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A part from the efforts of us, the success of this project depends largely on the
encouragement and guidelines of many others. We take this opportunity to express
our gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful
completion of this project.

We consider it our honour to convey our deep sense of gratitude and pay respectful
regards towards Dr. S.K. Bhasin (Principal of M.V.E.C.) for valuable guidance,
consistence encouragement and pleasant discussion throughout.

We express our thanks to Er. Aarti Basin (HOD of civil engineering), Er. Ankush
Sharma (Lecturer Civil Engg.) for their valuable suggestions, advice and
encouragement from time to time. From the deepest depth of our heart we are
indebted to our parents for their blessings.

Last but not the least we would like to thanks all those who were directly and
indirectly helpful in making the project.

Surender Kumar Mandal (6814136)


This is to certify that file entitled “Yamuna River Water Treatment Plant” which is
submitted by us in partial fulfilment of B.Tech. degree in Civil Engineering in
Maharishi Ved Vyas Engineering College, Jagadhri Kurukshetra University,
Kurukshetra comparises only our orginal work and due acknowledgment has been
made in the text to all other material used.

Surender Kumar Mandal (6814136)

Karun Sangra (6814109)

Sunil Singh Manhas (6814135)

Adil Bashir (6815531)

Omkar Singh (6814119)

Surender Kumar Mandal (6814136)