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Anna University Exams April / May 2018 – Regulation 2013

Rejinpaul.com Unique Important Questions – 8th Semester BE/BTECH

Unit I – V
1. Explain in detail, the importance and facets of maintenance.
2. Explain in detail, the various causes for deterioration of concrete
3. Explain in detail, about the prevention and repair aspect of maintenance
4. Discuss the assessment procedure for evaluating damages in structures with flow
chart diagram
5. Discuss about the effects of sustained elevated temperature on hardened
reinforced concrete
6. Explain various methods of corrosion protection techniques which are to be
followed in concrete structures
7. Discuss about the design errors for concrete building?
8. Explain possible design and constructional errors in construction
9. Discuss thermal properties of concrete in detail
10. Explain about manufacturing process of the following (a) polymer concrete (b)
fiber reinforced concrete (c) expansive cement (d)
11. Discuss different types of fibres used in concrete and list the advantages
12. Explain about the behaviour of steel fiber reinforced concrete and ferro – cement
as a repair material
13. Explain properties of FRC compared to conventional concrete?
14. Detail the purposes of using concrete chemicals? Explain in detail
15. Explain various corrosion protection methods
16. Discuss about vacuum concrete and its application
17. Discuss the various strengthening techniques to overcome low member strength
18. Discuss about types of shotcreting and its application?
19. Explain about the techniques available for the protection of rebar
20. Discuss how will you improve the load carrying capacity of columns and beam with
a neat sketch
21. Explain about the different methods of strengthening the concrete structures
against earthquake
22. Discuss the methods for repair to be followed for arresting the crack in concrete
structure and explain any two methods
23. Explain about jacketing and plate bonding techniques in rehabilitation to overcome
the low member strength
24. Discuss how you strengthen the various structural elements with a neat sketch

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