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Sub-contractor attendance spreadsheet:

Contract: Contract No:

Main Contractor Subcontractor

Attendances of Sub-contract Work

1 Lighting

1.1 Lighting requirements for site accommodation, mess hut, stores etc. P P
1.2 Lighting requirements for work area P
2 Power

2.1 Power requirements for site accomodation, mess huts, stores etc. P P
2.2 Power requirements for work area P
a. 110V single phase supply

b. 110V/240V three phase supply

c. Compressed air equipment (specify requirements as appropriate)

d. Generators/Transformers (specify requirements as appropriate)

3 Welfare Facilities

3.1 Messing/Cooking P P
3.2 Toilet P P
3.3 Shower
3.4 Maintenance of above throughout contract P P
3.5 Consumables required for operation P P
4 Office Accommodation
4.1 Site Office

4.2 Furniture and Fittings for 4.1 above

4.3 Maintenance of above throughout contract

4.4 Consumables required for operation

5 Storage Facilities

5.1 Lock-up Store P

5.2 Area for storing equipment and materials P P
6 Transportation for Labour

6.1 To site address from home location

6.2 Within site boundaries

7 Hoisting Facilities
7.1 Static Hoist

7.2 Tower Crane

7.3 Mobile Crane

7.4 Fork Lift Truck

8 Uploading/Handling Facilities
8.1 Labour to unload plant and material deliveries to site

8.2 Labour to distribute plant and material over the site area as required, including necessary plant
8.3 Mechanical uploading

8.4 If Balfour Beatty have agreed to unload etc, the sub-contractor is to provide full details of
deliveries to our site management at least 24 hours in advance
9 Water for Works

9.1 Supply of water/standpipes

9.2 Water Bowser ( specify size )

9.3 Hoses, barrels,etc

10 Clearing Rubbish

10.1 To central pile

10.2 To container/skip

10.3 Off site P

10.4 Removal of container/skip P P
10.5 The sub-contractor is responsible for leaving the work area clean and tidy after each shift

11 Setting Out of Works

11.1 Grid lines and datum levels in locations as required P P
11.2 Setting out from grid lines and datum levels
11.3 Setting out all chases, holes etc

12 Safety Requirements

12.1 All protective clothing as required by Statutory Health & Regulations

12.2 All equipment must comply with the relevant Health & Safety Regulations

12.3 The sub-contractor is to comply with any instruction from our Health Safety Officer or his
representative on site
13 Scaffolding

13.1 As detailed in the attached Scaffolding Programme

NB: For scaffolding sub-contracts, a separate scaffolding schedule should be attached covering
the following points
a. Drawings

b. Testing certificate

c.Take-Over certificate
d. Compliance with all regulations

e. BS Kite marked boarding

f.CITB registered scaffolders to be used

g. Full boarding

h. Period of hire
I. Take-Over dates

j. Value
k.Extra over hire

13.2 Bridcage scaffolding

13.3 Mobile Towers

13.4 Trestles, boards, hop -ups etc

13.5 Main standing access scaffolding

a. Provision

b. Use of
c. Responsibility for safety

14 Protection

14.1 Protection of other contract works by all and any necessary means

14.2 Protection to public and adjacent properties by all and any necessary means to the clients
satisfaction P P

14.3 Protection to adjacent services, drains etc P P

15 Disposal of waste in accordance with Duty of Care P P
16 Pumping out

16.1 Pumping out Storm water and discharging appropriately

16.2 Pumping out Ground water and discharging appropriately P

17 Trial Hole Excavation P P

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