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At the time of the Pharaohs, injustice was rampant in the land of Egypt. Immorality and crime
were triumphant. The bondage of the Israelites was grievous to bear and their sufferings had
reached a climax.

It was at that time that Abdrushin descended to this earth. This was the first step the Light
made to save souls, who were craving for the Light, here below.

The tribulation the Jews had experienced was so severe that it had greatly purified and
refined their souls. The hardships of the captivity that they had brought on themselves, had
awakened their finer intuition so that they alone, of all the peoples of that day, were sensitive
to the vibrations that came down from on high. These vibrations exist and have always
existed, but no one troubled to notice them. It was not till the Jews had, after a long period of
distress, been humbled and broken, and made to quake, that the finer cosmic vibrations could
make any impression on them. Then, gradually, the wish arose to be near God, and this wish
intensified till it became their fervent, their constant entreaty.

This cry for help, this longing, did not fail to call down reaction as a response from above. As
long as these men's thoughts and interests had been centred on mundane things alone,
reaction could not bring them anything of a different nature; but when at last they lifted their
eyes up in all earnestness and humility, the Light poured down into their souls with ever
greater power. The cry of the afflicted was heard: their deliverer came.

He came in fulfilment of the Divine Will of God from which he had proceeded. Wherever
injustice had the upper hand, Abdrushin's presence called forth opposition and aggression as
a matter of course; but, wherever justice was upheld and practised, and formed part of a
man's life, his coming brought peace and joy. This must be so and cannot be otherwise, for
Abdrushin bore in himself the living Will of God from which the laws governing Creation
proceed. He p the Will of God incarnated in man, and thus his coming and his presence alone
bring about the fulfilment, the discharge of these laws.

The result of the fulfilment of these laws will exactly correspond to the end of the line or
course which man has voluntarily adopted, whether as individual or as a whole nation. If this
course tends downwards to Darkness, it will end in terror and consternation; if it tends
upwards to the Light, in joy and happiness. But while human souls are under the impression
that they have time, nay p, to consider before coming to a last and final decision, for
is not, they ask, the road to this distant end a very long one, Abdrushin is in their midst ²
part of the living Will of God!

Thus of their own accord, without interval, without transition, all these roads have arrived at
their end! Abdrushin's radiating, magnetic power compels, summons or provokes the 

The human soul can no longer pursue its accustomed course as heretofore. The fruit of what
it sowed must be harvested now without delay. All its deeds will be summoned before the
High Tribunal; its work will prosper and thrive if it is in harmony with God's Will, or fail and
break down if in discord with it.

This applies to all a man's undertakings whatever they may be; whether they concern his
family relations, his marriage or his vocation, be it in trade, manufacture, commerce,
agriculture, or in a government office. Here nothing can be delayed, diverted, veiled or
hidden; man must unconditionally submit without resistance to whatever true justice decrees,
even if the sentence passed on him does not always coincide with his own opinions. The Will
of God in its human form is like an electric current, wherever it touches, living sparks dart

The presence of the Will of God compels the settlement of the Great Reckoning. All hurry to
learn their fate, for this is the last settlement. Thus wherever the Son of Man goes, he is
u p p  p personified, although he need not sit in judgment personally. By virtue of
his origin he is the master-key to the final settlement of all happenings. He may be compared
to a sword standing upright but motionless in the road; all men must pass, and everybody and
everything must decide on which side it will do so. They     because of
the sword standing in their way!

As the injustice, the wrongs done by the Egyptians to the Jews in those days, cried aloud to
the Light, Abdrushin as a precursor of Christ went down to administer justice, retributive
justice, on the Egyptians, and to liberate the Jews who, being purified by their great
afflictions, were now the most mature nation, and, therefore, the best fitted to receive a Son
of God in their midst, when His time should come. And God's Envoy came to earth to
execute His Will in the person of a Prince of the mightiest of Egypt's neighbours and his
name was   p, which means p p
He often went in and out of
Pharaoh's palace, and his Coming alone sufficed to call forth the activity of the eternal laws,
against which the Egyptians had so grievously sinned. Only thus could Moses proclaim the
plagues of which we read, and they did not delay to break out.

Abdrushin, being a portion of the Will of God, descending to mete out justice on earth, was
equipped with the power of the great laws which could now operate in gross physical matter.
Thus the Egyptians were hard hit and rigorously punished for their injustice and immorality.
The Jews were now set free and at liberty to pursue their own further advancement, for it was
their great privilege to be  to receive the Son of God in their midst.

This was the beginning of a ring of mighty events which was to close with Abdrushin's return
to earth. Hereby wonderful possibilities were offered to man to rise spiritually.

At that time Abdrushin also subjugated a powerful and highly cultured people of Indian
origin, among whom there was a great seer, to whom, under Abdrushin's inspiring influence,
mighty revelations were made. Had he made known these revelations, as it was his duty to
do, they would have assisted man's spiritual advance, making it easier and quicker. But,
instead of doing so, he retired into himself, shut himself off from his fellowmen and exploited
the exceptional knowledge he had acquired for his own exclusive use. It is what many do at
the present day. Having acquired some exceptional and special knowledge, they retire into
themselves and, if possible, cut themselves adrift from all the world, fearing to be ridiculed or
misunderstood. Another motive that often impels them to act thus, is that they want to enjoy
their knowledge alone and to revel in it. This is wrong; he who is gifted with greater
knowledge than the average man, should pass it on to help others, for to him also it was p 
² of himself he could not have acquired it. This is specially the case with revelation. They
lay an obligation on the receiver. What is trumpeted out into the world by minor seers is not
only useless but harmful, for it discredits the words of those who are really p , for
then, all seers are measured by the same measure and rejected as valueless.
èor this reason, many of the really enlightened, who might otherwise speak, remain silent,
and thus it was with the great seer of that day: he failed to fulfil his allotted task. He was
present when the physical body that Abdrushin had worn was laid in its grave. Then he was
mightily moved. The highest inspiration came to him, and he engraved on a large stone in the
vault the history of all that had happened, beginning with Abdrushin's origin. It tells of his
mission, of his wanderings on earth up to the time of His reunion with Divinity, and also of
His final task. The inscription on the stone describes the happenings at the time of the end.
On this gravestone, which is still invisible to the curious, is also graven the same sign or mark
that is on the stone that covers the remains of the body of the Son of God, when He was on
earth. The disclosure of these facts to human beings is reserved for the hour in which what
has been foretold will come to pass. The time is not far distant. ²

The ring began to vibrate, to swing, as evolution proceeded. The crowning moment came
when the Son of God descended to earth to save mankind and all Creation; but men rejected
this their salvation. Life had become easy to them, and with prosperity came spiritual
indolence which dulled all their finer feeling. Then pride became dominant in man, and it
flourished like a hedge of brambles choking his soul and cutting it off from the vibrations
from the Light above. Thus the Message in this prejudiced and narrow-minded generation
found but little response. The great Light-bearer was irksome to them and they murdered

It was at this time that the great Indian seer who had lived on earth at the time of Abdrushin
and who had then failed in his appointed task, was given another chance to make good his
former remissness. A merciful Providence granted that he should reincarnate as Kaspar, one
of the three Kings from the East (the Magi) who had seen the Star and set out to seek for the
Child. Here he had the opportunity of wiping out the Karma with which he had burdened
himself through keeping silent at the time of Abdrushin, for it was clear that Abdrushin's
Mission was intimately connected with the Mission of the Son of God. This time again he
failed together with the two other Kings. Their task did not solely consist in going to
Bethlehem and bringing presents to the Child on that one occasion and then taking their
departure. They had been chosen and destined to stand at His side always (in that they had
recognised Him) to lighten and ease His whole life on earth, in all purely mundane things,
with their power and with their wealth. It had been decided prenatally that they should
incarnate under these circumstances for this purpose alone, and should be gifted with
clairvoyance to help them to fulfil the task for which they themselves had begged. They
failed, and among them was  who had failed for the second time.

The sublime Message of Truth brought by the Son of God was not properly understood, and,
as time went on, spiritual leaders mutilated it more and more, often misconstruing it
altogether, so that it lost its pure lustre, and darkness again got the upper hand. It dominated
man and reigned in every land.

But unaffected and unhindered, link was added to link in the long chain of events; the ring
neared its completion and with it the hour approached when the Incarnate Will of God was to
return to earth to close it. When the last link is joined to the first, the Great Reckoning will
take place, the last settlement of all things, the Cosmic Turning Point of the world !

This turning point is urgently needed if the general destruction to which man's madness was
hurrying the world, was to be prevented. Thus, Abdrushin came to earth once more to close
the circle of events. He will clear up the misinterpretations and dispel the confusion existing
in men's minds with regard to the spiritual laws, forcing them to operate in physical matter.
His Coming will then be the fulfilment of what has been foretold for thousands of years:

³The Day of Judgment!´

Patiently he has waited and looked on at the wrong methods adopted by men, at their errors,
from the effect of which He often had to suffer in his own person. He had called forth strife
wherever proceedings were in opposition to God's Will. He waited till God should call him to
begin. The Powers of Darkness had intruded into every branch of man's activity, and in most
cases he had to suffer and to fight as long as he was held back and not allowed to make use of
his power. The strong rays that emanated from him were heavily veiled lest they should act
too soon and bring about results which belonged to the time of the end, the Great Reckoning.
Not till the hour of the Cosmic Turning Point had struck, was it ordained that one veil after
another should fall away.

Still, even before that hour he was able once again to proclaim the undimmed Truth as the
Son of God had taught it, so that the serious seeker for the Light should have the chance of
saving himself when the Winnowing comes. Those who are honest and not seeking mundane
advantages under the pretext of aspiring to spiritual heights, will find their salvation in this
Word of Truth. It is not for the others. They will remain blind and deaf to its teachings; this
will be how reciprocal action affects them. They have not shown themselves worthy to be
saved. èor in the ethereal world, after their death on earth they will also be blind and deaf,
though they must live.

And now again as   p (the name he bore when the ring of events began to form and
which now must close with the Cosmic Turning Point), he has brought mankind the Divine
Word of Truth. The  is for those who will outlive the Great Winnowing, for they have
been able to perceive the Truth in time.

This is but a cursory outline to make a future survey easier. Right understanding will come
after the Great Winnowing has taken place and eliminated the false and confusing elements.
Then the way will be clear for the others to ascend, to grow and to thrive.

Suddenly the appointed hour of fulfilment was at hand! The Cosmic Turning Point had come
apparently without notice or warning as it was the case in Egypt at that time. Only those
intimately concerned knew of it, whereas the others were fast asleep. Great things were in
preparation, and Abdrushin entered into office after His long noviciate in the world.

As it has already been explained, He does not come to judge men, His presence alone, being
personified Judgment, suffices to compel self-judgment. Man's work also will receive its just
punishment or its merited reward though He remains impassive. The natural laws remain
unaltered and do not let themselves be constrained; what is corrupt and unsound cannot bear
good fruit because of His presence. Those who lead a life of hypocritical self-deception, as so
many do, can expect no advantage from His being among them, but will surely come to grief,
when inevitable, unerring reaction sets in. Vain and utterly devoid of self-knowledge, these
persons will, of course, not see that their misfortunes are the natural result of their own inner
life, but will insist on ascribing them to Abdrushin, whom they consequently attack, abuse
and malign. This often grieved and saddened him during the first part of his life on earth. But
then He brought judgment to Creation!
His name is King Imanuel for the universe in general, and Parsifal for the pure beings in the
spiritual world, and finally the Son of Man for gross matter on this earth: three in one and all
three in activity at the same time ² a Divine mystery, a potentiality or condition, that even
matured human spirits cannot understand, but which to a certain degree is shared by the pure
beings of the spiritual world, for they also can work on earth and do their service in the Castle
of the Holy Grail at the same time.

When the great Cosmic Turning Point arrived, the obstructing veils fell from Abdrushin, and
his dominating influence grew to an indescribably mighty power. He can now send forth this
executive power in whichever direction God's Will points, to destroy all that is corrupt and
prevent what is healthy from being contaminated and from being obstructed on its upward

Thus at last the longed-for Kingdom of God on earth will be established: the Millenium
promised to the righteous. It will be forced upon man with the Divine power which is given
to the Envoy of God to fulfil the promise!

Once more the Indian seer, later King Kaspar, of the magi from the East, had the opportunity
to atone for his two failures This last chance accorded him was to join in the work of the
jp , not in the flesh this time, but p p

And now all that had been foretold came to pass, not a single detail was omitted. The
fulfilment proceeds unhindered in accordance with God's Holy Will. The Ring slowly begins
to close.

Now the Divine part of the Son of Man is about to enter his physical body: Abdrushin ²
Parsifal. This triune is Imanuel, whose coming was promised to mankind, and was foretold
by Isaiah, the Prophet.

That man should attempt to make the promise of the coming of Imanuel, the Son of Man, and
the promise of the coming of Jesus, the Son of God, both refer to one and the same person,
shows the fatuity of the human understanding. They fail to grasp the meaning of the simplest
and clearest of Bible passages. If the mistake were possible, and it was found convenient to
take the terms Son of God and Son of Man to mean one and the same person, because it
puzzled some, and the orthodox had not the courage to entertain the thought of  persons,
then surely the thought must have struck them that two quite different names must apply to
two separate persons. Happy are all those who have been able to recognise the truth in the last


 p    p



My words asserting that man has no particle of divinity within him, raised a storm of
indignation which spread like a flood over the borders of one country after another. This
shows how deeply presumption is rooted in mankind.

But all opposition is fruitless, for it does not alter the fact. And when at last men have got so
far that they are convinced that man has no divinity in him, they will find to their dismay, that
he is still smaller than they had thought.

I will, therefore, go a little further than I have hitherto done in my explanation of Creation, in
order to show to which stage man properly belongs. It is not possible for him to ascend until
he knows exactly what he is and of what he is capable. When this has been made clear to
him, he will know what his duty is. What he should do is very different from what he has
been willing to do up till now. Truly an immense difference. He who can see clearly, not with
the vision of a  , but with the insight of one who knows, cannot have compassion or feel
pity, but must be filled with anger and contempt at the stupendous pr etensions hundreds of
thousands in their self-conceit are hourly and daily guilty of towards God ² presumption that
has not a grain of knowledge to justify it.

In a word: what I say in future will be addressed to the few who in virtue of their true
humility are able to attain a certain degree of understanding without necessarily having been
previously broken on the wheel by the events which are soon to come to pass, to clear the
way and prepare fruitful soil for His true Word according to Divine ordinance. All empty
words and effusions of the worldly-wise and the self-confident will come to naught and
crumble away together with the absolutely unfruitful soil of the present day.

It is high time that this senseless profusion of empty words should cease, for they are poison
for all aspirants.

I had scarcely explained that the Son of God and the Son of Man were two different persons
than treatise upon treatise in the complicated jargon of theological and philosophical scholars
appeared, stating that this was not so. Without honestly going into my arguments, they sought
to keep up the old error at any price, even at the cost of all logic, using the obscure terms of
former dogmatic writings. Obstinate appeals are made to certain sentences out of ancient
manuscripts, to the exclusion of all independent reasoning; indeed, though unexpressed, the
condition is made that hearers and readers should not think, still less allow their intuition to
speak, for should they do so, it would very soon appear that nothing is proved by this idle
talk. Whether they reason inductively or deductively, no positive or consistent result can be
arrived at, nor can one discover any connection between the many words and what really

When, at last, man's inner eyes and ears are opened, he will easily recognise the nullity of
such teaching. It is but a convulsive clinging to what has hitherto been their support, which
will soon, however, prove to be but a broken reed.

As these false dogmas are built upon the authority of sentences, the translation of which
cannot be depended on or proved to be correct; not one of them can be logically inserted into
the chain of events, nor do they satisfy man's intuition of what is true. It is only when all the
links of a chain can be united to the exclusion of all extraneous matter, that events can be
rightly explained.

But why trouble when it is not man's wish to be freed from his obstinate fatuity? Let 
come to pass which under the circumstances   come to pass! Only a few years and all this
will be changed! I turn with disgust from the pious believers who pretend to be humble and
yet who are so self-opinionated that they cannot recognise the simple truth; they laugh at it or
even benevolently suggest improvements. The way to which these so persistently keep, is the
way that leads to a region from which there is no return to life! They have had the right of

Those who have up till now followed me, know that man belongs to the highest sphere of
Creation, that is to say to the Spiritual Kingdom. But the Spiritual Kingdom again is
subdivided into many sections. The inhabitants of this earth, the earth-men, who pretend to
greatness and who dare belittle their God by affirming that their God is but the head of the
section to which man belongs, these earth-men who sometimes deny their God and at other
times scorn Him, these earth-men are not even what many a humble soul in all good faith
thinks he is ² they are not the   of God, but merely     
In this there
is such a vast difference that man cannot conceive it, and will never be able to grasp its full

Spiritual teachers and leaders who are anxious to increase the number of their adherents have
fine words at their command and they hold out prospects that are pleasant to many. These
ignorant teachers are themselves convinced of the truth of what they spread abroad but do not
know what harm their teaching does to mankind.

The man who wishes to advance spiritually, must, to begin with, be quite sure what he is. If
this great question  has not been satisfactorily solved utterly regardless of every
personal consideration, his path will verily be a thorny one. Voluntarily and of his own
accord, no man will abase his pride to the degree of humility necessary to show him the path
he is to take. And this has always proved to be so up to the present time. Even the virtue of
humility man abuses, for he either so exaggerates it to be an abject slave, which is just as
wrong as to be presumptuous, or he affects exaggerated humility for the sake of an end he can
never attain, something his very composition will not allow. In aspiring to what is too exalted
for men, they will only fall to depths that will destroy them.

Only beings   by God are fashioned after His Image. They are the Primeval Beings, the
  p p who dwell in Paradise, the Creation, out of which all else developed. They have
dominion over all that is spiritual, that is to say, they are the principal leaders, they are the
ideals, the prototypes ever there for men to imitate. It was not until Original Creation had
been fully elaborated that the unconscious spirit germ of the earth-man issued from it to
develop itself to fully conscious individuality.

pp  p p    pp ! p  p "  p#
pp  p  p      pp p$
human spirit will never be more, for there is a great gulf between him and them. And again
there is a mighty gulf ² an immense distance ² between them and Almighty God.
Therefore, the earth-man should make an effort to realise what an immensity of difference
lies between him and the sublimity of the Almighty whom he claims to resemble, for the
latter presumes that when he has reached perfection, he will be Divine or at least be a portion
of Divinity, whereas, in truth, when he has arrived or risen to his greatest height, he will only
be a reflection, a copy, of the beings made in the image of God. He may then enter the
precincts of the Castle of the Holy Grail as the highest honour to which he can aspire and
attain. Therefore, cast aside your presumption. It is but a hindrance, and prevents your finding
the right way. Departed spirits, who give well-meaning advice and teaching in séances, are
not competent teachers, for they themselves have not the necessary knowledge. They could
(and would) rejoice, if they could hear of these things. When true knowledge comes to them,
great will be their lamentations at the time wasted in obstinate and fruitless toying.

What happens in the Spiritual Kingdom happens also in the world of natural substance. The
Lords of the elements have been created from the beginning, and are primeval created beings,
but the conscious natural beings such as nixes, elves, gnomes, salamanders, etc. are not
  but have   out of the substance of the natural realm from unconscious germs
to consciousness, and have clothed themselves in human shapes. j$p  is always
accompanied by and goes hand in hand with becoming conscious. There are the same stages
or ranks here in the world of nature as on a higher plane, in the Spiritual Kingdom. The Lords
of the elements in the world of natural substance are clothed according to the nature of their
activity in male or female forms like the beings in the Spiritual Kingdom. Hence the ancients
spoke of gods and goddesses, which I dealt with in my Lecture  #% # 
&' *(Lecture No. 82: The Gods, Olympus, and Valhalla) One marked and distinctive feature
characterises Creation and thus our world. The reader should probe my lectures, seek to
connect them and then compare what they teach with the great and small happenings of real
life in the world. Not till he has done this, can he fully understand the Message of the Holy
Grail, and he will see that it forms a consecutive whole, leaving no gaps anywhere. He will
find that the subject matter of each new subsequent Lecture is logically connected with what
has gone before, and the later information can be deduced from the former making all clear
without altering one sentence. He who finds  has not arrived at full comprehension of the
subject. He who does not see how deep and all-comprehensive the teaching is, has a
superficial mind, has never tried to let his living spirit penetrate the truth here presented to
him. Let him join the army of self-sufficient, conceited braggarts who go about vaunting that
their knowledge surpasses that of all others. Self-conceit and self-confidence prevent them
from recognising the living reality that is wanting in their own pseudo-knowledge in that
what another says. The self-sufficient but sterile offspring of a debased generation, dismiss
what is said here as a difference in words only, but not in fact. They will never be able to
grasp the great cleft between the two orders; here again it is the simplicity of the words that
confuses and deceives them.

Should I now tell of all the divisions and sub-divisions in Creation, many a man considered
  would prostrate himself in the dust, overwhelmed and crushed by the knowledge of his
nothingness and insignificance.

The expression  (  is quite appropriate to designate the  p who boast today
of their great sagacity, but who will soon be grovelling with the lowest, unless indeed they
are not turned away irretrievably.

The time has come to look at things in the world in the right perspective. Here below what is
temporal is distinguished from what is spiritual, and these terms are very appropriate and
must have been inspired, for they rightly reflect the distinction made in all Creation. We
distinguish Paradise and the World, that is what is spiritual and what is temporal. What is
spiritual is not excluded from the temporal, but nothing temporal is to be found in the
spiritual sphere. We must call matter the world through which the spirit pulsates. What
proceeds from the spirit belongs to the spiritual world, to spiritual Creation, to Paradise, from
which all matter is excluded. Thus we have Paradise and the World, Spirit and Matter,
Original Creation and the subsequently developed or automatic copy of the first Creation.

Paradise alone is Original Creation, the Realm of Spirituality. Everything else is only
  , not created. And what is   must be called the  

The world is transient; it develops from rays emanating from Creation proper, and spiritual
emanations urge and help it to copy the forms before it. The world undergoes the process of
coming to maturity, of ageing and then decaying, but what is of the spirit does not age, but
remains ever young or in other words is eternally the same.

It is only in the   that sin and atonement are possible, and this is due to the defects in the
, to its faultiness and incompleteness of development. In the Spiritual Kingdom any sort
of fault or sin is utterly impossible. He who has seriously read my Lectures, clearly
understands that nothing of the spirit, which courses through the world, can re-enter the
purely spiritual world as long as an  of other substance still clings to it. The smallest
atom would prevent it from crossing the border. It would be retained even if the spirit had
come to the very threshold of the Spiritual Kingdom. This atom is of a lower order of
substance and as long as it clings to the human spirit, it prevents its entering this higher
region; but the moment the spirit has shaken off this speck, it is released and soars upward;
then, being the same weight as the lowest strata of the Spiritual Kingdom, it not only  but
  cross the threshold, where up till then it was held up by the atom of dust. This process
can be looked at from many points of view and described in many different ways, but,
however illustrated, it remains exactly the same. I could dress it up in fantastic stories or
clothe its meaning in parables, but the bare facts themselves are very plain and simple; they
result from the unfailing effect of the three great laws of which I have so often spoken.

No evil can approach Paradise, no sin can be committed there, because the Holy Spirit Itself
created it. Only what is created is perfect and complete, whereas in the reproduction, the copy
of Divine Creation, the training ground which was given over to the human spirit to develop
and gather strength in, sin was introduced by the perversity and obstinacy of man, and these
sins must be atoned for before the spirit can return to its home. It is quite natural that it must
first rid itself of its debt. I could give thousands of examples to illustrate the working of the
three Divine laws on which all is based.

Many will find it strange that my description is so realistic and matter of fact, allegorical
illustrations would be more flattering to man's presumption and self-love. He prefers to live
in dreamland where he appears to himself of much greater importance than he really is. That
is his mistake: he rejects reality and revels in imagination; in his flights of fancy he loses his
way, himself and his hold, and is then horrified, perhaps even indignant at my sober and
unembellished account of how things are in Creation and what role he plays there. The
transition is for him somewhat like the experience of the child who listens with flushed
cheeks and baited breath to mother's or grandmother's fairy stories and later on goes out into
the world and sees men and things as they really are. All seems absolutely the reverse of the
beautiful tales, and yet, if you look keenly and retrospectively at these fairy tales, it is the
The moment of disillusionment is bitter but necessary for the child, for it would otherwise
make no progress, would be a stranger in the world, would suffer grievously and perish. He
who would advance must acquire the right knowledge of Creation. His feet must stand on
firm ground; he must no longer go by, or depend upon impressions and imagination, which
may be all very well for an irresponsible child but are quite unsuitable for a mature man
whose strength of will and purpose penetrates Creation, either advancing or hindering it, thus
himself rising   p p

Young girls read novels which misrepresent real life and awake extravagant illusions, for
later they only too often become the easy prey of unscrupulous adventurers in whom they put
their trust and who ruin their lives, and as happens in the world of matter, so it happens and is
with the human spirit in all Creation. Therefore, away with allegories, which men will never
understand because they are too indolent to ponder them and unravel their meaning. It is time
to tear away all veils so that man shall see clearly where he came from, what his duties are in
fulfilling the task allotted to him and what his destination is. èor this purpose it is necessary
for him to know , and this  he will find clearly marked out in my Message from
the Holy Grail. The words therein are p p words, and those who honestly thirst for
enlightenment will be richly rewarded. But those alone; all others it automatically repels. To
the conceited and superficial seeker the Message is a book with seven seals.

Only he who willingly opens himself will receive enlightenment. He must start reading in an
honest and unbiased spirit, and he will receive answer to all he seeks; he will be fed with
heavenly bread. But those, whose hearts are neither pure nor sincere, will be repelled by the
Word; to them it will refuse to yield up its secret treasures. They will find nothing. Each man
will then be judged according to his attitude. It automatically separates one man from another
according to the way in which they respond. The time for dreaming is past. j  p 

All this is so simple, to most men too simple, so that they cannot conceive that p is the
beginning of the great Reckoning, of the awful Day of Judgment. p p   p 
 p p p
Each is sentenced and judgment passed according to his attitude
towards the New Word of God. Judgment does not lie in the ensuing events, for every man is
obliged to pursue the paths that he chose and determined on to the end where he will find his
reward or his punishment. %  occasion is offered for man to awake, that is when he is
shaken by the coming catastrophes. The   p p may compel him to serious thought,
and possibly some may lay hold of the rope thrown out to save them from sinking further in
the quagmire they are in. How easily that might have been avoided, but now it is too late!
May it happen that these terrible events be the saving of those who will in time see the
nothingness of their false prophets and leaders in whom they so firmly believed and trusted.
Truth alone will survive these coming events and make known the leader chosen and sent by
God who alone will have the power to help in the desperate spiritual and temporal need of

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