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Persepolis Book 1
Intro to Prose Fiction
Dr. Semaj-Hall
Group Quiz (source reference: https://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=persepolis-

1. How old is Marji during this story?

A. 9
B. 10 X
C. 11
D. 12

2. What year did the Islamic Revolution take place?

A. 1980
B. 1983
C. 1976
D. 1979 X

3. At the age of six Marji was already sure she was what?
A. A revolutionist
B. A singer
C. A prophet X
D. A conformist

4. How many years of tyranny and submission did Marji's father say had taken place?
A. 25
B. 250
C. 2500 X
D. 1500

5. In "The Bicycle" what was burned down with people locked inside?
A. A university
B. A cinema X
C. A block of houses
D. A jail

6. Where is Marji's dad going to protest the next day?

A. In the garden
B. On the street X
C. At the library
D. In the school yard

7. Why does Marji love the king?

A. Her parents told her to
B. She was told to at school X
C. All her friends love him

D. He is kind and loving

8. What explanation does her father give her for how their current king attained his position?
A. The people voted for him
B. God chose him
C. The king promised to give away his country’s oil if elected X
D. The other religious leaders chose him

9. Who was Marji’s grandfather?

A. A prince X
B. A common working man
C. A revolutionist
D. A terrorist

10. What was the only food available to Marjane’s grandmother?

A. Oatmeal mush
B. Bread X
C. Rice
D. Beans

11. What does Marjane do when she is confused about adult reactions?
A. She talks to her parents
B. She asks her teachers
C. She reads books X
D. She talks with her friends

12. In "The Letter" why did Marjane feel shame?

A. She had to go to work as a maid
B. Her family has a maid
C. She understands the difference between social classes X (pg 33)
D. Her mother works as a maid

13. Why does Mehri's boyfriend stop seeing her?

A. He found someone else to love
B. He left the country
C. He found out she was a maid X (pg 36)
D. Marjane’s father made him

14. What do Mehri and Persepolis do in response?

A. They plan to take revenge on him
B. They plan an attack on his new girlfriend
C. They go out to demonstrate the next day X
D. They stay in the bedroom and cry all day

15. In "The Party" what happens to the Shah?


A. Everyone celebrates him with a toast

B. He leaves the country X (pg 43)

C. He runs away and hides
D. He becomes a hero

16. Where does the Shah go?

A. To the U.S.
B. Egypt X (“As long as there is oil in the Middle East we will never have peace” says Marji’s
dad (pg 43)
C. Israel
D. He stays in Iran

17. In "The Heroes" What were Jari and Shakiba arrested for being?
A. Islamic
B. Terrorists
C. Helping the Shah to escape
D. Communists X (47)

18. Who was Anoosh?

A. Laly's uncle
B. Marjane’s mothers brother
C. Marjane’s fathers brother X (pg 54)
D. A family friend who got out of jail

19. What made Marjane happy in "Moscow"

A. Her family was free
B. Her friends were free
C. The revolution was winning
D. There were heroes in her family X

20. In "The Sheep" what did the Republic want to be called?

A. The Republic
B. The Proletariat
C. Islamic X (Read Anoosh’s quote pg 62)
D. The Arab Republic

21. What happened to many of Marjane's family and friends?

A. They were killed
B. They were forced to leave the country or be killed X
C. They were tortured
D. They went to the United States

22. What was the percentage of people reportedly voting for the religious leaders?
A. 80%
B. 75%

C. 25%
D. 99.99% X

23. What happened to Siamak's sister?

A. She went to the U.S.
B. She was executed X(66)
C. She was taken to jail
D. She hid Siamak and they escaped with the sheep

24. Who does Marjane visit in prison?

A. Siamak's sister
B. Anoosh X
C. Siamak
D. Her father

25. What embassy is occupied when the war starts?

A. United States X
B. Egypt
C. Israel
D. Iraq

26. How long were the universities closed for?

A. Forever
B. 2 years X
C. 10 years
D. 5 years

27. Where did Marji's family go for a vacation?

A. United States
B. Spain
C. Spain and Italy X (77)
D. Italy

28. Who was Iran at war with?

A. The U.S.
B. Egypt
C. Iraq X
D. Great Britain

29. What city was bombed?

A. Tehran X
B. Baghdad
C. Kuwait
D. Pakistan

30. How did Iran retaliate?


A. Bombing Baghdad X
B. Bombing the Caspian Sea
C. Holding protests
D. Breaking out prisoners from jail

31. What did Marjane's father desperately need?

A. Gas for his stove
B. Gas for his car X (88)
C. Strawberries
D. Chili

32. Who was the Key to Paradise for?

A. All good children
B. Everyone who believed in God
C. All boys
D. Boys who died in war X (99)

33. What part of the house does "The Wine" take place in?
A. Livingroom
B. Family room
C. Basement X
D. Bedroom

34. Where did Marjane and her family go during bombings?

A. The neighbors
B. The basement X
C. The bomb shelter
D. The church

35. What happens to Marjane's uncle from smoking and worrying?

A. He dies
B. He has a heart attack X
C. He has a stroke
D. Nothing, he is healthy

36. Who supplied the Iranians and Iraqis with chemical weapons?
A. Germans X (122)
B. Americans
C. Israel
D. Egypt

37. Why does Niloufar have to hide?

A. She is making fake passports
B. She is a communist X (123)
C. She delivers the fake passports
D. She is a revolutionary

38. Why did Marjane's family rush to get passports for themselves?
A. Her uncle was killed
B. Their friends were caught and jailed
C. The boarders were reopened X (126)
D. They got free tickets to Turkey

39. Marjane's parents are worried about her and they want to send her to the U.S.
A. True
B. False X (Austria because it’s easy to get a Visa to go there 147)

40. Marjane is 14 when her parents decide to send her away. And on her last night in Iran
Marjane sleeps with her best friend. Discuss
A. True X( her grandma 150)
B. False

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