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September 2010 Worship Service 10 a.m.

Pastor’s Message
“Go Take a Hike…”

Now in some contexts the above quotation My family and I had a full summer; even
might not be polite. But I mean it in the purest going to the shore for a week. Even though our
of ways, literally why not get out in nature and week at the shore was not all sunshine and calm
take a hike?? This summer I had the seas we learned a lot. Being together, playing
opportunity to visit West Virginia not just once games, collecting shells and taking walks in the
but twice. In addition to meeting some amazing rain was fun! Experiencing God’s creation in
people I was treated to what locals refer to as something as powerful as the ocean with all of
“God’s country”. its riptides and stormy weather was also a treat.
On the way to our mission trip in Hurricane, I share all of these stories with you to
WV we traveled over many peaks and valleys. encourage you to continue to experience God in
There were frequent opportunities to look out in wonder and awe. Don’t just allow the fact that
awe at God’s beautiful creation. There was summer is over stop you. Take the opportunity
even a church that had a big light house to enjoy the bright blue sky, colored leaves and
structure that reminded me that we are God’s crisp autumn air! Thank your Creator for
light in the midst of his creation. We also saw making this beautiful world that we enjoy.
three crosses on many hillsides throughout our Remember whether the weather is stormy, calm
travels. What a reminder that Jesus died for you or bright that God is in all the details and he
and me and even thieves as well! His love is has great plans for each of us.
offered freely to everyone. Getting out into I know what busy lives we all lead. Yet I
God’s creation helps us to remember that HE is also realize if we do not take the time to enjoy
in control. If the Lord cares for the lilies of the our lives, our families, all that God has given us
field and the birds of the air, he can care for you and his beautiful creation then we have lost out
and me, right? on the best that life has to offer. Go take a
At Parchment Valley in Ripley I met with 10 HIKE (literally) and enjoy God’s beauty around
pastors and students who were hungry to learn you!
more about Jesus. We had the privilege of
learning God’s Word in a wonderful setting, With Love, Pastor Julia
deep in the midst of a valley, and surrounded by
hills. What a sweet time it was for all of us. “The heavens are telling of the glory of God…”
Psalm 19:1a

Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church

312 Daretown Road, Elmer, NJ 08318  (856) 358-1104
Website: www.daretownpres.org Pastor Julia’s email: revjuliap@juno.com
TNT Begins September 21st Bible Reading Challenge
Why attend another meeting, another Do you find you sometimes get out of the
evening out…why add another responsibility to habit of reading your Bible and praying?
your already busy lives? It happens to the best of us. As Christians, our
We are hoping that Tuesday Nights quiet time with God is our lifeline. Praying and
Together (TNT) will not be a burden but a joy, reading God's Word keeps us in touch with the
and if it feels like a weight around your neck I Spirit and aware of what the Lord wants for our
encourage you not to come. We are offering lives. This habit starts young and sometimes
TNT so that we might have an opportunity for needs a little encouragement. Since reading God's
midweek fellowship on a regular basis. We are Word should bring us joy we are going to have
hoping there will be something for everyone. If some fun with it.
you would like some company at dinner time, Between now and the beginning of Advent
(November 28th) everyone, including children, is
then you will enjoy joining us for a meal from
encouraged to read the Bible and pray for at least
6-6:30. Afterwards school-age children and
5-10 minutes a day. Please keep track of your
teens will have Kids’ Klub and Youth Group
Bible reading with the logs found at the back of
until 7:30. The adults will be meeting to the church. At the Birthday Party for Jesus
discuss faith issues with Nicky Gumble’s (December 5th) prizes will be given out for
excellent series “The Alpha Course”. If you regular readers. The Sunday School class with
have already been involved in the Alpha Course the average highest reading will receive a super,
and do not want to repeat it, why not spend duper ice cream party (your choice of flavors and
from 6:30-7:30 praying in the sanctuary or toppings). Come on adults don't let the kids show
sharing in fellowship with some of the parents you up!
who might be dropping off children or youth? Even adults or children who don't attend
We will follow up all these opportunities with a Sunday School can participate. Though it may
chance to worship the Lord together in a short seem a little silly, reading our Bibles should be a
service with music from our praise band, serious priority to each of us.
scripture and prayer. We will grow in our faith Remember when reading your Bible to not
through this opportunity. The Lord will bless just use the "open and point" method, where you
this time to get to know him better and to grow randomly read whatever is in front of you.
in his grace. Instead decide what book you want to read – a
There are many choices in our lives…why gospel, a letter of Paul, an Old Testament
not choose to make Jesus and your relationship narrative like Genesis – and read through a little
with him a top priority? Christian fellowship, every night or morning. Ask the Holy Spirit to
Bible study, prayer and worship are important help you understand what you read, be sure to
ways we can draw nearer to God. write down what questions you have, and after
Invite a friend…or two or three! Contact you are finished spend some time asking the Lord
Pastor Julia or Joe if you want to know more. in prayer what he wanted you to learn. Feel free
We hope to see you there! to bring your questions to Pastor Julia. She won't
have all the answers, but she can point you in the
right direction, and perhaps we will learn some
“They devoted themselves to the apostles’
new insights together! Children will need the
teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of
help of their parents at times, and perhaps this
bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42 reading challenge might even lead to a time of
reading and praying together as a family.
»« Families that pray together really do stay
Youth Mission Trip Update Congratulations to these
Eight youth, three adult leaders, Pastor Julia and
her family spent July 19th – July 24th in
Hurricane, West Virginia. They went on the
trip as part of a Reach Work Camp. Reach is a Karen Moore & Byron Dubois were
national ministry that seeks to connect youth married on July 24, 2010.
with service opportunities while they help them Heather Mueller & Joseph Alexander
to grow in their faith. Reach identified 70 or so were married on August 7, 2010.
homes in the Hurricane area that were in need
of repair. Residents were unable to make the Stephanie String & Oak Ale
repairs themselves mostly due to illness but were married on August 21, 2010.
poverty was also a factor in many cases. Five
hundred other youth and their leaders from Kari Williams & David Foote
around the nation came together to help rebuild were married on August 21, 2010.
homes in and around the Hurricane area.
Lisa Quirk & Todd Fisher
All Reach work sites are located in were married on September 7, 2010.
economically depressed areas of the U.S. and
generally include painting, roofing, carpentry
and home maintenance for the benefit of the Bella Elizabeth Eachus, born in May to Kevin
local families. & Michelle Eachus, sister to Chloe & Colton,
was baptized on August 15.
The youth learned a powerful lesson about
helping those less fortunate than ourselves
Congratulations to
through their hard work. God teaches us to be
Tammy (Hitchner) &
good neighbors, and while we all help our local
William Zarychta on the
neighbors out now and then, we must remember
birth of their baby boy. Caleb
that God’s neighborhood has no boundaries.
Alex was born on July 6th.
The youth and their adult leaders worked with
five different families. At the end of their week
they gave each family a prayer shawl from our Please welcome our new members
church and a Bible. They hope to maintain into our church family!
connections with them even though they were Chris Sharkey
only there for one week. It was amazing how 119 Jericho Rd, Bridgeton NJ 08302
close they all grew within such a short time.
Rob & Janine Tindall
The youth and adults participating in the 237 Jericho Rd, Salem NJ 08079
mission trip were: Dana Barrett, Ed Forsman, Anita Murphy
Kurt Reichert, Joe and Julia (and children) 144 Newkirk Station Rd, Elmer NJ 08318
Pizzuto-Pomaco, Jake, Katie and Tricia Barrett,
Krey, Nathan and Ralph Gardner, Chelsea Austin Smith
Schmutz and Alana Sharkey. 217 Shirley Rd, Elmer NJ 08318
Robbie Griffith
Thank you for all of your support! 423 Garrison Rd, Elmer NJ 08318
To see pictures of the trip go to the Facebook
page “Pittsgrove Presbyterian”, or check out the Kaitlyn Barrett
church’s website at www.daretownpres.org. 264 Richwood Rd, Monroeville NJ 08343

Eighth Grade
Cole McIntyre – Graduated from Upper Pittsgrove and is attending Woodstown High School. He is
active in Boy Scouts and 4-H Shooters Club.

Kati Barrett – Graduated from Upper Pittsgrove and is attending Woodstown High School. She
participated in the school play and REBEL, an anti-drug and alcohol organization. She also enjoys
playing softball.

McKenzie Murphy – Graduated from Upper Pittsgrove and is attending Woodstown High School.
She is a member of the Elmer swim team and has swum for the Vineland YMCA. She is on the honor
roll and was a Girl Scout.

Sarah Dickinson – Graduated from Upper Pittsgrove and is attending Woodstown High School. She
swims on the Elmer Swim Club and was also an honor roll student.

High School
Lily Baum – Graduated from Woodstown High School and is attending Virginia Tech to major in
finance. She participated in the school musicals all four years and played the clarinet in the marching
band. She played tennis and was in the FBLA. She ranked third in her graduating class.

Cody Jones – Graduated from Woodstown High School and is attending Cumberland County College
to study agricultural business. He played football for all four years, was president of County Corners
4-H Club and enjoys riding his four-wheeler.

Matt Sharkey – Graduated from Cumberland Regional High School and is attending Cumberland
County College. He is interested in the medical field. He is active in Boy Scouts, recently becoming
an Eagle Scout. He also has achieved perfect attendance since Kindergarten!

Kevin Hitchner – Graduated from Woodstown High School and was a part-time welding student at the
vo-tech. He was active in FFA and won state awards in turf management and agricultural mechanics.
He is employed by Grant Hitchner on the farm.

Gregory Frick (grandson of Art and Gladys Kuck) – Graduated from Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic
High School and is attending Chestnut Hill College. He played both JV and Varsity soccer and had the
lead in the school musical for his sophomore, junior and senior years. He was also part of a dinner
theater that performed in Disney’s Epcot Center. Greg was a KK Scholar and attended Gwynedd
Mercy College last fall. He received scholarships from Mount St. Mary’s and Chestnut Hill College.
2010 Graduates continued…
Brady Ewart – Graduated from Gloucester County College with an Associates Degree in
History/Political Science. He was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for
two-year colleges. He is continuing his education at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, majoring
in Political Science.

Doug Kerman – Graduated from Salem Community College and is attending Rutgers University in
New Brunswick. He will major in agricultural science and hopes to be employed in the agricultural
field. He currently works for Starlight Farms and Jeff Rider.

Wheelchairs, Canes, Hospital Beds…

Did you know that the Pole Tavern Ruritans have these and other items available to use if you ever find
your family in need? Also, if you are looking for a good home for one or more of these items, the Pole
Tavern Ruritans may be interested. Please contact Diane Reichert, 358-1480, for more information.

“Trunk or Treat” Hallelujah Party – October 29th from 6-8 pm

Join us Friday, October 29th, 6-8 p.m. in the church parking lot as all children and youth are invited to
attend our first annual "trunk or treat". Bring children and their friends, and also consider giving out
treats from the trunk or bed of your vehicle. We will assemble all the vehicles around the
parking lot so that children from our church and neighborhood could walk around and
get treats from everyone. You can dress your trunk in Fall colors, decorations and
lights if you wish (but nothing scary please). Children and adults can come in
costume. We will have a table with information about our church, and would like
to have crafts and games for the kids as well. Let Joe Pizzuto-Pomaco know if
you could donate your time or would like to participate. What a great way to remember
that the Fall season is about giving thanks for all our blessings. What a wonderful opportunity to reach
out to our community.

Prayer Meeting – Friday, September 17th at 7:30 pm

Join us this Friday evening as we gather together to pray for
Tuesday Nights Together and the rest of our Fall Ministry opportunities.
We will meet at Pastor Julia’s home (820 Lake Ave., Woodbury Heights).

What’s Happening…
• Sunday School begins for all ages on September 19th after worship from 11:30 – 12:15 p.m.
There will also be an Old Church Committee meeting held after worship service and a CE
meeting held after Sunday School on that date.

• TNT Prayer Meeting being held on Friday, September 17th at 7:30 p.m.

• Mission Team and Congregational Life Committee will meet on Monday, September 20th at
7:30 p.m. If you would like to join either of these committees please come out and bring your

• TNT – Our first Tuesday Night Together will meet at 6 p.m. on September 21st.

• Old Church Memorial Service – This year’s Memorial Service will be held on Sunday,
September 26th beginning at 2 p.m. with a concert by the Salem American Legion Band.
Worship service begins at 2:30 p.m. and Rev. Don Polk from Aldine United Methodist Church
will be our guest speaker.

• The next Ladies’ Bible Study will meet on Monday, October 11th at 10 a.m. in the upstairs
lounge. This year we will be studying the Book of Philippians. Bring a friend!

• The next Ladies’ Luncheon will be on Monday, October 11th, 12 noon. Details to follow.

• Annual Fall Retreat is being held from October 22nd – 24th in Bird-In-Hand, PA.

• Habitat Work Day will be held on Saturday, October 16th beginning at 8:30 a.m. For more
information please contact Ed Forsman (769-4741).

• Hayride – The annual hayride is set for October 17th, 12 noon. We’ll enjoy great fellowship,
lunch and a bonfire. Invite your friends! Look for a sign up sheet for food when we get closer
to the event or call the office to RSVP.

• There will be a Congregation Finance Meeting on Sunday, November 7th following worship