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Leyte Normal University

College of Education
Tacloban City

A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics 7

I. Objectives
Given several sets of examples and activities, the Grade 7 students are expected
to do the following with 80% proficiency:
a. describe what measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode) is;
b. illustrate the measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode) in a
statistical data; and
c. cite the importance of measures of central tendency in real-life situation.

II. Content and Materials

A. Topic: Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median and Mode)
B. References:
1) Mathematics Grade 7 Learners Module, Department of Education,
pages 245-247, 2014
2) K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Guide, Grade 7, M7SP-IVf, 2013
3) Benigno, Mathematics for college students, Rex Bookstore Inc., Manila,
1999, pages 191-195
4) https://Simon.cs.vt.edu//SoSci/converted/MMM/
C. Instructional Materials
1) Manila paper for the song
2) Downloaded video of mean, median and mode
3) Playing cards as realia
4) Cartolina for examples
5) Table for set of data
D. Values Integration
Participation and cooperativeness
III. Procedure
A. Activity
Good afternoon, class!
Have you ever wondered how to get the middle value of a statistical data?
Do you want to know what mean, median and mode are?
Do you want to know how to calculate the mean, median and mode of a statistical
Do you want to know the importance of mean, median and mode in real life
That is what we are going to discuss today.
I have here a song.

“These are all Statistics”

Mean means average (2x)

Mode means most (2x)
Median is the middle (2x)
Now I know (2x)

Central measures (2x)

Are mean, median and mode (2x)
These are all Statistics (2x)
Now I know (2x)

What is the title of the song?

We are going to sing the song in the tune of ‘Brother John’. Does anyone knows
that song?

But before we sing the song, I will divide the class into three groups. The first group
will be the first three column from the left, which will sing the 1st and 2nd stanza. The next
three column will sing the second lines while the last four columns will sing the last line of
1st and 2nd stanza. Am I clear?

Mean means average… ready sing.

B. Analysis

What are those mentioned that are all statistics?

According to the poem, what does mean means?

How about the mode? How about the median?

These three are mentioned as what?

C. Abstraction

Mean, median and mode are the three main measures of central tendency. It is
also referred to as measures of central location. It is a summary of measures that attempts
to describe the whole set of data with a single value that represent the middle or centre
of its distribution.

I want you to watch this video clip. Watch and listen carefully on what is presented
in the video. Take note for the important points.

(after the video clip)

Based on the video you’ve watched, how can we get the mean of a statistical data?
What is the other name for it?

Let us consider this example.

The set of data showing the retirement age of 11 people in whole year:

54, 54, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 58, 58, 60,60

Calculate the mean.

What is the mean in this ste of data?

The mean can be used for both continuous and discrete numeric data. But it cannot
be calculated for categorical data. Why do you think it is so?
Another measure of central tendency is the median. What is the median, again?

What will you do to easily determine the median of a statistical data?

How do you get the median for even number of scores in a set of data? How about
the odd number of scores?

Consider again this example (referring the example above), what is the median?

What will be the median now if we will add 52 to the set odd data? Will the median
stays the same?

The median is less affected by the extreme values because its position ia an
ordered lists stays the same.

But, median cannot be identified for categorical nominal data, as it cannot be

logically ordered.

Another measure of central tendency is the mode. What is the mode again?

What is the mode, from the example?

In a set of data it may have two mode, hence the data is called bimodal.

The mode has advantage over the median and mean as it can be found for both
numerical and categorical data.

For example:

A meeting was attended by 30 participants belonging to different professions as

shown below.

Teacher Teacher Teacher Engineer Teacher Doctor

Engineer Teacher Lawyer Doctor Lawyer Doctor

Doctor Teacher Lawyer Teacher Engineer Lawyer

Doctor Doctor Lawyer Engineer Lawyer Lawyer

Lawyer Teacher Teacher Doctor Teacher Teacher

What is the mode in the data?

Find mean, median and mode of the weather watch for the week ahead.

Weather watch


30 35 42 40 40 35 40

35 32 30 35 32 28 25

Now that you already know about the measures of central tendency, let us see
what its importance in real life situation is.

What do you think are the importance of this in our daily lives?

How do you decide that this is the measure that you need to use?

D. Application

Activity 1:

We will have an activity called “1-2-3 Pass”. From the group earlier, I will give a set of
playing card. One of your member will distribute the card evenly. If you already have the
card, write it on a piece of paper . You’ll say 1-2-3 Pass, pass the card to the left person
next to you. As you get the card list it don also. After five rounds, compute for the mean
median and the mode of your data.

Activity 2:

Another activity will be “Pick me up”. You will pass around the class the ball while
singing the “These are all statistics” song. When I say stop, the student who holds the ball
will answer the question in a strip of paper.
IV. Evaluation

1. Below are the mathematics grade of 30 Grade 7 students in the last quarter.

78 98 76 89 89 83

87 75 72 91 90 79

84 84 85 88 87 95

96 95 96 96 76 80

83 82 85 92 91 90

2. solve the problem below:

a. given the set of number N={7,9,10,14,8,16,13}. When a number x is added to

the set, the new mean is 12. Calculate the value of x.

b. the median for 10,9, y, 12, and 6 is y. find the possible value of y, given that the
value are whole numbers.

V. Assignment

Read in advance about Analyzing, Interpreting, and drawing conclusions from

graphics and tabular presentations.


Mathematics Grade 7 Learners Module, Department of Education, pages 245-247, 2014