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Jollibee Foundation is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Jollibee Foods Corporation.

Jollibee Foundation believes in harnessing the strengths of its parent company, Jollibee Foods
Corporation (JFC), and those of its partners, for community development. The Foundation builds
into the design of its programs the relevant strengths of JFC as a foodservice company so that
program sustainability would have a fairly good chance.

Jollibee Foundation envisions that every Filipino is able to access basic community services and
live a life defined by dignity, purpose and active participation in nation-building.


Together with our partners, we jollify our communities with:

Improved access to Education for the youth;

Leadership development for local organizations;

Livelihood programs for small farmers;

Environment-friendly initiatives; and

Decent Housing and Disaster Relief for calamity-stricken regions.



Our commitment to education is rooted in helping the Filipino reach his highest potential. Good
education has the power to change the quality of a person’s life, and more importantly, his family,
community and the nation.

Housing and Community Development

We believe that sustainability is achieved by providing communities with the tools for progress
and self-sufficiency. Whether its livelihood or housing, we don’t merely pour in resources but
invest in human capital—the fuel that drives community development.

Leadership Development

We believe in partnerships and teamwork. In all of our programs, we strive for multi-sectoral
collaboration and equity among stakeholders. This same philosophy is at the root of our investment
in developing local leaders. Our goal is to help provide local leaders with the right tools so that
they may spur progress in their communities.

Environment-Friendly Initiatives

The Jollibee Group of Companies remains unwavering in its commitment to bring joy to our
customers, and that means doing our part in conserving our natural resources and keeping our
environment safe, clean, and beautiful.

Disaster Response

From landslides to floods, the Foundation, in coordination with the different brands, assists
affected communities by providing hot food, relief goods, and rehabilitation services. This is done
with the help of partners such as ABS-CBN Foundation, GMA Kapuso Foundation, Philippines
Business for Social Progress (PBSP), and the Private Sector Disaster Management Network