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Technology & Internet

Name: Abdullokh


Teacher Mr.Janosch

Date 11-14-2017
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Internet is really killing our life it might help but not all the time this person experienced just

like everybody else. “I had a terrible nightmare the other night. Instead of meeting for a quick

cup of coffee, my friend and I spent 30 minutes texting back and forth about our day. After that,

instead of going in to talk to my professor during his office hours”(Nilles). Little by little,

Internet and mobile technology seems to be subtly destroying the meaningfulness of interactions

we have with others, “I emailed him from home with my question. Because of this, he never got

to know who I was, even though he would have been a great source for a letter of

recommendation if he had. I ignored a cute guy at the bus stop asking me the time because I was

busy responding to a text”(Nilles). The internet is the big problem now in life even like 7 years

ago it was better life than now everybody played sports outside with friends now they playing

phones at home. Before mothers of the children was forcing their child to come back home but

now days mothers forcing their children “And I spent far too much time on Facebook trying to

catch up with my 1000+ friends, most of whom I rarely see, and whose meaning sadly seems to

dispel even more as the sheer number of connections I’ve made grows. Oh wait, that wasn’t a

dream. This technological detachment is becoming today’s reality”(Nilles). Facebook is helping

internet to become worst thing in the world some kids getting killed because of facebook and

everybody stock on it it’s just a waste of time and there is no purpose to use it but this app

makes people stock on it. It’s like disease. Although technology has helped in so many ways,

there is no doubt that human interaction, morality, socializing, and standards have changed for

the worse. Different doesn’t always mean good. Faster and more efficient ways of

communicating doesn’t mean good. We cannot say that technology is very bad and it not

helping to our life the way that internet helps us just irreplaceable. We using internet for
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controlling trains and airplanes and to connect to people that very far this parts of it it’s just


“India, June 29 -- We live in a world shaped by technology, and another 150 years of

advancement and discovery will transform it even further. Life in the year 2167 will be

amazing, exciting, convenient - and yet still recognizable to someone from 2017”.(From

General) The future of internet and technology could be very nice but also could be very bad

for our life. “Any specific prediction about what the 22nd century will look like will almost

certainly be wrong. Nevertheless, breaking developments in science and fiction may point the

way to what the future might hold”.(From General) 22nd century from now on if we think the

phones will be upgraded so so well cars also will look much different but maybe bad things

could happen to like internet taking over people’s mind. “It is inevitable that we will experiment

on ourselves. The wealthy will routinely edit their genes and design their babies. Rich or poor,

almost everyone will be implanted with internet chips, so that with a flutter of an eyelid we can

always be online. And having removed the need for sleep, we will be far more productive and

have far more time for leisure”.(From General) Somebody thinks it’s amazing with all this

technology but somebody could freak out of it, this is nearly end of the world like people not

going to sleep 22 century is just scary to think about this inventions is too much people need to

live the life with fun and with some hard work this technology taking away the most fun time

everybody into phones We don’t know what would happen in 22 century if now is already

people mentally weak maybe in 22 century internet will be control everybody.

“More human We will certainly live longer than we do now, and remain largely healthy

until we reach the end. But earlier promises of rejuvenation and immortality will have
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never come to fruition. And those cryogenically frozen heads? They'll still be in

storage”.(From General) Technologies, robots this things is could be helpful but also

could be bad for environment flying cars it will be awesome but we do not know how this

would effect to environment and also to people, but if we imagine it sounds good this will

be the smart invention ever. Nowadays Scientists inventing some helpful technologies.

“More audacious experiments will begin to change the very definition of consciousness:

Computers will have achieved sentience, and many (but not all) of us will accept that

machines have the same rights as human beings. Some people will even have begun

heading in the opposite direction, uploading their consciousness into software, freeing

themselves of the limitations of a decaying human body”.(From General) “Nuclear fusion

or other new power sources will mean limitless, cheap energy. As a result, flying cars will

finally be a reality”.(From General) Electric car this is much better than car that goes with

petrol because electric car does not sending out bad air to our environment but the car that

goes with petrol does sends air that effecting bad to environment. Also computer if we use

it for doing work this is just amazing but sometimes people doing just too much everything

is good if we use it wisely.

“Technology has changed the classroom, and with those changes comes opportunities and

challenges. In Utah, classrooms are experiencing a transformation due in part because of

joint efforts with the Utah State Board of Education (USBE), Utah Education and Telehealth

Network (UETN) and the state legislature with funding through the Digital Teaching and

Learning Program”.(Carrie) This could be very good idea but does this can teach very well

like teachers, this idea must have to work with teachers digital teaching control by a teacher.

“Sarah Young, one of two coordinators for the Digital Teaching and Learning Program, notes
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that despite growth in technology, the human component is most important.”(Carrie) The

human health is most important if technology or internet affect badly for humans than we do

not have to make it more bigger. "The teachers are still the most valuable entity in the

classroom. That doesn't change with technology. Sometimes in edtech there's a

misconception that computers will train our kids; they can sit in front of a screen for eight

hours and that will be amazing ... but that's not amazing." technology combining with teacher

and teaching children, this is just incredible combining skills will help to us to get more

smart. “What can be viewed as amazing is the ability of those screens to personalize

learning. Personalized learning can track and assess students' learning, providing real-time

reports to teachers and administrators. Teachers can then share and collaborate with those

assessments, one feature that local Utah company MasteryConnect has”.(Carrie) Now days

kids addicted to phone if you take away their phone and wait to them. How many hours or

minutes they can stay without the phone, in germany they did this experiment from 50 kids

only 2 of them could stay 1 day rest of them only stayed 1\2 hours that kids were only 8\9

years old. This is so sad to know that the kids are addicted to phone this is killing our future

if our kids our future then we waiting for horrible future. This all not technology’s fault this

is our fault too “how”? We are buying technology for our kids when they turn to like 3 this is

the biggest problem and kids growing up with phone not with toys, dolls, and friends. Phone

is taking over this things very easily. Now imagine what’s going to happen in future. Also

phone is dangerous for our children for their eyes and it also can broke them mentally and

they way of speak it’s just harmful to our young kids. This why parents have to think before

buying something for their kids “is this helpful for my child”? Parents have to buy books

instead of phone or tablet.

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“In addition to personalized learning, there's growth in predictive analytics. These analytics

can examine student data and anticipate their needs, similar to how Amazon marketplace

recommends products based on past views and purchases. Young said, (We're limited with

how one person can serve 40-plus individuals)”.(Carrie) learning by internet is good but

sometimes internet can poison your brain this is how some people becoming terrorist. You

have to be sure about yourself and be more smart that other people cannot treat you badly.

“But with opportunities come challenges. A concern with analytics and collection of

student data is privacy. In K-12 education there is legislation to protect student data, like

the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and companies have come

together to vow to protect student privacy in the Student Privacy Pledge.”(Carrie) student

privacy is the one of the best ideas this will help to parents a lot and students will be secure

by that. Privacy is the smart idea of genesis. “However, what data can be collected, how

it's stored and how it can be used is still a "murky" issue. In addition, with the rapid growth

of personalized learning, there haven't been many studies to observe implications and long-

term impact. Educators remain the greatest educational tool”.(Carrie) Internet+technology

is this a good pair a lot of people would say ‘yes’ actually it is if we use it how it supposed

to be used “Teachers provide learning experience and create context for students. Young

said, "I can Google to my heart's content, but it doesn't make me a better citizen or give me

a better foundation for success." The increase of information has necessitated an increase in

critical thinking skills. Students need to be able to not only critically examine information,

but create and share their own”.(Carrie) The technology and internet broking kids mind,

now days they cannot create their own ideas if they want to know something they just

writing to google to get the answer. This is kind of easy way of being smart and this is kind
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of bad for children because they cannot make their own decision, But google is also good

for wisely use which means you can use it but not all the time.

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