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MAY 2018



By Carol Backman
Mike Scheinberg and his wife, Kyra Schuster, joined Agudas Achim in
2006 shortly after his mother died. “I realized the importance of belonging to
a Jewish community after my mother’s death, and I wanted to feel like this is
my community,” says Mike. Since joining he has become involved in many
AGUDAS ACHIM activities in the congregation.
CONGREGATION Currently, Mike is the Men’s Club Religious Affairs Vice President,
helping to organize religious programs such as the World Wide Wrap, Men’s
Club Shabbat, and the Israel Pilgrimage Scholarship which helped six teens
experience Israel last summer. This year the Men’s Club nominated Mike as
its 2018 honoree for the Blue Yarmulke Man of the Year Award. He will be
recognized at a special dinner at B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville,
Maryland on Sunday, May 6.
Mike also served as chair of the Youth and Religious School Committee,
and he was the Vice President of Youth and Education at the synagogue. He
has been a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor for the last eight years and has taught post
Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes for ATID at the Religious School. He has been a
gabbai on the bima at Agudas Achim for the past ten years, and he has read
Torah and led services.
Mike was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, near Albany New York. His
parents moved to the D.C. area when he was two and his older brother was
ready to start school. Mike grew up in Rockville, Maryland where he attended
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School from kindergarten through high school.
His family worshipped at Beth El Congregation in Bethesda, and his father
became a gabbai and his mother learned to read Torah and eventually taught
others how to read Torah also. Mike’s brother is Robbi Rob Scheinberg, a
congregational rabbi in Hoboken, New Jersey, who served on the editorial
committee for our new siddur, Lev Shalem.
“My Bar Mitzvah was a big event at the shul. My mother was my Bar
Mitzvah tutor, just as I tutored my son, Avi, for his Bar Mitzvah in January,
2016,” Mike notes. Avi attended Gesher Jewish Day School from grades K-8
and is now a ninth grader at Minnie Howard which feeds into T.C. Williams
High School.
2908 V•alley D•rive Mike attended the University of Maryland in College Park where he
Alexandria, V•
A 2• 2302 earned a B.S. in psychology. While looking at careers in the Jewish World, he
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Candlelighting.......................7:46 p.m.
Shehecheyanu MESSAGE
Friday Evening Service.........6:30 p.m.
Shabbat Services ...................9:30 a.m. MI SHEBERAKH – A PRAYER FOR HEALING
Mincha 45 minutes after services
Havdalah................................8:48 a.m. Every Shabbat, an officer of the congregation passes out small cards with a list
WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH of names. These names represent members of our community, family, and friends
in need of healing. They are facing short-term acute illnesses, long-term
Candlelighting.......................7:52 p.m. disabilities, and terminal diagnoses. Their names are read on Shabbat and at our
Friday Evening Service ........6:30 p.m. daily minyan and in the hearts and prayers of loved ones. Hardly a week goes by
SATURDAY, MAY 12 that I do not receive a phone call or an email informing me about the physical,
Shabbat Services ...................9:30 a.m. mental, emotional, and spiritual health of a member of our AAC family. Each and
Mincha 45 minutes after services every day I pray for the healing of their bodies and their souls.
Havdalah................................8:56 p.m.
SERVICES AT As a rabbi, I believe in the power of prayer. But like many others, I am not
WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH immune to skepticism, and I often wonder what I am actually praying for. Does
FRIDAY, MAY 18 prayer really matter? What are we praying for when we make a mi sheberakh, a
Candlelighting.......................7:58 p.m. prayer for those in need of healing? Why do I add names to our “mi sheberakh list”
Friday Evening Service ........6:30 p.m.
or even feel comfortable passing out the list on Shabbat?
Shabbat Services ...................9:30 a.m. For me, making a mi sheberakh invokes the power of the community to heal
Mincha 45 minutes after services souls, whether or not we are able to heal bodies. When I make a mi sheberakh, I am
Light Holiday Candles After. 9:03 p.m. saying, and I think we are all saying, “There is someone in your life who is in need
Tikum Leyl Shavuot..............9:30 p.m.
of healing. You are concerned, and I hear your concern. I understand that you are
SUNDAY, MAY 20 worried and afraid of what might happen. I want you to know that we, as a
Shavuot Morning Services ....9:30 a.m.
Evening Service.....................6:30 p.m. community, share that concern. We are with you, even though we may not know
Light Holiday Candles After. 9:04 p.m. who you are, because we can imagine ourselves being in your situation and wanting
MONDAY, MAY 21 and needing all the support we can get. We are hoping and praying along with you
Shavuot Morning Services ....9:30 a.m. that things turn out well. The mi sheberakh prayer lets you know that you are not
Evening Service.....................9:00 p.m. facing this frightening situation alone. We too are concerned and hoping for your
Holiday Ends.........................9:05 p.m.
loved one’s recovery, and we hope that it helps you and helps your loved one to
FRIDAY, MAY 25 know that.” Adding a name to the mi sheberakh prayer is a way to acknowledge
Candlelighting.......................8:04 p.m.
Friday Evening Service ........6:30 p.m. that we are in a scary place, and that we are asking for the community’s support.
SATURDAY, MAY 26 The word “religion” comes from the same Latin root as the word “ligament.”
Shabbat Services ...................9:30 a.m. It means “to bind.” That’s what communities do. As Rabbi Harold Kushner says,
Mincha 45 minutes after services “Prayer lets us know that we are part of a greater reality, with more depth, more
Havdalah................................9:10 p.m.
hope, more courage, and more of a future than any individual could have by him-
or herself. We are here to find a congregation, to find people with whom we can
share that which means the most to us. From that perspective, just being able to
pray helps, whether our prayers change the world outside or not.”
That’s what prayer does. That’s what I believe. That’s why I will continue to pray.

We maintain a list of family and friends in need of healing and include their
names in the mi sheberakh prayer said on Shabbat and through the week. If you
would like a name — your own or someone else's — added to the list, please call
MINYAN SCHEDULE the office, 703-998-6460, or email Erica Jacobs at ejacobs@agudasachim-va.org.
(UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ABOVE.) If you want a name to remain on the list longer than six months, please notify us
Monday through Friday again. If a person has recovered, please tell us, so that we can take their name off.
Mornings................................7:30 a.m.
Sundays and Federal Holiday
Mornings............................... 9:00 a.m.
Sunday through Thursday
Evenings................................7:50 p.m.


Please be assured that individual
responses will be kept confidential.
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Names and contact information are
Kenneth Labowitz optional. However, if follow-up
discussion with you will help us to
Here is a story that combines rock n’ roll, Congregational history, and change better understand you and/or your
in ritual toward equality for men and women. family members’ situation, we will
need your contact information. For
When Patti and I joined the Congregation in 1982, one of the first things we more information, contact Barbara
were told was that Mama Cass Eliot had had the first bat mitzvah at Agudas Achim. Elkin, Chair, Agudas Achim Disability
For those of us of a certain age, this was noteworthy. The Mamas and Papas were Inclusion Committee at bjelk@aol.com
a formidable 1960s singing group whose music ("Monday, Monday", "I Saw Her
Again", "California Dreamin'", "Dancing in the Streets"… I could go on) still The survey can be found under the
sounds terrific. Listening to that music makes anyone my age smile. Resources tab on theAAC Website:
Cass Eliot was born Ellen Cohen and lived on Crestwood Drive while attending https://www.agudasachim-
George Washington High School in Alexandria, along with John Phillips, a Papa va.org/inclusion
who wrote many of their hits.
It turns out that she did not have the first bat mitzvah (and did not die choking AAC MONTHLY BOARD MEETING
on a sandwich, another urban legend). Sharon Krevor had the first bat mitzvah equal Tuesday, May 22 | 8:00 p.m.
to what boys did for bar mitzvah, which is the point of this story. Founder’s Gallery
Until the Congregation moved to its present site in 1957, women worshipped All members are welcome to join
separately from men. The move here brought about the significant change to mixed us. Look for the agenda in the Weekly
worship. Girls were admitted with boys in the same b'nai mitzvah class at that point; Update email.
however, girls were not permitted on the bimah and their "bat mitzvah" took place
only on Friday nights while standing on the floor in front of the bimah.
That continued until 1970 (Cass/Ellen was 13 in 1954, so hers was in that
Continuing the budget process that
limited format), when Henry and June Krevor, Les and Joan Edelman, and other
was begun in April there are three
parents of girls in the b'nai mitzvah class demanded equal treatment for their
remaining budget meetings:
● Thursday, May 3 | 6:30 p.m.
June and Anita Turk can speak about the resistance of Rabbi Steinberg to this Balance the budget.
radical concept of gender equality but it came to pass and reflects the ● Thursday, May 10 | 6:30 p.m.
Congregation's egalitarian practices today. Additional meeting, if needed, to
And to close on a rock history note: Jim Morrison of the Doors also went to GW balance the budget
High School and lived on Mansion Drive not far from the synagogue. Yet to my ● Tuesday, May 15 | Time TBA
knowledge he had nothing to do with changes in ritual practices here. Presentation of the budget to the
Board of Directors.


Diversity and inclusion are core Jewish values. The Disability Inclusion
Committee is trying to identify barriers to full accessibility at Agudas Achim,
whether they are physical, architectural, sensory, social, intellectual, or educational.
We have developed a survey which seeks to capture the experiences of all of our
members regarding their abilities to access our programs, building, and communal
life. We recognize that some congregants do not identify as having disabilities, but THE ROOF OVER THE
nevertheless, have health-related limitations that keep them from participating in LAINOF AUDITORIUM IS BEING
some or all aspects of congregational life. REPLACED FROM MONDAY, APRIL 30
Your answers to the survey questions will help the Agudas Achim Disability
Inclusion Committee to identify and recommend needed changes to policies, SHABBAT MORNING SERVICES ON
practices, and procedures which will ensure greater access for individuals with MAY 5 AND MAY 12 WILL BE HELD AT
disabilities, address the specific accommodation needs of individual congregants, WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
and assist us in identifying and prioritizing physical changes which may require the 2701 CAMERON MILLS RD,
expenditure of resources. ALEXANDRIA, VA 22302.
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found his first job as a Hillel
Barry Nove
Engagement Fellow at Princeton
University’s Center for Jewish Life.
There he created programs to connect In this issue, I want to fill everyone in on what's happening this month, and then
with Jewish students where ever they look to our budget and some future projects.
were. Next, he worked as a Program
Director for Hillel at the University of First, as you are reading this issue, the roof replacement of the Lainof
North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where he Auditorium should be underway. Please remember that the Cohen Sanctuary will
created programs for all Jewish students not have air conditioning or heating during this period. Therefore, Shabbat morning
on campus. services, May 5 and May 12 will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church. The
Growing up, Mike was very much Lainof Auditorium and playground will be closed during this renovation.
immersed with USY – the Conservative As to where we are now with synagogue financial operations, we are in the
Movement’s youth organization – on midst of our annual budget process and preparing for our annual congregational
both the local and regional levels. He meeting. You will see that the format of our budget is significantly different from
attended international conventions and previous years. In a nutshell, we have streamlined our accounting and budget
spent a summer with USY on Wheels, reports, which makes them more concise and accurate, but may take some getting
traveling around the country on a bus. used to.
Mike met Kyra when they were both Several months ago, I shared that I had visited our cemetery and that we planned
part time USY advisors. He was a survey of the property. Apex Survey recently completed our boundary survey and
working for a synagogue in Princeton, we have commissioned a next phase survey, mapping out all the headstones and
and she was in Trenton, New Jersey. walkways, so we have exact measurements of the spaces for graves and plots,
Mike moved to Arlington, Virginia, and whether reserved or currently available. I have learned quite a bit about our
they were married in Boca Raton, cemetery during this process, particularly a bit of its history. Agudas Achim
Florida in 1998. purchased the cemetery in 1933, which until then had been an unused section of Old
Kyra is a curator at the U.S. Town Alexandria's Penny Hill Cemetery. I'm assuming that the sale of part of the
Holocaust Memorial Museum in city's "potter's field" was beneficial for Alexandria's community during the height
Washington, D.C. “She collects of the Great Depression.
artifacts and stories from those who
donated them. I never get tired of Finally we are entering the end phase of our transitioning process to a new
hearing her stories,” Mike says. They browser based membership database called jManage, which will be linked to our
have been married for twenty years. website. As of the writing of this article, I expect that there will be a delay in
Kyra is also the USY advisor at Agudas providing April statements, and ask you to please bear with us as we complete the
Achim. transition from our old membership system to the new one. As you can see, we are
After moving to Arlington, Mike doing quite a lot at once.
became a Program Director for Hillel at Thank you,
the University of Maryland. “My job Barry Nove
was to work with many Jewish bnove@agudasachim-va.org
populations on campus. I still keep in
touch with many of the students, and AAC ANNUAL RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE
some who do incredible things. They Thursday May 24, 3:00 p.m.
still thank me for the help I gave them Lainof Auditorium
in USY,” Mike recalls.
In 2000, Mike shifted gears to the tech Giving blood is a great way to give back to the
industry to become a Telecommunications community because it saves lives. On Thursday, May 24,
Program Manager for Verizon, first as a Agudas Achim Congregation will hold its 2018 Blood Drive
network support engineer and currently as in the Lainof Auditorium from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m.
a program manager. “At first, I tried my To schedule a life-saving donation, or ask about
hand as an independent web and eligibility, please call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767)
graphic designer, but I realized early on or go online to www.redcrossblood.org (use sponsor code
that I wasn’t great at the business end of Agudas Achim).
things. When I started in 2000, I worked RapidPass is a timesaving tool from the Red Cross. Please
for a company called UUNET, since complete your health history at www.redcrossblood.org/rapidpass/
the morning of your donation. If you have any questions contact
(Continued on page 6.) Marilee Perkal or Szeina Lurie.


And the reward for doing good
DEAR HAZZAN Is the good in the world that you see
Hazzan Elisheva Dienstfrey So I walked away from all that fear
And chose a new path that had been
waiting for years
UNBROKEN And there was plenty of room under
this tree
We've just celebrated Pesah - a holiday filled with questions, rituals and, most For the whole world, even you and
importantly, stories - our story about becoming who we are as a Jewish people. me"
Most of us at Agudas Achim have a story about becoming a Jew. Some of us were
not born Jewish and found Judaism later in life and others of us were born Jewish, You can purchase this album from
but discovered our Judaism as we discovered ourselves. But all of us have a story. Joe Buchanan's website:
www.joebuchananmusic.com, and you
Joe Buchanan is a musician with a wonderful story about becoming a Jew. You can read more about him and his story
can find it on his website: www.joebuchananmusic.com: there, as well.
"Raised with one foot in Houston and one in the Texas Hill Country, Joe As we count the days toward
grew up swinging off ropes on the Frio River and spending time like any kid Shavuot, may we all choose every day
- trying to figure out what was what. The biggest question was about Gd and to embrace the Jew within each of us.
despite a deep belief in a creator, he couldn't find much that he agreed with
in what he was hearing. The struggle led to more struggles and he finally *Please Note: This column will
decided that he and Gd would sort it out later. alternate between music reviews and
"Dear Hazzan" letters. If you would like to
Then one day, about 13 years into his marriage, Joe found out that his wife introduce or recommend recordings, or if
was Jewish. Now, with the discovery of his wife's heritage, their family started you have a question for the Hazzan
down a path that would change everything. From the first class and a million regarding the ritual, liturgy, and/or music
questions to the mikvah and beyond, Judaism answered every spiritual question of the synagogue, please write Hazzan
and brought an incredible amount of healing. There is one Gd, we can see Gd Dienstfrey at the synagogue or email her at
in the world and in others, we are going to struggle - that's ok, we are not HazzanERLD@hotmail.com.
damaged goods by any means, and this is the life that matters because this is the
one we've been given. Amen."
Kol Isha: A Woman’s Voice
Joe was not born Jewish, but once he found Judaism, there was no turning back. Friday, June 15 | 6:00 p.m.
All of this is reflected in his album, "Unbroken". On the cover of the album, he Agudas Achim Congregation
writes: "Finding Judaism was like coming home. A warm loving place full of joy Ein Lanu Z’man will prepare us for
and goodness. These songs represent that journey and arrival. I hope it finds you Shabbat in a program entitled Kol Isha: A
where you are, inspires you, and lifts you up. We are unbroken." Woman’s Voice with music composed
exclusively by women – from the Jewish
My favorite song on the album is probably "A Joyful Noise," an upbeat song - American icon Debbie Friedman to
both musically and lyrically. He sings "You change the world not with a whisper, Israeli legend Naomi Shemer to
but with a joyful noise," he continues - "All good things have volume, Struggle, newcomer Elana Jagoda and everything
love and life. You're gonna make some kind of ruckus, if you're doing it right." I in between. Everyone is welcome –
suppose this struck a chord with me as someone who spends a great deal of time admission is free! The concert will be
with children and who always feels like I'm doing something wrong since it is immediately followed by Kabbalat
always so noisy wherever I go…this made me feel like maybe I'm doing something Shabbat and Ma’ariv services.
Other songs on the album include a beautiful country-western version of
"Shalom Aleichem," an interpretation of the Sh'ma, entitled "Hear (Sh'ma)," and a Programming Council
fun version of "Modeh Ani" that makes you want to get up and do a two-step (not Thursday, May 31 | 8:00 p.m.
that I know what that is). I also love his interpretation of Etz Chayim Hee, entitled Founder’s Gallery
"Home." The fiddle gives it the warm feeling one might have just sitting around the We ask that a
fire singing with some friends. representative from any
group who would like to
Joe's story about becoming a Jew is highlighted in the piece "Unbroken" and hold and event, meeting,
really speaks to anyone who is searching to find their inner Jew: or program at Agudas
"And you can choose to be chosen between January 2019
You can stand up off your knees and May 2019 attend. Questions? Contact
(Continued next column. ) Barry Nove, bnove@agudasachim-va.org.

MAY 2018 PAGE 5

then my company name has changed Chaya Silver
five times, but I still work at the same Youth/Education Director
location in Ashburn, Virginia,” he Despite its slow and peculiar arrival, spring is here and summer is around
explains. the corner. The Religious School year is winding down, and while formal Jewish
Mike sums up his philosophy about learning will come to an end for many, informal, experiential Jewish learning at
kids with a favorite quote from former summer camps and programs are about to begin. I love our school and am proud of
Hillel executive, Richard Joel. “The our teachers, students, and parents. Nonetheless, there comes a time when
best way to give your kids a Jewish classroom learning ends and the art of living begins. Involving our children in
background is to give them a Jewish summer enrichment programs provides them with solid, well rounded, Jewish
playground.” Mike says that is what he identity building; picking up where we leave off and giving our kids the chance to
is trying to do with his son as well as the “do” the Jewish they have been learning about all year.
others he works to engage.
Jewish summer camps have evolved considerably over the past decades.
There are now over 200 Jewish camps in the United States where children and teens
RELIGIOUS SCHOOL ON can find eight-week camps; traditional camps and sports camps. There are Jewish
SUNDAY, MAY 13 WILL BE summer programs that focus on drama, travel, or wilderness explorations. There are
summer programs designed to include campers with a wide range of abilities,
HELD AT PICNIC AREA 2 IN learning challenges, and needs, and programs to develop leadership skills. Summer
FORT WARD PARK. programs give our kids the chance to apply all the things they have been learning
This is our annual Color War day during the school year. For example, the prayers we teach our students for Kabbalat
and due to the roof repairs at AAC the Shabbat and Shabbat morning are used at camps, and when our kids show up and
Lainof Auditorium isn’t available. have the prayer literacy that is valued, it builds confidence and pride. Most of the
Therefore, we will be moving time, kids are taught about Jewish values and ideas and they might get to experience
Religious School to Fort Ward Park. what they have learned outside the classroom.
Please drop your students off at At day camps and overnight camps, kids experience being Jewish and doing
9:00 a.m. At Fort Ward Park. Jewish at meals, on the ropes course, in cabins- everywhere – and the explanations
A map and more specific come later. Not every Jewish camp is right for every child. The real trick is finding the
information will be sent out in the right camp for each child. If you’re not sure which camp is right for your child, there
Religious School Weekly Newsletter. are lots of resources at the synagogue to help you find just the right spot.
At Agudas Achim, we know that Jewish summer enrichment experiences are
a big investment for families. For this reason, Barry Nove, our new Executive Director
LAST DAYS OF has worked with key donors to establish a new fund called the Youth Enrichment Fund
RELIGIOUS SCHOOL that provides financial support for those sending kids to camp or to approved
5778 (2017-2018) enrichment programs. Along with the long standing Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund,
we can now assist families in sending their children to the camp that is right for them.
Our last Wednesday Night Class is
May 16. Thanks to these funds and to donations made by the Religious School Fund
and our clergy, we have been able to financially assist the families of 20 children
Our Last Sunday Class is May 20, ages 7 – 17. This summer we gave almost $10,000 in scholarship money sending
Day 1 of Shavuot. We will end our children to 8 different summer camps and programs around the country. In addition,
school year learning about a holiday generous funds from Agudas Achim’s Men’s Club were set aside for students
that often happens after Religious attending peer programs in Israel, allowing two of our students to spend extended
School ends each year. Join us at 10:00 time in Israel. It is our hope that those who are able will continue to donate to the
a.m. For special Shavuot programming Youth Enrichment Fund and the Ramah Scholarship Fund so that next summer we
and a sweet dairy treat! will be able to do even more to help our families. Giving funds to support Jewish
All day school and home schooled summer enrichment programs may well be one of the best investments you can
students welcome! make to insure a strong Jewish future.
Arnold Eisen, the chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary, proclaimed,
“Nothing I do to build Jewish life, Jewish education, or the Jewish community is more
important than getting more kids to Jewish camps.” I couldn’t agree more. Thank you
to all who donated to our Religious School Fund and our Camp Ramah Scholarship
Fund for making this summer possible for so many children.


fruits to the Temple, and with the
BRINGING ISRAEL TO beauty and fertility of nature during
AGUDAS: OUR SHLICHA, spring. This Israeli tradition began in
MIRI BERNOVSKY the Kibbutzim, and has over time
influenced the approach of the entire
One of the things I've learned over the last ten months is how Jewish holidays country towards this holiday. In our
can be very different in Israel and America. It's not a huge surprise, but rather one Kibbutz, Nahal Oz, Shavuot is
of those obvious things that, until witnessing with your own eyes, you don't always celebrated in a huge agriculturally-
pay much attention to. themed festival that includes an
exhibition of "combine harvesters",
When you begin to think about it, it actually makes perfect sense that holidays,
tractors and other heavy equipment
are marked differently in different parts of the world despite the fact they are based
(children love climbing on them and
on the same texts and traditions. In Israel, for example, many secular Jews associate
pretending to drive them).
Yom Kippur not with prayers and fasting, but with empty roads that are used for
bicycle riding. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis of all ages spend Yom Kippur on Shavuot in Israel is also associated
two wheels, simply because it's the only day of the year when there are literally no with dairy production. While the holiday
cars on the road. The fact that the month of Tishrei is usually warm and sunny in that comes right before it on the Israeli
Israel also helps. calendar - Independence Day (Yom
Ha'atzmaut) - is usually celebrated by
Then there is Pesach and Seder night, a tradition that Israelis celebrate once, but
grilling and eating a ton of meat, Shavuot
Americans and others in the diaspora - twice. The source for this difference is
is a holiday that many Israelis celebrate
religious. I must confess that even though I love reading the Haggadah, I stuck to
with a dairy-based meal. For me, it is
the Israeli tradition this year and only held one Seder. Amir, together with my mom
first and foremost "the cheesecake
and my sister who were visiting us from Israel for the holiday, all said that two
holiday." All the leading bakeries and
Seders would be too much for them, even using the eternal question "haven't the
cafes offer special and original
Jewish people suffered enough?" to justify their position.
cheesecakes during this holiday - which
And then there is the next holiday on our schedule, Shavuot. In Israel, Shavuot (Continued on page 11.)
has become an agricultural holiday, associated with the Mitzvah of bringing the first


3-D-4-5 For ad info. call 1-800-477-4574 • www.4lpi.com 14-0995

Programming and community PRESCHOOL NEWS
focused on families with Jen Halpern, Director
children ages 0-5.
Gan Shabbat
The importance of exposing young children to good stories is well established.
Saturdays 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Reading aloud brings parents and children closer together; high quality literature
Rooms 1 &2
makes readers (and listeners) more empathetic; being read to helps make children
Volunteer led service for kids ages
good listeners and better thinkers; and reading aloud increases children’s
0-5, accompanied by an adult. Looking
vocabulary and improves their comprehension.
for volunteers to lead – no experience
A study from 2015 shows that reading aloud to young children is an even better
way to build their vocabulary than talking with them. The language found in books
Oh Say Shalom Sing-a-Long and is more formal than that used in speech, which means that children are exposed to
Playgroup less common words when read to. The author of the study, Dominic Massaro from
Sunday, May 6 | 11:00 a.m. the University of California, says, “Reading takes you beyond the easy way to
Hazzan Elisheva Dienstfrey leads communicate. It takes you to another world and challenges you.”
songs for the first half hour with free Last month, we celebrated our second annual Storybook Day, which is really a
play after. No Jewish knowledge or week-long celebration of literacy. On Monday, teachers shared their favorite stories
experience necessary. Each child and their love of reading with their classes. Every day we enjoyed snacks inspired
requires a grownup. by great stories, such as Blueberries for Sal and Bread and Jam for Frances. On
Shababy Kabbalat Shabbat and Thursday, we encouraged all the children to bring their favorite storybook to class
Shabbat Dinner to share with their friends, and to dress up as their favorite storybook character or
Friday, May 18 | 5:30 p.m. bring a prop from their favorite storybook. Children came to school dressed as the
Friday night service for kids 0-5 green crayon from The Day the Crayons Came Home, a sparkly fish from The
and parents with songs, instruments, Rainbow Fish, and Frida Kahlo from Fridah Kahlo and Her Animalitos. We ended
scarves, dancing, parachutes, challah, the day with a puppet show. Finally, on Friday we made the connection between
and juice. Information to sign-up for bible stories found in picture books and the Torah, and the fours classes went into
Shabbat Dinner will be coming in the chapel to see a Torah up close.
future weekly emails and on our I would like to thank all the parents and grandparents who, in honor of
Facebook page. Storybook Day, donated books to our library or donated money so that we could
purchase books from our wish list. Keeping our library shelved with high-quality
CONNECT WITH YOUNG literature – both the classics and new releases – and high-quality nonfiction is
FAMILIES essential to our program. By sharing these storybooks with our children, we are
teaching them new words, building connections with them, and introducing them
  Find  us  on  the  Facebook  ‟Agudas
to the world.
Achim Young Families” Group to keep
track of what is going on and receive the
latest updates! For more information or to
get involved contact: SCHOLAR-IN-RESIDENCE SHABBAT
MAY 12, 2018
Hannah Kraushaar
at hannah.kraushaar@gmail.com JEWS SAVING JEWS: LESSER KNOWN STORIES
at lefflersarah@hotmail
at debbiekperry@gmail.com JTS FELLOW AND HISTORIAN AT
at phkesner@hotmail.com. MEMORIAL MUSEUM

Post Kiddush Lecture and Discussion
Notebooks and Milk Cans: Spiritual Resistance
in the Ghettos of Nazi Europe


Michael Poliner and family, In memory of Edith Wolfe on her yahrzeit
on the death of his father, Myron Poliner Robert and Maureen Shapiro
Elmer Reyes and family, In memory of Martin Uffer, brother-in-law of Sam Backman
on the death of his son, Elmer Reyes, Jr. Robert and Maureen Shapiro
REFUAH SHLEMAH TO: In memory of Uncle Sol W. Landau
Sonia Selmonosky Barry Landau
Judy Bregman A donation for Puerto Rico Relief
Ann Citron Lester and Jane Bergen
Robert Citron In appreciation of Rabbi Rein and Agudas Achim Congregation
Shelli Dinerstein Richard Noth
Marilyn Davis In honor of Granddaughter's naming ceremony
Iver and Cydney Kasenetz
MAZEL TOV TO: In memory of Ruth Ruskin
Arnold and Deborah Fliflet, Jonathan and Ruth Ruskin
on the birth of her grandson, Noah Thor Scott In memory of Uncle Joseph Koffler on his yahrzeit
Alexandra H. Vanbever Get well wishes to Arnold Moore
In honor of Doris Parker for all she has done for AAC Burton Ziskind
Jeffrey and Sharyn Tureck In appreciation of the synagogue that does so much for us
In memory of Betty Sacks-Lotstein Rena Cooper
June Krevor In honor of Gwen's 50th birthday
In memory of Hannah Kaplan Melvin and Elaine Stokols
Marty and Norman Hallowell In honor of Mirza Lopez
ENDOWMENT FUND Max and Jannis Friedman
In honor of Jack Chesley - Jack: You're first class! In memory of Edward Moore
Paul and Elizabeth Frommer Stephen Kahn
SCHIFF ENDOWMENT FUND In memory of Ethel Koocher
In memory of Anna Bernanke Stephen Kahn
A. David and Judith Bernanke In memory of Frances Barth
In memory of Ethel Spector Davis, Ron's mother Hirsch Barth
Ronald and Dianne Spector In memory of Harriett Gutterman
In memory of Ilene Deborah Sandler In memory of Jerome Grossman
Donald and Lynne Sandler Rose Grossman
SAM & ANITA TURK FUND In memory of Karl Dahl on his yarhzeit
A donation Amy Godin
Anita Turk In memory of Marlowe Solomon
In memory of Ida Lehman In memory of Paul Frommer's brother, Herbert
Leonard Lehman Melvin and Elaine Stokols
In memory of Phyllis & Sidney Weinberger
In honor of Nan and Jack Berman for all they do for the community
Mark & Paula Argosh
Philip and Lenore Garon SEFER TORAH FUND
In memory of Dianne's grandmother Mary Blecher
In memory of Elsie Kodish
Ronald and Dianne Spector
Stephen and Tanya Bodzin KITCHEN FUND
In memory of Ruth Ruskin In memory of Albert Herman
Jonathan and Ruth Ruskin Donald and Lynne Sandler
Get well wishes to Arnold Moore In honor of the anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah
Barry Landau Janet Potash
To honor the memory of my beloved mother, Faye Snowhite In memory of Frances Barth
Sheila Bicoff Alan and Mindi Maline
In memory of Jacob Raiten
In memory of Anne Kutchinsky
Jeffrey and Sharyn Tureck
Joshua, Allison, Aviya and Jewell Hirschorn
In memory of Sheldon Kaplan
In memory of Co. John W. Chesley Jr, father of Jack Chesley
Marty and Norman Hallowell
Robert and Maureen Shapiro
(Continued on page 10.)

MAY 2018 PAGE 9

IN THE FAMILY ● Painting the ALIVE Child Development Center which
(Continued from page 9.) provides child care/preschool to low income families
A donation to the Preschool ● Cleaning up Four Mile Run with Congregation Kol
Joshua and Jennifer Romanow
Ami and Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment
In memory of Alfred Landau (ACE).
Barry Landau ● Knitting and crochetting blankets and hats for babies
CAPITAL CAMPAIGN in the NICU and babies and children on the cancer
In memory of Lillian Levine
ward at Fairfax Children’s Hospital.
Bob, Robin and Jaime Levine
● Young families and religious school student made get
well cards for sick congregants.
Volunteer. Organize. Advocate. 37th Annual StepALIVE! 5K or 5-mile Walkathon
Sunday, May 6 | 2:00 p.m.
KOL HA KAVOD! The 37th Annual StepALIVE! 5K or 5-mile Walkathon
THANK YOU TO OUR TREMENDOUS COMMUNITY benefits the ALIVE! Child Development Center. Opening
FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE! ceremony and Walkathon start at 2:00 p.m. at the First
Christian Church, 2723 King Street, Alexandria, VA.
PAST EVENTS Sign up on ALIVE’s website https://www.alive-
Community Social Justice Seder inc.org/ in order to participate or donate. Please join Team
Sunday, March 11, the Agudas Achim community and Agudas Achim Tikun Olam where you can register as a
the Alfred Street Baptist Church joined together to celebrate walker or make a donation.
and remember the Israelites Exodus from slavery to free- WE NEED YOU!
dom. This Community Social Justice Seder was an after- Want to have more meaning in your life? Do you want
noon of learning, sharing, eating and meaningful dialogue to do something that is satisfying and of great service to
on how to eradicate injustice in the world today. March your community? Get your Tikkun Olam on and Join
2018 was an auspicious time for our communities to come Agudas Achim’s Social Action Committee! The only
together for a Passover Seder. Fifty years ago Dr. Martin qualification required is your desire to make the world a
Luther King, Jr. was planning to join Rabbi Abraham Josh-
better place. Attend the May 10th Social Action Commit-
ua Heschel at his family’s Passover seder. Instead Rabbi
tee meeting and find out how you can get involved and
Heschel read a psalm at Dr. King’s funeral. One of the
make a difference.
highlights of the Seder was that the teens in attendance en-
gaged in discussions facilitated by Teachers Overcoming For more information, please contact Samara Wein-
Oppression. Clearly at this time we are looking to our stein at samarajw@yahoo.com or call (703) 243-9099.
youth to lead us in the fight against violence and oppres-
sion. This program was made possible with the support of
the Krevor Social Action Endowment Fund.
On April 15 Agudas Achim celebrated our Second An- IN ISRAEL?
nual Community Wide International Good Deeds Day by
volunteering across the community. In the morning, reli- RENA ABLEMAN, SHLICHA
gious school students learned about food insecurity and BETH SHOLOM CONGREGATION
made sandwiches and packages of trail mix for hungry chil-
dren. Agudas Teens worked with DC Central Kitchen staff
to cut, chop, peel and prep food in their kitchen to prepare WEDNESDAY, MAY 23 | 6:15 P.M.
meals for the hungry. Other projects included:
Rena Ableman was born and raised in Jerusalem.
● Joining with Congregation Etz Chaim to work with
Rena studied education and Jewish history at Ben
YACHAD, a Jewish service organization that partners
Gurion University of the Negev. In the Israeli Army, she
with congregations to help preserve affordable housing
served as a teacher in a high-school equivalency program
by bringing together crews of volunteers to repair the
for soldiers. During the time she studied for her B.A,
home of a low income or disabled family in Washing-
Rena also studied and worked in Daroma a pluralistic
ton, DC.
Beit Midrash program for students at the university.
(Continued next column. )


I cannot believe how fast this year has passed. Last MIRI BERNOVSKY
year at this time I was preparing for my retirement not (Continued from page 7.)
knowing what destiny had in store for me. As you all
know, as soon as I retired the health of my father start- of course, automatically makes it one of
ed to decline and I traveled to Puerto Rico to take care my ultimate favorites.
of him (take him to doctors, etc.). In August I returned On the other hand, there is also a
home to Virginia and a week later had to fly back to the strong tradition in Israel of Torah
island as my father needed a pacemaker. During his studying on the eve of Shavuot since it
recovery the island got hit by Hurricane Irma and I is "Chag Matan Torah" - the holiday in
could not leave. The day my return flight was resched- which we received the Torah at Mount
uled, Hurricane Maria struck and I was forced to re- Sinai. Every year, on the eve of
main in Puerto Rico. Days later my father, my brother Shavuot, there are hundreds of
and his wife, and I were able to fly to Georgia on a pri- studying events organized by
vate plane acquired by my sons. institutions in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and
Upon my return to Virginia Rabbi Rein invited me other cities. People gather, read from
to share my experiences with the congregation. This the Torah and from other Jewish texts,
lead to the establishment of the "Relief fund for PR". and have discussions about what these
Through the generosity of the congregation, $13,000 Supplies are distributed at texts can offer to our lives today in
and 38 boxes of supplies were donated to those impact- every field from politics to family life.
ed in Puerto Rico. Donations included medical supplies, pampers, baby formula, I have participated in many such
gas stoves, batteries, mosquito repellant, and more. sessions over the years and think they
have a great contribution to civil
We were able to support Dr. Karen Ruperto and
discussion in our society. This
her efforts to deliver help to the center of the island
phenomenon is growing in recent years
with $500 and medical supplies. We gave $500 to the
and reflects a desire of many Israelis
ministry of Cristo Pobre an organization that helps
from all parts of society for having a
homeless men, and another $500 was sent to La Casa
meaningful Jewish engagement.
Ana Medina, an organization to support abused wom-
en. The church of Yeshua La Luz del Mundo received These events aren't limited to any
$2,500 to deliver food to 55 families during the crisis. political stream or movement. There
What has given me the most satisfaction was being are lectures by completely secular
able to help two families (one with $1,500 and the oth- experts, as well as by strict Orthodox
er with $4,000) who after 6 months still live in a home ones, and most of them are open to the
with no roof. wider public. The Conservative
Movement in Israel holds different
All this was done through our community’s gener-
events of "Tikkun Leil Shavu’ot" - an
osity. I want you to all know you have made a differ-
evening of studying and learning in the
ence. Thank you for helping me help my home.
community - in more than two dozen
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all locations across the country. If you
that contributed to the Puerto Rico relief effort. I ask ever get to spend Shavuot in Israel, I
A man walks back to put the G-d that he multiply his blessings for the compassion strongly recommend searching for
supplies he received to work shown for people that continue to suffer seven months good study options near you.
after this disaster.
I don't know yet how Shavuot is
Also I want to give a thousand thanks to all of you that after the loss of my father celebrated here in the U.S., but based
gave to the synagogue in his honor, sent cards, made phone calls, and reached out on some of what I've heard, I assume
through email. My loss is big, but thanks to all of you every day the pain is less. that it will feel to me just like the
Shalom, earlier holidays: there will be certain
Mirza Lopez things that I will immediately
recognize; and there will be other
things that will surprise me and expand
my knowledge. That's part of the fun of
the Shlichut. But no matter what
happens, one thing is clear: On May
19th, I'm having cheesecake. Tradition!

MAY 2018 P AGE 11

Thursday, May 3
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon Elliot Parkin, Men’s Club President
A Tale of Love and Darkness, an
epic Israeli memoir and novel written Join us for bagels and lox at our next brunch on Sunday, June 3 when National
by Amos Oz, Israel's most influential Journal political editor Josh Kraushaar and Haaretz Washington correspondent
author in the last three decades. The Amir Tibon will be discussing the state of the Jewish vote in the United States and
book, rich in national history and ruthless Israel and the views of American Jews and Israelis on the Trump administration.
in its personal exploration, tells the story Save the date and appetite for Scotch, Steak, and More on Thursday, June 14
of the author's childhood in Jerusalem at 7:00 p.m. Men’s Club’s third reprise of this popular event will broaden the menu
under the British Mandate, his to include salmon and additional popular beverages. The price is $50 per person.
experiences during Israel's War of Reservations with your entrée selection are required. RSVP to me by June 11 at
Independence, and his attempts to solve 703-575-7879 or elliot.parkin@gmail.com. Checks can be mailed to Men’s Club or
a dark mystery involving his late mother. left in the Men’s Club mail slot in the synagogue office.
The Guardian described it as a "one of
the funniest, most tragic and most The Men’s Club Israel Pilgrimage Scholarship Program provides scholarships
touching books." Miri will also share a for Israel experiences for our teens. Emphasis is on trips sponsored by the
personal family connection that hides Conservative Movement and Jewish day schools. If you have a teen who is
beyond the novel's pages. interested in a peer trip to Israel in 2018, please contact Mike Scheinberg at
mike@schuschein.com for scholarship details.
We greatly appreciate your support for Men’s Club through your paid
memberships or donations. Membership dues for 2017-18 (5778) are $36, but
please consider donating a Chai’er amount such as $54 (i.e., triple Chai). If you
have any suggestions for events or would like to help with any of our activities,
please contact me.

Contact Brian Williams to place an ad today!

bwilliams@4LPi.com or (800) 477-4574 x6310

3-D-4-5 For ad info. call 1-800-477-4574 • www.4lpi.com 14-0995

MAY 1, 2018 IYAR 16, 5778 MAY 22, 2018 SIVAN 8, 5778
Herb Goldsmith MAY 11, 2018 IYAR 26, 5778 Edgar Hausman
* Samuel Spiro
Sheila Gail Kaback * Nat Slotkin
Edith Ann Krochak MAY 12, 2018 IYAR 27, 5778 * Irving Weiss
* Benjamin Louis Rosen * Mary Abraham * Rachel Witkin
* Anna Brenner Shuman * Vivian Kabcenell
MAY 23, 2018 SIVAN 9, 5778
* Barbara Kasoff
MAY 2, 2018 IYAR 17, 5778 * Sylvia Bregman
* Kate Goldman Katz
Herta Angerthal Eleanor Freedman
* Estelle GordonKushnick
Robert Dorsen * Betty Kamerow
Pearle Rosenbloom MAY 13, 2018 IYAR 28, 5778 * William Leventhal
William Russler Adele Graboyes
MAY 24, 2018 SIVAN 10, 5778
Gil Slucki James Moulder
* Sophie Kolker Binder
* Sylvia Weiss MAY 14, 2018 IYAR 29, 5778 * David Biron
MAY 3, 2018 IYAR 18, 5778 * Louis Berkowits Rae Frank
* Bernice Feinstein * Maurice Fischer * Mariska Goldstein
Sol Myerson Jennie Kwaselow Phyllis Mottsman
Joseph Leo Pessah * Jack Shaw * Judith Salzberg
Abraham Harvey Ravitz * Elsie Goldberg Shulman * Lester Wishnatzki
* Aaron David Rubin * Etta Stein
MAY 25, 2018 SIVAN 11, 5778
Bonnie Yatt
MAY 4, 2018 IYAR 19, 5778 Ray Foreman Berman
* Elsie Friedman MAY 15, 2018 SIVAN 1, 5778 * Eva Freed
* Herman Kramer Adam Cohen Marcia Gilman
Jean Massell * Bennie Cohen * Henry H Krevor
David Sitrin * Samuel P. Glass Oscar Rothleder
Robert Groll
MAY 5, 2018 IYAR 20, 5778 MAY 26, 2018 SIVAN 12, 5778
* Joseph Hayman
* Eva Chaiken * Yithak Reuven ben Chaim Leib
Regina Rosenberg
Doris Goldberg * Jane Fox-Barke
Naomi Sprecher
Dolly Helman Joseph Mottsman
Fay Karp MAY 16, 2018 SIVAN 2, 5778 * Harold Rudolph
Kurt Kohr * Natalie Elias * Elias Weinstein
* I. Henry Schwartz MAY 17, 2018 SIVAN 3, 5778 MAY 27, 2018 SIVAN 13, 5778
Joseph Spiro * Rebecca B. Baum * Eda Chunowitz
MAY 6, 2018 IYAR 21, 5778 * Joseph Levinson * Moshe Fagelson
Harold Gottlieb Jack Lubotsky Ardith Gordon
Alexander Hatami Helen Marnot * Phyrne Collie Pitkin
Julius Lindenbaum MAY 18, 2018 SIVAN 4, 5778 Rebecca Quint
Henry Lublin * Sarah Kline * Reba Shuman
Nathan Meritz * Blanche Levin MAY 28, 2018 SIVAN 14, 5778
MAY 7, 2018 IYAR 22, 5778 * Samuel Radow George Axelrad
Milton Fingerman MAY 19, 2018 SIVAN 5, 5778 Alan Lawrence Brin
* Peter Manisewitz * Sarah Goldfein * Pearl Chaiken
* Daniel Selmonosky * Karen Ann Kimmel Slavin Florence Lavine
* Tillie Shapiro MAY 20, 2018 SIVAN 6, 5778 * Jack West
MAY 8, 2018 IYAR 23, 5778 Chain Henke Arkin Harry Zemon
Mildred Backman Anne Eisenberg Borisnick MAY 30, 2018 SIVAN 16, 5778
Ruth Haber Betty Cotton * Albert Chaiken
Muriel Ludwig Samuel Jahss Frances Cohen
* Shirley Weiss * Shirley Passow * Ida Jurin
Bernard Yellin Joseph Rosenbloom * Albert Levy
MAY 9, 2018 IYAR 24, 5778 * Harry Tepper Solomon Mamber
Julia F. Duberstein Bernard Wasserman * David Rosenblatt
* Harry Pell Frank MAY 21, 2018 SIVAN 7, 5778 Margaret Stern
* Barnet Isaacs * Chave Levinson * Abraham Weinberg
* Esther K. Rumshin * Israel Mayer H. Albert Young
Gerry Saferstein Irving Pentelnik Max Zenn
MAY 10, 2018 IYAR 25, 5778 * Chaya Resha MAY 31, 2018 SIVAN 17, 5778
* Henry Goldberg Max Sitrin Miriam Arkin
* Henach Koffler Harvey Weinstein Ruth Bob
Nathaniel Krumbein Ida Weinstein * Steven Dolan
* Mildred Manisewitz MAY 22, 2018 SIVAN 8, 5778 * Bessie K. Katz
* Anne Siegal * Anna Blum * Michael Shuman
Leonard Zemon Harry Goldberg

* A memorial light will be lit in the synagogue for those names marked with an asterisk.

MAY 2018 P AGE 13

6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Flax Family Chapel
Cheesecake and Chat
Sunday, May 20 | 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Rabbi and Jodi Rein’s House
Please join Sisterhood for a Shavuot afternoon gathering. Todah Rabah to Jodi
Rein for opening her home to us. We will munch on cheesecake and other dairy
delights. We'll also provide a spread of pareve selections, including veggies and
seasonal fruits. Then grab a cold drink and sit in the shade with us as we explore the
Above and Beyond, tells the
holiday of Shavuot, the Jewish Festival that celebrates the giving of the Torah to the
amazing story of a group of Jewish
Israelites at Mount Sinai.
American war pilots who smuggled
JUNE EVENTS planes out of the U.S. and flew them
Tallit and Tassles with Chaya Silver to Israel in its War of Independence.
Sunday, June 10 | 9:30 a.m.
Lainof Auditorium AAC OFFICES AND
Our AAC Religious School Director introduces us to her tallit-making project. PRESCHOOL WILL BE
Pink petals are giving way to a splash of pastel azaleas as we head into May. It's MONDAY, MAY 21
hard to imagine the leaves turning crimson and orange. Mark your calendars now IN OBSERVANCE OF
for Thursday night, September 27 at 7:00 p.m. Sisterhood is once again teaming with SHAVUOT AND
Men's Club to bring you Supper-in-the-Sukkah! You don't want to miss out! Come MONDAY, MAY 28
celebrate the glorious earthy holiday of Sukkot under a canopy of stars as we bring IN OBSERVANCE OF
you a sumptuous buffet of mouth watering dishes and a lively Sukkot program of
song and study. This is a popular event, seating is limited and will fill up fast. Watch
this space and our e-communications for registration information.
SISTERHOOD’S JUDAIC SHOP When a child is born, please
contact the synagogue office as soon
The Sisterhood Judacia Shop provides you an as practical to arrange for Brit Milah
opportunity to shop and and/or naming. The rabbi will be
support your Congregation. happy to advise you regarding
Did you know we have Simcha Certificates? scheduling and name selection.
A Simcha Registry too?
Mother’s Day, Graduations, Births and more - visit us! Also, please contact the syn-
agogue office and the rabbi regarding
We continue to be open during Sunday Religious School hours in May. arrangements for weddings or other
Summer will be by appointment. life-cycle events before announcing
Questions? Appointment? Special Orders? your plans.
Contact either Michelle (202-288-9856) or Susan (703-489-5068).
Celebrate the good times – make a contribution to an Agudas Achim fund in honor
of a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion or just because you care. And, remember
the sad times – make a contribution in memory of a loved one. Contributions in any
amount may be made to these funds. A minimum donation of $10 is requested for an ANNUAL
acknowledgement card to be sent by mail. All donations will be acknowledged in the “In MEMBERSHIP
the Family” column in The Bulletin.
The Board has added a few new funds to benefit our community:
Youth Enrichment Fund Religious School Scholarship Fund
Preschool Scholarship Fund Kiddush Sponsorship


Enjoy the Carefree Lifestyle You Deserve! Dan Schwartz, MBA
Century 21 Redwood Realty
To Schedule a Tour Cell: (914) 954-6673 ~ Certified Mohel ~
Call 703-797-3814 Office: (703) 528-8195
Over 50 Years Maryland, D.C.,
of Service to 1934 Wilson Boulevard | Arlington, VA 22201 Virginia and Beyond
Area Seniors danschwartz.c21redwood.com
Email: dan.schwartz@c21redwood.com 1-877-990-BRIS
10% of my commission is donated back to the temple or a 501(c)(3)
organization of your choice mysonsbris.com


Kenneth Matzkin, ABR

Commercial & Residential Real Estate
Arlington, Virginia 22201

(O) 703/528-2288 • (H) 703/243-5787

of Alexandria They are happier at home.
703.341.2100 Have the peace of mind that they are safe and well cared for.

Our experienced and compassionate caregivers are here to help!

• One-on-One in homecare Servicing Northern Virginia
for 13 Years
Patrick Cavanagh • Live-in and hourly care
703-354-3531 703.525.5900 • www.NurtureCare.com
justmercedes.com www.alexandriaroofing.com

THIS SPACE IS Call LPi at Fishman Law, PLLC

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This Space Wills, Trusts

Estate Planning & Administration
is Available
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Thursday, May 3 | 6:30 p.m.................................Monthly Israel Book Club
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Tuesday, May 15............................Budget Presented to Board of Directors
Friday, May 18.......................Shababy and Young Family Shabbat Dinner
Saturday, May 19......................................................................Erev Shavuot
Sunday, May 20......................................................................Shavuot Day 1
Sisterhood Cheesecake and Chat
Monday, May 21..................................Shavuot Day 2, AAC Offices Closed
Tuesday, May 22 | 8:00 p.m..........................................AAC Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 23 | 6:15 p.m.................................Holocaust in the Court
Thurday, May 24 | 3:00 p.m........................Annual Red Cross Blood Drive
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