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Assignment for Chapter 5 - Aircraft Lighting

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NOTE: Attached standard cover assignment with your answer sheet.


1 There are 5 groups of aircraft lighting. Name all 5 and give example of lights in these groups.

2 How is the light photon produce in an incandecent lamp?

3 How to prevent the filament in incandescent lamp from being quickly oxidize and burn out?

4 How is the incandescent light become visible to human eyes?

5 What is the difference between Halogen lamp and Incandecent lamp?

6 How the Halogen lamp can produce brighter light?

7 What make the Halogen filament last longer than Incandecent filament?

8 What could be the result would you expect to see on the ohmmeter, if an ohmmeter
connected across
a) an incandescent lamp, and
b) a fluorescent tube?

9 Why is a fluorescent tube more efficient than a incandescent lamp?

10 Why use incandescent lamps lighting instead of using more economical type i.e. fluorescent
tubes in the flight deck area?

11 How the flourescent light become visible light?

12 How many ballast require in two fluorescent tubes?

13 What should be done in the flight deck instrumentation lighting if the aircraft is categorized
as a Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operation?

14 Give three (3) type of lightings in flight deck and what is the purpose for each type lighting?

15 Describe the integral instrument lighting and list down its limitations?

16 Describe what is a bridge lamp, its advantages and what type of lamp use in bridge lamp?

17 What are the principle use in the trans-illuminated panel?

18 What type of lighting generally used in flight deck area and give example of the usage?
19 If the quantity of lamp used on the flight deck area is 70 units, how many unit do we need to
keep as spares on the aircraft?

20 What is the purpose of "wander" lamp?


By referring to the wiring above what is the purpose of variable transformer and what is the
electrical element (V, I or R) does it control?

22 How does the intensity/brightness of incandecent lamp can be controlled and what is the
electrical element (V, I or R) does it control?

23 Give five (5) type of lightings in a passenger/cabin area and what are the purpose for each
24 What is the most likely the type of lighting can be found in the passenger/cabin area and why
these are used?

25 Which type of lighting or lamp can have only two level of brightness control (i.e. bright and
26 How does the intensity / brightness of lamp is controlled automatically?

27 What type of general arrangement lighting in cargo bay area?

28 List down 5 legal requirements as laid down in the ANO for aircraft position lights.

29 What is the implication, if one of navigation light failed to funstion on the certified of
airworthiness (C of A) aircraft?

30 What type of lamps would you expect to be used for the external aircraft lighting?

31 Where are the navigation lights to be located and what are the colors of these lights?

32 What is the purpose of Anti Collision Light and the location of this light. Briefly describe the
operational of this light.

The above diagram shows another method of producing a flashing light. What is the
principle or method used for this type?

34 Describe purpose and differences of these two lights i.e. Landing Light and Taxi Light?

35 What is the purpose of an emergency lighting and give examples?

36 What is the purpose of floor proximity lightings and name two types for these lightings?

37 How is emergency exit sign connected to electrical power?

38 Control of the emergency lighting is from the flight deck by a 3 position switch, explain how
this emergency lighting is controlled?

In aircraft lighting installation design, which FAA or JAA design requirements need to be
followed for small and large fixed wing aircraft?
(search for FAR or JAR requirement, and state the paragraphs you need to follow)

40 List down 6 common/typical inspections for aircraft external lighting?