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(a) Describe the Datawarehouse framework and kinds of

M.A.M. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING data stored in it? (or)
MBA DEGREE EXAMINATIONS 2018 : MODEL EXAM (b) Explain the RDBMS concept and working procedure.
14. (a) Mention the types of computer and internet crimes (or)
Time: 3 HOURS Maximum: 100 marks
(b) Discuss about the general and application controls
Date of Semester Subject Code and Title 15. (a) Explain various applications of e-business and e-
Exam And Dept governance strategies (or)
18.04.2017 I Year MBA BA5205 – INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (b) Explain the various business intelligence techniques/
data mining techniques.
Answer ALL the questions
PART – ‘A’ (10 x 2 =20) PART – ‘C’ (15 x 1 =15)

1. Difference between DSS and EIS. 16. (a) Sketch out a Data Flow Diagram for a Railway Ticket e-
2. Define Knowledge management. booking with essential attributes in picture. (or)
3. Write note on Decision Tables.
4. Define Data Flow Diagram. (b) Write short notes on the e-business strategies to succeed
5. What is Data Dictionary? adopted by e-retail giants like Amazon.in and Flipkart.com.
6. Difference between DBMS and RDBMS
7. Define Software testing
8. What is a Software audit?
9. What are the Objectives of E-Governance?
10. Define Data mining. Prepared by Approved by Approved by

PART -‘B’ (5 × 13 = 65)
Saravanan.S HOD Principal
11. (a) Explain the types of information system based on
Functions and Management Hierarchy (or)
(b) Describe the evolution of IS?
12. (a) Explain the steps involved in Entity Relationship (ER)
Diagrams for hospital manageemtn system with its types
(b) Explain the advantages of ER diagram and DFD’s