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Stretch Break for Computer Users

To reduce the risk of injury it is recommended that you

perform this routine at least once a shift.
REMEMBER: Neck Retractions:
• WARM-UP muscles before stretching. Slide your head straight back and
allow your chest to rise up. Repeat
• Stretch to the point of tension – not pain. 10 times. No hold.
• Hold each stretch for 15 seconds. Neck Rotation Stretch:
• Maintain the natural curves of the spine. Neck Side Flexion: Slowly turn your head
Reach over your head slowly to look over your
• Do movements slowly and under control. Warm-Up 1: With palms out and
shoulder and hold it for
elbows bent at 90 degrees, raise and gently pull your
• Breathe normally – don’t hold your breath. Warm-Up 2: Relax
head to the side. Keep 15 seconds. Push heel of
your hands over your head. Bring your arms to your side.
your face looking the opposite hand toward
= To reduce muscle fatigue and risk of joint your elbows back down to your Lift your shoulders up,
straight forward. Hold the floor. Switch
side and repeat 8 times. This roll them backwards and
injury, do these stretches throughout your day. for 15 seconds. Switch directions and hold for
movement is similar to the arm return to the start
= If you have current or past problems with this and repeat 2 times per 15 seconds. Repeat 2
movement in “Jumping Jacks” position. Repeat 8 times.
body part, consult your physician before stretching. side times per side.

The Chest and Bicep Stretch: Stand in a Wrist Extensor Stretch: Extend your
doorway or against a wall. Place your hand against Hand Stretch: Place your finger arm out straight, with your palms facing
the wall at shoulder level with your thumb pointing tips and thumbs together. Slowly down. Curl your wrist down with the
up. Slowly turn your body away from your hand lower your hands down and push assistance of your opposite hand. You
until you feel a comfortable stretch in your bicep your hands together. You should should feel a stretch in the top side of the
and/or chest. Hold for 15 seconds. Switch arms feel a stretch in the hands. Hold for forearm. Hold for 15 seconds. Switch
and repeat 2 times per arm. 15 seconds. Repeat 2 times. hands and repeat 2 times per wrist.

Mid Back
Extension: Place
your hands beside
your neck and
point your elbows
Back Stretch:
to the ceiling.
Spread knees. Bend
Hold for 5 seconds.
forward and reach for the
Repeat 2 – 4 times.
Lower Back Extensions: inside of your feet until
3 in 1 Stretch:
Place your hands on the you feel a stretch in the
Quadricep Stretch: Lean back and
Hamstring Stretch: mid and lower back. Hold
Warm-Up 3: Balance yourself with back of your hips Arch reach for the sky.
Place your heel on a for 15 seconds. Repeat 2 Mid Back Rotation:
Raise one knee one hand. With your your lower back backwards Spread your fingers
step or chair. Lean times. Reach around and grab
slowly until your other hand, reach back and allow your belly to apart, then tilt your
forward from the hip, the opposite corner of
knee is at hip and grasp your ankle move forward. Keep your head back as far as
not the back until you If lower back pain is the back rest. Slowly
level or you feel Pull heel toward weight balanced toward the is comfortable.
feel a stretch in the aggravated by flexion, pull and rotate the mid
tension in your buttocks until you feel front of the feet. No hold. Hold for 5-15
back of the raised leg. stretch the back. Hold for 15
leg. Return your a stretch in the front of Slowly return to starting seconds. Repeat 2
Hold for 15 seconds. mid back seconds. Switch
foot to the floor the thigh. Hold for 15 position and repeat 10 times. times.
Switch legs and repeat with the directions and repeat
and repeat 8 seconds. Switch legs. OR Reach for the Sky.
2 times per leg. Forward 2 times per side.
times per leg. Repeat 2 times per leg.. Repeat 10 times. No hold.
Tilt Stretch.

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