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the ENIAC (Electronic Numberical

LEARNING 1 Intergrator and Calculator) .

Self-Test Questions 14. The Monitor is the display device that

takes the electrical signals from the video
card and forms an image using points of
1. The World Wide Web refers to the part of colored light on the screen.
the internet that presents information in
multimedia form. 15. The base material for computer processing
devices is Silicon , a natural element found
2. The two main types of microcomputers are the in sand.
Dekstop PC , which sits on the desktop, and
the Tower PC , which usually is placed on the 16. The general term for all the machinery and
floor. equipment in a computer system is
3. “ Information technology” merges computing Hardware .
with highspeed communications.
17. Keyboard and Mouse are the two most
4. A(n) Computer is an electronic machine that common input devices.
data and processes it into information. 18. The processor chip, commonly called the
Processor or a CPU , is a tiny piece of
5. The Internet is a worldwide network that silicon that contains millions of miniature
connects electronic circuits.
hundreds of thousands of smaller networks.
19. One gigabyte is approximately 1 Bilion
6. Multimedia refers to information presented in characters
forms such as video, sound, and graphics.

7. Super Computers are high-capacity machines Multiple-Choice Questions

with thousands
of processors. 1. Which of the following devices converts
computer output into displayed images?
8. Embedded computers, or Microcontrollers, a. printer
are installed in b. monitor
“smart” appliances and automobiles. c. floppy-disk drive
d. processor
9. The kind of software that enables users to e. hard-disk drive
specific tasks is called Aplication software. 2. Which of the following computer types is
10. RAM is an example of Primary storage, and a the smallest?
hard drive is an example of Secondary storage a. mainframe
1 1. A(n) Network is a communications system b. microcomputer
connecting two or more computers. c. microcontroller
d. supercomputer
12. The four basic operations of all computers are e. workstation
Input , Processing , Storage , and Output. 3. Which of the following is a secondary
storage device?
13. The first programmable computer in the a. processor
USA, which appeared in 1946, was called b. memory chip
c. floppy-disk drive
d. printer
e. monitor
4. Since the days when computers were first 10. Speakers are an example of
made available, computers have developed a. an input device.
in three directions. b. an output device.
What are they? c. a processor.
a. increased expense d. a storage device.
b. miniaturization
c. increased size
d. affordability
True/False Questions
e. increased speed
T F 1. Mainframe computers process
5. Which of the following operations faster than microcomputers.
constitute the four T F 2. Main memory is a software
basic operations followed by all computers? component.
a. input T F 3. The operating system is part of the
b. storage system software.
c. programming T F 4. Processing is the manipulation by
d. output which a computer transforms data into
e. processing information.
T F 5. Primary storage is the area in the
6. Supercomputers are used for computer where data or information is
a. breaking codes. held permanently.
b. simulations for explosions of nuclear T F 6. The keyboard and the mouse are
bombs. examples of input devices.
c. forecasting weather. T F 7. Movies are a form of multimedia.
d. keeping planets in orbit. T F 8. Computers are becoming larger,
e. all of these slower, and more expensive.
f. only a, b, and c. T F 9. Modems store information.
T F 10 A microcomputer is used to view
7. What is the leading use of computers? very small objects.
a. web surfing T F 11. A hard disk is an example of
b. email software.
c. e-shopping T F 12. Computers continue to get smaller
d. word processing and smaller.
T F 13. Supercomputers are particularly
8. Which is the main circuit board in the inexpensive.
a. RAM chip (random access memory)
b. CPU processor chip (central processing
c. motherboard (system board)
d. hard drive

9. A terabyte is approximately
a. one million characters.
b. one billion characters.
c. one trillion characters.
d. one quadrillion characters.
Short-Answer Questions
1. What does online mean?
Online adalah komputer atau beberapa informasi lain perangkat,tersambung melalui
jaringan internet untuk mengakses informasi dan layanan dari komputer lain atau
perangkat informasi
2. What is the difference between system software and application software?
 Perangkat lunak sistem adalah perangkat lunak yang membantu komputer untuk
melakukan esensial operasional tugas perangkat sistem
 Perangkat lunak aplikasi adalah perangkat lunak yang dikembangkan untuk
memecahkan suatu masalah tertentu,melakukan pekerjaan yang berguna pada tujuan
umum tugas -tugas atau memberikan hiburan
3. Briefly define cyberspace?
Dunia maya adalah istilah yang digunakan untuk merujuk tidak hanya dunia online dan
internet pada khususnya,tetapi juga seluruh kabel dan nirkabel dunia komunikasi secara
4. What is the difference between software and hardware?
 perangkat lunak adalah program yang menginstuksikan perangkat keras untuk
melakukan tugas
 perangkat keras adalah semua mesin atau peralatan penyusun komputer
5. What is a local area network?
Local area network adalah sebuah jaringan area lokal (LAN) yang saling
menghubungkan,biasanya dengan kabel khusus, sebuah kelompok dari PC dekstop dan
perangkat lain seperti printer,dikantor,dibangunan
6. What is multimedia?
Multimedia adalah teknologi yang menyajikan informasi lebih dari satu media sepeti
7. What is the difference between microcomputers and supercomputers?

Mikrokomputer Superkomputer
Ukuran kecil Ukuran lebih besar
Kecepatan lamban Kecapatan tidak lelet
Pemrosesan lamban Pemrosesan lancar
Harga lebih murah Harga lebih mahal dari mikrokomputer
Digunakan untuk pribadi dengan berbagai Digunakan dalam tujuan penelitian

8. What is the function of RAM?

Penyimpanan sementara yang memegang data sebelum pengolahan dan informasi setelah
9. What does downloading mean?
Donwload adalah cara mentransfer data dari komputer remot/server ke komputer sendiri
10. What is meant by connectivity?
Konektifitas adalah kemampuan untuk terhubung ke komputer satu sam lain dengan jalur
komunikasi untuk memberikan informasi secara online mengakses dan berbagai perangkat
1 1. Describe some ways that information technology can be used to help people find jobs and to help
jobs find people.
 Posting cerita secara online
 Mencari pekerjaan online
 Mendaftar sekolah/kuliah secara online
 Transportasi online
 Berita online
12. Compare the use of email to the use of the telephone and of conventional letters sent via the postal
Which kinds of communications are best suited for which medium?
 E-mail adalah alat mengirim surat,file ke pengguna lain melalui jaringan internet
dengan alamat tertentu
 Telepon media berkomunikasi suara, tetapi jaman sudah maju sehingga telpon juga
bias menjadi media komunikasi berupa video
 Surat konvesional adalah media komunikasi yang dikirim melalui pos,yang lebih ada
sebelum email dan telepon.Jenis komunikasi adalah hanya menggunakan tulisan
tangan penggunaannya berkurang seiring berkembangnya zaman
13. What is the basic meaning of cloud computing?
Konsep – konsep yang menyimpan perangkat lunak atau data yang tidak pada PC anda
sendiri, tetapi pada server di internet.