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JV OCP Expense Claim Coversheet

Unique Reference VEX1708658 VEX

Mail Expense Documents to:

Accounts Payable dept./Expenses
P.O. Box 141

Employee Name Saloua Cherqaoui

Employee Number 000119978
Date Submitted 08-Dec-17 Expense Amount 859.00

1. Print the expense report and tape all receipts to A4 sheets of paper 1. Imprimez la note de frais et arrangez les justificatifs en format A4
2. Combine the expense sheet and receipts into the one package 2. Combinez la note de frais et les justificatifs en un seul package
3. Scan the package using your MFD - the expense report transmittal page (bar code sheet) 3. Scannez le package en utilisant votre MFD ±La page de transmission de la note de frais (la
4. The scanned expense file (pdf or tiff) should be emailed to jesa.ees@jacobs.com 4/HSDFNDJHGHVIUDLVVFDQQp SGIRXWLII GRLWrWUHHQYR\pSDUFRXUULHUpOHFWURQLTXHj
5. Each expense package must be sent separately. Only one attachment per email. jesa.ees@jacobs.com
If scanning or email is not available mail the expense report to the address above. Notes
Employee is require to maintain original receipts for personal tax purposes. SI le scan ou l¶HQYRLSDUFRXUULHUpOHFWURQLTXHQHIRQFWLRQQHQWSDVFRUUHFWHPHQWHQYR\H]OHj
l¶adresse ci-dessus
Veuillez conserver l¶original des justificatifs pour des raisons fiscales personnelles.
Expenses and allowances claim form

Name Saloua Cherqaoui Employee Number 000119978 Expense Date 07-Dec-17

Date Project Task Expense Type Receipt KM Gross Description

07-Dec-17 Q5463011 EXPENSES Travel-Parking 0 0 5.00 Parking
07-Dec-17 Q5463011 EXPENSES Travel-Kilometer 0 240 624.00 Travel from: khouribga To: casablanca-
reunion departement project control
07-Dec-17 Q5463011 EXPENSES Travel-Meals 1 0 150.00 UHSDVGpMHXQHU
07-Dec-17 Q5463011 EXPENSES Travel-Tolls 4 0 80.00 payage autorote

Total 240.00 859.00

Signature _____________________

VEX1708658 Date Printed 08-Dec-17