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038 Atherton Hall US Citizen, (814) 321-3265 1315 N. Foxpointe Drive

University Park, PA 16802 aiy5022@psu.edu State College, PA 16803

The Pennsylvania State University, College of Engineering University Park, PA
The Schreyer Honors College
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Class of May 2021
 GPA: 3.94 (Junior standing, eligible for graduation with BS in 2019)
 Relevant Courses: CMPSC 122 Intermediate Programming, CMPSC 221 OOP Programming
with Web, MATH 220 Matrices, MATH 230H Honors Calculus and Vectors Analysis, STAT
414 Probability Theory, PHYS 213 Fluids and Thermal Physics, PHYS 213 Wave Motion and
Quantum Physics, PHYS 237 Modern Physics
 Minor in Physics and Mathematics
Academic Honors
 Schreyer Academic Excellence Scholarship 2017-2021
 National Merit Scholarship (only 5 students/year with 4 year award from Penn State) 2017-2021
 National AP Scholar 2016, 2017
State College Area High School Class of June 2017
 GPA: 4.8; SAT I: 2340 (Reading 790, Math 800, Writing 750); SAT II Math 2C: 800
Competitive Programming Captain of PSU Association of Computing Machinery 09/2017-present
 Organized weekly meetings and CodePSU, the yearly college-wide programming competition
 Competed at the International Collegiate Programming Contest
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Physics at Penn State 09/2017-02/2018
 Utilized Scanning Tunneling Microscope to image surfaces at atomic level
Private Chess Tutor 2016-present
 Taught students basic and intermediate level chess skills
Quantum Cryptography Summer Camp at University of Waterloo, Canada 8/2016
 One of forty students selected from the world and sponsored by the Institute of Quantum
Computing at University of Waterloo to study quantum mechanics and cryptography
Captain, Debate Team, State College Area High School 2015-2017
 Organized debate practice/tournaments and coached other students in policy debate
President, Chess Club, State College Area High School 2016-2017
 US Chess Federation Rating: 1955; top 100 rating in US for age 17
 Best Overall and Best Insight, American Statistical Association DataFest 2018 at Penn State
 Competed in Nittany AI Challenge 2018, created course recommendation system with ML
 Created AI Chatbot using IBM Watson at HackPSU Fall 2017
 Python, Java, C#, HTML, CSS, Unity, Unix, Excel, Tableau
 Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere
 Advanced fluency in Chinese speaking and listening -- 17 years
 Intermediate fluency in Spanish -- 5 years
 Excellent communication skills in person and in writing