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Cyclone Inlet
Product Data Sheet
January 2015
From the K-SEP® Range
KIRK Process Solutions
London - Pune - Shanghai - Houston of Separator Internals

Key Benefits
KIRK Process Solutions is a leading,
Highly effective de-foaming
1 action reducing or eliminating
need for chemicals
international supplier of process
separator internals to the oil, gas and
petrochemical industries.
High volumetric throughput
2 means reduced vessel size Technology Development
To maintain a leading technical
Easy installation and removal position, KIRK has developed a range
3 for new or retrofit applications of proprietary internals designed for
effective phase separation.
Typical units during manufacture

Economic capital cost

4 Our cyclone separation internals are
marketed under the K-SEP® trade
Boosts Capacity of
Excellent turn-down / turn-up name.
5 performance
KCID Inlet Cyclones – A self
Production Separators
regulating, low pressure drop inlet Summary
Rugged construction gives
6 long life - even in corrosive or
sandy service
device for high liquid load service.

KMCE Multi Cyclones – A bank of

Developed originally in the 1960’s for
the treatment of foamy crude oil in
small cyclones for moderate liquid load production equipment, early inlet
applications. cyclone devices suffered from a range
of mechanical and fluid instability
KSME Axial Swirl Mist Eliminators –
problems, and were not widely adopted.
An in-line cyclone deck for high
performance in light liquid load Development work continued, however,
services. and the design of the inlet cyclones
evolved over the next 30 years from
short, fat, single or dual cyclones into
tall, thin, multi cyclone arrangements.
The characteristics of these devices
became better understood, and reliable
performance envelopes were developed.

A characteristic of the cyclones is their

high flow capacity, meaning that more

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throughput is possible through any the bulk oil layer, whilst the gas forms a Wide Performance Range
given size separator. central vortex core and escapes through KIRK will design the cyclone cluster to
a top outlet hole into the gas space. meet your specific requirements, but the
design envelope of the whole separator
There are many factors to take into usually means that performance can be
Defoaming Mechanism account when designing these devices guaranteed all the way down to zero
The primary purpose of the KCID inlet so please refer to KIRK for sizing turndown. In many cases there will be
cyclone is that of foam elimination confirmation. little loss in performance also should an
inside a separator. Many crude oils
additional 10-20% flow be required
exhibit moderate or severe foaming
through the system.
tendency and the traditional approach to
these problems is through a Easy to Install
KIRK also sometimes recommends the
combination of oversized equipment Manufactured as components that fit
use of inlet weirs and flow distributor
using foam breaking packs and through a standard manway, KCID inlet
baffles, depending on the application.
chemicals. cyclones comprise pre-stiffened
cylinders and manifolds, requiring only
Inlet cyclones work on the principle of simple supports and assembly within
enhanced gravity separation by the vessel to achieve a secure fit. Long Life Construction
accelerating any incoming foam to high Standard materials of construction are
g-force, when it breaks down into KIRK provide full installation stainless steel grade 316 for all
separate liquid and gas phases. guidelines to ensure process integrity is components. For very sour or corrosive
not compromised. If required, we can service other materials such as Inconel
The oil is flung to the perimeter of the also arrange to inspect equipment prior can be furnished. Some contaminants
cyclone tubes and flows down them into to start-up. may not be suitable for use with
stainless steel; if in doubt please refer to
Modular Construction
KCID inlet cyclones can be used at any
operating pressure and temperature
likely to be experienced.

Common applications for KCID inlet
cyclones include both horizontal and

 Production Separators

 Free Water Knock-Outs

 Degassing Vessels

 Slug Catchers

KIRK Process Solutions

London - Pune - Shanghai - Houston
KIRK’s unique modular design means future changes are easily made should www.kirkprocess.com
the production profile change over time, or not be as expected. End, side and
top entry designs are available.

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