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Although we have algorithm like triple des but we use the aes

The aes is mathematically efficient and elegant cryptography
algorithm.it allow the 128,192,256 bit keys for us to choose so
due to the large size of key than that of 56 bit of des,it is more
secure than that of des also the aes is more secure in both
hardware and the software implementation and also it is easy
to implement than that of the des.

2.difference between the hash function and the mac

Hash function is use to provide the authentication and the data
integrity and in mac it only provide the data integrity.
The hash function provide the digest of the message andin the
mac it attach the secret key to the message.
The hash function produce the hash code which is append to
the message and ssend to the recipient it can be use for the
authentication and in the mac it attach the secret key to the
message and send to the recipient ,it can be decrypt by only
those who knows about the secret key of the sender.
What is hash code
Hash code is the number that can be generates by the any
object and is placed on the hash table.
Properties of the hash function are:
The small change in the message result in the large change of
the hash value.
Hash functions are deterministic which means that for the
same message it produce same hash value.
The hash function are use for the large size of the data.
For a given input it should give the fixed size of output.