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System Overview Proper setup will significantly extend the life of •

Divide the length of vinyl tubing into two

your chill water ice. Speaking of chiller water ice, equal lengths. Connect one end of one tube
The basic principle of the system is to pump ONLY use block ice or frozen liquid filled plastic to the immersion pump outlet. This will be Advanced Controller Settings
chilled water through the immersion coil when jugs or containers. Cubed ice is very inefficient. the small pipe connection on the pump.
the temperature of the fermenting beer is greater You should also avoid using your FTSs to bring Connect the other end to the Immersion There are a number of advanced settings that
freshly brewed wort from a high temp to pitching Chiller and then back into the cooler. can be changed on the controller. In general, you
than the controller’s set-point or conversely ac-
temperatures. Besides leaving all of the cold • Place the Silicone Pump Intake Cover over will not need to make any changes. But here they
tivate a low wattage cone-heater if the tempera- break in your fermenter, it will consume much of
ture falls below the set-point. the intake port of the Immersion Pump. are, if you want to see what’s possible.
your cooling capacity and require you to replen-
• If your cooler is dedicated to the FTSs sys-
ish the ice early in the process.
In a cooling mode, the system is designed to tem, drill holes for the chill water tubes and System Menu Settings
use chilled ice water from a common cooler. place the tubes through the holes with the
In this configuration, the submersible pump pump located inside the cooler. Press SET key and hold on for 3 seconds to enter
will be placed in the bottom of the cooler. The Before You Brew: • Place the Digital Controller’s temperature the advanced setting, press the ▲ or ▼ key to
FTSs is intended to be a low pressure closed System Assembly sensor into the fermenter’s Thermowell. Be
sure the sensor is fully inserted into the
select the adjustment menu, press SET key once
loop system. Water pumped from the cooler is to enter the appropriate parameter settings, press
returned to the cooler to be used again. Under Thermowell. ▲ or ▼ to adjust the parameters needed to be
• Think about where you want to locate your
normal operation, you do not need to have hose • Plug in the pump’s power cable, the heater’s modified. After being adjusted, press the RST key
system, where you will place the controller,
clamps on the water transport tubing. However, power cable and finally the system’s power to exit, or exit as the system delay for 5 seconds.
and where you will place your chill water
if you have any concerns of pressure buildup due supply as marked on the digital controller.
source (whether that is an ice chest, a chilled
to your unique setup, you should install hose- corny keg in a cooler, a glycol system, etc.) Menu Code Statement
clamps at all connections. If your setup requires • Start by removing your fermenter’s fittings,
more distance from the Fermenter to the Cooler, lid, and neoprene jacket if it is already in- D Hysteresis
you can purchase common vinyl tubing at most stalled, and then place the fermenter upside
After You Brew: LS The minimum set limit
hardware stores. The pump is capable of lifting down on a surface that won’t mar the upper Installing the FTSs System HS The maximum set limit
the water up to 10 feet. Pumping beyond 10 feet rim of the body. This will make it easier to in- CA Temperature calibration
will negatively affect efficiency. sure the heater is orientated correctly on the • Sanitize your fermenter as usual. PT Delay time Minutes
cone while you reinstall the neoprene jacket. • Fill your fermenter with cooled wort as AH High temperature alarm settings
In a heating mode, the controller will activate the • Place the low-wattage heater onto the cone normal. AL low temperature alarm settings
low wattage heater, which will in-turn begin to so that it doesn’t interfere with the welded • Place the sanitized FTSs lid onto your Brew
slowly raise the temperature of the liquid volume fittings, and maximizes surface area contact Bucket or Chronical fermenter. Hysteresis Function
starting at the fermenter’s cone. From there, with the fermenter body. Use a zip-tie to hold • Install a sanitized airlock or blow-off tube as
convection will foster the newly introduced heat the heater’s shape until the neoprene insu- usual. Hysteresis setting controls the offset between
to radiate up to the remaining liquid volume not lating jacket is reinstalled over the fermenter. • Connect the Chill Water tubes to Chiller Coil turning a function turning on/off, when the Set-
in direct contact with the cone. This key charac- The neoprene jacket will insure that the and secure with zip ties or hose clamps. point is reached.
teristic insures that hot-spots don’t form within heater is held tightly to the cone to maximize • Insert the Temperature Sensor into the
the fermenter. efficiency. Thermowell. When the “D” code is shown, press the “SET” key
• Extend the wire from the low-wattage cone • Be sure the probe is fully inserted into the to display the hysteresis set value, press “▲” Or
Notes on Efficiency heater out of the bottom of the neoprene end of the Thermowell. (The excess wire “▼”key to adjust the parameters.
jacket. on the temp sensor can be “pushed” into
The efficiency of your system depends on many • Next, install the immersion chiller coil and the body of the controller if desired) This is Factory Default = 1 Degree
variables. Ideally, you would have the fermenter thermowell as shown. Take note that there important to get accurate temp readings.
in an area where the temperatures are relatively are extra o-rings supplied, but only one • Plug the Pump Connector into the connector
moderate. o-ring is required on the wort side. (Inside of labeled “PUMP” Temperature Calibration Function
the fermenter). • Plug the Heater Connector into the connector
Since the system contains both heating and Use the temperature calibration function, correct
labeled “HEATER”
cooling, the controller will need to be properly for temperature sensor errors.
setup to avoid over cycling. Cycling is where the • Plug the Power Supply Connector into the
O-Ring (Inside Only)

system runs the cooling or heating cycle long side labeled “12VDC”
Chill Coil When the “CA” code is shown, press the “SET”
enough to over-shoot the set point and past the O-Ring (Inside Only)
key to display the temperature calibration set-
threshold where it causes the opposite function Thermowell
Chill H2O In tings, press “▲” Or “▼” key to adjust the param-
to activate too quickly.
Temp Sensor

Sample Port eters.

O-Ring (Outside Only)

To avoid over cycling, we recommend you set the Return H2O

“delay” on your controller to at least 5 minutes. Factory Default = 0 Degree

This will allow sufficient time for the fermenter’s Heater Pad Cooler with
Chill Water
liquid temperature to stabilize and ultimately
avoid over cycling. Heater Cable Pump Cable
Q – Can I increase the efficiency of the FTSs system?
A – Yes, there are several things to consider:
n 3 seconds Delay/Protection
to Most Function
important, your initial wort temp Degrees
should be F or C Function
at or
” key adjusted to slightly below the set point temperature. Otherwise
ess the “SET”Usekeythe Delay function
your chill towater
force the
willunit to pause, to cool
be consumed The controller can be set to operate in either
the wort before
en press the before
“ “or it will start after a set point
fermentation is reached.
starts. Use Block Ice or Degrees F or C.jugs
Frozen water
as opposed to Ice Cubes. Ferment in an area with as
When the “PT” moderate
code is shown, press the
of ambient “SET”
temperature as Press and hold the “SET” and “UP” keys at the
key to display the
Use delay setting
a cooler value,
with then
thick press
walls sameinsulation
and a good time for 3 seconds to enter this menu.
the “▲” or “▼” key to adjust
value. the parameters.
Insulate the hoses going to the Immersion Chiller.
n 3 seconds to When “F/C” code is shown, press the “SET”
Factory DefaultQ= –5 Can
” key adjusted MinutesI use the FTSs to cool the wort key to
to pitching
display the upper or lower limit set
S” code, press the temperatures? value, then press “▲” or “▼” key to adjust the
wer limit setUpper
value, and Lower A – Yes, Limitbut Functions
after you get to pitching parameters.
temperatures, you
the parameters. should replenish your ice supply
wer limit. The setting of HS and LS limit the set range of Factory Default = F
Q – Can I set multiple temperatures during fermentation,
control temperature point , for example: HS is set
say 72F for the lag phase and 68F for primary?
to +15, LS is set to -10, the control temperature Conditioning Step Function
A – Yes, however you will need to watch the progress of
can only be adjusted between -10 and +15.
your fermentation closely so you don’tThe stay too long
controller canatbea set to first see a con-
TIONS When the “HS” higher
or “LS” temperature
code is shown,than press you
theplannedditioning step, before the controller function
“SET” key to display
Q – How the upper
I needlimit
my Ice?
value, then press
A– “▲”That
or “▼” key to adjust
depends an manythe variables, so there’s no
d, clean and parameters. HSexact
means upper limit.
answer. LS means
However, Press and
you should check yourhold
ice the “SET” and “UP” keys at the
lower limit. same
until you get a feel for the ice consumption on your time for 3 seconds to enter this menu.
particular fermentation setup.
Factory Default = +999 Degrees for HS When “ST” code is shown, press the “SET” key
Factory DefaultQ= –-999
CanDegrees for LSin the FTSs? to display the upper or lower limit set value,
I run Glycol
A – Yes, the submersion pump will operate
then press
fine“▲” or “▼” key to adjust the parame-
in Glycol,
High/Low Temperature Alarm
but this assumes you have a methodters. Parameter
to cool 01 = 0.1 Deg and 10 = 1.0 Deg
the Glycol.

If the measuredQtemperature
– My FTSsisseemsbeyondtothe
Set the set point,
Factory is there
Default = 01
a problem?
Point, an alarm will sound. To silence the alarm
A – No, the FTSs will stop running when the set point is
press any button.
r from the system reached, however the immersion coil is colder that the
surrounding wort
High/Low Temp Alarm Settings
r similar caustic to
d to the surfaces Q – Can I use my Refrigerator for Chill water?
When the “AH” A or –“LH” code
Yes, is shown,
as along press
as the Chill Water temperature is at
Thank you for your purchase of Ss
products like the “SET” key toleast
15Fthe high-temperature
below the set point, it will work fine. Although it
Brewtech’s Fermentation Temperature
mperature alarm settings, will press “▲ “or”
cycle more▼ “key to adjust
often and forthe
longer periods. Ideally, the
parameters. Chill Water volume should be equal to your fermenting Stabilization System aka “FTSs”. We
volume. appreciate your business and your
Factory Default = +999 Degrees for AH passion for making great beer!
Factory Default = -999 Degrees for AL
The instructions Included will guide
you through the setup and operation
of your system.

nter with a single

dual controllers,
ntation will

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