire and told me, “I have
ventilation. The 40 foot loft had NFC Lamballe as a young bird been around pigeons all my life,
a full glass front and bob wire and she was raced to the perch. going to various pigeon events
trapping, which Derek admitted
is old fashioned but suits his
type of racing. He had no stock
birds and the 15 pairs of old
birds were paired up the second
week in February if the weather
is fine, and 30 young birds were
reared each season. The main
families housed were
Davenport/Cattrysse and Vissers,
and they raced with outstanding
success through to 700 miles.

Derek said his biggest thrill in

pigeons at that time was in
1980, when he was 1st & 2nd
Open Avranches Central
Southern Classic Flying Club and
he saw his winning ‘Olympic 80’
on the front page of the pigeon
paper the following week and
then won 1st Open Lambelle
SCCFC the following season. The
Central Southern Classic Flying What a pair of youngsters! with my father, such as Reading
Club sent 1,170 birds to Their dam was bred by Louella Cattle Market in the days when
Avranches in 1980 and liberated Pigeon World and was you queued for one to two
on the proposed day at 09.00hrs purchased on a day trip to the hours for NFC race marking. In
in a south west wind. Derek’s Stud in Leicester. 1991 I moved to a house next
good dark chequer hen, door to dad, I was working in
‘Olympic 80’, recorded 1217ypm Derek’s wife is a great help with Portsmouth so started training
to win first open. Her sire and the birds and his son, Adrian, his pigeons every day. At the
dam were perchased at Alex who at that time lived in Bride time I kept British finches,
Reed’s clearance sale in 1979 for in Cornwall, had started up in which I housed in several
£6 each and produced many pigeon racing several years aviaries and a bird room. After
other top racers for the Human previous. Derek’s birds were fed a while working with my dad’s
loft including, 2nd Club Nantes, on a no bean mixture, because pigeons, my interest was re-
1st Club Saintes and 1st Club, years ago his good friend, Les kindled and I changed to
6th Solent Federation Davenport, told him beans are pigeon racing and built a new
Avranches. The second pigeon for horses, and peanuts were loft. My first pigeons came from
on the clock to win 2nd open added to the diet for the longer Louella and my dad. I joined
was the Danenport/Cattrysse races. The birds were kept very Alton club for young birds in
blue white flight hen, natural and picked up their own 1992 and won my first race
‘Hampshire Girl’ and she had nesting twigs from the Humans’ from Seaton and I went on to
previously won 1st Club Seaton. massive garden, and nest bowls win every young bird race
These two great young hens were not used in the nest except one, winning the young
won the Avranches classic really boxes. Derek has a lot of bird average in the club. I
well and were both raced to the admiration for his good friend thought pigeon racing was easy,
perch. The following season the Les Davenport, who gave a lot how wrong I was.”

48 Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569

Adrian is only really interested when time was short, but I like must go to either BBC Lamballe
in long distance racing and all to scrape out. The main family or the NFC young bird race.
the pigeon management is set keep are Cattrysse, because over
up for the Tarbes and Palamos the years these birds have done Adrian told me about the early
Nationals. His best pigeon is the well for many different people. days and said, “I have always
champion blue chequer cock, Adrian and Derek share the 20 had an interest in the long
‘Ransdean Reliance’, and he is pairs of stock birds, which are distance races and the first birds
bred down from the very best kept at Adrian’s home and I had in the beginning were the
Davenport/Cattrysse bloodlines these are nornally paired up at Cattrysse and black Krauths.
of Champion ‘Game Lady’. This Christmas. The stock loft is 16ft When I first started with young
brilliant 600 mile cock was x 8ft, with a massive aviary and birds, all those years ago I had a
raced on the natural system, the main feeding is Brian Wall’s great start, but it didn’t
performing best sitting ten day ‘Breeding’ mixture. continue. It was my lack of
old eggs, and won the BBC knowledge not the birds. My
‘Spanish Diploma’ winning 19th, Adrian and his dad have one first ever training toss was a
44th, 51st & 108th Open youngster each out of each disaster, taking 40 young birds
Palamos (657 miles), and 16th nest. New stock birds from two miles and I let them
Open Barcelona (676 miles). He introduced only come in from go, and watched them go over
was recorded in race time from good long distance lofts who my loft and away towards
the longest BBC event five times race small teams of birds, like London. Three hours later I had
and recorded 16th Open
Barcelona as a ten year old. This
wonderful cock has proved to
be a champion in the breeding
loft, producing several premier
long distance racers, including
‘The Bordeaux Cock’, ‘The
Section Hen’ and a ‘Spanish
Diploma’ winner for his father,
Derek Human. A fantastic cock!

Adrian races his birds on

Natural and pairs up the first
sunny weekend in February,
with his race birds choosing
their own mate. Training starts
the second week in April,
usually from Hayling Island,
about 15 miles south of the loft,
moving to the New Forest
about 30 miles down the road
and sometimes the birds are
singled up. His Palamos birds
are usually singled up late in
the evening at around 8pm.
Adrian feeds ‘PLX’ mixture early Keith Mott and Derek Human.
in the season changing to ‘Irish’
mixture as the distance moves Adrian. His best breeder in the one pigeon back and by the end
up and Peanuts are fed quite stock loft is ‘Ransdean Reliance’, of the second day I had them all
heavily once the distance is over as he has bred a ‘Spanish back in the loft. My first loft
250 miles. He says, his favourite Diploma’ winner for his dad, was brick built, with a tiled roof
nest condition for the long and he is the sire of many out of material I managed to
distance events depends on the premier racers for the Human acquire from various sources.”
individual bird, as they are all lofts. He usually keep 40 young
different. His present race loft is birds each season and half of Adrian is a builder and always
a 42ft Petron, with Hermes auto them go on darkness, and once has been since leaving school.
boxes and it was a gift from his training starts they are fed on He says, “My wife will feed the
dad when he downsized his half ‘PLX’ and half ‘Young Bird’ pigeons while I am away and let
loft, when he moved into a new mixture. They are usually parted them out if I ask her, and one
house. It is well vented with before racing starts and allowed time she clocked a hen from San
sliding ceiling panels so the together on Friday lunch time Sebastian, which ended up 13th
airflow can be adjusted and of marking day. They must have Open from a disastrous race. My
tells me he has used deep litter at least two Channel races, and son, Jack, likes to go to pigeon

Racing Pigeon Pictorial International — No 569 49

club and has a few young birds Crystal Vase for four times only a very small team of
to follow, which I usually loose Palamos at 10 years old. He pigeons. Two other fancier he
for him! My best performances holds no offices in the sport, rates very highly is Dave Wells
are 1st Section, 8th Open BBC but likes to help at marking of Bordon who can get pigeons
Bordeaux, 2nd Section, 5th stations. Adrian maintains, the from any distance with no fancy
Open BBC Bordeaux, 5th management of the sport has methods and Jimmy Wearn
Section, 46th Open NFC its downsides, but it is in a no- whose dedication is beyond
Bordeaux, 8th Section, 47th win situation with most pigeon belief! Late breds are only
Open NFC San Sebastian, 5th people and thinks the sport has taken from the best racers and
Section, 11th Open BBC progressed despite there being parts his pigeons after the last
Bordeaux and my best fewer members. He thinks young bird race to get the
achievement in pigeons is my fanciers are more dedicated and moult under way.
‘Spanish Diploma’ winner professional these days and tells
‘Ransdean Reliance’, whom has me the top fancier in his area There you have it, the Human
gone on to win a Gold Salver must be his dad, putting up family of Hampshire, the long
for four times Palamos, and a phenomenal performances with distance specialist.


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