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SOLLA, Eugene E.

EDSC 152
2015 – 46120 April 7, 2018

Classroom Observation:
A glimpse of my future

Last March 23, I was able to observe a Biology class in the University of the
Philippines Integrated School. The Biology class was Grade 10 – Acacia. I was really
enthusiastic to observe and get to see how a real-life Biology class works, and how will be
my life during my practicum and working life.

The class was pretty small, composed of not more than thirty students. The
classroom is just enough for the discussion, it has a laboratory for experiments. The seats
of the students are arranged in a U-shaped manner, with the teacher in the middle front.
When the class started, the class was pretty much noisy as they were talking to each other.
The teacher immediately gave a seatwork which made the students quiet. She occasionally
roams around the room and willingly answers the questions from the students. During
the discussion proper, the students were all attentive and you can really see that they are
interested on what the teacher is talking about. The lesson was genetics. To be able to
have a healthy discussion, the teacher made use of slides and interactive videos in order
to tackle, at least, the basic concepts of genetics. The discussion went way more
interesting when the concept of genetically-modified organisms was discussed by the
teacher. The students asked many questions surrounding the issues of GMOs. The teacher
answered all the questions and responded appropriately by challenging the students. She
lets the students think critically for a while, so in the process, they might be able to get
the answer for their own question. She also gives positive remarks to students who are
very participative in the discussion. The last part of the class was a group work. The class
was divided into groups and were asked to solve a certain genetic puzzle. The class
accepted the challenge and you can see that they really enjoyed the lessons.

Overall, the class that I observed was above average. The connection between the
students and teachers were pretty deep, they are very comfortable with each other.
However, this could be a problem since some students tend to treat their teacher without
authority anymore since they are close, but that’s not the case here. The teacher was able
to manage her class even though the students are very interactive. As a future biology
teacher, I ensure that my class will always be a classroom that stimulates students to strive
more. Being a biology teacher requires creativity, patience, and critical thinking --- and
I’m up for the challenge.