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Nekeisha Berry

TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject Science
Grade Level
5th grade
Copy and paste the standard/s here from the website
Learning Objective
The objective of the lesson is what students will 5.5 The student will investigate and understand that
be able to do as they finish the activity. For this organisms are made of one or more cells and have
objective, use the Standards of Learning (SOL)
to say what you want to focus on. distinguishing characteristics that play a vital role in
You can find the SOLs at the organism’s ability to survive and thrive in its
Content Knowledge

http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/ look on
the right of the screen for the subjects and go environment. Key concepts include:
from there. b) classification of organisms using physical
characteristics, body structures, and behavior of
the organism; and
c) traits of organisms that allow them to survive in
their environment.

Activity Describe what the learning activity Students will draw a picture an organism that they would create
will be. What will the students and the teacher
be doing? (This includes what they are doing
if they could. The organism has to be their own creation and
with the technology). original so it should not be the same as another animal that
already exists.

Technology After the student has completed the drawing they will create a

Name of the device and/or programs being

used. (The description of what the students will
facebook page for the animal. The facebook page will explain
be doing with the technology will be included in the characteristics of their animal and why they will survive in
the pedagogy/activity section).
their habitat. https://www.classtools.net/FB/home-page
Directions for Use 1. Create an organism (plant, animal, insect, etc) that will
Please provide step-by-step instructions for
your students to use the tool to complete their
survive in a certain habitat of your choice (ocean, desert,
assignment. Depending on the age of your flatland, etc.)
student, this might begin with 1. Click on Earth
to open the Internet. Etc..
2. You will have to draw this organism and make sure that
it is unique. (Meaning it will not look like an organism
that already exists) It also will need to obtain certain
characteristics that would ensure that it can survive the
habitat that you have chosen.
3. Once you are done with a drawing, go to this website
https://www.classtools.net/FB/home-page and make a
fakebook profile for your organism.
4. Once you get to the fakebook profile I want you to insert
the name of your animal where it says “NAME HERE”. It
cannot be a name of an organism that already exists.
5. Fill in the “ABOUT” section. Include your habitat and
hobbies under “FAMILY”.
6. Insert in organisms that live in your chosen habitat in
the “FRIENDS” section. (Once you put in the name of the
organism, a picture will usually pop up)
7. Then you will create 5 posts minimum. One post should
be as if another organism from your habitat is
commenting on your page. One post about what your
animals eats. One post about what predators comes
after your organism. One post about your survival
characteristics and one post about anything you want.
You are allowed to make comments on these post (click
the comment button on the post you created), you are
also allowed to make certain organisms like your posts
(click the like button and insert the organisms you want
to like). Everything has to appropriate and relate to your
organism in some way.
8. After you complete the minimum of 5 posts, you can
SAVE your work (save button is the first button in the
top right corner). When you save it will give you a link
and an option to create a password. Copy the link and
password you create down on a piece of paper. Keep
this piece of paper safe! This will allow you to come back
and work on your fakebook.
9. Saving will allow you to insert pictures so now you can
change your profile picture and cover photos. (you can
also change the pictures in your post by just clicking the
picture box)
10. After posting the pictures you may save once again and
you feel like you have done everything you wanted then
you can print out your fakebook page.
Include the hyperlink here so your instructor can see what you have created.
Link to the example product
Before you submit, delete the explanatory text (the text in small italics).