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EPR 2003 – Assessment 1 speaking pack 1

Criteria for Listening/Speaking Activity

Title of Activity: Dramatization

Purpose: - To provide a memorable occasion for practicing spoken

- To develop confidence.
- To develop memory skills.
- To provide integrated skills practice.
- Develop social skills of interaction and turn-taking.
Grade \ level Grade 3

Context: Speaking ( the animal)

Integration with Speaking

other Skill area:

Model completed: Yes

Students will:
Instructions: 1. Know their roles in the story.
2. Act the story with correct grammar and vocabulary in front of the
This speaking activity is suitable for grade three, it develops their speaking skill.
The children in this activity will act the story and use the grammar and
vocabulary that practice in the story. According to Brewster, "a story or situation
can often be acted out, thereby involving pupils in a variety of different related
activities such as memorizing lines" (2004, 107). This activity is also can improve
student's skills in memorization; we can use the same activity to make the
children speak about their favorite animal and describe it using the new
vocabulary. At the end of this activity, students will feel confident while they
speak and ask “WH” questions ( where & what).
Reference Brewster, J. (2004). The Primary English Teacher's Guide.

Students name: Alia Ali ID: H00355361