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Let m e tell they about my family. My family has 5 members.

Me, my two brothers

and my parents.
 My mother’s name is Fatima and she is Smart, short and Middle-aged.
 My father lives in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo and he is Interesting,
short and old.
 My older brother's name is the same as my father. And he is loving, tall and
 My younger brother’s name is Luis Eduardo and he is hyperactive, tall and
I am the only daughter of my parents.
Before finishing, I will talk a little about my paternal and maternal family. My
grandfathers died before I was born but my grandmothers are alive. From my
paternal family I have 3 uncles and I had an aunt, she past away last year. By last,
I have 15 cousins. From my maternal family I have 5 aunts, 2 uncles and 13
In brief, we are a small family, but we always spend a good time together.