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SIT Meeting #1

November 8, 2017

1. Team Members: E. Mizell, M. Barber, H. Revels, L. Rogerson, L.
Bullock, T. Haislip, J. Phelps, S. Speed, L. Hombrig, L. Hudson, K.
Chadwick, S. Cecil (absent)
2. Parent Representative: Ginger Moore
3. Guests: n/a

Celebrate Recent Successes

1. Math Night
2. Bright Ideas Grant - Lee and Speed and 3-5 Science
3. Donors Choose - Bryant
4. Duke Energy Grant - Rogerson

Review and Respond to Coaching Comments

1. “I applaud Rodgers for their dedication to the increased use
of evidence based instruction. I encourage you to continue
your whole school initiatives of Thinking Maps, Guided
Reading, and small group instruction. Your increased efforts
in the area of writing are to be commended. All of these steps
should only lead to the improvement of student
achievement.” Beth Lamb

Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes

Old Business
1. October 11, 2017 Meeting - Approved

Indicators to Assess-Create-Monitor
1. Assess Indicators
A1.07 - ALL teacher employ effective classroom management
and reinforce classroom rules and procedures by
positively teaching them. (5088)
A4.16 - The school develops and implements consistent,
intentional, and on-going plans to support student
transitions for grade-to-grade and level-to-level.

2. Create Plans and Tasks

A1.07 - ALL teachers will employ effective classroom
management and reinforce classroom rules and
procedures by positively teaching them. (5088)
A4.16 - The school will develop and implement consistent,
intentional, and on-going plans to support student
transitions for grade to grade and level to level. (5134)

Other Business
1. RES Values: Looked at List of Core Values. The staff will
complete something similar in the next staff meeting.
2. Benchmark Dates:
~1st/2nd Grades Math - Nov. 16th
~3rd Math & 5th Science - Nov. 15th
~4th ELA - Nov. 13th

Concerns/Action Taken
1. Is it county rule to not take a day off before a holiday? Why
does it matter if the time is in my check? Always tough day,
and considered best practice.
2. Program expectations, but the program doesn’t work and
we have due dates to complete. Horizons program, most
kids can get it, but teachers are having problems with
completing modules. Teachers should lock the games and
3. During arrival, I can't monitor my class if I'm standing in the
middle of the hallway. I believe students should be monitored
at all times due to if Anything were to happen; the teacher
would be responsible. Can we alternate with the teacher
across from us? Teachers could stand at their door and
greet the students upon arrival and assist with monitoring
the hallway. Each teacher should be facing their classrooms
when standing in the hall first thing in the morning. After the
buses have arrived, teachers can just stand in their doorway
so they can better monitor their rooms. No alternating
teachers, and stay in middle while the bus traffic gets
4. I feel like we are getting new stuff to do all the time. I am not
able to master the first thing before a new "thing" is added
for us to do. Staff morale is not good. Everyone (in lower
grades anyway) feels overwhelmed. Please get a check-off
sheet of everything each grade level needs to do each week
to them so they can check off when the task is done. The
only new program is Horizons. Team wants to know what
the “new” thing is that is a struggle.
5. Can we go to professional development trainings that will be
beneficial when we go back to our classroom? Find out what
staff really needs. District PD? We cannot control what the
district is making staff go to. Our people say tell them what
we want. Teacher led PD would be great! Tell admin if you
would be willing to share.
6. I am very concerned that K-2 teachers are not allowed to use
the reading book in their instruction. I feel that it would
benefit the students. Give them the books and the teacher
manual Not a SIT concern - see Cecil
7. ways to help save paper around the school - Make sure that
when you print something to the copiers that you pick it up.
Go through the piles at the copiers at least once a day to be
sure something you printed is not sitting there waiting for
you (or if we can come up with a central place to put these
papers so everyone can see and go through them.
Also Mrs Troop knows how to reduce paper usage by
integrating pages together and it does not make it very
small. She can show everyone at the staff meeting so we can
all utilize this practice. Please only print things that HAVE TO
HAVE color to the printers. things that can be in black and
white can be printed to the copiers and/or you can get your
kids to color them.....Admin is going to check into printing
issues. For example, the color ink being wasted also.

Next Meeting: November 16, 2017