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Dr. Marie Karen C.

Legal Medicine
DLSU College of Law
AY 2017 -2018, 1st semester

This course deals with the study and application of scientific and medical knowledge to the field of
law and conversely, the application of law to medical science.

Grading System:

Class Participation 40%

Mid Term Exam 20%
Final Exam 30%
Quizzes 10%

Rules of engagement:

1. No gadgets on the desk.

2. All phones should be turned off or put in silent mode. If a phone beeps/rings/vibrates loudly,
the owner will get a fail grade for that day’s recitation. If no one admits to ownership, the class
gets a fail grade.
3. Volunteer recitation is encouraged.
4. Default format for all paperwork should be as prescribed in the Efficient Use of Paper Rule
(A.M. No. 11-9-4-SC)

Sec. 3. Format and Style. - a) All pleadings, motions, and similar papers intended
for the court and quasi-judicial body's consideration and action (court-bound
papers) shall be written in single space with a one and-a-half space between
paragraphs, using an easily readable font style of the party's choice, of 14-size
font, and on a 13-inch by 8.5-inch white bond paper

Course Outline:

I. Introduction to Legal Medicine

II. Basis of Medical Practice

a. Medical Education and Licensure

b. Practice of Medicine
c. Physician’s Code of Ethics
d. Rights and Duties of Patients
e. Regulation of the Medical Profession

Relevant Laws:

• R.A. 2382 The Medical Act of 1959 as amended

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• Code of Ethics of the Philippine Medical Association
• SB 1402 Magna Carta of Patient’s Rights and Obligations of 2017
• Presidential Decree (P.D.) No. 223 Creating the Professional Regulation Commission and Prescribing
its Powers and Functions
• R. A. No. 8981 PRC Modernization Act of 2000
• R. A. 8423 Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) of 1997

Relevant Cases:

• G.R. No. L-15079 Pp vs.Ventura

• G.R. No. 89572 DECS vs San Diego
• G.R. Nos. 89095 & 89555 Crisostomo vs SEC

III. Medical Jurisprudence

a. Medical Professional Liability

b. Doctrines Applied in Medical Malpractice cases
a. Respondeat superior
i. Borrowed servant
ii. Captain of the ship
iii. Independent contractor
b. Res ipsa loquitur
c. Good Samaritan Law/Rescue doctrine
c. Hospitals and the Law
a. Hospital Licensure and Regulation
b. Anti-Hospital Detention
c. Hospital Liability
i. Vicarious liability
ii. Ostensible agency/Agency by estoppel
iii. Deep pocket rule

Relevant Laws:

• R. A. 386 The Civil Code of the Philippines (Arts. 20, 2176, 2180)
• R. A. 4226 Hospital Licensure Act
• R. A. 8344 An Act Penalizing the Refusal of Hospitals and Medical Clinics to Administer
Appropriate Initial Medical Treatment and Support in Emergency or Serious Cases
• R. A. 9439 Anti Hospital Detention Law and its IRR (DOH A. O. No. 2008 – 0001)

Relevant Cases:

• G.R. No. 118231 Dr. Victoria L. Batiquin, et al. vs. CA

• G.R. No. 118141 Leonila Garcia-Rueda vs. Wilfredo L. Pascasio, et al.
• G.R. No. 122445 Dr. Ninevetch Cruz vs. CA
• G.R. No. 124354 Rogelio E. Ramos, et al. vs. CA

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• G.R. No. 130547 Leah Alesna Reyes, et al. vs. Sisters of Mercy Hospital, et al.
• G.R. No. 126297 Professional Services, Inc. vs. Natividad and Enrique Agana
• G.R. No. 187926 Dr. Emmanuel Jarcia, Jr. and Dr. Marilou Bastan vs. People of the Philippines
• G.R. No. 192123 Dr. Fernando P. Solidum vs. People of the Philippines

IV. Essential Medicolegal Issues

a. Informed Consent
b. End of Life Issues and Advance Directives
c. Organ Transplantation

Relevant Cases:

• G.R. No. 165279 Dr. Rubi Li vs. Spouses Reynaldo and Lina Soliman as parents/heirs of deceased
Angelica Soliman
• G.R. No. 175540 Alano vs. Logmao

V. Physicians and Evidence

a. Privileged Communication
b.Expert Testimony

Relevant Cases:

• G.R. No. 91114 Nelly Lim vs. CA

• G.R. No. 108854 Ma. Paz Fernandez Krohn vs. CA
• G.R. No. 86159-60 People vs. Rogelio Pelones
• G.R. No. 122445 Dr. Ninevetch Cruz vs. CA

VI. Introduction to Forensic Medicine

Definition, scope and probative value of medical evidence in crime investigation

A. Forensic Identification
a. Age estimation
b. Sex determination
c. Other methods of establishing identity
d. Identification of decomposed, mutilated bodies and skeletal remains
e. DNA fingerprinting
f. Blood and blood stains

B. Thanatology
a. Definition and concept of death
b. Changes after death
c. Estimation of time of death

C. Trauma
a. Definition and classification of injuries
b. Blunt force trauma

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c. Sharp force trauma
d. Firearm and explosive injuries
e. Antemortem & postmortem wounds
f. Causative weapons and appearance of suicidal, accidental and homicidal injuries

D. Asphyxial Deaths
a. Definition
b. Signs and symptoms of asphyxia
c. Hanging
d. Strangulation, Suffocation and Traumatic Asphyxia
e. Drowning

E. Autopsy

F. Medicolegal Aspects of Sex, Marriage and Infant Death

a. Definition of terms:
i. Impotence
ii. Sterility
iii. Virginity
iv. Pregnancy
v. Delivery
vi. Paternity
vii. Legitimacy
viii. Assisted Reproduction
b. Sexual Offences
c. Termination of pregnancy
d. Infant death:
i. Definition of terms:
1. Viability
2. Live Births
3. Deadborn
4. Stillborn
ii. Determination of age
iii. Infanticide
iv. Battered Baby Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

G. Forensic Psychiatry
a. Basic concepts of Forensic Psychiatry in respect of civil and criminal
b. Examination, certification, restraint, and admission to a mental institution

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