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766 Alignment Chart – Unit 2

Lissa Eske eskel4828@my.uwstout.edu

“Falls in Assisted Living: Prevention, Assessment and Response, and Recording”

Target Audience: The learners are a group of Resident Assistants (RA) in an assisted living facility. The training is an
expansion of procedure and policy regarding falls in which the RA will be trained to be an advocate in fall prevention and
to better assess, assist, and record after a fall.

Delivery Method: The delivery is blended. Three asynchronous units on the computer will each followed up by in person
discussion, demonstration, and practice at the RA meeting.

Scope of this chart: There are 6 terminal objectives in each of the first two units, and two in the final unit. Unit 2,
Assessment and Response, is covered here. The last three of the six terminal objectives in this unit are review to
previous training and will only stress new procedure and policy.

The Importance of the Alignment Chart

Alignment in course design is essential to the quality and effectiveness of the course. It keeps the course on track and
ensures that every activity moves the student toward the objectives of the course. It ensures that assessment measures
are tracking the students on the level that that need to be accomplished to enable the change in behavior that the course
aims to achieve. The alignment chart is a planning tool that graphically depicts the course alignment. It provides a visual
reference to ensure that the course activities and assessment are consistent and contributing to the level of expectation in
the objective. As activities often serve as assessment, the alignment chart demonstrates the consonance of the elements.

The objectives in the “Falls in Assisted Living” course, address many levels of learning. They require students to gain a
body of knowledge related to: fall prevention, the injuries common to falls, the procedures for assisting a person who has
fallen, and the company policies concerning these situations. They also require skills such as communication with the
resident, observation, assessment, and efficient problem solving and follow through. Finally, the course seeks to facilitate
an attitude of responsibility, cooperation, and collaboration among the RAs to engage with the residents and establish a
new culture of proactivity in fall prevention in the building. If the activities and assessment are not aligned with these
objectives the course could easily miss the complexity of learning that is required.

Alignment was achieved in the course by first defining the means of assessment. How will the RAs demonstrate that they
have accomplished and are ready to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learned? Are they prepared to engage
each other and the residents in new ways? The two-part delivery system serves in accomplishing the course objectives.
The computer presentation and videos will inform the RAs of the background knowledge required for the transformation. It
will individually challenge each student, with formative quizzes and activities to ensure learning and highlight things that
must be remembered. This will save time and prepare students to engage at the in-person meeting where this knowledge
will be briefly reviewed and opened up for discussion. The discussion will allow the RAs to add their experience and ideas
to the course material and begin the process of owning the role. Case studies and role-playing scenarios will help the
student to process, apply, and verify the new concepts and skills. Finally, team collaboration regarding specific residents
will demonstrate and launch new roles and initiatives for the building.

“Falls in Assisted Living:
Prevention, Assessment and Response, and Recording”

Module 2: Assessment and Response:

Module Objective – The RA will be able to safely and efficiently assess and
assist the resident who has fallen.

1. Terminal Objective:
The RA will comprehend the injuries and consequences that can result from a fall.
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity
The RA will identify RA will demonstrate PowerPoint Identify possible Demonstrate
injuries that knowledge of injuries presentation on unit injuries on a drawing assessing a resident
commonly result from by assessing for with formative quiz. of a body for injury on a
a fall. them. dummy.

The RA will discuss RA will discuss and Listen to stories of Group discussion Identify psychological
the affect a fall can relate examples of how residents on psychological state behind some
have upon a residents change in changed after a fall. effects of falls. statements residents
resident’s state following a fall. Identify examples may make and
psychological state. within one’s respond to them
experience. appropriately.

2. Terminal Objective:
The RA will be able to appraise the conditions of a fall upon entering the scene.
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity
The RA will list the Quiz activity - PowerPoint on list of Looking at an Fall Report section,
things they should Ability to rehearse a things to remember illustration of a fall filling out a fall
take note of, when mental list. scene will circle the report.
discovering a fall, that Read accounts of falls things they should
they will need for the Circle items in an (case studies) note Job aid for list
fall report. illustration that should
be noted.
The RA will evaluate Role play of a fall Video demonstration RA will identify an injury by examining and
resident for injuries, situation, identify the of a resident being asking questions of a peer with an assigned
and take appropriate simulated injury. evaluated. roll play injury.
next action.

The RA will review Quiz activity PowerPoint Ra will sequence a

the steps to take sequencing a list of presentation on unit list of steps.
when someone is steps. With quiz
bleeding severely.

The RA will describe Quiz activity – Short video on Shock symptom Shock symptoms and
three signs that identifying recognizing and Quiz treatment job aid.
someone is in shock symptoms of shock treating shock
and how to treat from a list.

The RA will state what Quiz question Short video on what Quiz question
they must not do if a to do if spinal injury is
back or neck injury is suspected

3. Terminal Objective:
The RA will interview the resident and determine the cause and severity of the situation.
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity
The RA will exhibit a Students will Video While a peer is giving them a hard time in a
demeanor that is calming demonstrate demonstration of role play situation, the student will
and reassuring to the proper demeanor. proper demeanor demonstrate a calming and reassuring
resident. demeanor.
The RA will identify in an Students will PowerPoint Role play practice and demonstration
interview the cause of the demonstrate presentation interviewing resident for the causes and
fall, an underlying health interviewing effects of the fall.
crisis, an extenuating health resident for cause
crisis as a result of the fall. and effect of fall.

The RA will recall four Recall list from Fall PowerPoint List four questions Filling out the head
questions that should be report and head presentation on quiz injury section of the
asked of a resident with a injury protocol fall report.
head injury.
The RA will know Students will PowerPoint In a meeting the Role play situation
conditions in a resident discuss conditions presentation on unit students will Decision making on
when they should be sent to requiring transport to discuss with the whether to transport
the ER for evaluation. ER. nurses when it is to ER.
Will make a decision appropriate to send
to transport or not in a resident out for
a role play situation. evaluation.
The RA will rehearse four Students will Short video on Identify signs of
signs indicating that the identify the signs of recognizing stroke stroke in a quiz. Job aid on
resident is having a stroke. a stroke. symptoms recognizing a stroke.

The RA will name the signs Students will name Short video on signs Name three Job aid on
of a heart attack three symptoms of a heart attack symptoms in a recognizing a heart
quiz attack.

The RA will identify three Quiz question PowerPoint Quiz activity – Filling out a fall
things they should check explain why these presentation with explain medication report.
the resident’s medication three medication quiz activity concerns
record for. issues are of

The RA will name three Quiz question – PowerPoint Quiz activity – list
things to remember to do student will list the presentation with three things to
before the EMT’s leave with three things to quiz activity remember
the resident. remember to do

4. Terminal Objective:
The RA will properly use the lift to assist the resident off of the floor. (review)
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity
The RA will propose In pairs, the RA will PowerPoint review of Given illustrations of residents in fall
a plan of action in devise a strategy for things to consider situations, students will devise strategies to
response to a a given situation. when working with lift rescue the resident.
described fall location.
The RA will Nurse will observe Observe other Students will practice and demonstrate
demonstrate how to student’s students moving a person with a lift.
move a person with demonstration of
the lift from the floor using the lift.
to a chair.

5. Terminal Objective:
The RA will appraise the injuries and apply first aid to the resident as appropriate. (review)
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity
The RA will discuss In group discussion PowerPoint Group discussion on Filling out fall report.
why they should walk students will discuss presentation on unit why they take this
the resident to the the things that they walk and what they
bathroom following a should look for. are looking for.
fall and four things
they should look for.

6. Terminal Objective:
The RA will follow the protocol for notification and follow-up following a fall. (review)
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity
The RA will list the List the six things. PowerPoint Quiz question listing Filling out fall report
six things you must presentation with quiz six things and checklist.
do as a follow-up to
the fall.